Remember when you were young and you had to be disciplined for something you did wrong? Even though you had to take your punishment to teach you what for, they told you it would hurt them more than you because they loved you and it was for your own good. You know something?

They lied.


There are two distinct types of CP session that I offer. The first is a judicial punishment. It's a very severe and extreme session and I advise you to think carefully before booking this session. You are a prisoner who is just about to receive a brutal punishment from a sadistic wardress. These sessions are highly ritualistic and involve the use of the whip or cane. There is a lot of role playing involved and I make this punishment every bit as severe as a whipping from the Middle Ages or a formal prison punishment. It is not a trivial experience. To find out more, visit Judicial Punishment.

The second type of session is a normal CP session and involves a mixture of an over-the-knee warm-up, paddle, tawse and strap then leads on to the cane. There is a lot of role-play involved in this session and I am often the strict aunt, disdainful school teacher or a sadistic prison wardress.

Again it can be severe but not as excessive as the judicial punishment. All CP sessions are aimed at your tolerance.

Safe Words

Miss Spiteful does not offer safe words. Click here to find out why.

The English Punishment

Of the two, I prefer the cane to the whip because I think the cane is so much more powerful and it instils far greater fear and terror than a whip. There is a mysterious allure to the cane - probably instilled at an early age in most English schools. The cane can be so electrifying either when given full force or when daintily touching the cheeks; there's a delicacy to the cane. Imagine the exposed bottom and the ice cold cane travelling over the backs of the thighs, invading the soft, hidden folds of the bottom; the tip of the cane scratching at a slight itch. Who could fail to be thrilled at hearing the exhilarating swish of the cane?

Of course, not all schools used the cane but in those far off days when discipline was the norm, an alternative was always available in the form of the plimsoll or running shoe. This is an ideal implement for punishing younger boys because it lands flat on the bottom with a delicious resounding smack rather than cutting the bottom, as a cane would.

The Lochgelly Tawse and the Glasgow Strap

What wonderful instruments the tawse and strap are to punish with and what fine, wonderful people the Scots are to devise both implements to punish miscreants. The tawse and straps I use are austere, functional pieces. There is a sombre beauty in using plain items devoid of all ornamentation for corporal punishment. I dislike cheap, gaudy decoration when none is required. What could be more ominous and conducive to good behaviour than seeing a simple school cane or tawse hanging up in the background?

Is it any wonder that Great Britain had an empire when we had discipline in schools, but alas no more. Never mind, Miss Spiteful keeps up the tradition of firm, strict discipline.

Kind hearted Miss Spiteful

Am I unnecessarily cruel? Of course not, I'm very kind and considerate and my actions in punishing you hard and often prove that I am, truly, kind and considerate. If I were cruel and uncaring I wouldn't punish you, I would let you do what you like and let you run wild. If I let you run wild you would soon be in trouble with the law and end up in court and, no doubt, prison receiving a judicial punishment. It would be very cruel of me to let you follow that path.

However, because I'm kind-hearted, I'm willing to teach you the error of your ways and show you that you're not beyond redemption. And I shall teach you! Believe me, and you will learn. I'll teach you a lesson you'll not forget.

I'm more than happy to spend my time to instil strict discipline in you no matter how many strokes it takes. See how kind I am.

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