Politically Correct
Miss Spiteful
I will abuse you. I will insult you. I will offend you. I will mistreat you. And you're going to take it! I hope it hurts your feelings because I don't like you; no-one likes you !

If you're politically correct and easily offended then you'd better read this page very, very carefully because you'll be offended by this.

I shall insult you regarding your religion, race, sex, colour, politics, your ancestors, your family, your faith, your principles, your beliefs, your impotency, my supremacy, you're inferiority, your lack of knowledge, your incompetence, you're pathetic you worm, useless, inept, clumsy, the size and ugliness of your penis, that you're ugly, unclean, foul, tainted, that you "ain't from round ere", that you're irrelevant, you're inconsequential, unimportant, insignificant, I'll shout abuse at you, curse you, call you names, intimidate you, tease you, torment you, taunt you.

I want to physically humiliate you by forcing you to kiss/lick my boots, act as a servant, as a footstool, do my housework, wear slave attachments, make you masturbate for my amusement, make you sing hymns, act like a dog, act like a baboon, make a monkey out of you. You'll be slapped across the face, kicked, spat on, trodden on and I've only just started!

Fair Minded and Egalitarian Miss Spiteful

You may think me a bigot for insulting your cherished beliefs; you may think me abusive for hurting your feelings; you may think me offensive for insulting your race and religion but I am truly fair-minded and egalitarian because you're all worthless.

Did you really think I should treat you better than anyone else?

Who's the bigot now?




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