Over Miss Spiteful's Knee

How humiliating a good spanking can be!

This is my nephew Johnnie; Johnnie is 17 and thinks he's a tough guy. He likes to run wild with a gang and hang around on street corners, causing trouble and often at odds with the law.

Unfortunately for Johnnie, he's not as tough as he thought he was. Johnnie was heading for a one-way ticket to jail unless I took him to task and sorted him out. I summoned Johnnie to my study just after tea-time. He arrived wearing his jeans and a leather jacket ready to cause mayhem at the local youth club.

However, Johnnie said he was too big to go over my lap and told me I had no right to punish him anyway, now that he was over 16. That's what he thought but he thought wrong. I taught him to respect authority and that he's never too big to be punished.

Before sending him to bed I gave him the hiding of his life. You can see the results here.

Let that be a lesson to you!

If you act like a naughty child then I shall have to treat you like one. As simple as that. A spanking should be preceded by finding out exactly what you've been up to yet again and that means I need to question you thoroughly to get to the bottom of your mischief. I shall have to know every last detail and heaven help you if I find you're lying to try to get out your punishment. Remember that I might have already heard what you've been up to but I shall still want to hear what you have to say for yourself. You might be very embarrassed but you will confess and apologise.

Once I've discovered the full extent of your ill-discipline then I shall drop your trousers and underpants and leave you like that for a moment to make your humiliation even greater. Now I'll make you walk over to me with your trousers down and instruct you to go over my knee. Once over my lap you'll receive a lesson you won't forget in a hurry.

I think that a spanking needs to be interspersed with massaging the cheeks to momentarily take the pain away, before continuing with a good sharp slap. And not just massaging the cheeks, but the bottom needs to be touched down through the crease and just under the cheeks. This increases your feeling of vulnerability and humiliation.

I can hit with a very hard hand and to finish off I might even give you a taste of my hairbrush if I think your naughtiness deserves it.

After I've finished with you I'll make you stand in the corner with your hands on your head to ensure further humiliation.




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