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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S WAR

Episode 28 - Heil Himmler!

April 1945

Down in the basement, it was far different. Wooden beams supported the ceiling from which hung emergency lighting. There were pools of water on the floor, where rain had seeped through and a strong smell of smoke and damp but no people. Only Miss Spiteful’s dungeon was occupied on this side, the nearest cells and interrogation rooms in use being some distance away.

Von Kreps kicked the dungeon door open and marched in but came to halt, as I did behind him. Miss Spiteful sat on the couch under a central spotlight, dressed as we had seen her upstairs but minus her leather coat. The rest of the room was in darkness but we were not alone because the door was closed behind me. Von Kreps did not notice as he was advancing on my mistress, shrugging off his uniform jacket as he did so.

“I’ll bloody teach you to obey me, you fucking bitch!” He yelled at her. “You can lie back and open your legs. I’ll beat some respect into you at the same time!” He was raising the crop to strike her when two figures stepped out of the darkness and seized his arms.

He spluttered with rage. “Who? What the devil do you think that you are doing?” He tried to struggle free but was held firmly. I was still standing there, shivering with cold and fear and totally confused when a hand took my arm and gently pulled me to one side. I was led to Spiteful’s desk and set down in her chair with the table lamp switched on and directed onto my face.

“Mein Gott, liebchen! What has he done to you?” Miss Sapphire’s voice came in my ear and my face was turned from side to side as she examined my cuts and bruises.

“Down here as well.” Miss Solitaire said and I was lifted to my feet and turned round so that they could see the marks on my back and buttocks and the blood trickling down the insides of my thighs.

“We’ll have to clean her up first.” Miss Sapphire said. “Get some water, a flannel and some antiseptic.” Miss Solitaire headed for the dressing room while Miss Sapphire lowered me into the chair and clucked over my injuries. I had never known her to be so kind and solicitous before.

Meanwhile, Von Kreps continued to rage at Miss Spiteful, who sat impassively through his tirade.

“Let me go!” He demanded. “You’re all dead! You’ll all swing from meat-hooks after this.”

“But surely, we were all going to die anyway, were we not?” Miss Spiteful interrupted. Von Kreps hesitated and then began shouting for help at the top of his voice.

“You can call for help as much as you like,” Miss Spiteful said. “There is no one down here who will hear you.”

Miss Solitaire returned with a bowl of water, a bottle and some cotton wool, which she wet and began dabbing at my cuts and bruises. Next she soaked some more from the bottle and I jumped when they were applied to my open wounds.

“Careful” Miss Sapphire chided her. Gradually the blood was wiped away and I able to see that they both wore their long leather coats. I was lifted to my feet again so that my rear and lower regions could be administered to, which also enabled me to see my mistress and Von Kreps.

She crossed her long booted legs and picked up some papers from the couch alongside her.

“Now, you wretched little toad. I will dictate my terms to you.”

Von Kreps stopped struggling and laughed. “Terms? You are in no position to dictate terms to me”

“Really?” Miss Spiteful held up the papers. “This is a signed copy of a memorandum from Gustav Axelberg, First Secretary at the Swedish Legation, on the state of peace negotiations with Standartenfuhrer Von Kreps, Reichsfuhrer Himmler’s representative.”

“Who?” Von Kreps shouted. “I’ve never met him. This is rubbish.”

Miss Spiteful held out some photograph for Von Kreps to look at.

“Then how do you explain these? They were taken yesterday at the reception for the Fuhrer’s birthday at the Propaganda Ministry. In every shot you are shown talking to Herr Axelberg and, in this one, you are shaking hands.”

“Oh, him!” Von Kreps shook his head. “He was a madman. He leeched on to me and talked absolute nonsense. I couldn’t get rid of him and the Reichsfuhrer would never make peace without the Fuhrer’s approval.”

“Then why has he arranged meetings with Count Bernadotte of the Red Cross in Lubeck and why was a member of the World Jewish Congress secretly flown into Tempelhof two days ago? And why does Himmler need the Fuhrer’s approval when he intends to assume that office himself?”

“Lies! Lies! It’s all lies!” Von Kreps was screaming. “I know nothing about it. No one will believe this.”

“But you claim to be a close personal friend of Himmler. You are on his staff. You must be involved.” She waved the papers at him. “When I send these to the Fuhrer Bunker, you are finished. I think that the piano wire will be around your neck, not ours.”

“But why would the Reichsfuhrer do such a thing?” Von Kreps was almost pleading.

“Think about it, you stupid little man. Why are they burning all the records upstairs? Why have you been ordered to kill us all? Why is he talking to the Jews? Why does he want the Red Cross to take over the concentration camps? The Fuhrer has decided to stay and die in Berlin. Both Himmler and Goering want to succeed him but will the Allies talk peace with a man who has so much blood on his hands? Himmler has to wipe out everything that would prevent him being acceptable as a leader.”

