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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S WAR

Episode 21 - The Bomb Plot

July 1944

A cold hand clutched at my heart. Not just the thought that Adolf Hitler was dead but the General had just used the same phrase as Reinhard had only eight hours before. Surely he couldn’t be involved?

“Ingrid!” Miss Spiteful’s voice had risen in anger. “Release him.” Her face was a mask as I unstrapped the restraints and the General stepped back, rubbing at his chafed wrists.

“May I?” He asked, pointing at his discarded feminine garments and Miss Spiteful nodded. He dressed quickly and then sat on the chair, wincing as his bottom pressed down on the seat.

“Would you have a cigarette?” He enquired, to which Miss Spiteful waved her hand at me and I went for my handbag. Miss Spiteful’s success as an interrogator had been due to having complete control over her subjects but I felt that she was losing control over this one. I returned and lit a cigarette each for the General and myself. He inhaled and then blew out a long plume of smoke.

“Danke. That was my first since last night.” He crossed his legs, adjusted his gown and looked at me. “I remember you now. You look a lot prettier now than you did a couple of years ago. It’s a shame that I shall so be so busy in future and that you’ve got involved with this Gestapo bitch. I’m sure that she has trained you well but, perhaps there is hope for you.”

Miss Spiteful slammed her cane down on the trestle table so hard that it shattered. She looked at the splintered end and then tossed the rod away in disgust. “Start talking or that will be your penis.” She threatened.

The General smirked and took another puff on his cigarette. “Very well, It won’t do you any good and it will pass the time until I am released.”

Miss Spiteful pointed to the spotlight and made a writing motion with her other hand. I turned on the main lights, switched off the spotlight, took a notebook and pencil out of my handbag and found a bench to sit on. My Mistress had insisted that I take shorthand and typing lessons for situations like this but also to be able to do the Unit’s reports and office work and, as Miss Spiteful put it, have another career opportunity. As I balanced the notebook on my knee the hand holding the pencil trembled in dread of what I was about to hear.

“At thirteen hundred hours,” the General began. “The Fuhrer held a conference in his bunker at Rastenburg. Fifteen minutes later, a bomb in a briefcase exploded killing the Fuhrer and most of his senior staff in the room with him.”

“How do you know this?” Miss Spiteful demanded. “You’ve been in custody since last night.”

“Because it had to happen.” The General waved his hand. “This was not the first attempt but the bomb was not used before because either Himmler or Goering were not present. It was decided that, this time, the bomb would be detonated whether they were there or not.”

“Who placed the bomb?” Miss Spiteful queried.

“Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg and his Aide, Werner Von Haefton. They are on the staff of General Fromm, Commander of the Reserve Army. They had a bomb each in their brief-cases, just to make sure. They intended to arm one or both of the bombs, leave them in the bunker conference room and leave. As soon as they heard the explosion, they would fly back to Berlin. We have a man, Fellgiebel, in the Signals Section there who will call ours here to confirm Hitler’s death.

I choked back a sob and they both turned to look at me. Miss Spiteful’s eyes narrowed and I knew that she would have questions for me later. I put my head down over my pad but the tears in my eyes made it difficult for me to see the ruled lines. '‘Oh Reinhard,’ I thought. ‘What have you done?’

Miss Spiteful had taken off her spectacles and thrown her academic gown over a vaulting horse and leant back against it with her long legs stretched out in front of her. “And what happens when the message arrives here?”

“Generaloberst Olbricht has set up an operations room upstairs. When confirmation is received, General Hopner and I were to confront General Fromm and demand that he order Operation Valkyrie and mobilise the Reserve Army. If he refused, we were to arrest him, take over his command and issue the order ourselves. Martial law and an Emergency Government with General Beck as Head of State will be proclaimed. We tried to get Rommel but he was injured when a Tommy plane in France strafed his car. All Commanders will be instructed to obey our orders and leading Nazis, Gestapo and SS Officers will be arrested here and in Paris, Vienna and Prague.”

“Why should anyone obey yours orders?” Miss Spiteful scoffed.

The General smiled again. “Because Operation Valkyrie is a genuine plan to deal with a mass uprising by slave workers in the Reich. When the Commanders hear of the Fuhrer's death and open their orders it will be in the belief that Central Government has lost control and that we have a legitimate right to take over. By the time that they find out the truth it will be too late. The Nazi State will have been dismantled.”

“Three Generals can take over the Reich? You are mad” Miss Spiteful flapped her hand.

“There’s a lot more involved than that!” The General’s voice was almost triumphant. “We have many more supporters in the Army, The Polizie, the Intelligence Services, the Civil Administration, the Diplomatic Service, many disaffected Nazis and even some SS Officers. Even now, a group of Army Officers will have gathered upstairs to make sure that the Valkyrie order is obeyed in the War Ministry.”

