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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 36 - A Stiffie For Sapphire

September 1952

Sapphire came back early to make some telephone calls to Switzerland and then helped me back to my room from the hairdressers. After using the enema, she made me soak my body in a hot bath, gently sponging my wounds in case they started bleeding again.

She patted me dry and applied the Doctor’s soothing creams and salves, clucking like a mother hen as she did so. I remembered what Stiletto had told me about Sapphire’s secret desires for me but her interest seemed entirely maternal.

“Did you never want children, Sapphire?” my curiosity overcoming tact as usual. She was rubbing salve onto the cuts and bruises on my buttocks at the time and paused. I twisted slightly so that I could look back and see her face. She was frowning as she considered the question before resuming her ministrations.

“I wouldn’t want the hassle of pregnancy and childbirth,” she replied. “Sugar and Solitaire have told me enough to put me off that.” A bell rang in my mind. I didn’t know that Sugar had been a mother and I filed that away to follow up later.

“But yes, when I see mothers with their young children, something tugs at my heart and I get a bit weepy. However, I wouldn’t want to change my sexuality. I must be honest with you, Storm. I do enjoy a cock inside me; it’s just men that I don’t like. When you worked for us in the war, I would have liked to take you as a lover since I didn’t see you as a man, but Miss Spiteful forbade any of us going beyond masturbation or oral sex with you. Please don’t let anyone else know that I’m telling you this.”

She was still working on my bottom but she had a dreamy look on her face. For my part, I was trying to think of something abstract because my penis, trapped between my bare belly and the bed, was starting to swell and throb. I gritted my teeth and dug my fingers into the bedcover. I didn’t want the embarrassment of an emission but all I could see in my mind was Sapphires big bare breasts.

Sapphire sighed, pulled me to my feet and her eyes widened as she saw my twitching erection.

“Oh Storm, is that for me? You naughty girl, but how nice of you considering the state my face is in.”

I didn’t know what to say, this was a situation that I certainly hadn’t planned for. Sapphire had no doubts. She deftly opened the packet of condoms, rolled one onto my shaft and, just as quickly, divested herself of her dress, petticoat, brassiere and knickers. Her big brown nipples were already erect as she cupped her hands beneath her breasts and waggled them at me.

“These are what you are really interested in, aren’t they? There were days when we were working together when you couldn’t keep your eyes off them.” She smiled coquettishly and, clad only in her corset and stockings lay down on her back on the bed with her legs open.

“Come on then,” she urged. “The others could be back soon. You’d better use your tongue first to get me wet.”

Still somewhat bemused, I knelt at her feet and bent my head down to her vulva. My tongue licked at her clitoris and the inner lips of her labia as they swelled and forced their way past the outer lips.

An ear splitting scream almost deafened me as Sapphire’s hips bucked. I had used to watch her masturbate herself after I had given her a massage and I had forgotten that she was a sexual howler.

“Hurry!” she gasped and I scrambled forward to get on top her as she raised and parted her knees, for I too was fast approaching my climax. Fortunately, entry was not a problem and Sapphire pulled my head down onto her shoulder, clamping her legs around mine. We were soon moving together; Sapphire continuing to howl at the top of her voice and achieving an extraordinarily high note when her body started to shudder beneath me. I had forgotten the pain from my injuries but, as I ejaculated, my bruised prostate sent me into a spasm of agony. Held fast by Sapphire’s arms and legs, I could do no more than writhe as my hips jerked and my sperm filled the condom within her.

Ach! Liebchen,” she sighed, stroking my hair when our bodies finally lay still. “Danke from an older woman. I have been so lonely since Bibi died and I do not see enough of friends like you. I think that I have met someone here who I like and I believe is interested in me but I want to be sure before I commit myself. There are many who seek to take advantage of a woman in my situation and I have been used and sadly let down in the last year.”

I realised that Sapphire was weeping as she clutched me tighter and I had squirm my way out of her grasp. I used my hands to stroke the sides of her body and her breasts and she gasped a couple of times when I touched sensitive nerve endings. I manoeuvred so that I could get my lips over one of her big nipples and sucked and nibbled at it for a while, setting her screaming again and her heels drumming on the bedclothes.

At last, when my penis had shrunk back to its normal size, she almost reluctantly pushed me off and reached for some tissues to dry her eyes. I went the bathroom to dispose of the bulging condom and wipe myself clean. I was surprised and pleased to find that none of the wounds on my organ were bleeding again and could not remember them causing me any pain during my erection and penetration of Sapphire. In addition, to my relief, the contents of the condom were free of any blood.

