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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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Morning In Manhattan
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Two Little Girls From School Are We
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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 17 - Morning In Manhattan

September 1952

As the realisation of Miss Spiteful's words sank in, everyone, including Kelly, fell silent as they contemplated the danger that we faced. If we were recognised, arrested and tried in West Germany we would be imprisoned but, in any area under communist control our fate was too terrible to contemplate. Our false identities and adopted nationalities would not save us.

Sapphire fell asleep on the couch and Miss Spiteful told us to let her stay there overnight. Kelly and I stripped her down to her underclothes and then covered her up with a blanket. Stiletto and Solitaire began a private conversation in Spanish, animated with hand waving, hugs from them both and tears from Solitaire. When Sapphire began to snore, Miss Spiteful gathered up her papers, a bottle and her glass and retired to the diner. Kelly said that she was going to clean up the dungeon and, when Stiletto and Solitaire went off to bed, hand in hand, I was left alone with the somnambulant Sapphire. Between snores, she was mumbling in her sleep and I caught phrases such as "It must be her," or "Please, no!" and "I couldn't bear it again."

I cleared away the plates, glasses and bottles and was washing up in the kitchen when Kelly joined me. We didn't speak as she helped me to finish the task and, when our fingers touched, could manage no more than weak smiles at each other. Through the hatch to the diner we could see Miss Spiteful at the table, scribbling away on a ruled pad, referring to a big map of Berlin and her big black address book or gazing off into the distance while she sipped from her wine glass.

I slipped into the diner to repack the enigma machine and code-book for collection and barely disturbed her; she was so lost in her own thoughts.

I was undressing for bed when I heard Kelly's voice from down the corridor.

"I've turned your bed down, Mistress. All the lights are out except for in here. May I have your permission to remove my slave collar and belt and go to bed?"

"Yes. Goodnight and thank you, Kelly." Miss Spiteful sounded very distracted as she answered.

I was in bed, lying on my side and facing outwards, with the covers up over me when Kelly came into the bedroom. I heard her undress, unbuckling the straps on her collar and belt, and then go to the bathroom before the light went off and she slipped in to the bed on the opposite side to me.

"Goodnight, Mistress," she whispered and I muttered an acknowledgement.

Sometime in the night we rolled together and I woke to feel Kelly's warm breath on my face and her long, soft penis resting against my thigh. Her eyes opened, met mine and we reached out for each other.

"Truce?" I asked and she nodded. We kissed, our hands sought the comfort of each other's genitals and our breasts were pressed together as we cuddled. That is as far as we went before sleep overtook us both again.

We both woke early but even so, while Kelly went to shave and shower, I entered the kitchen in search of coffee to find Miss Spiteful already there. She was seated, reading the New York Times and wearing only her white, silk dressing gown, which was hanging open to reveal her breasts, pubic area and her legs. As always, her naked body aroused me and I concentrated on making coffee to distract myself. Apart from a faint smile on her lips, Miss Spiteful made no comment on my obvious erection.

I had just sat down with my cup and lit a cigarette when Kelly walked in, naked except for her slave collar. She squeezed some oranges and held the glass of fresh juice out to Miss Spiteful who accepted it without taking her eyes of the printed column that she was reading. Kelly poured a cup of coffee for herself and sat down beside me, helping herself to one of my cigarettes. Her bare arm touched mine and I shivered. We continued to sit in silence and I realised that I was envious of the easy domesticity between Miss Spiteful and her new slave that I had never enjoyed with her.

Miss Spiteful folded the newspaper, finished her orange juice, and stood up.

“I’m going for my shower and to get dressed,” she announced. “I’ve been on the telephone to Sugar and she’s with us. She’s going to get to Berlin later today, once she’s made some arrangements in Bremen, and book hotel rooms for us for tomorrow. Kelly, when you’ve done breakfast, I want you to cancel all of my appointments for the next week and then I need you to go out. The US doesn’t recognise the German Democratic Republic but there is an East German News Agency in Lower Manhattan, which also acts as their Consulate, Public Relations and Tourist Office and Spy Centre. I want you go in and pose as a sympathiser intending to visit East Berlin. Collect as much material as you can, such as brochures, magazines, maps and newspapers.”

Kelly nodded, got up and left the room to get dressed.

“Storm,” Miss Spiteful held out a sheet of paper with her handwriting on it. “I need you to do some research for me. If you don’t know the answers yourself, go to the New York Central Library. First of all though, can you see to Sapphire? I want her awake and sober enough to make phone calls to Switzerland and Germany. When the two love birds get up, they can take all of our passports to the Federal German Consulate and find out if any of us will need visas to get into Germany and Berlin. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Then they can go round the airline offices and find flights for us tonight. We can go via Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London or Paris. I don’t mind which, I just have this feeling that we need to move quickly on this. If Plutz survives his walk back across New York, he’s going to tell his masters that we are all together and know about the gold. We all know what a gossip shop Berlin is and, once we are spotted there, the whole city will know that we’re back. Kelly was partly right last night. We must get in and out quickly.”

Breakfast was a subdued affair. Sapphire, wearing dark glasses while she sipped black coffee and swallowed aspirins, was not speaking to me. She hated me for waking her, stripping her naked and pulling her into the shower with me.

Stiletto and Solitaire were, like me; too busy devouring the plates of fried bacon and eggs that Kelly served us for breakfast to indulge in conversation. Miss Spiteful munched toast and drank more orange juice until we had finished eating and then gave everyone their tasks with the injunction to return by lunchtime. She said that she had lots of telephone calls to make herself including, she added with a wry smile, an very important one to her own bank.

Both of Miss Spiteful's telephones were in constant use all morning and it was not until I returned from the library, where I had been consulting newspaper files, that I was able to place a call to my home in Edinburgh. To my surprise, David answered very brusquely.

"I thought that you were the Adjutant calling again," he explained. "The CO has called an Officer's meeting and I'm just in the middle of getting changed. There might be flap on, so I haven't got long to chat."

I forgave him and explained why I was calling, giving him our agreed cover story that we were going to Berlin to look up old friends and gather evidence for our compensation claims against the German Government for being imprisoned. David was not at all bothered and told me not to send him any of my dirty washing as he was still trying to clear the mound that I had left for him. I promised to call him when we got to Berlin and knew which hotel we would be staying in and, after exchanging the usual endearments, I broke the connection.

Two FBI agents came to collect the Enigma machine and code book and wanted to know why Miss Spiteful's employee had just visited the premises of a communist front organisation. Miss Spiteful promised to call J Edgar Hoover to straighten the matter out and then Kelly herself returned and started preparing lunch.

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