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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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The Sacred Feminine

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The Convict


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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 38 - A Stilletto Up The Back

September 1952

Solitaire turned back to Stiletto, who was standing with her booted legs together again. Solitaire scooped the other woman’s breasts out of their red leather cups and applied her lips to the nipples, making Stiletto squirm with pleasure or jump with pain when teeth instead of lips or tongue were applied. Grinning fiendishly, Solitaire then seized both nipples with her fingers and twisted them. Stiletto’s body contorted at this latest torture and her eyes started to glaze over. Solitaire finally desisted when she had Stiletto bent over and swiftly took up position to administer more punishment, this time with a whip. She lashed out at Stiletto’s bottom with great vigour, her breasts and muscles straining against the black lace basque. At last, she stopped and pulled Stiletto upright by the chain.

“Well, what do you think? Will we be able to make money again at this? You wait till you see me tied up and Stiletto is the Dom. She can be a lot more vicious and inventive than me. It’s a shame that neither of you two are fit for punishment or we would have been able to demonstrate what we can do to a victim.”

I still had fond memories of seeing them at work together in the Unit’s dungeons during the war and knew that the pair would have no problems starting up in business anywhere in the world.

“Anyway, that’s enough for now.” Solitaire reached down and pulled the bedclothes back to expose our bodies. “It’s time for audience participation. Stiletto agreed to be the subject tonight on condition that she had anal sex with you, Storm. I was going to be fucked next but now there’s two cocks here, there’s no waiting. No need to get up, Kelly.”

Solitaire kicked off her shoes, scrambled onto the bed and was kneeling astride Kelly’s bare waist in no time. The Slave, smiling expectantly, held her swollen penis steady as the Mistress lowered her hips so that she could be impaled on the shaft. Solitaire gasped as her labia was forced open and the hard pillar of flesh slid deep inside her. She slowly raised and lowered her hips and it was Kelly’s turn to groan as her phallus was tugged by the vaginal muscles that gripped it.

Lying alongside Kelly, I was watching open-mouthed when the bed shook. I looked up and realised that Stiletto had kicked the end of the mattress to attract my attention. Still bound and gagged, she was gesturing with her head, raising her eyebrows and wiggling her hips at me.

I smiled apologetically and got off the bed as quickly as I could, but when I tried to remove the chains linking the leather wrist and bicep cuffs on her arms, she shook her head and twisted away from me. She thrust her chin out at me and gurgled until I realised that she wanted the gag taken off.

“That’s better,” she gasped when I had cast the leather strap aside. “Now, what about this arschficken that I’ve been waiting ten years for?”

At Stiletto’s request I made a pile on the edge of the bed of my pillows and the spares from the top shelf of the wardrobe and, with her legs braced wide apart, she bent forward over it. I slipped my nightdress off, quickly opened and pulled a condom onto my erect penis, smeared it with Vaseline from a pot on my dressing table, and stepped up behind her. She wiggled her red striped bottom again to indicate her readiness to receive me and I pressed the tip of my shaft against the wrinkled brown rosebud of her anus. I gripped her hips and thrust forward, ignoring her shudder and yelp of pain. When my penis had slid all the way into to the root, I leaned over her back and grasped her bare breasts.

As Stiletto and I began to move together, Solitaire and Kelly were reaching their joint climax on the other side of the bed. Kelly’s head pressed back into her pillows with her eyes closed and her mouth open; grunting each time she jerked her hips upwards to match Solitaire’s movements. She was gasping at each quickening thrust and then threw her head back, opened her mouth and screamed as her body spasmed. Kelly came too, her back arching off the bed, and her fingers clawing at the sheet.

“Ignore them!” Stiletto called up to me. “Fuck me harder!”

I found that having Stiletto’s pinioned arms between our bodies made full penetration difficult and I eased myself into a slightly more upright position, and again gripped the red leather covering her hips. Improvement was immediate and Stiletto let out a long low moan when my next stroke pressed her hard down onto the pillows.

