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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 30 - Seraph Revealed

September 1952

Kelly was dead! Remorse for the way that I had treated her swept over me and tears welled up in my eyes. My memories and regrets were sharply interrupted when the palm of Hoeller’s right hand smacked down on the top of his desk.

“We want the gold back!”

Miss Spiteful smiled at him but her eyes were held no warmth and her voice was defiant.

“We are willing to do a trade. The gold in exchange for our lives and freedom.”

“Nein!” Hoeller angrily crushed his cigarette into the ashtray. “If the gold is in West Berlin we shall go and seize it. Just as you used an American truck to pass through the checkpoints, so the Soviet Military have the same rights of unimpeded access. I have a team ready to move as soon as you tell me the location and afterwards you will all still die!”

Miss Spiteful looked taken aback but continued to smile sweetly.

“In that case, why should we tell you where the gold is?”

Now it was Hoeller’s turn to smile, albeit it grimly.

“Oh, I think that you will tell us what we want to know. Have you forgotten where we are? This place is already known as the ‘U-Boot’ because the cell block is underground without natural light or air and you are not the only ones skilled in interrogation techniques.”

Hoeller picked up the telephone receiver, stabbed at a button on the base and barked the single word “Now!” into the mouthpiece before slamming it down again.       

For several minutes we all waited in silence until the door opened and a tall woman in the uniform of a Stasi Oberstleutnant entered. Mousey brown hair cascaded down over her shoulders, concealing her face from us as she stalked past to Hoeller’s desk. I did notice from behind how her hips and bottom bulged out the tight skirt that she wore down to the tops of black, high-heeled lace up boots.

When she turned around, I saw that she had once been strikingly beautiful but now, in what must be her late forties, heavy make up only emphasised the dark wrinkles and lines of her face and around her cruel mouth. And yet, something stirred in my memory, I knew that I had seen her face before but could not place where.

The others had no problems recognising her. Stiletto and Solitaire both gasped and their eyes widened with horror and Sapphire jumped in surprise before her face turned pale, while Miss Spiteful’s only reaction was to welcome the newcomer with a disdainful remark.

“Hello Seraph. We must have been executed and arrived in Hell already. I never expected to see you again outside of there.”

Seraph! I had heard the name mentioned in the Berlin clubs and bars that I had frequented in the war years and in whispered conversations between my mistresses when they thought that I was not listening but I knew very little about her. I was still certain however that I knew her face from somewhere.

Seraph stood over our leader with her hands on her hips and sneered her response.

“Spiteful! Still trying to prove that you are superior to me. You, the common Schlampe from Essen, who challenged me, the Dominafuhrer of Berlin!”

“And I won!” Miss Spiteful retorted. “I am still the Dominafuhrer!”

Seraph scowled, whirled away to the instrument table, picked up a whip and then returned to our line of chairs.

“Lies and treachery!” Seraph’s voice suddenly rose to a scream. “That’s what you used to discredit me! And these two backed you up!”

The tip of her whip wavered back and forth between Stiletto and Solitaire’s white faces. “A Bavarian Peasant and a Slavic Slut from Tilsit! You told lies about me so that she could take my position.”

“Was it a lie that it was your client who had been stealing confiscated jewellery that was earmarked for Goering?” Miss Spiteful suddenly roared back. Her face had gone pink with anger, something I had not seen for many years.

“Was it a lie that the Polizie came straight to Sapphire’s apartment and found the stolen items there when the man had never visited her but you had? Was it a lie that Sapphire appealed to you for help as a Sister and you refused unless she had sex with you? This woman was in prison for months until I could come back from America and get her released. We all told the truth to the Berlin Sisterhood and it was they who threw you out of the Order and made me Dominafuhrer.”

Seraph took a step back and then turned to Sapphire.

“It was your own fault. You had worked against me before this Bitch ever arrived in Berlin and after she left. You were the one who told the young novices, including these two, not to get involved with me or obey my decrees. I gave you your chance but you wouldn’t even kiss me. Why not?”

Sapphire held her chin up defiantly. “I don’t need to taste an apple to know that it’s rotten.”

