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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 43 - Nappies, Knots and Needles

September 1952

She climbed the steps and, followed by a spotlight, strode to the far end of the stage where a microphone had been set up on a stand. The huge applause from the crowd almost drowned the band’s rendition of ‘The entry of the Queen of Sheba’.

“Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren!” she began. “To the Liberators: Good Evening and Bonsoir! To the Conquerors: Pošol v žopu!”

The invitation to piss off in Russian produced more cheers than boos and the grin on Sugar’s face widened.

“This is a great night for Berlin! Seven years ago, at the end of the recent unpleasantness, your Dominafuhrer and her sisters in the Berlin Order, had to leave Berlin at short notice. Now, they have come back, for one night only, to bid a proper farewell to you and the city that we all love. Remember this night, because there will never be one like it again!”

Some boos and cries of “No!” followed this announcement but Sugar pressed on.

“First on is your own Berlin Girl. She was born and grew up just down the road in Friedrichshain. She lives in Zurich now but she loves this city, you love her and, if you are female, she’s probably loved most of you. Here she is; Miss Sapphire!”

The band broke into ‘There is nothing like a Dame’ and a spotlight snapped onto Sapphire, in her nurse’s uniform, when she was halfway up the steps. Whether it was due to the sudden light in her eyes that blinded her or Rudi’s free alcohol, Sapphire missed the top step and staggered onto the stage. She recovered and waved her hand in acknowledgement to the resounding applause as she did a tour round the edge of the stage before standing by a child’s play pen that had been placed in the centre.

Sugar had been waiting for the noise to subside enough to be heard again.

“And here is her slave for tonight; Manfred!”

The applause turned to laughter when the spotlight fixed on Natalya at the top of the stairs, who put up her hand to shield her eyes. She tottered to a chair that Kelly had a stagehand lift onto the stage and lowered her bottom on to the seat. Some of the crowd had recognised her by now and the applause swelled again and some flashbulbs popped.

“My apologies,” Sugar chuckled. “That wasn’t Miss Sapphire’s slave; that was her Katzchen!”

Sapphire scowled as the audience laughed but Natalya only giggled and did not seem to mind being called her lover’s Pussy.

Almost unnoticed, a naked, middle aged man scampered across the stage, his pear shaped belly swaying and his scraggy genitals flapping up and down. To cheers, he flung himself down and kissed the toes of Sapphire’s shoes. She stooped, pinched one of his ears and hauled him to a standing position.

For the next ten minutes, while the band played ‘My baby don’t care for me’ and ‘Walking my baby back home’, Sapphire smacked her slave on his bare bottom, dressed him in a nappy, put him in the play pen, bottle fed him, unbuttoned the bodice of her uniform to let him nuzzle her naked bosom and beat him with a wooden paddle. After throwing the nappy off the stage, Sapphire made him use a potty and, for the finale, she inserted the nozzle of an enema kit into Manfred’s rectum. As he bent over, she motioned Natalya to come over and hold up the bottle of soapy water. Sapphire turned the tap on the rubber hose that connected the two and squeezed the air ball. There was some leakage onto the wooden boards of the stage but most of the contents gurgled into the slave.

Sapphire waved Natalya away and pulled Manfred upright. Nothing happened for a few moments except for a long roll of the drums and then Manfred’s face crinkled and turned puce in colour. He doubled over, clutching at his stomach and trying to keep his buttocks clenched together.

“Gehen!” Sapphire ordered, smiling broadly, and, to ‘The Post Horn Gallop’, Manfred ran crab-like to the stairs. He almost fell down them and then rapidly disappeared in the direction of one the screened off, primitive and already evil smelling toilets.

Sapphire acknowledged the warm applause, gave Natalya a long kiss, and then sat down with her on chairs near the top of the stairs.      

“Danke! Danke!” Sugar was back at the microphone, holding her hand out towards Sapphire, who inclined her head at another round of applause.     

“And let us not forget Manfred, where ever he is,” Sugar shielded her eyes and blew a raspberry into the microphone.

When the laughter died down, she wrapped her long legs around the stalk of the microphone and run her hands up and down the metal tube, as if masturbating it.

“That was just to get you in the mood,” she announced, standing up straight again. “Because, here comes two ladies who broke the hearts of every Berliner when they had to leave. Their double act combined sex and sadism and could make men shoot their load without laying a finger on them. So, here they are. Those sweethearts, the Torturous Twins; Miss Stiletto and Miss Solitaire!”  

Stiletto was first up the stairs, to the strains of ‘Mack the Knife’ and took a turn around the stage before Solitaire joined her and the band rendered ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend’.

With wicked glints in their eyes, they closed in on either side of Sugar before she could escape, kissing and caressing the bare parts of her golden brown flesh. Sugar’s back arched and she screwed her eyes up as she fought to control her own body. The microphone relayed her harsh breathing through the loud speakers, and the crowd was joining in when the Girls suddenly left her alone. Sugar had to take a few moments to recover before she could finish her announcement.

“And the lucky couple who will be assisting them are Gertha and Bruno!”

