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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 8 - Castanelli Meets The Order

September 1952

I had worn mine occasionally over the years for David’s amusement, but had filled out a bit and found getting into the tight corset a struggle. Nevertheless, we all assembled at the appointed time, wearing our cat masks, capes, velvet collars, corsets, stockings and tight, thigh length, high heeled boots. Our faces were heavily made up and our nipples were rouged in the appropriate manner.

Miss Spiteful unrolled the poster of our Goddess, hung it on the wall of her well-equipped dungeon and lit two candlesticks in front of it.

“Sisters!” She commanded. “Honour your Goddess and each other.”

She and Sapphire turned to face each other, kissed and then each rubbed the other’s clitoris until the organ had swollen enough to stand out from their pubic hair. Stiletto and Solitaire did the same to each other before Solitaire kissed me on the lips and, with a wink of her eye, pulled back my foreskin to expose my plum coloured glans.

When the doorbell rang and Kelly went to answer it, we formed up in a line in front of the poster. A moment or two later, the dungeon door opened and Kelly, dressed in a short, white nurse’s tunic, white stockings and high heeled shoes with a little white cap perched on top of her blonde hair and a white leather slave's collar, showed our victim in.

He was a short man, big nosed, with a thin dark face, wearing a brown striped zoot suit and a cream, wide brimmed hat. He stopped and looked around at the dimly lit dungeon and his welcoming committee.

“Hey, what gives with the masks and the costumes?” His speech was heavily accented.

“Welcome, Mister Castenelli.” Miss Spiteful stepped forward. “I am Miss Spiteful and I and my colleagues are here at your pleasure.”

Castenelli still looked dubious. “I was expecting someone a bit younger so I’ll just see if any of the others look hot.”

Ignoring Miss Spiteful’s angry look, he ran his eyes along our line and grinned when he saw my erect penis. “That’s different. Now, which one do I get to whip and screw first?”

“May I take your hat, Master?” Kelly asked, giving him a coquettish smile with her bright red lips. He flipped his hat to her and, as he turned his head away, she hit him behind his left ear with the edge of her hand.

“Timber!” She said as Castenelli’s mouth opened, his eyeballs rolled upwards and he pitched forward on his face.

“You want someone young and hot do you?” Miss Spiteful kicked his supine body with the toe of her boot and then looked up. “Well done, Kelly. Now Storm, would you assist Kelly in preparing the slave?”

Kelly and I stripped him naked in a few minutes, dressed him in a suspender belt and stockings, stood him upright and then secured his wrists and ankles with chains hanging from the X frame which had a rubber sheet underneath.

Sapphire was applying grotesque make up to Castenelli’s face and nipples when I heard Kelly ask. “What shall I do with this?” To my horror, she was holding a large automatic pistol, which had been clipped to the back of our victim’s belt. I grabbed it from her hand, checked that the safety catch was on and then ejected the magazine and the round in the chamber.

Castanelli was now groaning and trying to raise his head. When he was fully awake and looking around, Miss Spiteful swiped him six times across his bare buttocks with a thin whip. He screamed and writhed at each stroke and then shouted in Italian.

Stiletto stepped forward and screamed back at him in the same language, slicing a diagonal blow across his groin and one thigh with her cane. He howled as the red impact line appeared on his white flesh. Stiletto continued to chastise him verbally and physically until he fell silent.

“Castenelli,” Miss Spiteful took over again. “Listen to me. You will speak in English. You have been warned in your own language that you will be punished if you use Italian again. Do you need to be reminded?”

Castenelli cursed and spat at her. In retaliation, Miss Spiteful sliced him three times on each thigh with her whip and repeated the question until he shook his head.

“Good.” Miss Spiteful put her hands on her hips. “Now, you are here because you are a worthless and despicable little piece of shit that gives drugs to children and then pimps their addicted bodies to Paedophiles. I also know that you use them first and, if they don’t do what you want, you rape and beat them into submission. Men like you disgust me and, believe me; I have met some of the most evil men in the world.”

“You bitch!” Castanelli snarled back. “You are dead! You are all dead! The Mafia will kill you all for this.”

Miss Spiteful was unmoved. “On the contrary. You are Italian and not Sicilian. You are not in the Mafia. You are only a customer of theirs. When you go out of business, someone else will buy their drugs. What they do not want is bad publicity so; when the newspapers get these photographs, they will not even sell you a Hershey bar.”

“Hey! What photographs?” Castanelli jerked at his chains and then blinked as a flashgun exploded in front of his face. Kelly ejected the used bulb from her camera, replaced it and took another photograph.

