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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S WAR

Episode 15 - Future Imperfect

October 1943

“What will happen to her?” Miss Spiteful said as I massaged her superb breasts, spreading the oil with my palms and gently rubbing and tracing lines around her nipples. “Well, we don’t have Prisoner of War camps for women, although as a nurse, she could work in the prison hospital. They won’t put her in a civilian internment camp but, if she behaves herself, she might be offered domestic service somewhere. I doubt it though. I really don’t see much future for her. Ooooh! Do that again!”

I stroked the sides of her hips, tickling the outline of her tattoo and she shuddered again, arching her back in pleasure and moaning softly. “Das es gut, Ingrid.” She murmured. “We should be thinking about what you could do with yourself after the war. I’m sure that you could succeed as a masseuse or become a dominafuhrer like us. The other girls and I have all made a good living out of it, even in this prurient Nazi society. Either way, the thing between your legs can be asset with the right clientele. On the other hand, you might find yourself a rich young man willing to set you up as a wife or mistress. There must be a surgeon somewhere in this world that can give you a vagina if you want one. You’ll keep your looks and figure for a long time yet and I think that you’ve got the strength of character to see it through. There! That one!”

She pointed to her left leg and I massaged the shinbone, kneading the knotted calf muscles behind until they relaxed. When I had worked my way down to her feet and sucked her toes, I asked her to turn over on her couch and began moving back up her naked body again.

“Any of those would be good, Mistress”, I replied. “But I am still a soldier and it depends on what the SS want to do with me.”

Miss Spiteful raised herself on her elbows and looked back at me. “Ingrid, you surely don’t think that we are going to win this war, do you?” I was aghast. I was a good German and a Nazi and, despite our setbacks, I still believed in our ultimate victory. “But the Fuhrer has promised us…” I started to reply, but Miss Spiteful cut me off.

“Do my back now.” She ordered and I climbed on to the couch with my knees on either side of her hips. I was also naked, except for a condom, and was allowed to rest my penis in the crack between the cheeks of her buttocks. That way, if I lost control of my erection, I would not soil her perfect body with my semen. I oiled her bottom, back and shoulders, smoothing it across her velvet skin, lightly pummelled her spine and shoulder blades with the flat of my hand and then kneaded her neck and shoulder muscles.

“The Fuhrer knows full well that we cannot defeat the Allies and the Russians,” Miss Spiteful said, almost dreamily. “He hopes that, if we can inflict unacceptable casualties on the Americans and British, they will settle for a negotiated peace. That will leave us to deal with the Russians alone, but it’s a false hope as Roosevelt has already said that they will only accept our unconditional surrender. I’ve been to America, I’ve seen how big and strong it is. We will never defeat them and they will not give up.”

My erection was fully rampant and throbbing nicely as I finished the massage and stood up to wipe my oily hands on a towel.

“Thank you, Ingrid. That was so good.” Miss Spiteful turned over on to her back again and stretched. “You may pour the wine and bring me my Godemiche.” Miss Spiteful had her own personal dildo, which she kept in a silk bag, and I went to retrieve it from the dressing room. I covered it in a lubricating jelly and passed it to her. She opened her legs and slowly inserted it into her vagina. As it penetrated, her head went back, her eyes closed and a soft groan of ecstasy escaped her open lips. I was so envious of that pink rubber dildo, now deep in the warm, wet flesh behind her pubic hair. Miss Spiteful eased her herself into a sitting position on the couch and sighed again. “Where’s my wine?” I had already opened the bottle and passed her a glass of the French white wine she liked. I took a glass for myself and sat down in the chair at her desk. At a nod from Miss Spiteful I began to masturbate.

“You were not born at the end of the last war, but we were all young girls,” she reminisced. “It might have been an armistice but, for Germany, it was a defeat. The British blockade and the Versailles Peace Treaty conditions made it a lot worse and none of want to live through that again. This time the war will not stop at our frontiers. The destruction will be a hundred times more horrendous than anything that the bombs have caused so far and I don’t want to be around when the Russians arrive. Do you?”

I remembered Anya’s threat and thought not also. I was gasping as I came to my climax and then jerked in my seat as my semen spurted into the rubber sac. When I had finished, I lit a cigarette and sipped my wine.

“Well”, she continued. “None of us do, either. We’ve all made plans to get out before the end comes. Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, there’s plenty of places where money will buy a new life and a new identity. No, when the Red Army gets to Berlin, you won’t see any us for dust. So, don’t get caught out. Start thinking now.”

I was astonished at what I had heard. I could not believe that the woman that I loved, worshipped, admired and served could have so little faith in our victory. We finished our wine in silence and I went to dispose of my condom and get dressed. When I came out of the dressing room in my female uniform, Miss Spiteful was again lying prone on the couch with her eyes closed.

“Ingrid, I think that I shall have a doze. Fetch a blanket for me. I haven’t heard any bombs for a while but I’m in no hurry to go home. My slave tonight is a Judge and whether I’m late or not, he will still burn my dinner so I can thrash him for it.”

I got the blanket and covered her naked body with it. I bent to kiss her copper locks before tiptoeing away to put the lights out.

“Thank you Ingrid.” I heard her murmur as I closed the dungeon door.

I was climbing the stairs to street level and wondering if I should go to a Bar that I had been invited to when I heard the sirens wailing out the ’All Clear’.

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