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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 45 - Black Marcius For Miss Spiteful

September 1952

There was complete uproar when the spotlight switched on to Miss Spiteful as, propelled by Kelly’s hand in the small of her back, she stepped onto the stage. The din was tremendous, completely drowning out whatever music the band was playing. All I could see was a forest of waving arms and opened mouthed faces as the Berliners showed their affection, joy and admiration for our Mistress. Despite the wide grin on her face and a slightly glassy look to her eyes, Miss Spiteful still looked a bit startled at her reception. She walked around the edge of the stage, waving and bowing in acknowledgement, Kelly respectfully trailing in her wake with her head bowed.   

At one point, Miss Spiteful stopped, pointed to someone in the crowd and something was tossed up to her. She looked at it, gave her fabulous grin and then placed a black SS Officers cap on top of her copper locks. That brought a renewed burst of cheering, albeit with one or two boos and jeers, and she blew kisses to the massed ranks below her.

At last the noise subsided enough for the tune that the band was playing to be recognisable as ‘The Lady is a Tramp’. Miss Spiteful stopped, fixed the bandstand with her basilisk stare and drew a finger across her throat. Without missing a beat the trumpeter led them into ‘Tara’s Theme’ from ‘Gone with the Wind’ and they earned an appreciative grin from Miss Spiteful.

Sugar took the opportunity to shout into the microphone, “And her slave, all the way from Birmingham, Alabama in the US of A, is Marcius!”

The big, black, bulk of the naked Negro Airman lumbered into the spotlight and Miss Spiteful’s jaw was not the only one that dropped. No one had told her who she would be beating and she was taken by complete surprise. But Sugar, Kelly and I, who had been in the know, had not seen him stripped under the lights and only now saw how huge he was in every respect. The crowd’s initial reaction had been cheers and catcalls at his race but they too fell silent at the spectacle above them. The band had begun with the American Army Air Corps song ‘Up we go into the wide blue yonder’, but tailed off until the trumpeter began ‘I’ve never seen one as big as that before’.

It was true. Everyone was awed by the massive black penis that swung between his tree trunks of thighs. As thick as a man’s wrist, it seemed to reach almost down to his knees. Miss Spiteful’s eyes sparkled as a wicked grin spread over her face and Sugar, who had been licking her lips, gulped and the croaked into the microphone. “With that defending Berlin, you have nothing to fear. Who needs an Atomic bomb? Show that to the Russians and they’ll surrender!”      

Her joke broke the spell and cheers and laughter swept over us as Kelly guided the docile Marcius into the whipping frame. He obligingly lifted his arms and Kelly, standing on tiptoe, had to shorten the chains on the manacles and then struggle to close them around his thick wrists. She had the same problem securing his ankles and then stepped away.

Sugar came on stood by me with her arms folded, an expression of concern on her face. “I didn’t realise that I’d picked King Kong,” she muttered. “I just hope that he doesn’t go berserk and think Spiteful is Fay Wray.”

Indeed, as stout as the timber beams of the whipping frame were, Marcius was so huge and looked so strong that it seemed he would have no trouble smashing himself free. Miss Spiteful did not seem at all worried that she was in any danger. She walked around the frame several times, reaching out to touch and feel the massive muscles and sinews beneath the gleaming, coal black skin. She tested Marcius’s buttocks, his shoulders, his biceps, his pectorals and reached up to put both hands around his thick neck. The band played ‘Falling in love again’, which produced more cheers and Miss Spiteful grinned. Finally she stood in front of her victim and made a show of trying to lift his enormous penis with both hands and then giving up, leaving it to swing like a pendulum.

She snapped her fingers to Kelly to step forward and then pointed to the leather bullwhip that hung, with her other whips, canes and lashes from the dog-clips on Kelly’s belt. Once she had it in her hands, Miss Spiteful run the full length through her fingers before cracking it several times to loosen up her arm muscles. When she had taken up her stance alongside the frame, there was a roll of drums and she brought the end of the bullwhip down across Marcius’s shoulder with a heart stopping smack.               

