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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 23 - Kaffee At KaDeWe

September 1952

Very wisely, Sugar had left before everyone else got up in the morning, leaving a message for Kelly to join her at the workshop when she had finished her duties for Miss Spiteful.

Our Leader’s ill temper had not improved by breakfast and Stiletto and Solitaire soon realised that it was not a good time to say how much they liked the new uniforms and how much fun they had had the previous night. They held hands under the table and giggled as discreetly as they could. Kelly, looking very pale and red eyed, spoke only to request Miss Spiteful’s permission to leave, receiving a grunted assent.

Sapphire did not come down for breakfast nor, we noticed, did the Ash Blonde join her companions at their table. Miss Spiteful went in search of Sapphire leaving us to discuss our shopping expedition as I finished my coffee and a cigarette.

Before we left the hotel, I tried telephoning David at our home but there was no answer so I called the Regimental Guardroom. I was told that David and the Commanding Officer had gone to a conference at Area Command and would not be back until that evening. I left a message asking him to call me the next day.

Out on the Kurfurstendam, amidst the bustle of a prosperous and cheerful city, we were pleasantly surprised at what we found. Despite the threat of the Red Army only a few kilometres in any direction, the people were getting on with their lives; the streets, shops, cafes and restaurants were all full and busy. With the city divided, it's heart had moved east from Friedrichstrasse to the Kur'damm and, apart from the lack of Nazi regalia and the change in uniforms, this was more like the Berlin that we had known.

Sapphire had told us that, before the Nazis had taken over, the Kurfurstendam had been notorious for the prostitutes that had lined the streets just as the Friedrichstrasse had been renowned for the clubs and bars that had catered for drug takers, transvestites, homosexuals and lesbians and those in search of women and a good time. The Nazis had banned a lot of these activities, in the name of cleansing Berlin of evil, but they had merely moved underground because so many of the new rulers indulged themselves. I should know, I had been one myself and had been arrested when the Polizie had one of their routine swoops just to show that they were trying stamp out non-Aryan practices. No doubt, all this still went on beneath the surface of the new Berlin but the thrill of being in danger of your life would be missing.

The Girls and myself had different priorities in our shopping but we had all agreed to meet at Ka De We, that fabulous Berlin department store. Taking my time to get there, I just strolled along, enjoying the warm September sunshine on my bare head and arms. I was not bothered about the gaps in the buildings, the obvious repairs or the new construction but my heart sank when I saw the shattered remains of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Kirche. I was not particularly religious but even during the Nazi regime, the church had been important link with the Imperial German past. I had loved the Hohenzollern murals inside but all that remained now was the clock tower, the top of its spire looking like a broken tooth. I soon cheered up, however when I reached the Store and found my friends in the Lingerie department on the third floor. We spent an hour looking at and trying on the expensive and luxurious garments that we hoped we would soon be able to afford and then went upstairs to one of the cafes on the sixth floor.

We had our refreshments by one of the picture windows overlooking the Zoo and the Tiergarten and I told the others what had transpired the night before.

"Das es gut," Solitaire nodded. "It was an important lesson for you both. Did you not notice how I stayed in control during our night with Kelly in New York? You must never let the Slave think that they can command you or your emotions."

"Actually," Stiletto said casually. "I knocked on your door last night. We wanted you to join us but then I heard the howls coming from Kelly's bedroom. It was a pity, the uniforms got us both very excited and I was hoping that I was at long last going to get you to fuck my arse."

I spluttered my coffee and had to put my cup down hurriedly to wipe my chin with my napkin. I stared at her in amazement but she returned my gaze coolly.

"What? Did you think that I have never wanted to have sex with you or can you not believe that I really enjoy anal intercourse as much as vaginal? Antonio likes to take me from behind as well and I for one have not had cock for a week, unlike some." Stiletto gave Solitaire a sideways glance as she added that but the other Mistress was gazing out of the window.

I was still taken aback and lit a cigarette with trembling fingers. I soon needed the soothing nicotine as Stiletto continued with her revelations.

