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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S WAR

Episode 22 - Gunfight At The OKH

July 1944

In the event, time was the one thing that we did have. I typed up my notes and, in exchange for a swift buggering while I bent over the bench in his cell, the General signed all the pages without even bothering to read them. As I left him, smoking another one of my cigarettes, he laughed and gave me an ironic ‘Heil Hitler!”

I showered, dressed in my SS female uniform again and sat down with Miss Spiteful to wait. She quizzed me on every detail of what had passed between me and Reinhard and my head spun. Suddenly, some time after five, there was a burst of gunfire outside. Miss Spiteful rapped on the door with her Luger and eased it open.

What’s happened, Freidrich,” she whispered. “Are you hurt?”

“Nein, nein.” He assured her. “They tossed a dud stick grenade down the corridor hoping that I’d duck so that they could rush me. I gave them a few rounds and they took off.”

“Good man,” she patted his shoulder. “Be careful, I promised your Mother that I’d look after you.”

Before I could ponder on that exchange, we all jumped when the telephone rang.

Miss Spiteful strode to the instrument and lifted the receiver. “Well?” She demanded and then raised her eyebrows, motioning me to come over and listen. “Good evening, Colonel Von Stauffenberg. I believe that you have had a long and busy day.”

“Listen to me!” The voice on the other end commanded. “Let Generaleutnant Von Rittenberger go free and give yourselves up. You cannot get out.”

“Why should I surrender?” Miss Spiteful queried. “If you’ve really been stupid enough to try and kill the Fuhrer and take over the Reich then you should be surrendering to me before the SS and the Gestapo arrive.”

The earpiece crackled as he laughed. “Adolf Hitler is dead! I saw the bomb explode and I can tell you that we have arrested General Fromm, declared Martial Law and proclaimed an emergency government under General Beck. We have also arrested all the SS men here and, when the Gestapo arrived just now, we locked them up as well. We also have men all over Berlin arresting the top Nazis. Give up now or we will have to kill you.”

Miss Spiteful did not even blink at that threat. “My dear Colonel. A few minutes ago your minions provided us with a stick grenade, which we have stuffed down Von Rittenberger’s knickers. If you attack us again, I will set it off.”

“Then stay down there and rot, you Nazi whore!” Von Stauffenberg broke the connection from his end but Miss Spiteful continued to hold the receiver for a few moments, lost in thought. When she finally hung it up she pulled a little notebook out of the breast pocket of her uniform jacket and thumbed through it. “He said that they are arresting all the leading Nazis but we know that they are all out of Berlin, except for one. Ingrid, I want you to pick up the phone and ask for Reinhard. I need you to persuade him to get this number for you.” She held the open notebook so that I could see the page and my eyes widened when I saw whose private number that she required. I lifted the receiver, identified myself and asked to speak to Hauptmann Von Schlee. Within seconds, I heard his voice in my ear.

“Ingrid, my sweet. I didn’t know that you were down there. Are you all right?”

“Yes, liebchen, I’m fine.” I replied.

“Oh Ingrid.” His voice sounded choked with emotion. “You were not meant to be involved in this. We are well behind schedule because we lost all communication with Rastenburg but Von Stauffenberg and Werner are back now and have assured us that Hitler is dead. I told you that this will be a day to remember.”

Miss Spiteful prodded me and I cut in before he could continue. “Reinhard, I need a great favour. I was supposed to be meeting a girlfriend and I want to call her to let her know that I am all right. Can you get the number for me?”

He was silent for a moment and then agreed but asked for my promise that I was not calling any Nazis. Miss Spiteful prodded me again and I gave him my false promise and the telephone number. There was some muttering on the line as the number was checked against some lists before he came back on. “That’s all right Ingrid; it’s being dialled for you now. I'll speak to you later. Please don’t do anything stupid. Auf wiedersehen.”

The line buzzed a couple of times and a familiar voice barked in my ear. “Goebbels!” I was too startled to reply and Miss Spiteful snatched the receiver from my hand and I could only hear her side of the conversation.

“Josef! It’s Miss Spiteful! Yes, it’s been a long time. Yes, I remember what you like me to do but I had to throw your clothes away. Buy another set for next time but, listen!” She commanded. “I’m in the basement of Army Headquarters on the Bendlerstrasse and there’s a coup going on upstairs because they think that they have killed the Fuhrer with a bomb. You know? What happened? The Fuhrer is alive! You’ve spoken to him? Was he badly injured? Das es gut! Yes, Stauffenberg is here. I’ve just spoken to him. They’ve arrested Fromm and replaced him with Hopner. Beck is their Head of State. They’re all upstairs now. I’ve got a full confession with names and details of here and Paris. You’ve got to watch out! They are out arresting leading Nazis. What? They are there now?” Miss Spiteful listened for a while and then laughed. “That is funny. Now, we cannot get out and they cannot get down to us for the moment but we need rescuing. When you call back, don’t use our names, get your secretary to say that she’s Ingrid’s friend and ask for the Gymnasium. This lot are so stupid that they will put her through. If you act now, you can nip it in the bud! Goodbye Josef".

Miss Spiteful replaced the receiver and shook her head. “What a shambles. The Fuhrer’s conference was moved to the wooden map room on the surface and, after Von Stauffenberg had armed his bomb and left, his briefcase was shifted behind a pillar. When the bomb went off, the Fuhrer was shielded from the blast and only slightly injured. Then, the Army Major that was sent to arrest Goebbels is a Nazi who had no idea what was happening. Josef phoned the Fuhrer and let them talk. The Major is now a Colonel with orders to put down the coup. Himmler is also on his way back to Berlin. We just have to keep our heads down.”

Once again we settled down to wait on events taking place above our heads. Apart from tap water we had not had anything to eat or drink for hours and we rummaged through the bags of gym-kit that had been left by military and civilian staff who had expected to be able to use the facilities that day. We made a satisfactory and surprising haul: 2 bottles of wine, some beer for Friedrich, sandwiches, sausage, fruit and biscuits. There were also cigarettes and set of ladies red underwear, too large for either of us and enough pornographic literature to keep us amused for some hours.

After we had eaten, Miss Spiteful kept watch with the machine pistol so that Friedrich could have a break and also feed our prisoner. She did not trust me with the gun. After that we settled down until, just after nine, the telephone rang again. On Miss Spiteful’s orders, I answered it and Goebbels demanded to know who was there. I just handed the receiver over to my Mistress who had a brief, muttered conversation before hanging up. She looked at her watch and sighed. “We may be here for some time yet, Ingrid. Goebbels has started broadcasting that the Fuhrer is alive and will speak on the radio tonight. The High Command is sending out orders countermanding those issued by the plotters, but there is still a lot of confusion. Remer, the new colonel, is taking back control in Berlin but they’re not ready to storm this building yet. Josef has mentioned us to the Fuhrer; perhaps he’ll speak at our funerals.”

With that cheering thought we sat down again and finished the wine. Just before Eleven, Friedrich pushed the door open “Gunfire Mistress, upstairs, not down here!” While I cowered behind the vaulting horse my Mistress strode to the door, her drawn pistol in her hand. She knelt down with Friedrich and listened. Even from where I was I could hear the distance pop of gunshots and the short buzz of sub-machine guns and then there was silence. We waited but that was all we heard. Miss Spiteful put her Luger back in her holster and stood up “Well something’s happening up there, keep listening Freidrich.”

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