“And what happened to you?” Miss Spiteful indicated the General’s feminine attire.

“I wanted to enjoy one last night as Josephine before I took on my new responsibilities.” He shook his head wryly. “I was to stay with General Hopner, who knows all about and tolerates my hobby, but my car ran out of petrol. It was only a short walk and I didn’t think that I needed to change. Unfortunately, I met a bored Policeman who wanted to know why a Lady was out so late on her own.”

“And Admiral Canaris had you transferred here?” Miss Spiteful was using the General’s arrogance to probe for further information.

“Canaris?” The General laughed. “The master plotter? He even intrigues against himself. He knows what is going on but we didn’t involve him, just his supporters. No, it was Arthur Nebe, Head of the Berlin Kripo and Count Helldorf, Chief of the Berlin Polizie, who arranged for me to be brought here. We just didn’t expect you to come to the Bendlerstrasse” He turned to me. “May I have another one of your cigarettes, my dear?”

I needed one as well and was glad of the excuse to break off from my scribbling until I caught sight of the look on Miss Spiteful’s face. She looked like a volcano about to explode with suppressed anger. “You mentioned Paris.” She said quietly. “What is happening there?”

“You are determined to find out everything.” The General sneered. “It will not do you any good. All communications are under our control and you will be arrested when I am released. But I will tell you anyway. General Stulpnagel, the Military Governor of Paris, will take over for us there. The Commander in Chief West, Feldmarshall Von Kluge, will only join if we are successful but we need him. If we are to make a negotiated peace with the Allies we do not want someone who will order our troops to keep fighting.”

Miss Spiteful looked at her watch. “It’s well past three now and your rescuers seem to be behind schedule. Perhaps something has gone wrong?”

“Nonsense!” The General spluttered. “Everything will go to plan.”

“Are there any other names that I should know?” Miss Spiteful asked as she stood up.

“You are persistent.” The General flicked his cigarette end into a fire bucket. “Let me see? Feldmarshall Von Witzleben, Generalmajors Oster and Tresckow and Carl Gordeler. That’s enough! I will say no more.”

Miss Spiteful walked over to the telephone on the wall and picked up the receiver. “I wish to be put through to the Wolfsschanze in Rastenburg.” She paused and listened. “In that case connect me to Reichsfuhrer Himmler’s Headquarters.” Another pause followed. “Gestapo Headquarters? SS Intelligence then. What about High Command Headquarters at Zossen?” Her voice rose to a shout. “I am an Obersturmbannfuhrer in the Gestapo! I demand to know who has ordered you not to allow calls to those locations.” She listened to the answer and then slammed the telephone down. She did not look at me as she strode across to the door but I knew the name that she had been given. She jerked the door open to find Freidrich crouched down with his machine pistol pointed towards the stairs.

“Trouble? She enquired.

Freidrich didn’t look up as he replied. “At first it was people wanting to use the gymnasium but just now some armed officers came down and tried to pull rank and then their guns to gain entry. I waved this at them and they retreated but I think I can still hear on them on the stairs.”

“Get my Luger, Ingrid!” She ordered. “Put the prisoner back in his cell, Freidrich. I’ll cover you. Then come back here.”

She took her gun from me and pointed it down the corridor as Freidrich recuffed the still smirking General and marched him in the other direction. As soon as she heard our guard returning, she closed the door and slammed me hard up against the inside of it, holding the barrel of her Luger less than an inch from the bridge of my nose. “Tell me what you know, Ingrid. “ She hissed, her eyes blazing with anger. “If you and your boyfriend are mixed up in this you could get us all killed.”

“I don’t know anything!” I wailed. “That Von Haefton came and collected a briefcase from under Reinhard’s bed this morning and said that he was on his way to meet Von Stauffenberg for the conference with the Fuhrer. Then Reinhard said that a new Germany would begin today. I didn’t know what he meant. Please believe me! I’m not involved.” I burst into tears as Miss Spiteful lowered her gun and stepped back.

“Mein Gott Ingrid!” Her voice had gone husky with emotion. “You have sex on a bed above a bomb meant to kill the Fuhrer and you say that you’re not involved! You stupid girl! Do you think that the Gestapo will believe that? Between them and those idiots upstairs, we’re dead!”

“Let me think a minute.” She chewed her lips and then opened the door again. “Freidrich, that door opposite has ‘Stationery store’ on it. If it’s locked, kick it in. There must be a typewriter, paper and carbon in there. Ingrid, I want Von Rittenberger’s confession typed up with two carbon copies. Reinhard wasn’t mentioned, so don’t include his name. Then get the prisoner to sign all the copies, even if you have to have sex with him. It could save all our lives. When you’ve done that, get back into uniform. I’m going to change now.” She sighed. “I just don’t know how much time we’ve got.”

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