Why I don't offer safe words

If I give you a safe word then I negate any power I have over you because you can cut short the session whenever you see fit. It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you'll feel tempted to use it, usually too soon, rather than endure the ordeal. I guarantee that within 5 minutes of leaving me you'll be disappointed with yourself for cutting short the session.

I can see when you're genuinely under stress because I continually watch you to see how you're reacting. Only the very inexperienced really need a safe word anyway.

Offended? By Miss Spiteful? Surely not.

Are you outraged by some of the things on this site? Good! I like being outrageous and upsetting the pompous.

I know how upset the pretentious, self-important and right-on people on the SM club scene can get at the merest thought of Nazi insignia and symbols but I wear the Gestapo uniform as an expression of power not because I'm a member of the NSDAP.

Here's an example of what I mean: if I wore an England football jersey, that doesn't mean that I play football for England, does it?

They have difficulty understanding that whilst they're stomping around in Stasi uniforms. See how stupid these people are with their piety and mock outrage?

Dungeon Music

Some years ago I saw, on the Internet, a list of music for a great session. Most of this list left me cold because a lot of the music was heavy metal, rock or classical music. I'd find it very strange to try and create some ambience using heavy metal music but there you go. Each to their own.

My own preference is for melancholy, droning, dirge-like music or dark romantic gothic pieces. My particular toe-tappers for any scene are:

Why is rope bondage superior to other forms of bondage?

Leather straps, cling-film, rubber body-bags, etc are all good fun and restrictive and I have tried most forms of bondage over the years but I still feel that rope bondage is far superior when done properly. Why? Well you can get your next door neighbour to buckle straps up; you need skill to successfully tie someone up in rope.

Enough said.

Punters and Perverts

I've found that, in general, the people who visit me are both interesting and pleasant company and I don't regard visitors here as either "punters" or "perverts". I dislike those words and find them both ugly and disagreeable.

I find boorish SMer's who smile and introduce themselves as "a pervert" - you can easily spot them because they're usually the buffoon wearing a black tee shirt with an SM logo emblazoned on it as though they are trying to shock. It only confirms to everyone that they're immature and tiresome.

The word "punter" I find particularly demeaning to both myself and my submissive; it suggests a cheapness and coarseness, which is a world away from what Domination should be about.




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