The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 9 - Kelly From Calgary

September 1952

We shed our masks and capes in the drawing room and helped ourselves to the drinks and snacks which Kelly had already laid out for us. The record player was switched for Stiletto and Solitaire to dance to, although their gyrations consisted off swaying together in the middle of the room and rubbing their breasts and genitals against each other whilst kissing and stroking with their hands.

Just watching them made my erection throb and I sat down on one of the couches with my drink so that I could light a cigarette with trembling fingers.

On another couch to my left, Miss Spiteful was talking to Sapphire who seemed very tearful. Eventually Miss Spiteful pulled Sapphire’s head down to her chest so that Sapphire could suck on her nipples while both of them hand massaged the other’s pudenda.

My sexual fantasies about joining in with Stiletto and Solitaire were interrupted when Kelly came to sit down beside me.

Her white nurse's tunic was still open and, although she had restored her breasts into the cups of her white brassiere, she had not replaced her knickers, which she stuffed down the side of a cushion. A white suspender belt was stretched taut across her smooth pink stomach above her SS brand and her hairless genitals. The suspenders clipped to the white stocking tops slackened as she sat down and then tightened as she stretched out her long legs in front of her. My mouth went dry with desire and I had to take a swallow from my glass.

Kelly lit a cigarette and then turned to look at me.

"So you're Ingrid. You've made my life hell. All I get is; 'Ingrid wouldn't have done that.' 'Why can't you do that as well as Ingrid?' I'm doing my best but I can't please her, whatever I do."

She gave me a sour look and then took a long drag on her cigarette.

I cleared my throat. "How old are you and how did you get to be a slave? I enquired politely, trying to distract myself from my pulsing erection.

She leaned back and blew the smoke out in a long plume before replying.

"I was twenty-one last month and I'm from a farming town, High River, near Calgary. I'd done a bit of dressing up when I was young, experimenting as we do." I nodded as my own memories came back to me. "There was someone special, who…" her voice trailed off and then she recovered. "Anyway, I got over that and went to Medical School in Toronto and was going to be the new Doctor Kildare, saving lives, having sex with beautiful nurses and making lots of money. Then, for a first year student rag, all the guys dressed up as nurses and I was suddenly a hottie. Not just with the girls but the male staff and students all wanted a piece of my arse. I loved it, started dressing more and decided to give up medicine for conquering the world in a frock."

She frowned and swallowed as if the story was hard for her to repeat.

"Things didn't work out as I expected. I eventually ended up in Boston and the only things that I had going for me were my looks and my arse."

She ground her cigarette out in the ashtray and then popped a stick of chewing gum in her mouth.

Sapphire was now on her knees with her head in Miss Spiteful's lap who was stroking the other's blonde hair while her own head was thrown back as she shuddered and gasped for breath. Stiletto and Solitaire had sat down on the couch opposite to us with their bodies entwined together, their tongues flicking out and their hands deep between each other's legs. I had to tear my eyes away to look back at Kelly.

"I don't know who told her about me but, last year, Mistress found me in a transvestite club and offered to make me her slave. She asked me if I wanted to end up as one of the old queens at the bar or be a success like you. She showed me that wad of photographs of you that she carries around."

I raised and eyebrow in surprise but said nothing as Kelly continued.

"I had to learn German, I get beaten, guys do filthy things to me, I have to all the dirty jobs and I have to cook and clean for her. Still I'm learning a lot, I look a lot better and now I've got tits from the hormones that she buys for me." She proudly looked down at the pink globes nestling in the lacy white cups on her chest.

"I don't mind some of the things that I have to do. I enjoyed tonight because the guy is a creep but, one night, I had to dress as a little girl to be caned and give a blow job in the dungeon to this Russian while the FBI went through his briefcase in this room. Mistress does work for them and the law enforcement agencies. Did you know that Tom McGiver, the cop she is doing this favour for, is her lover? That's his photograph on the wall over there."

I shook my head as Kelly stretched her legs out again and stroked her stocking tops. She seemed oblivious of the effect that this was having on my breathing and my erection.

"But, in a few years, I will get to be Mistress Snow and, if I can get enough money and the surgeons can get it right, I will buy myself a proper vagina. Mistress says that the operation that they are doing in Casablanca is no more than a cut and tuck and that you don't get a pussy that will take a penis. Wouldn't you like one?" She turned to look at me, her blue eyes open wide and her glossy red lips just parted enough for me to see her moving the tip of her tongue behind them.

I could not stand it any longer. I leaned towards her and touched her thigh, the short fair hairs feeling like soft down as I stroked the cool flesh.

"Yes," I croaked, my throat parched with excitement. "I would like to have a vagina that my husband could penetrate. Yes, I would like to be able to undress in front of someone other than my husband or another mistress but don't you think that we have the best of both worlds at the moment? We can give and take pleasure with men and women and we are attractive to both. I am very happy with what I have got."

I took her long penis in one hand, gently drawing back the foreskin, and feeling it swell and stiffen in my grasp. Kelly fluttered her eyelashes at me and then removed the lump of chewing gum from her mouth as I pulled her face towards mine with my other hand. Our lips and tongues touched and I tasted mint, tobacco and wine. The fingers of one of her hands coiled around my own shaft and I felt the nipple of my right breast being tickled and pinched.

"I hate you," she whispered.