Ja! That’s it! Now! Harder!” She commanded and pushed back against me. It was a measure of how the previous night’s exertions, and my afternoon encounter with Sapphire, had drained me that I was a lot longer than usual in achieving my climax but Stiletto did not mind. She ground her hips as I pumped against her buttocks, so that my erect penis touched every nerve ending in her colon and stretched the muscles of her sphincter. When I knew that the semen was ready to rise up my shaft I leant forward again so that I could reach her genitals with my hands. Her clitoris was erect and her wet labia hung from the split in the fatty mound of her vulva. I could feel some short bristles left by Solitaire’s razor and scratched at them first. Stiletto’s buttocks slammed back against me and she let out an animal roar at my touch. I moved onto stroking, pinching and twisting her exposed organs before parting her lips with one hand and thrusting my fingers inside.

She screamed, shuddered and fluid gushed out over my hands. That was enough to make my own body spasm, my penis jerked and my cum exploded into the condom. Neither of us wanted to end the buggery and we kept going until exhaustion made us halt. Stiletto was whimpering into the pillows and I was blowing hard to get air into my lungs when the sound of hands clapping made me look up.

It was from Kelly, who lay on her back with her nightdress rumpled around her chest, smoking one of my cigarettes, while Solitaire licked their mingled fluids off the Slave’s genitals.

We grinned at each other as I released Stiletto’s leather bonds. So much for our quiet night together.

“Unglaublich!” Stiletto stood up, rubbing her arms. “It’s just a shame that you had to wear a condom. I love to feel the cum spurting inside me.”

We both sucked at my wet fingers and then she put her arms around my neck and pulled me against her for a long, tongue probing kiss. I managed to disengage myself so that I could dispose of the heavy rubber sac swinging from the end of my penis but, when I came back from the bathroom, there were still further demands on me.

“Come here Storm, I’ve been keeping something warm for you.” Solitaire was now sitting on my side of the bed, swapping places with a supine Stiletto who was having her labia and clitoris licked and tongued by Kelly. Solitaire leant back and grasped her knees, raising and parting them, to expose her wet and swollen genitals. As I knelt on the floor and put my face against them, a white pearl of Kelly’s cum appeared at the base of her labia. I licked thirstily, lapping up the semen and lubricant, probing deep inside her vagina with my tongue to find every last drop. Solitaire started moaning again, harmonising with Stiletto’s ecstatic groans as they both approached their second climax. Solitaire screamed and shuddered seconds before Stiletto. Her body jerked and, despite having my mouth clamped over her labia, some of her love oil escaped to flood my nostrils and run down my chin. I had to keep swallowing to stop from choking as my mouth filled with Solitaire’s lubricant. When the torrent had stopped and Solitaire had ceased shuddering and moaning, I sat back on my haunches while she lowered her feet to the floor and leant forward again. She kissed my on my lips and then licked her own body fluid off my face. Behind her, Stiletto and Kelly had also finished and lay together on the bed, utterly satiated.             

Solitaire stood up. “Come on Stiletto, time we were in bed ourselves. Let’s leave these two heroines to sleep in peace.”

Stiletto groaned and got to her feet again while Solitaire collected her equipment together. She kissed me again as I pulled my nightdress on and Stiletto came over to embrace me as well.

“We know that neither of you were really fit enough for anything more energetic but we just had to show our appreciation for what you both did for us all last night.” Stiletto touched me on my face and then tucked her bare breasts back into their cups in her red leather corselet.

“Did you like our outfits? We bought them today with the money we borrowed from Spiteful. Oh, it’s going to be great to be rich!”

She and Solitaire bent over the bed to kiss Kelly on their way out and suddenly we were alone.

“I’ll have one of my cigarettes before you finish them for me,” I told Kelly. “And, I know don’t know about you but, I’m absolutely shattered.”

I yawned, got back into bed and accepted my cigarette from Kelly who snuggled up against me in the position that she had been in when we had been disturbed. Five minutes later, the bedroom light was out and we were both fast asleep.

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