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Episode 30 - Miss Spiteful's Revenge

April 1945

“Whores! Bitches! I’ll see you all dead for this! The moment that I’m out of here, you will all be arrested. I’ll have you all tortured and strung up!” Von Kreps had revived and struggling to rise but kept slipping in his own blood on the floor.

“Oh dear.” Miss Spiteful put her glass back on the tray. “I forgot all about him.” She stood over Von Kreps with her hands on her hips. “I have promised not to kill you but you have no intention of keeping your word to us. You abused and beat Miss Storm, you intended to sexually abuse and kill us and you would still do it if you could. So, we will inflict pain and punishment on you in proportion to what you intended for us. We will then put you where you can do us no further harm. Slaves! You will begin!” She made a chopping motion to our two strong-arm boys and they pushed Von Kreps onto his back. Freidrich raised one jack-booted foot and stamped hard down on Von Kreps’s right shin. There was a sharp crack, a scream of agony from Von Kreps and the lower part of his leg took on a different angle to the part above it. I had barely gasped in horror when Heinz did exactly the same to the left shin and, this time, the splintered end of the bone broke this skin, more blood flowing out to join the pool on the floor.

“He’s fainted, Mistress.” Freidrich reported, peering down at the victim’s face.

“Revive him!” Miss Spiteful ordered. “In fact, he can share our wine. Girls! Boys! Shower time!”

Freidrich and Heinz both grinned and, standing either side of the prone figure, began urinating onto his head. It took a moment or two for him to become conscious again, during which time his open mouth and nostrils filled up. He coughed, spluttered and choked, turning his head to avoid the streams as he realised what was descending on him.

Miss Spiteful gave me a push forwards and, as the two boys were flicking the last drops of their penises, I directed my yellow urine onto his eyes. He put one hand up to protect his face and tried to propel his body away with the other but the thin, high heel Miss Solitaire’s boot slammed down, pinning the palm to the floor.

She could ejaculate her female lubricant some distance and now she demonstrated that she could do the same with her piss, splashing his head and shoulders.

I felt no sympathy for Von Kreps after what he had done to me and, when we both finished and Miss Solitaire ground her heel down through his hand, breaking bones and tendons, I was completely unmoved by his screams.

“That’s a good idea!” Miss Stiletto said and Freidrich seized Von Kreps other wrist , forcing the hand to the floor so that the Mistress could skewer the palm with her heel. Having done that, she stood over Von Kreps, with a boot either side of his fat white belly, and released her urine as well. Unable to escape, Von Kreps floundered in the evil smelling pool of blood and urine like a landed fish, flapping his useless legs and hands. Miss Spiteful and Miss Sapphire were the last to empty their bladders onto him, Miss Sapphire kicking him in the testicles after the last trickle had died away. Miss Spiteful bent over Von Kreps, her lips curling in disgust at the sight and smell.

“I know that you can hear me. We have treated you with the same contempt that you showed us. Now, you wanted to fuck me. Well, now you never will!” Von Kreps was retching up an evil yellow bile and didn’t seem to hear Miss Spiteful but he paid attention as she put the claws of a pair of large metal pincers around his testicles and squeezed the handles. She had to grit her teeth and use both hands and I flinch at the squelch and crunching noises that were immediately drowned out by Von Kreps’s agonised screams. Miss Spiteful tossed the pincers away as Von Kreps rolled on the floor, his smashed and bloodied hands clutching at his groin, but she had not finished with him.

“You wish you were dead now. Don’t you? But Miss Storm has still to repay you in kind for what you did to her.”

Freidrich applied his boot until Von Kreps had been rolled over onto his belly and his bruised and bloodied buttocks presented to me. Miss Sapphire handed me Von Kreps’s own wooden riding crop and I pointed the end at his sphincter before ramming it in hard. I felt his internal muscles tear before it entered his colon and I could push it right in. He gave another shriek of agony and then lay there sobbing with pain. I pulled the bloodied crop out and threw it away in disgust as Freidrich used his boots again to turn Von Kreps over on to his back. Miss Sapphire was waiting for him with a wooden mallet.

“You called me disgusting and insulted my lover. While you can still speak, you will try to betray us so this is my revenge.” Von Kreps opened his eyes as the mallet descended and tried to scream but there was a sickening crunch as his lower jaw disintegrated into a bloody mess of teeth, bone and skin. He started choking on his own blood and Freidrich rolled him onto his side as Miss Spiteful tossed a placard onto the body.

“That’s it!” She announced. “Time to get out of town, everybody! Boys! Get dressed, put an old Wehrmacht uniform on him, remove his identity tags, hang that placard round his neck and toss him out onto the street.”

Freidrich and Heinz hurried to do her bidding while she rolled up the poster and then called out to me.

“Bring Stiletto’s bag over here.” Most of the candles had gone out but someone put the lights on and I located the bag at once. Having discarded her mask and cape, Miss Spiteful delved into the bag and retrieved the bags of diamonds, the can of microfilm and some other papers which she put on one side. Then, humming to her self, she began feeding the other papers and files onto the glowing coals of the brazier, occasionally stopping to read some document before deciding to retain or cremate it.

When she came to the cream envelope, I had to ask what the Wannsee memorandum was and what was so important about it.

