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The find detail of the head- and face-bondage used here is (naturally enough) not apparent from the picture, involving as it did several layers of packaging.   It was by way of a throw-back to infant school days, and an attempt to recapture the particular loathing and discomfort which I recall feeling about plasticine, such that I always avoided, as far as was possible, every touch or smell of the substance.   Difficult, in an environment in which modelling featured so prominently, as can be imagined.   But I must have managed somehow, so potent was the taboo.    Bondage enthusiasts who wish to understand what I am saying here should try to imagine the sensation of total shame, an experience of emotional death, which they would have experienced if unwillingly subjected to bondage in a family or social context once puberty had dawned.    Something inoffensive, merely entertaining, at worst mildly embarrassing, to the non-enthusiast; but to the true fetishist an utterly horrifying and suffocating sensation when publicly imposed on one in the presence of one’s peers.   The revulsion which I once felt at the proximity of plasticine was comparable to that.  

“I have since assumed that that particular distaste  related to the early discovery of rubber, its particular arousal and hence, at that stage of my development, acute embarrassment.   Or, perhaps, vice versa – arousal precisely by reason of discomfort, which is, after all, something of the attraction of bondage itself, a unique combination of stress with relaxation, the reassurance of comforting pressure.   Several decades on, it has latterly seemed to me that it should be possible, in a bondage scenario, to exploit that acute discomfort, and by subjecting oneself to plasticine, that sometime potent source of repulsion, in maximum-contact conditions, to increase the embarrassment and humiliation which every subjection to bondage offers as one of its major delights.   What I had therefore devised here was the following arrangement.

“Firstly, plasticine plugs were inserted into my ear cavities and nostrils, and over these a lightweight, all-over rubber head hood, with eye, nose and mouth openings was pulled, to keep these insertions in place.   Next plasticine pads were stuck over each eye, and a golf-ball-sized chunk of the same put into the mouth  by way of gag; and these several intrusions were held firm by a pair of narrow, heavy-duty rubber strip-bandages, each some five feet in length, cut from old car inner-tyres; the whole assembly being completed by way of an E.T.-style all-over black rubber gas-mask by “Expectations”.

“It was in this state of confinement and, as may be readily imagined, isolation, that I was then trussed and hoisted by Miss Spiteful.

“On this occasion, the system involved my being first harnessed round the torso, the basic cradle employed in many traditional Japanese positions, the hands having previously been fitted into a pair of my favourite classic black and white super-high-top basketball boots and tightly laced; the arms then roped up high behind the waist.   [Almost that very secure Kurosawa hoist familiar on such models as the captured heiress in “The Hidden Fortress”.]   This cradle of lashings was next fixed to the lines hanging from the upper beam, and assisted by my captress I leaned backward against these ropes until the body weight was largely carried from the overhead lines.   She then roped the ankles and knees together, and by lifting these from the floor allowed the full weight to be taken by the suspension beam.   It then became a fairly simple matter (for her!) of carrying out the sort of nautical manoeuvre which mariners in Nelson’s day no doubt performed on a daily basis (albeit with sails rather than live packages), simultaneously lowering the head and raising the legs,  by an alternating operation of the hoist ropes, until I was effectively inverted.

“In my absolute blindness and darkness, completely separated by now from contact with anything stable or solid, and swinging in space held only by a series of flexible ropes, the impression I received of my own position was somewhat different from the reality, as the picture reveals it – I was convinced that I must by now be totally vertical, head pointing toward the centre of the earth like a plumb line.   At which juncture, needless to say, I was frantic to achieve sexual climax.   Those contemplating a visit, who haven’t yet screwed themselves up to it, may be reassured to know that this obliging  terrorist does have a merciful streak, enough to allow her victim that much relief at least.  

“This is unquestionably the supreme posture, and this extent of facial moulding in rubber and plasticine the supreme conditions, in which to experience orgasm.   So total is one’s sense of disorientation, and consequently disembodiment, that one becomes simply a flame in the void, the whole of one’s being  mentally concentrated in that one focus of sensation.   As with the effect of adrenaline at the height of battle or other physical combat, any lingering sensations of pain, stress or discomfort (indeed almost every actually physical sensation of the pressure of hemp other than the single knowledge of total helplessness and total immobility) are obliterated by that wave of dominating ecstasy.   It is as though one has never been endowed with limbs or physical faculties at all, other than that which is centred in the genitals.   The body is transformed into a mounting flood of fire at the heart of oblivion.

“Such is the experience that a high-class and high-tec establishment like Miss Spiteful’s can offer to those who have the refinement of taste and the degree of endurance required to appreciate it.    Those enthusiasts whose anatomies are younger than mine and capable, no doubt, of recording an even higher intensity of sensation, should certainly not miss the chance to sample it.   To endure it, and in that pitch darkness to have their eyes opened on to a place where no other technique, perhaps, can take the voyager.   Not a pleasure you can recreate in your average suburban bedroom, or even garage.




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