The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S WAR

Episode 14 - Anya's Curse

October 1943

That was my cue to put rubber gloves on and pick up some double sets of clips and cables. The first pair went on Colonel Suvlov’s nipples; the second were attached to one of his testicles and to the end of his penis. I wasn’t particular how much flesh and hair the teeth bit into. Two more sets were connected to Anya’s nipples and, after searching through her shaggy pubic hair, to each of the outer lips of her labia. Finally, each had a bakelite tube with a metal band around them inserted into their rectums. The other ends of all the cables were plugged into a control box on the table from which a cable led to a transformer attached to the main power supply on the wall. “Are you ready, Ingrid?” Miss Spiteful asked and I pushed the switch down on the transformer. A little light appeared on the control box and there was a faint buzzing sound. “Thank you Ingrid” Miss Spiteful said and started turning a dial on the control box. The buzzing got louder and both the prisoners started to twitch and tried to pull on their chains in an effort to move. Then, as Miss Spiteful gave the dial a sharp twist, the Colonel arched his backed and screamed. Anya’s eyes bulged and saliva dribbled out of her mouth, passed the rubber ball and down her chin. Another twist brought more screams from Suvlov and the smell of singeing hair. At that point, Anya lost control of her bladder and her urine splashed on to the floor between her legs. There was a crackling sound, some blue flashes from Anya’s vulva and the smell of burning flesh and hair got stronger. Suvlov was shouting “Astan! Astan! Astan! Stop! Stop!” and Miss Spiteful asked “Will you tell us what we want to know?”

“Nein! Nein! It is impossible”

Miss Spiteful sighed and made a chopping motion to me with one of her gloved hands. I switched the power off and while she removed the clamps and butt plug from Colonel Suvlov, I stripped off my rubber gloves.

“How much longer must this go on?” she asked. “Look at Anya. She cannot take much more. Is this what you want for her? How is your Communism helping her?” Suvlov closed his eyes and shook his head. Miss Spiteful’s face tightened and she put her hands on her hips.

“What are you trying to prove? That you are strong because of your Communist beliefs? That girl is not as strong, she believes in you because she loves you, not because of Karl Marx!” Suvlov stared blankly back at her.

“Very well!” Miss Spiteful snapped. “What were you doing when you were captured?” Suvlov mumbled something. “Speak up!” Miss Spiteful ordered.

“We – we were making love,” Suvlov replied.

“Ah! Yes!” Miss Spiteful spun on her heels and gestured for me to come over. “Now, you remember what Ingrid did for you and I wonder what she could do for Anya.” She pointed at my stomach and made a flapping motion. “Well, Ingrid is a very special girl. She has a little extra that no other girl has. Show him!” I was already unbuttoning my tunic and then held the flaps open to show him the bulge in my knickers. He looked puzzled so I shrugged the tunic off and with one thumb on each side eased my knickers down over my hips. As my penis and testicles appeared Suvlov gasped in astonishment and swore in Russian.

“So!” Miss Spiteful asked. “If you have betrayed Anya do you expect her to stay loyal to you? All that seed that you pumped into Ingrid’s sweet little mouth is in her belly now. What should she do with it? I think that she should share it with Anya. Would you like that Ingrid?” I smiled and nodded.

“Off you go then, Ingrid.” Suvlov suddenly realised what was going to happen and began screaming obscenities in Russian and straining at his chains. Miss Spiteful just watched as I stepped out of my knickers, walked over to Anya and removed her clips and butt plug. Her head came up and her eyes opened. For some moments I think that she was struggling to re-orientate herself and then she focused on my body. She too looked puzzled and then gasped as she took in my face, my breasts and my male sexual organs which were already swollen in anticipation. Recognising my intent she tried to pull away and even close her legs but the chains held her immobile. I stepped up close and put my hands on her face, gently stroking her flat Mongolian features until she calmed down.

“Look how tender Ingrid is with Anya.” Miss Spiteful said. I looked across as she put her pad back on her hand and started to scratch the Colonel across his hairy nipples and shoulders and at the same time gently masturbating his penis with her other hand. He was shouting in Russian for Anya to wake up and resist until Miss Spiteful applied the pad harder and he screamed in pain.

I reached behind my back to unhook my brassiere, tossed it away and lent forward so that mine and Anya’s breasts were touching. But, as she was shorter than me, mine were on top of hers. I kicked off my high heel shoes to reduce my height and found my stockinged feet were in the puddle between her legs.

