I love the element of role-play during CP sessions; I always think this makes for a far better session than someone just repeating "Yes, Mistress" all the way through and I enjoy the interaction that can take place between us. Once we both understand the roles we are to play then I prefer to improvise as I believe this makes for a far more enjoyable session. I won't work to a fully scripted role but I will accept ideas at the outset.

I suppose my favourite roles are:

Prison Wardress

This is one of the most popular and invariably these sessions end in punishment and often a judicial punishment. I might need to interrogate you first to ascertain your guilt and I start off with the assumption you’re guilty of something otherwise why are you here?

I know many enjoy the supplementary elements of the session so with enough time I try to prepare the following documents:

Not everyone wants this level of role-play but it does add an interesting extra dimension to the session.

If I punish you as a prison wardress then I carry out the sentence dispassionately. You’re there to receive your just desserts and I’m only doing my job carrying out the sentence.


Just like a teacher from the 50s, 60s or 70s I use a mixture of sarcasm, scorn and disdain to get the best out of you. Why encourage a pupil with kind words when ridicule is equally effective - and much more imaginative! Many teachers of this period were brutal in their use of the cane and humiliation - and rightly so! What better way to keep an unruly and fractious pupil under control than six of the best or some well chosen, humiliating insults.

I must find out exactly what mischief you've been up to and in the process I'll rake up your past behaviour and my misgivings for your future. I will test your knowledge to satisfy myself that you have actually learnt something from your schooldays. If I'm unsatisfied with your attitude and aptitude then I will have to give you a stark choice: accept my punishment or I shall write a note for you to take home to your parents explaining why you're being expelled from school.

The choice is yours.

Strict Aunt

You are probably a great disappointment to all who know you but especially to those who have spent time, effort and money trying to turn you from a profligate oaf into a useful member of society. I'm always saddened to discover my nephew has been rummaging through my underwear drawer to steal a pair of my panties to masturbate into.

I'm saddened, not only because of the theft but because I've caught him in the act of masturbation which is such a disgusting, unpleasant act; surely this is a failing rather than an achievement. To discourage you from this rather pointless activity, I must point out the pitfalls of a life spent devoted to masturbation such as going blind or deaf or ending up locked away in a lunatic asylum. You wouldn't want that, would you?

Spare the rod and spoil the child - never has a truer word been spoken. I'll show you my caring side by thrashing your bottom black and blue.

A Gestapo Officer!

Oh my God, Miss Spiteful plays the part of a Gestapo Officer - how appalling! Offended? You'd better check this out then.

There are various scenarios for role-playing where you've been captured: spy, enemy pilot, escaped prisoner, gallant knight captured by evil Queen, and so on. My particular favourite is a Gestapo Officer because this allows me to give full range to my spitefulness.

I was once requested to play the part of a SS officer who had captured a beautiful English spy and had to torture the information out of "her". The twist in this scenario was that she had been given the wrong information by her spy masters and they hoped she would be captured to mislead me. I interrogated her to discover the information while she tried to withhold the information. This became very a multi-layered and intense session but great fun to do; original and imaginative.

Now, I'm sure that there will be many politically correct BDSMer's on the scene who will be outraged at me playing anything so heinous as a Gestapo Officer but, frankly my dear, I couldn't give a toss what any of them think.

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