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The Dominafuhrer
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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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Two Little Girls From School Are We
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The Sacred Feminine

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The Convict


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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 46 - The Return Of The Dominant Seven

September 1952

Kelly and I came together, I didn’t care that she squirted all over my boots; my body was shuddering as I pumped my own cum down her throat. She choked for a moment until she could swallow and then she sucked greedily at my pulsing shaft.

Solitaire’s orgasm was accompanied by her heels beating a tattoo and her love juices splashing on the floor beneath her chair. Stiletto just groaned and quivered as she buried her face in Solitaire’s cleavage. Sapphire gave her usual ear splitting scream when Natalya’s tongue finally brought her to her climax.

“Look at Spiteful!” Sugar called out to us, her own body racked with spasms as she rode Marcius’s bouncing penis.

We all took deep breaths and focused on our leader. She was standing almost motionless, her head bowed, the cat o’nine tails at her feet where she had let it slip from her hand. Then her shoulders heaved, her neck stretched as she flung her head back and her mouth opened to let an animal howl escape. Her breasts trembled and then her whole body shook as she squirted lubricant from her vagina. She stiffened and shook for a few more minutes and then threw her arms up in triumph, a broad smile on her flushed and blood spattered face.

The crowd were already roaring in appreciation and a sexual frenzy and, when the band struck up ‘Deutschland Uber Alles”, they all joined in. The noise was deafening and we could feel the stage vibrating beneath our feet.

Miss Spiteful, still beaming, strode over to us. “Does any one know which direction the Polish border is? With this lot I could be in Moscow in a week!”

We were all too physically exhausted and emotionally drained to respond so she applied the toe of her boot to the seat of Kelly’s leather knickers.                  

“Hurry up and finish down there,” she commanded. “I need Storm’s tongue on my pussy. I’m soaking wet and there’s lots more to come!”

Kelly obediently gave my penis a final suck and a lick and then crawled out of the way so that Miss Spiteful could stand in her place. I leaned forward and gently tugged the two sides of the zippered leather body further apart. I pressed my face against the wet tangle of pubic hair that covered the mound of her vulva. My nostrils filled with her smells as my tongue probed between the swollen wet lips of her labia. She soon stiffened, groaned and spasmed again, gripping my shoulders to steady herself, as her love juices splattered my face. I let them gush into my mouth and, when they had died away to a trickle, lapped at her prominent genitals. Miss Spiteful harsh breathing subsided and she relaxed her grasp allowing me to pull my face away and lick my lips.

“I see,” Sugar had arrived, stepping gingerly as she patted her wet crotch with a handkerchief. “Nobody waited for me. What am I? Black or something?”

We all laughed as our sexual tensions eased.

“What are you complaining about?” Miss Spiteful teased. “That was the best ride that you’ll ever have in your life!”

“Come on!” Sugar touched her arm. “Your public is screaming for you.”

We had become so used to the noise that we had not notice that chants of “Spiteful! Spiteful! Spiteful!” were reverberating round the room.

Miss Spiteful blinked and then motioned for us all to stand up.

“Let’s say goodbye to Berlin!”

Sugar ran awkwardly back to the microphone and held up her hands to try and lower the din. Nearby, the stagehands had had to release Marcius that they could remove the frame and he was squatting on the floor, his head in his hands. A bucket had been emptied over his back and he was surrounded by a bloody pool of water.

“Here they are then!” Sugar bellowed into the microphone. “The ladies that you love so much; the Dominatrix of the Berlin Order and your Dominafuhrer; Miss Spiteful!”

We advanced down the stage, battered on all sides by the noise, waving in response to the chanting of our names.

Marcius painfully got his knees and bent down to kiss Miss Spiteful’s boots, exposing his bruised and lacerated back and buttocks. Miss Spiteful and Sugar helped him to his feet, almost falling off the stage when they skidded on the slippery stage. Miss Spiteful kissed him on his shaven pate and then she and Sugar raised his arms above his head to renewed cheers. Miss Spiteful took the borrowed SS cap of her head, gave it a rueful look, and then sent it spinning back into the crowd.

The band played ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ and our group broke up as we moved around the edge of the stage, waving and blowing kisses or leaning down to be kissed, shake hands and sign autographs.

When I came to the steps at the back of the stage, near to the still bound Bruno and Gertha, I saw that the blonde in the red corset was now sprawled on her back on the boards with her knees drawn up and the high heels of her shoes resting on the shoulders of the man who was performing cunnilingus on her. Once again, her head was back, her eyes were still closed and her mouth was wide open. I gazed at the inviting bright red glossy lips, the white teeth and the wet tongue flicking in and out and my penis stirred again under my leather skirt.

‘Why the hell not?’ I thought. I had had one blow job already tonight without opening the lesions on my phallus. I knelt behind her head, leaning forward to caress her breasts, which had come free from their cups in the corset, and to position my swelling shaft over her face.

Something made me look up.

There was another man standing directly behind the one enjoying the blonde’s genitalia. My eyes met his and I realised that I was staring at the face of Helmut Plutz, the Nazi Werewolf from New York, and straight down the barrel of the large, black automatic pistol that he was pointing at me.  

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