“Scheibe!” I muttered as I pressed my nipples against hers, and with my fingers, stroked her sides from her armpits down to her hips. She moaned and shuddered and her body tensed as she pulled at her wrist and ankle chains. Then I stroked from beneath her breasts down to her stomach and rotated my breasts so that our nipples were rubbing together. Hers had been burnt and bruised by the electrical clips and were very tender and she groaned and flinched at the pain. I made more soothing strokes around her stomach and hips as I manoeuvred my penis towards her vulva. I cupped my hands on her bleeding and bruised bottom and that did wake her up. Her eyes came wide open and her head flicked from side to side as she tried to move back in her chains. She was making some very strange noises behind her gag but the Colonel was shouting for both of them.

“Nyet, nyet, astan, Anya, astan!” He broke off in a scream of agony as Miss Spiteful thrust a studded butt plug up his rectum.

“Just think what Anya will feel when this happens to her. Is that what you want?” His scream died off into a whimper as Miss Spiteful withdrew the plug but continued to masturbate his erect penis.

Bending my knees, I pulled Anya on to my penis, pushing it through her pubic hair and between the outer and inner lips of her labia. They rolled back the foreskin over my glans as I penetrated further into soft, wet and warm flesh. I could feel her muscles resisting, clenching around my penis to stop it advancing but I kept pushing until it had slid all the way in. I started to move my hips backwards and forwards, a bit difficult in a half crouch but I got a rhythm going. To my surprise I realised that Anya was responding, her clitoris was harding and her hips were pushing back as much as she could. Her vaginal muscles were gripping my penis and trying to pull it in further until I felt that my testicles would be swallowed up. Her eyes were closed, her head back a rthymic grunting coming from behind her gag.

“Look at them! They’re making love. She doesn’t love you now you’ve betrayed her. She wants Ingrid!”

Suvlov was sobbing. “Pajalsta alstan! Pajalsta alstan! Please stop. I’ll tell you what you want to know. I’ll tell you everything!

Then Anya orgasmed and I ejaculated. I clung to her as our bodies bucked together and my penis pumped sperm on to her cervix. Colonel Suvlov also ejaculated and Miss Spiteful released his penis. She stood back as semen spurted past her, which was just as well, because he also vomited, projecting a stream of yellow, evil smelling liquid onto his chin, chest and the floor.

He began confessing in Russian. “There will assaults on two fronts on October 16. Voronezh front will send 3rd guard tank and the 27th and 40th armies across the Dnieper south of Kiev. 8th guards army of the south west front will attack Dneprpetrovsk on the Dnieper bend and hold it while 5th Guards Tank and 37th army circle around behind your troops and trap them”.

Miss Spiteful looked quizzically at me as I withdrew from Anya and stood panting. “It’s all there,” I said “everything that we need. Just put him with a stenographer and he’ll tell his life story as well.”

Indeed it was what we needed. When the Red Army attacked, Army Group South repulsed them with heavy casualties, thanks to Miss Spiteful. Unfortuantly the Russians attacked again in November and Kiev fell to them on the 6th. Further heavy fighting failed to regain the city and 1944 began with our army’s long retreat to the frontiers of the Reich.

“Excellent.” Miss Spiteful said, marched over to the desk, and picked up the telephone. “Friedrich? We are finished here; I’ve one prisoner for debriefing and one for the cells. Come now!” She put the telephone down and came back to me. I felt exhausted, was wet with perspiration and god knows what else and the smell was awful. My penis was still dripping semen and my hands were sticky with blood.

“Well done, Ingrid. It took a bit longer than I expected but these fanatics are always difficult. If I’d put a gun to her head or you had sex with her straight away he would have sacrificed her for his cause but we broke him down and made him feel guilty for her suffering and when she responded to you he lost faith in himself.”

The dungeon door opened and our two strong-arm boys came in unshackled Colonel Suvlov, stepping carefully around the mess on the floor, and dragged him out, still babbling in Russian.

“That’s it then” Miss Spiteful peeled off her leather gloves and tossed them away. “I’m off for a shower. When Anya’s gone you can get this mess cleaned up. It smells worse than the WC in a soldier’s bar. You did well today Ingrid and you got laid as well. When you’ve done have a shower yourself and get rid of those stockings, they’re ruined. Just hope that the Luftwaffe has shot down some Americans today so that we can get some more nylons. Then you can give me a massage and we’ll crack that bottle of wine.”

With that she was off and I was left alone with Anya who still hung from her chains. She too was wet with sweat, urine, blood and semen, particular down the insides of her legs. I splashed over to her and lifted her head so that I could remove her gag and then I noticed her eyes. They were full of loathing and hatred for me. As I took the ball out of her mouth, saliva and bile dribbled over her bruised lips. She whispered something and I had to lean closer to hear what she said. “Ya ne zaboodu tebya.”

“I won’t forget you!” Maybe she wouldn’t but just in case, I needed to make sure that we never met again.

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