Marcius barely flinched as there was a muted cheer from the crowd. Miss Spiteful stood back and put her free hand to her ear as if listening for something. Nobody understood so it was left for the stage party to shout out “Eins!” Miss Spiteful held her thumb up to us and, to another roll of the drums, lashed Marcius across the shoulders for the second time. Again there was virtually no reaction from him but some of the crowd had realised that they had to shout “Zwei!” Miss Spiteful made a lifting motion with her hand for them to shout louder and they responded with a resounding “Drei!” for the next stroke.

But Marcius still not seem to be in any pain and I saw Miss Spiteful’s eyes narrow and her lips thin as she realised the challenge that confronted her. She began to lash his shoulders with as much strength as she could put into her arms and dark stripes began to crisscross the black skin.

Kelly had retreated to avoid being caught by the backswing of the bullwhip and Sugar hooked a finger under the slave collar, hissing in Kelly’s ear as she staggered back, “Give!”

Grinning sheepishly, Kelly put her hand down the front of her shorts and pulled out my pack of cigarettes and lighter which I realised that I had not seen since I had gone on stage for my performance. I snatched them from her hand and very reluctantly gave her one after Sugar and I had lit ours. I looked across at Solitaire who was rubbing the crotch of her leather shorts and looking very flushed. “Did you know,” I called over to her, “that the Greek version of Marcius is Marsyas, who was flayed alive by Apollo?”

“Really? That’s wonderful!” she responded as her eyes widened and her hand moved faster between her legs.

Miss Spiteful was at last starting to make an impact on Marcius. Blood was trickling from the open cuts on his back, his skin was glistening with sweat and he was now jerking each time the whip landed on him.

At “Dreizehn!” the band switched from drum-rolls to ‘Dixie’, which brought another grin onto Miss Spiteful’s face and an appreciative cheer from some members of the audience. She paused, removed her cap to wipe the sweat from her own brow with the back of her hand and threw the bullwhip to the floor of the stage. Kelly hurried forward and offered her Mistress the choice of a shorter leather whip or a cat o’nine tails. Miss Spiteful seized the whip, let the cat o’nine tails drop and, in time to the music, began to assault Marcius’s buttocks. Very soon, the crowd were clapping along with the beat and I heard some Confederate Rebel yells above the noise.

There were also some people getting more physically involved in the crowd massed around the stage. I could see many masturbating and couples, some of them of the same sex, were caressing and kissing each other or even indulging, where possible, in oral or full intercourse. The blonde in the red corset, whom I had seen earlier, was being slammed against the edge of the stage as she was entered from behind. Her black kohled eyelids were shut again but her bright red lips were wide open as she gasped for breath.

My already erect penis throbbed for relief and it was not eased by the sight of Stiletto and Solitaire opposite who had moved their chairs closer together. Solitaire had removed her brassiere and pulled her shorts down from her hips so that Stiletto could suck on the erect nipples and massage the shaven vulva with her hand. Solitaire had both hands up inside Stiletto’s split leather skirt, which had been hauled up to her thighs, and was exploring buttocks and genitals. Both however, continued to watch Miss Spiteful as she whipped Marcius. Sapphire and Natalya alongside me were similarly transfixed and one of Sapphire’s hands was absently roaming over the Yugoslav’s bosom while the tops of her own legs were being stroked beneath the skirt of her nurse’s uniform by her lover’s hand.

Sugar, still standing nearby, was clenching and unclenching her fists as she fought to control her shuddering body and I was about to reach out and pull her to me when Kelly turned, knelt between my stockinged knees, and whispered, “Permit me, Mistress.”

She gently pushed my legs wider apart and, breathing heavily, I lifted my hips off the seat of the chair so that she could pull my black knickers down my legs and over the toes and heels of my boots.

