...with a brutal ardour
The Cane

I believe caning needs to be administered with a degree of refinement. Any fool can thrash away with a whip or paddle but a caning, given correctly, is almost like an act of love. A caning must be meaningful. Hitting a bare bottom with a cane for no apparent reason is rather crude and pointless. Punishment needs to be coupled with moral rectitude and integrity. I am in the right and you are in the wrong.

I like to cane at a moderate pace, too fast or too slow a tempo can distract from the real business in hand. I don't think the cane should come down too fast between strokes otherwise the miscreant feels an unending pain in his bottom. He has no time to savour the delicate, subtleties of the cane as it explodes in his bottom and travels through his body.

Cold, brutal sadism

Any form of sensuality or erotic touching would be out of place during a judicial punishment because this punishment must be meted out with cold, brutal sadism. The sentence being carried out must be hard, merciless and with a certain objectivity for the lesson to be learnt. If I had any compassion for you I'd put it aside but I doubt I'd have any pity for you anyway. You deserve what you get.


There are, of course, times when I shall have to make an example of you, for your own good naturally. For instance, you might dare steal a pair of my panties and should I catch you in the act of masturbation with them, I'd be outraged. I shall have to employ the cane harshly to thrash you for this disgraceful behaviour so that you fully understand how abhorrent and wicked you are. And remember, if you continue with this disgusting activity then, without doubt, you will go blind and deaf and end up in a lunatic asylum. You wouldn't want that to happen to you, would you? So it's best if I look after you and beat the living daylights out of you to encourage decency and proper behaviour.

An erotic caning

And yet a good caning can also be done with a sensual cruelty. The cane has far more eroticism than other forms of CP. Who could resist trembling at the cold, delicate touch of the cane; the cane caresses your skin and finds its way into those delightful, secret spots on your bottom. Your buttocks are wantonly exposed. As you lie there, waiting for the stroke, you contemplate your comeuppance and it feels so right that you're going to be punished because it's what you deserve.

Our obligation to each other

So, you can see that we each have our part to play; I must decide what is a fair punishment and then act upon it remorselessly; you have to accept that judgement with fortitude and quiet resignation. I must give, you must receive.




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