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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S WAR

Episode 20 - General Josephine

July 1944

“It’s not ideal,” Miss Spiteful said, looking around the Gymnasium. “But I’ve worked in a lot worse places. It’ll do.” The Feldgendarmerie Hauptmann, with a metal gorget on a chain around his neck, shifted uneasily. Army officers disliked having the Gestapo and the SS on their territory and they disliked Army personnel being interrogated but even more disconcerting was the fact that we were two attractive women. We had arrived in our uniforms but had changed in the gymnasium’s shower room while Freidrich erected our equipment. Miss Spiteful was in her schoolmistress outfit of spectacles, long black academic gown, high necked white blouse, a tweed suit with a skirt that stopped well short on her tan stockinged thighs and black high heeled shoes. I was in the uniform of the Bund Deutsches Madel, or BDM as the League of German Maidens was more commonly known. As a boy in the Hitler Jugend, I had yearned to be able to join the sister organisation and wear their uniform but any girl seen in our adaptation would have been swiftly thrown out. The only standard item that I wore was the necktie and leather slipknot. My taut white blouse with badges on the sleeves was open to my chest, displaying the tops of my breasts in the lacy white cups of my brassiere and my blue skirt was as non-regulation short as Miss Spiteful’s. I also wore tan stockings and black high heeled shoes, although I had white ankles socks on.

The Feldgendarmerie Officer really did not know where to look and coughed nervously. “The holding cells are just down the corridor. The Generaleutnant is the only one there. We so rarely use them. Just the occasional drunk or someone waiting to be transported to a proper facility at a Barracks.” He shook his head. “I don’t know why they brought him here. I just had a telephone call telling me to keep him until further orders. From whom? I don't know. I don’t question my orders, I just obey them.”

Freidrich approached and stood to attention. “I’ve finished Mistress.” He reported.

Miss Spiteful looked at the metal X frame that had been erected, the trestle table with our equipment, a chair and a spotlight. “Das es gut! Danke, Freidrich.” She turned to the Military Policeman. “That will be all, Herr Hauptmann. Except for an ‘Eingang Verboten!’ notice across the corridor from the stairs. You could also put a couple of men at the top of the stairs. I do not want to be interrupted!”

“Jawohl, Obersturmbannfuhrer! His suitcase with his uniform is by the door.” He saluted, clicked his heels, making his gorget jump on his chest, and left, still trying not to look at my breasts and our legs.

“Bring the prisoner in.” Miss Spiteful ordered. “And then make sure that no one gets past you!” For the first time ever, I had seen Freidrich carrying an MP40 Machine Pistol when we had left Gestapo Headquarters and he picked it up again as he went out. I had also noticed that Miss Spiteful had loaded the Luger Pistol in the holster on her uniform belt and, even now, kept it close to hand. Normally, she only wore it to intimidate prisoners.

“Alles en ordnung?” She asked and I nodded. “Jawohl, Mistress.” I turned the spotlight on and switched off the rest of the lights. The door opened and Freidrich escorted the prisoner in.

The General, his hands cuffed behind him, marched straight to the spotlit X frame and waited patiently as Freidrich uncuffed him and then stripped him of his gown, shift and expensive looking silk panties. The prisoner was left wearing an old fashioned corset with padded bust and wide suspenders, pale silk stockings, ankle strap high-heeled shoes and his grey wig. “Ein moment, bitte.” He asked and Freidrich paused as the General adjusted his wig before his outstretched ankles and wrists were secured to the frame. The prisoner’s head turned from side to side as his eyes tried to penetrate the darkness beyond the spotlight. He asked a question but Freidrich did not reply as he hefted the strap of his machine pistol over his shoulder and walked towards the door. As he passed us, he whispered “He keeps asking me what the time is, but I won’t tell him.” I looked at the luminous dial on my wristwatch and saw that it was one thirty. It occurred to me that Werner Von Haefton and his Colonel would now be well into their meeting with the Fuhrer at Rastenburg in East Prussia.

Once the door had closed behind Freidrich, Miss Spiteful strode into the spotlight, her black gown billowing behind her, picked up a cane and, without a word, gave the General six strokes across his bare bottom. Apart from an initial gasp, the General endured the assault silently although his eyes watered and a black tear rolled down from his ravaged eye makeup.

At Miss Spiteful’s “Hello Josephine!” the General’s head snapped up and his eyes followed her as she came round to stand in front of him, her long legs wide apart and her hands on her hips. “I am your schoolmistress and you will address me as Miss Spiteful. I understand that you have a secret that a lot of people do not want me to find out.” The General frowned and, once again, his eyes swept the darkness as if searching for something.

“You cannot see the clock, Josephine.” Miss Spiteful had guessed the object of his quest. “What is your obsession with the time? Are you late for an appointment? Well, I can assure you that naughty little girls are kept in after class for punishment and you have been very naughty.”

