The Anus Whip

The most dreadful punishment imaginable !

A whip with a hardened knot on the end that comes down square on the anus. This is an exquisite pain.

It's difficult to hit the anus so I insist the victim lies on the floor and spreads his cheeks with his hands. One of the subtleties of this punishment is keeping the cheeks apart because the natural reaction is to clench the buttocks. If I feel the whip hasn't hit the spot, then I give the stroke again.

What does it feel like? It makes you feel faint. Here's one I did earlier. Nice bruising.

View the full glory of the anus by double-clicking the image.


The Dapper

Where I grew up, in south Wales, this fearsome item is called a dapper. It's a plimsoll or old-fashioned running shoe. I say fearsome because you certainly would not want to receive this more than once. Pupils with certain bravado might think they can take a number of strokes but they soon learn respect for the dapper.

I like a good hard, traditional beating using plimsolls and that means getting the culprit to touch his toes and bringing the shoe down with a resounding smack. Should he move when the stroke has been given then I can add a couple of extras until he learns that when I say touch your toes, I don't mean dance around like a whirling dervish.

The Bastinado

The bastinado has absolutely nothing to commend it. It is just very, very painful, pure and simple. This is applied across the soles of the feet; it's applied hard. You'll certainly know you've got a pair of feet when you start walking after this punishment.

I find it amusing to use this on those who believe they are pain sluts.


Touching, and being touched

I like to have you strapped to the cross for this.

Once I have you bound, I shall gently caress your penis, I might apply a little baby oil to start the proceedings to get you more sensitive. Then, after a short massage I shall begin. Although I have a great many instruments to torture the penis and testicles, my favourite method is to use my fingers. There is something deeply satisfying about using the fingertips and fingernails to torture as opposed to using an implement; it's so tactile, so personal and so intimate. I'm amazed at just how torturous one little finger can be when applied in the right place.

The foreskin (on those who have not been circumcised) can be pulled back as far and as fast as it will go, exposing your tender parts to my gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, touch. Those who have been circumcised can suffer just as much.

I shall hold you firmly and then slowly find all those extra sensitive spots on your penis. While you're exposed like this I shall torture you and make your knees buckle. I like to pinch and nip at your penis and testicles with my sharp fingernails. You can be squeezed, rubbed, pinched, twisted and teased for as long as I want.

When I've had my fill of gently torturing your penis then I'll put your testicles in bondage, separating them at the same time. That way I can tease them individually with my fingernails. Then we can concentrate on the perineum to get those juices flowing and get you really hot.

Afterwards, I shall probably rub the delicate tip of your penis with some surgical spirit and then you'll know you've been teased by Miss Spiteful.

Rodding Out (Turkish Naval Punishment)

"For various breaches of discipline they used a small leather strap on the feet (with the man face up on the floor), or a cane to the hands (good cure for masturbation), or a strap on the wet thighs and buttocks (with the man over a gym horse). For promiscuous behaviour they had a special punishment called "rodding out" that involved thrusting an uneven instrument repeatedly into the miscreants rear end. All these punishments were painful and embarrassing and the boys never came back for more."


The Wand

My wand is in a class of its own; the pain and agony level of this punishment can equal or, indeed, surpass, that of the cane, making it an ideal and most effective punishment for the serious offender.

The wand is not to be confused with an electrical torture, the Violet Wand, but is a small, hard rod that is applied to the tender parts of the body. I shall strap you very firmly to the St. Andrew's Cross with tight straps round your ankles, upper thighs, chest, upper arms and wrists.

For the final part of the preparations I shall slowly and firmly push back your foreskin as far as it can possibly go, increasing even further the exposure of the tender part of your body to the punishment which is about to be applied. I now grasp the shaft of your organ firmly in my left hand and hold it so as to give me convenient access and aiming line. In my right hand there is a nylon rod about a quarter of an inch in diameter and a foot long.

In addition to being the supreme deterrent, this punishment has the additional benefit of leaving no normally visible marks, any local bruising quickly subsiding (but not so the memory...)




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