A naked man and woman, both in their thirties, walked onto the stage and stood by a wooden stake and a metal frame, not unlike a roasting spit, that the stagehands had positioned at the far end. Bruno was tall, fair and well endowed in the genitals department and placed himself with his back to the wooden stake, which had a heavy metal ring as its base. Solitaire seized his wrists and pulled them back so that Bruno’s spine was against the stake. She swiftly handcuffed his wrists behind the stake and fastened bicep cuffs on his upper arms. A leather strap also went round his chest and the stake. When ankle cuffs, with the chain behind the stake, had been secured he could not move any part of his body except for his head.

Stiletto, had blindfolded Gertha, a bleached blonde with a modest bust and light brown pubic hair, and picked up the first of many coils of white manilla rope. To the music of ‘Buttons and Bows’, she proceeded to truss Gertha’s arms behind her back and then her chest and arms. Avoiding only the slave’s breasts, Stiletto varied the angle of some of the loops so that a herringbone pattern began to form at the front with a vertical row of knots and small loops forming the spine. The first pass of the next coil was knotted around Gertha’s waist and, after a few more loops; the rope was being passed between her legs, knotted at the waist and back again. Soon, Gertha’s vulva was being compressed between the ropes into the classic ‘Camel Toe’ and her buttocks forced apart by the manilla thong between them. Another coil of rope was used to bind Gertha’s legs and eventually all that could be seen of her body were her head, neck, shoulders, breasts, hands, vulva, buttocks and feet, otherwise she resembled a rope version of the ‘Michelin Man’.

Solitaire, who had been amusing herself by using her fingernails on Bruno’s nipples, chest and genitals, led the burst of applause for Stiletto when she paused to survey her work. Stiletto toyed with Gertha’s exposed sexual organs and breasts until the roped figure bent and swayed blindly as her senses were overwhelmed.

Stiletto ceased this erotic teasing and knelt so she could knot the rope from a fresh coil around Gertha’s ankles. This time, she made a longer loop and passed the loose end up through the row of smaller loops on Gertha’s chest. Another long loop was fashioned after the rope had been passed through Gertha’s armpits and knotted just below her throat.

Stiletto, with Solitaire’s assistance, lowered Gertha on to her back and then, lifting her by the shoulders and ankles, placed her beneath the metal hooks that hung from the crossbar of the spit. While Stiletto raised Gertha’s shoulders, Solitaire slipped the second long loop over one of the hooks and repeated the operation at the other end as Stiletto, puffing slightly, lifted Gertha’s legs. They stood back and bowed as Gertha, blindfolded and bound, remained suspended in mid air.

Before the applause could die away, Solitaire had opened her needle case, showed it to the crowd and drew one out. Bruno’s eyes widened as he realised what was about to happen to him and he started to scream and shake his head.

Solitaire paused, puzzled by this reaction, checked that Bruno’s body was totally immobile and then pressed on. She pinched a roll of flesh over Bruno’s right pectoral muscle and skewered the needle through it. Bruno’s frenzy increased as Solitaire selected a similar sized needle and repeated the operation on his left hand side. He screamed, he begged and he swore at Solitaire, especially when blood began to seep from the puncture holes. Solitaire frowned but continued to insert needles of ever decreasing lengths into the ridges of flesh, either side of the longest needles.

An almost childlike look of concentration came over her beautiful face and the tip of her tongue appeared at the corner of her mouth as the Band played ‘I’ve got you under my skin’. 

When no more needles could be fitted in, she moved down to Bruno’s nipples, pressing long needles through the erect brown tissue and then sliding smaller ones horizontally under the skin of the areolas to form sunray designs.

The crowd had fallen silent when Bruno had begun protesting but, as more blood trickled down his chest and his screams reached fever pitch, they began to roar and urge Solitaire on.

“Big sissy,” Sugar said beside me. “He told me that he had been a Fallschirmjager and didn’t mind pain. He boasted that he totally fearless, except for his needle phobia.”

I gaped at her as she tried to keep an innocent look on her face and then we both chuckled as she added, “Makes a good show though, doesn’t it?”  

Solitaire knelt down so that she could work on Bruno’s testicles and the surrounding area, having decided that it would useless to try putting any needles into his face while his head was jerking was jerking so violently.                             

The crowd began to echo and exaggerate Bruno’s agonised howls when Solitaire pulled at his loose foreskin and stuck short needles though it and their screams drowned his out when the sac of his scrotum was pierced with long needles. After she had added some more needles along the edge of the shaft, Bruno’s hairy groin resembled a small hedgehog.

Solitaire finished her performance by skewering the loose flesh on Bruno’s lower stomach and on the insides of his upper thighs and then leapt to her feet to tumultuous applause.

Stiletto had been trying to distract the still blindfolded and suspended Gertha by massaging her breasts and genitals but, despite her sexual arousal, Gertha had kept asking; “What’s going on? What are you doing to him?” Stiletto went to Solitaire, who was bowing in acknowledgement to the applause, and pulled her into an embrace. Within moments, their kisses expanded into passionate caresses and Solitaire had raised one stockinged knee so that Stiletto’s hand could stroke between the tops of her legs. The crowd cheered and whistled and the band switched to ‘People will say we’re in love’.

I felt my own penis stir in my knickers but was brought back to reality when Sugar slapped me on the shoulder. “It’s Showtime, Storm,” she said as she mounted the steps.

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