“Be careful!” I gasped as Kelly’s wet lips closed over the tip of my hardened phallus and I felt her tongue tracing the sensitive rim of the helmet. I sighed, placed my hands on the top of her golden hair and settled back to watch the rest of the performance.

Miss Spiteful’s rapid tattoo of a dozen strokes on Marcius’s bottom had got him grunting, twitching and writhing in his chains and she paused again to catch her own breath. She blew her cheeks out and, discarding the whip, picked up the cat o’nine tails. She put every ounce of strength that she had into the next lash across Marcius’s shoulders, making him howl with anguish for the first time and the frame visibly rocked as his body tried to leap forward against the chains that restrained him.

The audience was also rejuvenated by this and picked up the count that had faded away with a great shout of ‘Funfundzwanzig!” By the time that “Dreissig!” was reached, Marcius’s head was hanging down; sweat dripping from his brow, nose and chin, and rising only to let him groan or growl in agony as each blow landed. His arms were stretched taut as his legs bowed beneath him. Blood was running down his body and legs, from the cuts across his back, to pool beneath his feet and flecks of blood were spotting Miss Spiteful’s face, arms, chest and thighs as well as the white boards of the stage.

She paused yet again and flicked her fingers at another person in the crowd. This time a foaming stein of beer was carefully passed up to her and she drained it before tossing the empty tankard back. When the lashing resumed and the band and the audience had picked up on ‘Dixie” again, I heard one or two shouts of “Seig Heil!” as well.

Sugar walked forward and put her hand up to Miss Spiteful, while she checked on Marcius; raising his chin and looking into his eyes. Then she stood back and gazed in awe at the mighty erection that rose from the forest of black hairs at his groin. She nodded to Miss Spiteful and stepped away.

At “Funkunddreissig!” the tension was becoming unbearable for everybody. Only Kelly’s finger, pressed against the root of my penis, prevented me ejaculating down her throat and everyone else around me seemed to be nearing their climaxes as well. Kelly’s other hand, having pulled down her leather pants, was quickening in tempo on her penis and her breathing was getting more rapid.

Maddeningly, Miss Spiteful still did not deliver the final stroke. As we all waited with bated breath, she pulled the zip on her outfit all the down to below her crotch to expose her breasts and her pubic mound. Then she beckoned to Sugar and pointed at Marcius’s huge stiff penis. “Do you want to do something with that?” she offered.

“What’s up, Spiteful?” Sugar grinned as she stood in front of Marcius. “Are you afraid that the black is going to come off on your hand?” She stepped forward until Marcius’s penis slid between the tops of her legs and the dark purple helmet poked out beneath the golden brown globes of her buttocks. She clamped her thighs together and braced her own body by gripping the wooden uprights of the whipping frame.

“Are you ready?” Miss Spiteful called out to the crowd and they yelled back: “Ja!”

I was, my mouth was dry, and sweat beaded my forehead. Stiletto and Solitaire were both groaning loudly and Natalya was on her knees, performing the same service to Sapphire as Kelly was giving me.

Miss Spiteful took a run up and brought the cat o’nine tails down across Marcius’s shoulders with all the remaining strength in her body to an enormous roar of “Sechsunddreissig!” His skin split wide open and blood sprayed back over Miss Spiteful and the audience nearest the stage on either side. Those at the front received a different sort of shower. As Marcius stiffened and screamed in agony, Sugar was grinding her hips against his, her face strained as, even through her leather gusset, she felt the huge shaft rub against the swollen lips of her genitals. Then she was almost lifted off her feet as the phallus rose and flung copious globules of semen over the ranks of the audience behind Sugar’s back. Some screamed and tried to dodge out of the way but others attempted to catch the creamy lumps on their hands and faces or even in their mouths. Those baptised with the sticky liquid were soon besieged by people wanting to help lick them clean or pick the pearls from their hair.

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