Seraph suddenly lashed Sapphire across the face with the whip. Our companion’s chair went over backwards and the back of her head hit the floor with a sickening thud. When one of the Guards finally got her upright again we could see a long open cut across her already swelling left cheek, from the corner of her eye down to the jaw bone. Sapphire still seemed stunned and, as her head hung forward, blood dripped down from her chin onto her grubby blouse and gymslip. Solitaire had screamed when the blow landed and was now crying but Stiletto was anxiously leaning forward to see past me and check on Sapphire. Miss Spiteful had stayed silent after her own outburst but her face was grim and her eyes burning with hatred as she glared at Seraph.

Oblivious as to whether Sapphire could hear anything, Seraph screamed at her victim. “You deserved that, you working class, fat Berlin Bun! You think that you’re better than me. You are going to suffer and die. All of you!”

Oberst Hoeller had watched all this without comment but now rapped his desk for attention.

“Please get on with obtaining the information that I require. I want my team to secure the gold in West Berlin before it can be moved on.”

Seraph stepped away, her big chest still heaving, but stopped when Miss Spiteful hissed a question at her.

“I thought that your new masters regarded all citizens as classless. When did you turn traitor and start working for them?”

Seraph started to raise the arm with the whip again but let it fall back to her side. Perhaps she had realised that, despite being the prisoner, it was Miss Spiteful who was goading her into answering the questions. Nevertheless she fell into the trap.

“After you got Heydrich to dismiss me as Head of the Special Interrogation Unit, I asked him to let me run Salon Kitty’s but that nasty friend of yours, Schellenberg, refused to have me anywhere near the place. I decided that the Russians were more deserving of my loyalty. I made contact with them and, since I still performed services for Goering and some others, I was able to provide them with very good intelligence.”

Miss Spiteful gave a contemptuous laugh.

“Heydrich got rid of you because you used whores in the unit who had no idea how to extract information. They gave a few strokes of the cane, performed a sex act and got the information that your prisoners were happy to give you, not the really important intelligence that needed to be forced out of them. I didn’t even know that the unit existed and had nothing to do with removing you. It was also Heydrich’s decision that, if you couldn’t even run the Unit as a Whorehouse then, you wouldn’t be any good at running a real one. But I thought that you went to be Chef Oberaufseherin at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Your crude butchery would have been welcomed there.”                   

Once again, Seraph’s whip arm twitched but she controlled herself with an obvious effort as she replied to Miss Spiteful.

“I had to get out of Berlin. Schellenberg knew information was getting to the Russians and, although I wasn’t the only one working for them, he was suspicious of me because of the detailed intelligence I had supplied about you. Of course, my slaves and lovers kept me informed. Von Kreps was one of them. When Heydrich was killed, I used poor Viktor to pour poison about you into Himmler’s ear. The Reichsfuhrer didn’t like you anyway and it was easy to invent stories about you or put your name to things that someone else had done. I told Von Kreps to put the idea into Himmler’s mind that he should be put in charge of you. The incompetent idiot was supposed to discredit you and wreck your unit but it took the American Air force to put you out of a job.”

Seraph began to pace up and down in front of our chairs, flicking the whip against the top of her right boot. All at once, I recalled when I had seen her before. I had gone to Von Kreps office in Gestapo Headquarters to find the door locked, with grunting and squealing noises coming from within. It was not unusual occurrence for that establishment and, curious as ever, I had lurked at the end of the corridor to see who came out. It was the same woman; the profile, hair and fat bottom were unmistakable, even if she had been wearing an SS Female Auxiliary Uniform then. When I entered the office, Von Kreps had made his grab up my skirt and demanded that I should accommodate his needs if I knew what was good for me. In recounting this to Miss Spiteful later, I forgot to mention Von Kreps previous visitor, information that would probably have been of great interest to her. I shook my head sadly as Seraph continued.

“When Viktor told me that he had orders to kill you all and get Himmler’s gold out of Berlin, I persuaded him that this was our chance to take our revenge on you, escape the bloody end of the Third Reich and make off with the gold to start a new life together in Switzerland. Besides Alexanderplatz Bahnhof, Viktor and I had agreed a number of alternative hiding places for the gold and he was supposed to signal me to let me know which one he had used and that you were dead. When he came to the rendezvous I was going to kill him…”

“And turn the gold over to the Russians?” Miss Spiteful queried, a sceptical look on her face.

“Of course!” Seraph coloured and kept her face turned away from Oberst Hoeller, who was impatiently rapping a pencil on his desk when he was not glancing at his wristwatch. “Viktor never signalled and no one ever saw him again except you five.  I had forgotten that I had told him about losing my virginity on top of that tomb. The silly little man got so excited that he dribbled his load over my stomach before he could get his prick inside me.”

