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I am much inclined to the Spartan regime of the Dotheboys Hall tradition of education. As we can see in education in Britain today, tolerance and leniency simply encourages unruliness and insolence. Austerity instils good discipline. A simple answer to all of today's problems.

I believe in strong, firm discipline and am intolerant of poor behaviour. Pupils must be well behaved and that often means they need to be punished at regular intervals: spare the rod and spoil the child? Not me!

Of course, every misdemeanour must be punished so it's quite usual for you to receive the maximum thirty-six strokes of the teacher's cane. This will teach respect and instil obedience into the most truculent and recalcitrant student.

You're here to learn so you'd better knuckle down and study. If you've wasted your time whilst you were in class then I'll know about it and want to know why! I do not allow any tomfoolery or cheekiness here so you might dress and act like some adolescent Teddy Boy outside but you'll behave yourself here with me. I shall be asking questions to determine the level of your knowledge.

Some can be educated with kindness, some can be educated with cruelty and others just can't be educated at all. Being uneducated is not an option and, as you've been taught up to now with kindness, and that's failed, I shall now teach you with cruelty.

Naturally I don't just punish you for your misdeeds; I shall make you confess them first so you understand exactly why you're being punished. I like to make these scenarios as realistic as possible, so you'd better know your times table by heart because I shall be asking questions throughout the session.


William was instructed to write an essay describing his visits to see the Head Mistress. I had to correct his grammar and spelling so I gave him 3 out of 10 and 36 strokes of the cane.

A Truly Delicious Experience

To visit Miss Spiteful's study is a magical experience, for she has that ability of naturally turning one's school disciplinary record, which fully matures into well construed erotic fantasies back into reality.

Stripped to the underclothes, hands on head, standing to attention alongside a rack of supple, vicious rattan canes contemplating the impending punishment.

The distress, the bleak futility of the situation, the remorseless questioning of misdemeanours, the shrill command of "Bend over the desk".

Hands, adventurously, wandering down between the cheeks; moulding tightly the white cotton panties to the voluptuous contours of the rounded buttocks. The authoritatively manoeuvred 'pulling down of the knickers', exposes a meekly quivering bottom.

No modesty spared in the invitingly positioned target. The number of strokes declared, the plump cheeks dance in wild submissive abandon to the cruel, hissing kiss of the rattan. The remorseless gathering intensity of the erotically rhythmic strokes, angry welts evolving of green, purple, black, orange, yellow, red.

The powerful tidal surges of electricity racing through the body "oh Miss, please Miss, more, harder, please, please"..

The 1950s and 60s

My favourite era for discipline is the 1950s and 60s.

The manner in which teachers taught during that period is awe-inspiring. The days when a firm hand ruled and a withering criticism humiliated the mischievous scholar much to the amusement of his classmates. When boorish behaviour was strictly frowned upon and vigorously punished.

Long gone nowadays but I still offer a traditional education.




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