Von Kreps knew that he was beaten and hung his head. “What do you want and how did you know that I had orders to eliminate you all?”

At that moment the dungeon door opened and someone entered but it was not until Miss Stiletto, also wearing her long black leather coat, reached the spotlit area that I realised who it was. She was carrying a large bag, which she put down beside Miss Spiteful.

“There, we’ve patched you up the best that we can” Miss Sapphire said. “We’ll get you dressed and ready now.” She sat me down and swabbed my face with flannel while I tried to see the continuing drama in the centre of the room.

“All I need from you is your signature on those release orders so that we can get out this building and Berlin” Miss Spiteful said.

Von Kreps’s voice took on a cunning edge. “In that case, I will have to go back upstairs to my office and get them out of my safe.”

“There’s no need for that.” Miss Spiteful said sweetly as she reached into the bag alongside her. “I think that I might just have them here.” She had started lifting items out and laying them on the couch, including the can of microfilm, the leather diamond bags and the files when Miss Sapphire blocked my vision.

“Look up. I need to make you presentable.” She lifted my face and started brushing powder onto it.

“What’s happening?” I asked. “I can’t see.”

Miss Sapphire smiled. “This is your big day Ingrid.”

“How did you get that?” I heard Von Kreps cry.

“I’ve been going through your safe since you started here.” Miss Spiteful replied. “And most of the others in Gestapo Headquarters as well. You sycophants all use a variation of the Fuhrer’s or Himmler’s birthdays for your combinations. That’s how I knew that Himmler had put you in here to render us ineffective because our success was an embarrassment to him. When I saw his order to you to make sure that none of us was left alive, I started planning this. I also heard that you were sniffing around for information about us and were waiting for us to try and make a run for it so that you could have us arrested. We just waited for you to make your move. Ah! Here we are. Sign these now.”

Miss Sapphire was applying rouge, mascara and lipstick to my face and I winced when she touched one of my wounds.

“And if I refuse?” Von Kreps asked.

“You are in my dungeon. Do you think that I cannot make you?” Miss Spiteful’s voice was suddenly harsh and threatening.

“That’s it, my dear.” Miss Sapphire started packing away her makeup. “You’ll have to stand up again now.” As I did so, I could see Von Kreps kneeling on the floor, signing the papers that had been given to him and then throwing them back at Miss Spiteful.

“There, you bitch. Take them and go.” Miss Stiletto collected the sheets and put them back in the bag, along with all the other items that had been taken out and carried it over to our little group at the desk.

“You might think that you’ve got the better of me, but Himmler will have you hunted down and executed.” Von Kreps was back on his feet again and shouting. “Those passes will get you out of Berlin but not the Reich!”

Miss Spiteful laughed. “That will not be a problem. Our plans are far better laid than any that you have uncovered.” She stood and her voice changed to a new tone of authority. “Prepare the slave for sacrifice!”

“Yes mistress.” Male voices replied and I realised that the two figures holding Von Kreps were Freidrich and Heinz.

“Sacrifice? Slave? What are you talking about, you whore?” Von Kreps made a lunge at Miss Spiteful but was forced to the floor by his guardians.

Miss Stiletto dropped the bag by the desk and looked at me. “Isn’t she dressed yet? Get a move on Solitaire.”

“We had to patch and clean her up first. The brute made a terrible mess of her.” Miss Solitaire replied as she put a pile of clothes on the desk.

Miss Stiletto peered at the bruises on my face that the makeup had barely concealed. “The bastard,” she muttered. “Well, he’s going to get all that he deserves. But you need to hurry because we only have to get the Temple ready now.”

She and Miss Sapphire disappeared off into the gloom and left me with Miss Solitaire.

“Turn around Ingrid and raise your arms,” she ordered and, as I did so, I gasped with the pain from my wounds. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “This will hurt as well but it has to be tight.” She wrapped a basque around my body, settled my breasts on the platform and then tugged the two open ends together at my back. While she fastened the hooks and eyes I groaned as the bones of the corset pressed against my bruised ribs. When she had finished, I could barely breathe, not only from the pain but also the tightness of the corset.

I could hear Von Kreps shouting and cursing behind me and the sound of the furniture being moved. There was also a faint whiff of smoke but I could not turn around to see what was going on.

“I hope the Americans get here soon. This is the last one.” Miss Solitaire muttered as she ripped open a packet of nylons and lifted my feet, one a time, to slip them on and pull them up to the tops of my legs. As she fastened them to the suspenders dangling from the basque, her hands kept brushing my penis and she gave it a quick squeeze before pushing it out of the way. “Not now please.” She looked up. “I shall miss you Ingrid.”

I suddenly had a shiver down my spine. Was I the slave being prepared for sacrifice in some strange ritual to ensure that I would be silenced for ever?

I suddenly had a shiver down my spine. Was I the slave being prepared for sacrifice in some strange ritual to ensure that I would be silenced for ever?

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