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The Dominafuhrer
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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 34 - Kelly's Heroines

September 1952

There were a few moments of silence and then we all burst out laughing.

“Where is it?” Miss Spiteful asked Sugar.

“We put it under your bed. I knew that you wouldn’t sleep if it was anywhere else.”

With gleeful whoops, Stiletto and Solitaire got down on their knees beside the bed and, with a lot of effort, dragged two large trunks into view. They flipped the lids open to reveal the thirty two gold bars that we had rescued from the tomb.

We all got to hold one, marvelling at the weight and the lustrous colour of the metal bricks.

“Now you are sure that these are the real ones and that you gave Hoeller the fakes that Erich made for us,” Miss Spiteful asked Sugar.

Sugar shrugged. “I can’t be sure. I’m just a dumb nigger and Kelly’s a stupid Canadian. We were in such a hurry we might have mixed them up when we repacked the boxes.”

Miss Spiteful was not the only one to register alarm and peer closely at the bar in their hands.

“Relax,” Sugar laughed as she poured more brandy into her glass. “The numbers are different to the ones that we had made. I had kept a note of them to check. I must say though that we would not have been able to tell them apart otherwise. Erich made them precisely to the dimensions, weight and markings that Sapphire got from her Swiss Banker and I’m glad that he double baked the three layers of gold leaf around the lead ingots inside. I was starting to get worried when Hoeller kept scratching at the surface with his nails and I’m sure that he was looking in his pockets for a pen knife or a key to have a dig. I would have wet my knickers if you hadn’t cut him short.”

“I thought that you had,” Sapphire sniffed and the two pulled faces at each other. 

Miss Spiteful had put her bar down on the coffee table and had been making notes on a pad.

“By my reckoning, we have over half a million dollars in gold here. Once I’ve deducted my expenses, paid the bribes to get the gold moved to Switzerland, resmelted and sold there and then sent some money to Willi’s Mother and to Friedrich and Heinz, there will enough left for us to have at least sixty thousand dollars each.”

A stunned silence descended on the room as once again, we each reconsidered how our futures would change now that we were about to become wealthy women. I calculated that, even if I got a minimum of twenty one thousand pounds, it was more than twenty five time David’s annual pay as an Army Officer. I doubted if he would believe that the West German Government had paid me that much in compensation for my alleged imprisonment.     

Still, that did not stop my greed and bemoaning the fact that we had probably handed over a similar fortune in banknotes. “I could have used them if no one else wanted them.”

“And ended up in a Police Station in Edinburgh an hour after you spent the first one,” Miss Spiteful knocked back the contents of her brandy glass and held it out for a refill. She continued after Stiletto obliged.

“They were all fakes. Forged and printed by inmates at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp on Himmler’s orders. The plan was to flood England with the dud Five pound notes and undermine their currency. The plan was called ‘Operation Bernhard’. All the prisoners had been bankers, forgers, artists, papermakers or printers and they not only cracked the Bank of England’s code for the serial numbers but they also made identical paper with the right watermarks. When it was pointed out to Himmler that the British were quite capable of retaliating with a similar attack on the Reichmark, he lost his nerve, closed down the operation and ordered the workers killed to silence them. Some of the money was used to finance intelligence operations abroad but most it was dumped in a lake in Austria, together with the printing plates. Himmler must have kept some as pocket money in case of emergency. Like the Enigma codes, the British hushed it up after the war because, even a rumour of fake notes having been produced, would have caused a run on the Pound. But they did change the design and every Bank Worker and Policeman over there knows what to look out for. Something else for Hoeller or Seraph to curse us for when they find out.”

“Will they come after us?” Solitaire asked nervously.

Miss Spiteful peered into the bottom of her glass as if surprised that it was empty again so quickly.

“Hoeller, if he’s the one that finds out that we have handed over some gold plated lead and forged cash, will not. He knows that I will carry out my threat to expose Ulbricht, but Seraph and the Nazis? I tried to warn Hoeller about her and if they discover the switch then they will be looking for us. They know our names, remember? That’s why we need to get this gold into a safe deposit until we can get it on a plane to Switzerland. You did find one?”

Sugar nodded and yawned as, like the rest of us, the tension and adrenalin that had kept us going gave way to exhaustion.

Miss Spiteful checked that both brandy bottles were empty and put her glass down on the coffee table.

“I am going for a shower and then I am going to bed. I suggest that you all do same and do not forget to hang your ‘Do not disturb’ notices on your door handles.”

The gold was put away and pushed back under the bed before there was a round of goodnight kisses and hugs. I started to ease myself off the bed but Miss Spiteful stopped me.

“Kelly and I will look after you,” she announced as the others left, Stiletto and Solitaire holding hands and giggling together.

Miss Spiteful stripped naked first, throwing her filthy uniform and her expensive underwear in a heap on the floor. Kelly carefully took off my frock to reveal that she was wearing my favourite blue underwear. She saw me frown and, as she hung up the frock and carefully folded the bra and knickers, whispered to me, “You can punish me for that as well.”

“There will be no punishment tonight,” Miss Spiteful called out.

They helped me out of my dressing gown and shoes and led me into the bathroom. I stood naked under a warm shower as they gently soaped my body and hair and then washed away the encrusted blood and dirt. Kelly had showered when she had come back to the hotel earlier so she patted me dry with a towel and blow dried my hair while Miss Spiteful showered.

“The hotel hairdresser is going to be very busy later today,” Miss Spiteful said as she dried herself. Normally, I loved to see her naked body but, right then, I could scarcely keep my eyes open. The warm air from the blower, the shower, the brandy and warm food were sending me to sleep and Miss Spiteful told Kelly to put me in her bed.

Kelly turned the sheets back and then helped my stiff body roll on so that I could lie on my left side. My back and my buttocks were painful and I was not surprised to see streaks of blood on the sheet at my waist. I had avoided looking at my face in a mirror but I could see my breasts and ribs were bruised and that my nipples and penis had red tears and black burn marks. I tried not to think about the state of my colon or what would happen when I eventually tried to use the toilet.

The central light snapped off but it was now dawn outside and light filtered into the bedroom round the curtains. Miss Spiteful got into the middle of the bed with Kelly joining us on the far side. Our Mistress put her arms around our shoulders and drew both of ours faces down onto her breasts.

“Von Kreps and Seraph were right,” she whispered, her voice strangely choked. “I do love my slaves more than I should. I am vulnerable when they are threatened or hurt. I might appear indifferent to your fates but that is because I do not wish people to know how much I care and use you to get at me. I tried to get Hoeller to stop Seraph from torturing you Storm, but I couldn’t use the Ulbricht photos until Sugar rang. We had to know that the exchange was ready and then put Hoeller under pressure.”

She leant over and kissed my forehead.

“And you Kelly, are probably the most insolent slave that I have ever had and, next to Ingrid here, the most incompetent. But you risked your life tonight to get back quickly to Sugar when you could have abandoned the car and either walked or taken a tram to safety. I knew that you were a good swimmer but I was so afraid that you had been shot dead or drowned.” Kelly was also given a kiss on the top of her head.

“I shall never forget what you both did tonight. I am so proud of you.”

My lips sought Miss Spiteful’s right nipple and, moments later, Kelly was sucking on the left one.

Despite the pain from my external and injuries I was warm, I was safe and I felt myself drifting. My right hand found Miss Spiteful’s hip and stroked the damp hairs protecting the crumpled lips of her labia. I snuggled in closer and felt Kelly’s hand on top of mine. Our fingers entwined and then rested on top of our Mistress’s mons vagina as blessed sleep claimed us all. 

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