Handing the camera to Miss Spiteful, Kelly unbuttoned her nurse’s tunic all the way down and lifted her pert little breasts out the cups of her white brassiere. Then she eased her white knickers down over her hips so that they could fall to the floor and she could step out of them. I saw that she too had the SS brand on the shaven area above her long pink penis. Her eyes met mine again and her lips curled back in a sneer.

She posed with Castanelli as Miss Spiteful took more photographs of them. Kelly held his penis in her hand, took it in her mouth and then turned to press her buttocks against his groin. Miss Spiteful exposed frame after frame until we were all dazzled by the popping flash bulbs. Castanelli continued to protest and struggle, even after Miss Spiteful had given the camera back to Kelly.

“I don’t think that any of your associates will want to be seen drinking with you once these are circulated.” Miss Spiteful told him. “Nor will anyone want to bend over a pool table to take a shot when you are standing behind them. Now, having destroyed your reputation, let’s see if we can persuade you to give up the business altogether.”

Castanelli replied with another tirade of curses and Miss Spiteful shrugged. “So be it. But I don’t have to listen to your filth any more. Kelly!”

Kelly stood behind him to slip a rubber ball into his mouth, which she secured with straps at the back of his head, despite his efforts to avoid her doing so. His vocal protests were silenced, apart from a muffled gurgling, and his eyes bulged with indignation.

“Sisters!” Miss Spiteful announced. “The slave awaits your pleasure.”

Sapphire dumped some viscous looking crocodile clips on the rubber pad beneath Castanelli’s feet and then attached them to his earlobes, nipples, penis and testicles, biceps, toes and fleshy insides of his thighs, squeezing each one until the teeth raised blood and the victim writhed and jerked at the pain.

Solitaire took Sapphire’s place, brandishing a large, studded butt plug. As Castanelli’s eyes widened in alarm, Kelly covered them with a leather blindfold. Deprived of sight and speech, the victim now had only his hearing left to warn him of the next assault and Solitaire taunted him several times by stamping her feet behind him, causing him to clench his buttocks together. Finally, she raked her nails down his bare back and, as he shuddered at the pain, she rammed the butt plug up his rectum. Dissatisfied with the penetration achieved, she made a partial withdrawal and, as he relaxed, she thrust upwards again. Castanelli’s body slammed forwards to the full extant of the chains and even the gag could not stifle the agonised howl that he let out. Solitaire continued to waggle the plug inside his anus while Sapphire pulled at the clips fixed to his extremities. Castanelli jerked backwards and forwards like a puppet on strings until they ceased tormenting him.

Stiletto now approached, bearing a metal tray loaded with long steel pins each of which had a small metal ball on the blunt end. She pierced Castanelli’s body with the pins, starting with his nostrils and passing each one through until the ball came up against his skin. Stiletto moved down his body, pinching the flesh to make a mound suitable for a needle to be inserted. Some went through his pectoral muscles, others behind the clips on his nipples, half a dozen more through his foreskin and his scrotum. As his body began to resemble a pin cushion, Castanelli squirmed blindly, unable to avoid Stiletto’s needles. When she was passing needles through his biceps, his writhing upset her aim and she had to step out of the way to avoid the spurting blood. Stiletto had avoided his back and now it was my turn.

I lashed his back, buttocks and thighs with a leather cat o’ nine tails until his flesh had turned red, then purple and then black in places. When blood was flowing freely from some of the stripes and my erection was pulsing in my groin, I stepped back and allowed Miss Spiteful to apply the finishing touch. How technology has advanced. She now had an electric branding iron and she held the hot end with the SS brand under Castanelli’s nose so that he could feel the heat. His nose twitched and he twisted his head away but Miss Spiteful pressed it hard against the hairy patch above his penis. Castanelli stiffened as the metal burnt into his flesh then, his cheeks bulged and his throat vibrated. Miss Spiteful whipped his gag off and stepped out of the way as he vomited down his chest and onto the rubber mat. When his body had finished heaving, Miss Spiteful spoke in his ear.

“Signor Castanelli, was that hot enough for you? Do you want this to be repeated each time that you sell a child some drugs? We are going to leave you here all night to think it over. We will be next door enjoying ourselves and may visit you from time to time because torturing victims makes our pussies wet and we just love having another woman lick up our juices. Can you imagine that?”

Castanelli sobbed with pain as his erection rose against the pins and clips on his genitals.

Miss Spiteful tossed the branding iron to Kelly, stripped off her mask and cape and grinned wickedly at us. “Are you ready, Sisters? I don’t know about any of you but I am wet between the legs and have a dry throat. I need a stiff drink and a stiffer tongue. Who’s with me?”

She was lucky not to be trampled in the rush.

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