That was my cue to step into the spotlight where I put one finger on my lower lip and gave him a wide-eyed look but the General showed no interest.

“Ingrid has been a naughty girl as well, Josephine.” Miss Spiteful pointed at me with her cane. “Perhaps you might remember Ingrid? She is one of those special girls that you like.” The tip of Miss Spiteful’s cane lifted the hem of my short blue skirt to reveal my stocking tops and suspenders and the bulge in the front of my tight white knickers. The General’s eyes widened, his large nose swung towards me like a predator scenting it’s prey, the adams apple in his long thin neck rose as he gulped and his penis twitched.

“Ingrid remembers you.” Miss Spiteful continued, withdrawing her cane and letting my skirt drop. “She’s told me what you have been up to and I will be punishing you for it. But, first I have to punish Ingrid.” As she swished her cane to and fro, I pulled the chair into the spotlight and bent over it with my backside in the air and pointed towards the General. I braced myself as Miss Spiteful lifted my skirt and I heard her cane coming down. Despite being a demonstration for the General’s benefit, Miss Spiteful never did anything lightly and I screamed as the first painful stroke landed. By the time that all six had been administered my bottom was stinging and tears were rolling down my cheeks.

“You may stand up Ingrid.” Miss Spiteful commanded and, as I did so, I could see that the General had an erection on his less than average sized penis. “Show Josephine the marks of your punishment, Ingrid.” I inched my knickers down, wiggling my pink boyish bottom as I did so and letting the General see the reddening cuts across the cheeks. He licked his lips, gulped again and kept his eyes fixed on my posterior.

“Perhaps Josephine will soothe your bottom for you, Ingrid?” Miss Spiteful purred and, smiling coyly at the General, I let my knickers fall to the floor so that I could step out of them. I stepped up and turned round so that my back rested against the crossbars of the X frame and my bottom was pressed against his groin. His hard penis was in the crack between the cheeks of my buttocks and I heard the General groan as his breathing got harsher. Then Miss Spiteful’s cane struck him from behind and his hips jerked forward so that his shaft made a partial entry in my previously lubricated rectum. I pushed back and, when Miss Spiteful’s cane descended again, I felt him slide inside me. By thrusting back with my hips to match my Mistresses strokes we managed to get a jerky sort of rhythm going until I felt his penis swell and quiver. I immediately stepped away, wincing at the rough withdrawal, turned and pinched the base of his shaft with my fingers. The General’s eyes bulged, his open mouth made gasping sounds and sweat beaded his powdered brow.

“What’s wrong Josephine?” Miss Spiteful taunted him. “Have you lost Ingrid’s cute little bottom? Wouldn’t you like to slip your penis back in there and fill her up with your seed?” The General turned his bleak face, with his dark hollowed eyes, towards her and gulped again.

“Come on Josephine!” She urged. “Ingrid wants to be your best friend and we all know what best friends like to do together. Don’t we? Whisper your little secret to me and then you and Ingrid can be naughty little schoolgirls together.”

The General gritted his teeth and shook his head. Miss Spiteful pursed her lips and motioned me on to the next phase. Still keeping a tight grip on his penis, I knelt down and took the tip into my mouth. I kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked at his glans, which oozed lubricant while his member pulsed between my fingers. With my other hand I reached up between his legs, tickling his testicles and probing at his prostate and sphincter.

“Ingrid’s mouth is so soft and warm.” Miss Spiteful continued. “Wouldn’t you like to shoot your load into her so that you can listen to her drinking and swallowing your cream?”

The General was panting hard and trying to thrust himself further into my mouth with his hips as the pulsing in his penis got stronger but I kept my tight grip.

Miss Spiteful tapped me on the shoulder with her cane and let the penis slip out of my mouth and stood up but still retaining hold until I could feel the quivering stop and the erection begin to soften. I let go and a thin dribble of semen ran from the tip. I caught a few drops on my fingertips and let the General watch me suck them.

Miss Spiteful gave the General six more strokes of her cane and then inclined her head towards me. I stepped round behind the General until my penis was in the crack of his buttocks and my breasts were pushing into his spine. I massaged and stroked his shoulders, his neck, the back of his head, his chin and up his cheeks to his forehead. Suddenly, I felt him stiffen and realised that he was staring at the dial of my wristwatch. I looked the time as he laughed and relaxed. It was two fifteen.

“Miss Spitfeur, or whatever your ridiculous name is, you might as well release me now. It’s all over. The beast is dead!”

“What did you say?” Miss Spiteful demanded.

“It’s over.” The General smiled. “The Fuhrer is dead and today is the start of a whole new Germany! Undo my fetters and I’ll tell all about it. It’s too late now for you to prevent it happening.”

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