"And I despise you for being a slave," I replied. "But I want you."

"Oh please," she breathed as we locked lips again. We slowly masturbated each other and then I let my fingernails slide down her shaft, scraping the taut skin on her testicles, and probing at her prostate before seeking the puckered entrance at her sphincter. Kelly groaned and arched her back to assist me in my quest.

"Hold it, you two!" Solitaire's voice cut in and we broke apart, breathing hard as our erections twitched in frustration. I looked around and realised that we were the only ones now left in the room.

"Miss Spiteful said that she wouldn't be able to put up with Sapphire crying all night so Stiletto has agreed to look after her. Miss Spiteful has gone to the dungeon and wants Kelly to get her bed ready."

Kelly blew air through her lips, retrieved her knickers, which she pulled back on as she stood up and then re-buttoned her tunic. She gave me a look that needed no words.

Solitaire laughed and patted Kelly's bottom. "Don't worry. I was getting wet just watching you two and I want a piece of the action as well. Your bed will take us all. Storm and I will warm up in the dungeon first and we'll see you in your room in a few minutes."

Kelly fluttered her eyelashes at me and wiggled her hips as she walked away. Solitaire pulled me to my feet gave me a hug.

"There's enough of her to satisfy us both, Storm." She giggled as she touched my penis, making it bounce. "Good, you're as horny as me."

Solitaire opened the soundproofed door to the dungeon to be greeted with Castanelli's agonised schemes as Miss Spiteful lashed his buttocks with her cane. She was putting all her strength into each swing so that the stripes and bruises that I had inflicted on him were now open wounds. Flecks of blood were flying and thin red trickles were running down his thighs to the stocking tops.

Miss Spiteful stopped and grinned at us, her red spotted and perspiration beaded naked bosom heaving after her exertions.

"Just working up a sweat, girls." She pumped Castanelli's penis with her hand while she whispered in his ear. "I'm off to bed to put a big dildo inside me. Can you imagine it parting my wet and swollen lips, sliding deep inside me and then, when I push it in and out, my breath getting faster, my body shuddering and then my scream when I come?"

It was Castanelli who screamed at the pain from his pierced phallus and tears rolled down his cheeks from beneath his blindfold.

Miss Spiteful released his shaft and joined us in front of the poster of our goddess where the candles were still burning.

"Goddess," she intoned. "We thank and honour you for bringing us this slave to torture. We will celebrate our domination of the male in the manner that you ordained."

"As it is above, so it is below." Solitaire and I responded together as the three of us bowed to the poster. We all kissed and then touched fingers to each other's wet and swollen genitals. Miss Spiteful and Solitaire collected the clear oil oozing from the tip of my penis and I could have filled my palm from their sodden pubic hair. We licked the mixture of lubricants and Miss Spiteful smiled at us as she departed.

"He's all yours. Enjoy yourselves."

Solitaire was not interested in Castenelli. She tossed me a cat o' nine tails and bent over a padded form. "I love a bit of discipline before sex, don't you? The pain makes my adrenaline and my juices flow. Come on, six lashes and then I'll do you."

I stared at her bare bottom. Her legs were wide apart as she braced herself and I could see the little brown petal between her round olive buttocks and the split on the swollen hairy mound of her mons vagina through the gap at the top of her thighs. She wiggled her bottom invitingly, her suspenders pulling on her stocking tops and it was all I could do not to plunge my engorged penis into one of those orifices right there and then.

I gritted my teeth and lashed out with the whip. Solitaire stiffened at the impact and a rash of red marks appeared on her smooth skin.

"Again!" Solitaire demanded and I hit her twice more, making her scream and whimper. Then she stood up and told me to aim for her back. Normally I would not hurt a woman that I felt such deep affection for but I found that I was now very excited and the pain in my groin almost unbearable. Three times, I brought the lash down diagonally across her bare shoulders and the corset on her back, leaving red tendrils on her skin. She squealed at each stroke and I had to close my eyes and breathe hard to stop my penis exploding.

Solitaire took the lash from my hand, pushed me down over the form and repeated what I had done to her. The pain was so exquisite and sweat broke out on my forehead as I fought with my body to keep control.

"Who's there? What are you doing?" Castenelli called out. "Jeez, please let me go. I can't take much more of this."

Solitaire turned and struck him across the shoulders as she screamed. "This is just one night for you! The children that you entrap suffer for what remains of their lives!"

She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the dungeon. "Come on! I'm ready."

I was almost doubled over with agony and stopped at one of the couches as we passed through the drawing room. "Please," I begged her. "Wait for a couple of minutes. I've got to regain control."

We sat down and I lit a cigarette, puffing nervously, as Solitaire leant against my arm and stroked my hand.

"I'm so sorry Storm. In my excitement I just forgot. Neither Stiletto nor I have had a night like this since we were married. Our husbands want their regular sex but they wouldn't let us carry on with our domination and going with another woman is verboten in our societies. I suppose that your David is the same?"

I nodded, exhaling smoke, as my body stopped trembling and the throbbing in my penis subsided. "We still play together but I do miss the thrill of domination and wild sex as well." I smiled at her and stood up, my shaft firm and erect. "Do your love juices still come out like a hosepipe?"

She got to her feet as well and nodded, the light from the table lamp flashing on the lens of her spectacles.

"Good," I gave her kiss. "I think that I am ready for you now."

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