"In fact, we all wanted to bed you back in the old days but Miss Spiteful would not allow it. She said that you were too emotionally vulnerable and would remain a slave to whoever you got sexually involved with. Solitaire was the only lucky one because of her need for consolation."

Once again the remark was aimed more at her friend, who now bowed her head, than me. I was remembering massaging and masturbating over Stiletto's milk white naked body with her long thighs and licking my sperm off her lovely round breasts. I had never imagined that she had wanted me to go any further. I puffed at my cigarette and crossed my legs as I felt my penis stir in my groin.

"Yes," Stiletto continued. "Miss Spiteful was quite insistent that none of us went too far. Your hands were wonderful and had us all screaming to be fucked but it was verboten! When your tits and hair grew and we saw how good looking you had become, even Sapphire wanted you."

My jaw dropped at that announcement. Why did a lesbian want to have sex with me?

"Don't believe that nonsense that she told us in New York," Stiletto waved her hand dismissively. "She likes a length of cock inside of her, front and back, as much as any woman. Look at what she asked us to buy for her new girlfriend."

Stiletto placed a large paper bag on the table and partly opened it so that I could peer inside at the contents. I saw a large black, strap on dildo, which had a shorter shaft on the reverse side for the wearer to insert in their own vagina. I giggled and then winced, as my erection grew very uncomfortable. Despite her size and age, Sapphire was still a sexually attractive woman and I had also seen her naked. I had this immediate fantasy of pressing my face against her ample bosom as she wrapped her legs around my body.

"She was quite insistent that you went to Switzerland with her and Bibi when we both wanted you to come with us, at least as far as Spain. Then Solitaire and I were going to fight each other for you." Stiletto grinned. "But, with you fucking us both every night, we would still be crossing France, seven years later. Miss Spiteful put a stop to that as well. She said that you had to make your own way as a Mistress."

I shook my head, unable to comprehend what I was being told. All my past doubts about the other mistress's attitudes and feelings towards me had proved to be untrue. I wondered what else was still to be revealed.

Stiletto drained her coffee cup and looked at her watch. "I suppose that we had better get back now. If we get the gold out tonight and become rich, I'm not going to settle anywhere that doesn't have a department store like this."

Solitaire suddenly reached across the table and grasped one of Stiletto's hands.

"Nicolette, please come and live with me in South Africa." Tears were welling up in her eyes as she pleaded. "I love you and I need you."

Stiletto looked very sad as gently disengaged her hand.

"Elizabeth. You have to give me time. Antonio is not a bad man and there is still love between us. I know that he still has a mistress, but he does not treat me badly. Not for the want of trying, we have not had any children to tie us together but, if we can get out of Argentina, I do not want to leave him with out seeing if we can make our marriage work."

"But we have been lovers for fifteen years," Solitaire almost sobbed.

"And Ingrid here has probably been in love with you for ten." Stiletto said firmly. "But would you expect her to leave her David for you?"

Solitaire slumped back in her chair, defeated, as tears rolled down her cheeks. It was obvious to me that these arguments had been going on since we had arrived in New York and, perhaps even before that by correspondence.

Stiletto leaned over and wiped away her friend's tears with a handkerchief.

"Elizabeth, my love." She lifted Solitaire's chin with the tips of her fingers. "We agreed seven years ago that our love for each other was something special but also that we both needed men in our lives. If we had stayed together we would probably have fallen in love with the same one and hated each other for it. The same would have happened if Ingrid had come with us. You have had children and some good years. I still have something left in my marriage that I cannot abandon. Yes, I love you more than Antonio and I probably will come to you but, please give me time."

Solitaire stood up, unable to speak, and quickly disappeared in the direction of the ladies rest room to repair her makeup.

Stiletto looked at me and shook her head slowly. I could see that she was not far off crying herself.

"That was so hard for me to say. Mein Gott, Ingrid. Why does love have to be so complicated?"

I could not answer that and shrugged as Solitaire, smiling weakly, returned to the table.

"Never mind your needs Stiletto," her voice was a croaking whisper. "When we get back to the hotel tonight I want Ingrid to fuck me silly and your arse will have to join the queue."

It was my turn to run to the rest room to deal with the pulsing erection in my knickers.

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