“In January 1942, Heydrich held a conference at Wannsee and it was decided that, instead of putting Jews and the other Untermenschen in Concentration Camps they would be sent directly to specially built extermination camps. They called it ‘The Final Solution’ to the problem. Now, anyone whose name is that document will have a date with an Allied Hangman’s noose and they will kill or pay anything to ensure that every copy is destroyed. Himmler knew that I had a copy and that’s what kept us alive and in business for the last two years. Von Kreps was ordered to retrieve and destroy it but I think he had plans to use it for blackmail himself.” She put the envelope on the pile to be kept and carried on reading and sorting.

Flames and sparks shot up as the fire received more fuel and I suddenly put out my hand, risking severe burns to myself, to stop her putting some papers in.

“Wait, Mistress! That’s the letter from the Swedish Embassy.” Miss Spiteful looked at it, shrugged and then let it drop into the flames.

“Sadly, Ingrid, it is a fake. It is exactly the same as the real memorandum, except for Von Kreps’s name. Himmler would never trust an incompetent like him with such sensitive negotiations. Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein, Himmler’s representative at the Reich Chancellery and Eva Braun’s brother in law is the man dealing with the Swedes.”

“Who is Eva Braun?” I asked.

Miss Spiteful gave me an impatient look. “The Fuhrer’s mistress, of course.” Yet another pillar of my belief in the Nazi cause came tumbling down but inquisitive as ever, I pressed for more details.

“But why didn’t Von Kreps call your bluff? He knew that it was a fake.”

“Because he knows Adolf Hitler. Von Kreps guessed that there was enough truth in the memorandum and that, if the Fuhrer did see it, everyone involved and in reach would be executed. The trouble is that Walter Schellenberg has got himself mixed up in this business. He’s the one who made the first contact with the Swedes and I don’t care if Himmler and the others get themselves strung up but Walter doesn’t deserve to end up with his neck in a loop of piano wire. Once the Allies are approached they will refuse to negotiate with Himmler and will broadcast it to the world. I don’t think that Himmler will be returning to Berlin. Any trouble, Boys?”

This last remark was to Freidrich and Heinz who had returned to the dungeon dressed as Army Motor Cycle Despatch Riders.

“No Mistress.” Freidrich replied. “They are emptying the cells around the corner, so it just looked like another body being carried out. But they are checking passes at the door.”

Miss Spiteful waved some of the papers at him. “That’s all right. I’ve got ours here. Now, once Miss Storm and I are allowed to use the shower and dressing room, we will all be on our way. I want you both to smash every piece of equipment and furniture and also burn any implements or clothing that we are leaving behind. The NKVD and SMERSH are welcome to this place but no fat and sweaty Ivan is going to use one of my whips or wear one of my corsets.”

As Freidrich or Heinz set about their work Miss Spiteful frowned and had to turn away from watching her dungeon being demolished about her.

“I’ll start again, don’t worry,” she said, but there was a croak in her voice as she gave me a wry smile.

Miss Sapphire, having dressed quickly, collected her pass and left, calling out “I’ll see you later.”

Miss Spiteful dropped all of the papers that she had retained onto her desk and sat down to sort through them.

“You know, some of this information that Von Kreps had on us must have come from someone who knew us well. There’s stuff here that isn’t in our Gestapo files or the Russian intelligence reports. And what’s this?” She held up a cardboard wallet with a seal, which she broke so that she could examine the contents. “Well, well. It looks like we were not the only ones planning on foreign travel.” She showed me a Swiss Passport with Von Kreps’s photograph and a false identity together with travel documents and passes in both his real and assumed names. “Any ideas on these?” she asked, handing me the last two papers, which were letters grouped in columns of fours.

I handed them back. “They are both enigma code messages, the first couple of lines give you the machine, the settings for the discs and the cables and the code book to be used.”

Miss Spiteful shrugged and stuffed them back into the wallet with Von Kreps’s documents. “I’ll have a look at them later. Ah! Here we are.” She handed me one of the precious exit passes. “I slipped one in for you. This will get you out of the building. I’m sure that Von Kreps has the place watched to make sure that we don’t slip out without his authority. Just don’t come back.”

I took it from her silently. My emotions were still on a roller coaster. Having been convinced that I was going to be betrayed and abandoned, suffering at Von Kreps’s hands and then achieving one of the ambitions of my life, I was now going to be left on my own again.

Miss Spiteful sensed my mood and reached out to touch my face.

“Ingrid, I’m so sorry that I had to leave you with that little beast but we needed more time and to get him down here.”

A burst of girlish laughter and the sound of running water from behind the dressing room door interrupted her and she shook her head before continuing.

“I’ve known for a long time that he was watching us and plotting something but I didn’t know when he would pounce. I only just heard about the peace moves two days ago so I got my Swedish friend to latch onto Von Kreps yesterday and I was waiting for him to send me the letter and the photographs. They arrived while he was having sex with you and you gave us the time to set this up. We had already decided to admit you to the order but your courage really earned it today. I realise that you felt abandoned but I needed your despair to be genuine to convince Von Kreps that he had won and was not walking into a trap.”

A female howl, which I recognised as Miss Solitaire approaching her orgasm, and some squeals from Miss Stiletto indicated that their shower involved more than just soaping each other’s bodies.

Miss Spiteful banged on the dressing room door. “Hurry up in there! Don’t you know that the Russians are coming?”

“So am I!” We heard Miss Solitaire gasp. “So am I!”

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