think you can take this?
Definitely not for the squeamish!

Imagine that you are a prisoner held in a reformatory and I am the Wardress! You have committed some infraction of the rules, it doesn't matter how minor a breach of the regulations - you are going to be punished. Harshly.

Or maybe you've been found guilty and sentenced by the courts and you've been sent to a facility that deals with "special treatments".

If this were a real life scenario do you think that the Wardress would consider giving you a warm-up? Or a safe word perhaps? Maybe she would stop if she thought the punishment was too harsh? I don't think so - and that's just how this session works. No warm-up, no safe word and once you've been sentenced that's what you're going to receive.

It's as simple as that.

All the documentation is in place; I'll have your prison record, social workers' reports and medical officer's evaluation on your mental and physical capability to receive this "special treatment", the Judge's verdict and possibly recommendations from the CPS.

What have you done to merit this punishment? Well it could be anything from masturbating in public to fraud and theft. The Judge decides the sentence in your absence and I simply carry it out. It's nothing personal; I'm just carrying out my duty, just doing my job. You could be punished with a whip or a cane. There will be a mandatory 72 strokes but the number of strokes you'll receive has already been decided - it'll probably be more; a lot more.

You will be led into the punishment room to receive your sentence. You will not be allowed to speak unless spoken to; you will keep your head bowed at all times. Your clothing will be removed and you will be given prison uniform to wear during your stay. You will then be strapped into the bench or whipping frame and given a minute to collect your thoughts and for silent prayer. While you ponder your fate I shall practice my swing with either cane or whip.

You will be expected to accept punishment with fortitude and stoicism - good old-fashioned British qualities. The strokes will be given at an even tempo with time to recover between each stroke. Whichever ordeal you're ordered to endure be warned it's a very severe session! And I will dehumanise you.

Cruel-Hearted Miss Spiteful

Am I unnecessarily cruel? Of course I am. As there are no witnesses to the punishment I can add on extra strokes if I want without anyone knowing - for my own amusement.

Human Rights? Don't waste your breath because quoting that will definitely earn you extra strokes. You have no rights here because you're prison scum and will be treated as such. If you want to complain about your human rights being violated, then you'll have to complain to me. And if you want to call to God for help? Well rest assured that God is not going to come to help the likes of you; only I can help you and I'm not a liberal minded do-gooder so I'm not going to help you either.

Think you can take this?

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