Suddenly, she turned on her heels and thrust her face close to Miss Spiteful’s.

“It was you!” She screamed. “You tortured or tricked him into telling you the location of the gold and then killed him.”

Miss Spiteful flinched and moved her head to avoid Seraph’s spittle before replying calmly. “He was still alive when we last saw him.”

“Ja,” I foolishly quipped. “I was the last to leave and he was still hanging around.”

Miss Spiteful flashed me a warning look but it was too late. Seraph turned to me and gave the underside of my chin a smack with her whip so that I had to lift my face towards hers. Her lips curled back in disgust at my appearance.

“So this is your freak. How dare you admit such a filthy creature into the Order. It demeans all women to class this as one of us.”

“This is all very fascinating but are you going to start questioning them or not?” Hoeller called out. “It will be dawn in a few hours and men in Russian uniforms loading gold bars into a Red Army truck in broad daylight are not likely to escape comment in West Berlin.” His voice mixed sarcasm with exasperation and impatience.

“This will not take long,” Seraph called back over her shoulder. “I could beat and torture these bitches all night, and they would just criticise my technique. But, stupid as he was, Viktor recognised that they, and especially this one, have a weakness.” She flicked her whip in Miss Spiteful’s direction. “He told me that they would do anything to protect their freak here from harm.”

“This is not necessary,” Miss Spiteful called out to Hoeller as I realised what Seraph was proposing to do. “We are willing to trade you the gold and the cash. There is no need to force the information from us.”

“Nein!” Seraph screamed. “It is a trick, just as they tricked Von Kreps.”

For the first time, Hoeller looked doubtful and Miss Spiteful pressed on.

“You will have all the treasure in your hands without having to invade West Berlin. Let me make a telephone call and I will arrange for the gold to be brought to a place where it can be exchanged for us.”

“I cannot do that.” Hoeller shook his head. “I would be executed myself if I let you go.”

“Listen to me,” Miss Spiteful leaned forward as she became more insistent. “I can assure you that that will not happen. In fact, you might well receive an order to release us.”

“Tricks! Lies and tricks!” Seraph whirled round on Hoeller. “Do not believe her. She is wasting time while the gold is being hidden or flown out of West Berlin. I can get them to tell me where me it is so you can get it back and then you can hang them. Tonight!”

Hoeller chewed his bearded lower lip and then waved his hand at Seraph.

“Very well. Get on with it!”   

Seraph threw her whip onto the table and then stripped off her uniform jacket, skirt, shirt and tie to reveal a bulging black corselet with suspenders, stretched taut over massive thighs, holding up black stockings. When she reached behind her head to tie her curls into a pony tail, big brown freckled breasts pushed against, and spilled over, the bodice of her undergarment.                       

Stiletto giggled. “I see you still have those wonderful schenkels. We used to call you Miss Thunder thighs.” Despite our predicament, we all chuckled except for Sapphire who had started to come round and groaned as she felt the pain from her wound and bruises.

“You Topel!” Seraph slapped Stiletto across her face. “I offered you and this other slut the chance to be my novices and to initiate you both into the delights of Sapphic love which you spurned and then you betrayed me.” Seraph almost spat at Solitaire in her anger. Stiletto, her normally porcelain white cheek glowing red, remained calm as she replied.

“Your offer to us was that, if we did not become your lovers, you would tell the Polizie that we were unregistered Prostitutes so that we would be arrested and forced to undergo testing for venereal diseases. It was only when Miss Spiteful threatened to tell Goering that you had had syphilis that you left me alone and Sapphire had to do the same to save Solitaire from you. That’s why you framed Sapphire and let her go to prison!”

As Seraph recoiled, Solitaire also joined in. “We have not betrayed anyone. We worked for our country until the Nazis turned on us. None of us has abandoned or attacked our friends.”

Seraph’s face darkened and she retreated to pick up her whip again.

Sapphire opened her eyes and raised her head. “What’s happening?” she asked, her voice slurred.

“I’m just about to start, you stupid cow.” Seraph snapped. “You haven’t missed anything.”

Miss Spiteful struggled to rise to her feet but was held down by the handcuffs securing her to the chair. “Take me first,” she demanded.

“Oh no!” Seraph chuckled. “I’ve told you that I’m not going to waste my time and energy on you.” She suddenly pointed her whip directly at me and ordered. “Take that one!”

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