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In the Dungeon

I never scream or shout in the dungeon. People who scream and shout are simply losing control and that shows a sign of weakness.

What I do like during the session is interaction with submissives. I like to use my imagination so I enjoy it when subs answer my questions in a proper manner. Answering "Yes, Mistress", "No, Mistress," to every question is lazy and lazy submissives rightly get a good hiding; it's also tedious and you certainly don't want to bore me.


I realise some people get very nervous and can't go through with the session after they've booked it so it's only polite to let me know if you can't turn up. You wouldn't like it if you came all the way here to see me and I wasn't here, would you?


The one thing I will not have is someone turning up early unannounced. When I say early, I mean 30 minutes early; I don't mind a couple of minutes or so. If you are early, telephone and let me know you're in the area.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

This is really important and you should find out about this before you begin, no matter where you visit.

I'm sure you will expect all my equipment to be clean before I use it just as I expect you to be clean before we start. I clean heavily soiled items in a solution of Gigasept power. This is bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal. Other items are cleaned in a hot solution of Dettol/bleach and then wiped down with Azowipes. All clothes are washed before being reused.

There are shower facilities available.

My Limits

I have limits too. When people ask me if I enjoy what I do they totally miss the point: of course I enjoy it otherwise I wouldn't do it! This is all about me enjoying myself at your discomfort. So my limits are the things I won't do; they are:

Time wasters

This is a grey area: what constitutes a time waster? To me, a time waster is someone who books an appointment with no intention of turning up. I don't think there are that many of them because I believe most people are genuine callers. If someone telephones me a number of times, to get as much information as possible then I don't regard that as time wasting.

There's also the email fantasist who writes pages and pages about the type of session he's looking for. Once we've discussed all the aspects of a session, if you don't want to book an appointment then I'm afraid I can't keep replying to any subsequent emails. It's unfortunate but I can't spend all day writing to people who've no intention of visiting.


If I suspect you're indulging in telephone domination then I'll end the conversation quickly.

I do like to be told if you've telephoned here before so I don't repeat the same information to you. I understand the majority of people will want as much information as possible.

For more information on booking an appointment, see Contact


I rarely discuss things immediately before a session because I like to go straight into the scenario.


My nearest railway station is Woolwich Arsenal. There is unrestricted parking in this area.


There is a fee, agreed before we meet, I'm afraid that it's not for free. However, there are no "hidden extras". Once we've agreed the fee you will not be asked to pay for any extra services. The fee is for the hire of the equipment.




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