When I returned to the bedroom, Sapphire had composed herself and was getting dressed again. He kissed me on my bruised lips and gave me a hug, thanking me again for making her feel wanted as a woman. She wished me happiness in my own relationships and I realised that I too had complications, I loved my husband but I was infatuated with Kelly. My brain was spinning as Sapphire returned to applying the Doctor’s creams to the bruises on my face and body.

Sapphire helped me dress and then opened a paper bag that she had brought in with her. Before returning to the hotel she had called into a theatrical make-up shop and bought a selection of pots, sticks and pads that were used on stage to cover up blemishes or bruises. She applied them to my face first of all and then finished off with my some off my own cosmetics for my eyes and lips. I was very pleased with the result when I looked in the mirror. Although my face was still stiff and puffy, all the damage was successfully concealed. Even my nose, despite its extra squatness, no longer drew attention to itself.

After that, Sapphire took my place on the stool in front of the dressing table mirror and, under her direction; I used the theatrical make up on her face. I touched her too hard a couple of times, making her wince, but she expressed herself satisfied with my work when I had finished.

She left me some of the makeup, gave me another hug and went back to her own room. I felt drained, exhausted and still dazed by the episode and, after lying down on the bed for a quick doze, woke to find that it was evening and time for dinner.

“I have mixed news, Girls,” Miss Spiteful reported as we sat with our nightcaps in the lounge bar after dinner. She was keeping her voice down but the tennis crowd nearby were making enough noise to prevent anyone eavesdropping on our conversation.

“First all, Kelly’s new passport will not be ready for collection until Monday morning which means that we cannot leave Berlin until then. That is not too much of a problem as we have now finalised arrangements for the gold to be moved out on Sunday. What happens is that four crates, labelled ‘X-Ray Equipment’, will pass through German Customs at Frankfurt Airport tonight, before they close down for the weekend. Sugar will collect four identical crates from our contractors tomorrow morning and store them in our workshop. On Sunday morning, we will withdraw our trunks from the safe deposit vault and put the gold into the crates. Sugar and Kelly will redon their American uniforms and deliver the crates to a certain Master Sergeant in the US Air force base at Tempelhof. He will make sure that they go on a military transport plane to Frankfurt where they will be cross-loaded onto a flight for Zurich and the crates already checked through Customs will disappear. In Zurich, four other crates will be lodged with Swiss Customs while ours will be delivered directly to a goldsmith’s smelting works. On Monday morning, four hundred freshly forged and unstamped kilo bars will be delivered to Sapphire’s Banker. At the same time, we will be catching a direct Swissair flight from Tegel to Zurich. When we get to the bank, we will find that the gold bars have been bought and proceeds are waiting to be paid into the seven numbered accounts that we have to open. It’s a smooth, well oiled operation, run by professionals. They are expensive but, we have the money and I believe that we can trust them. All we have to do, apart from delivering the gold to Tempelhof, is keep a low profile until Monday.  After that we can go all go home and spend, spend, spend!”

“What about the money for the Boys and Willi’s Mother?” Stiletto asked.

“That and the money to cover my expenses and pay all the bills can go into my account,” Miss Spiteful swirled her brandy around her glass. “I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve found our return to Berlin a disappointment. I’ll be glad to get out of here.”

We Germans and Sugar knew what she meant. It was not just the danger that we had faced and the injuries that some of us had suffered or the destruction of so much that had been familiar. The atmosphere of the city itself had changed. Only Sapphire had lived here before the Nazis had taken over but even so, in the years before the war and right up to the end of nineteen forty four, the city had been an exciting place to live. Officially, the Nazis had not approved of our lifestyles and our practices but, apart from the occasional crackdowns of which I had once been a victim, had permitted this vibrant underground culture to continue, mostly because it was indulged in by so many in their own leadership. In fact, the fear of persecution had put an extra edge on living in Berlin. Now, with half the city under the dead hand of Communist rule the Allied sectors seemed dull and sanitised and, if the sub-culture and nightlife that we had known still existed, we had still not been able to find it. Quite frankly, we found the city a bore.

After a while, Sapphire excused herself and went off to sit with her new tennis playing friend and, by mutual consent, the rest of us drifted upstairs to our own rooms. 

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