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The Dominafuhrer 1952
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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 15 - Signals From The Past

September 1952

"Well, what do they say?" For the umpteenth time, Miss Spiteful impatiently rapped her fingernails on the top of the diner table and I continued to ignore her while I crossed out yet another group of four letters inserted into the message to confuse Allied code-breakers. I had already deciphered the first signal but the devil was in me and I was determined to complete the second before revealing their contents.

Miss Spiteful stood up and stomped off in frustration to refill her wineglass. She was still wearing her platinum wig and the tight diaphanous, white spangled dress with a side-split up to the right thigh. Nor had she yet removed the white pancake makeup and bright red lipstick that her previous customer liked her to wear.

I had stripped off in Kelly's bedroom while Hoover had watched me with growing excitement and then allowed him to dress me in a tight corset and French Maid's outfit. His trembling stubby fingers and sweaty hands had fumbled with the clips and fastenings and taken every opportunity to touch my genitals, bottom and legs but, apart from urging him to hurry, I had not complained at his caresses.

I was at the door, when the bell rang, to admit a tall, handsome man with bushy hair and a wide toothy smile. He managed to grope my bottom twice as I conducted him to meet Miss Spiteful in the dungeon. After helping him undress, I had retired to the drawing room and joined Hoover at the two way mirror concealed behind yet another of the photographs on the wall. It was not long before he was fumbling at my groin as well as his own and he masturbated us both as we watched and listened to the session in the dungeon on headphones.

The visitor began by worshipping Miss Spiteful's feet, moving his lips and hands up her stockinged legs exposed by the side-split in her dress. While doing so he told Miss Spiteful, and our selves, about his sexual desires, his conquests and his need for continual sexual gratification. After a punishment beating with a cane, he was allowed to feel and nuzzle her bottom and we heard complaints about his father and the rest of his family. Another beating followed and then, while he rested his head on Miss Spiteful's bosom, he cried as he masturbated and expounded on his political ambitions, including his intention to become President.

"Not if I have anything to do with it!" Hoover grunted and then ejaculated into his apron. He dropped to his knees, groped my suspenders and buttock and then gave me a blow-job as Miss Spiteful gave her customer a final thrashing. I shot my sperm down his throat and left him coughing and spluttering so that I could be ready to help the customer dress and show him back to the front door. I tried to keep my distance from him but he managed to put his hand on my cleavage as I curtsied at the front door.

Soon after Hoover had put Mary back in the suitcase that he kept in Miss Spiteful's apartment and reappeared in his brown pin-striped suit there was another ring on the door bell and two armed agents delivered a wooden box and a sealed package, which Hoover signed for. He told Miss Spiteful that Agents from his New York office would collect the items the following day and departed with his obsequious men who had not said anything but "Yes, Director."

Still in my maid's outfit, I unpacked the delivery in the dining room, set the machine up on the table, and got to work.

Kelly returned first, not all pleased to see me wearing her costume, and began making loud noises in the kitchen until Miss Spiteful demanded silence on pain of a severe beating. I worked on, uninterrupted until the other mistresses came back, having thoroughly enjoyed spending Miss Spiteful's dollars and clamoured to know how I was getting on. It took a selection of curse words in German and English that I had acquired from my own military experience and from David to encourage them to clear off to the drawing room and leave me in peace.

It was not an easy task. Back in Berlin or on the battlefield, I could have inserted the wheels and sorted out the spaghetti - like tangle of plugs and wires at the back in less than twenty minutes but I have to admit that I had got rusty. Then I had to check that the settings on the signals matched those of the appropriate day in the big red codebook for the rotors and the plugs. It was an hour before I could type in the first character and a make a note of which letter was illuminated in the rows of little holes above the keyboard.

After that, I had several pages with columns of four letter groups which I had recheck against the code book before I could start eliminating the rubbish groups, inserted for deception purposes, and making sense from what remained.

I ground out yet another cigarette in the overflowing ashtray and realised that I had finished. Amongst all the crossings out I could now read both messages and, tearing two fresh pages of the ruled pad, I transcribed fair copies of the texts.

Five minutes later, I joined my friends in the drawing room where Kelly, in her spare maid's outfit and a slave collar, was serving drinks and a buffet meal. She ignored me when I sat down and looked at her expectantly and it took a threatening look from Miss Spiteful before a full plate and glass were placed in front of me.

Sapphire, who had obviously become tired and emotional again, burst into tears.

"It's all my fault. I went back to Berlin on my false passport but I'd promised Bibi that she would be buried in her real name. The Nazis must have spotted that and now I've put you all in danger."

Miss Spiteful squeezed her hand. "Nonsense, they would have tracked us down sooner or later. Now, at least, we can find out what they want us for."

I was wolfing down my sandwiches and sipping my wine when I realised that the room had gone quiet and everyone was looking at the papers on my lap. I finished eating and then coolly lit a cigarette before a hissing noise from Miss Spiteful's direction encouraged me to start talking.

"The first signal is the one which Von Kreps was supposed to have sent to Himmler in his Headquarters in Ziethen but, if it had been transmitted, the Signal Office would have written a time of origin and an acknowledgement of receipt on it. From the contents, I would say that he intended to have it transmitted after he had dealt with us. I drew on my cigarette and read off the top sheet of paper.

'Your order executed and Special Interrogation Unit closed down stop All members dealt with as your instructions stop All records destroyed and specified memorandum recovered stop Your deposits removed from Reichsbank vaults and secured overnight in Friedrichshain flak tower stop Twelve 2cm ammunition boxes marked property of Altes Museum and consecutively numbered HH1001 to HH1012 stop If unable to secure Luftwaffe transport will leave Berlin today in armoured vehicles before roads to west are cut off stop Will give my life if necessary to ensure that mission is accomplished stop Heil Hitler stop'

"We’re too late!" Sapphire wailed. "The Friedrichshain flak towers were demolished by the Russians, covered with earth and rubble and grassed over. I saw the photographs in the Berlin newspapers that I have sent to me. They even built a railway to take all the landfill to the top. The gold is buried seventy metres under a small mountain. We can't get at it there!"

The Nazis had built three massive flak towers, as big as medieval castles, with smaller control towers alongside. They had bristled with anti-aircraft guns, contained hospitals, air raid shelters for thousands, storage rooms and had had their own water and power supplies. National treasures had been housed in them for safekeeping and, in the final battle for Berlin, the towers had been used as redoubts against the Russian Army. Although battered by heavy artillery, none had been taken by assault, only capitulating when the city itself was surrendered.

I decided to tease them for a few minutes longer before I read out the second signal.

"I don't think so. After the war ended, the Nazi Werewolves bombed the museum storage rooms in the main Friedrichshain tower. Artefacts worth millions of Reichmarks were destroyed in the fire. If the gold had been there, it would have been discovered when the mess was cleaned up afterwards and everything was returned to the museums.

"Plutz said that he was in the Werewolves," Stiletto asked. "Who were they?"

"The Nazi resistance movement," I replied. "They murdered the Mayor of Aachen and, just after I arrived, they blew up Police Headquarters in Bremen. They made a nuisance of themselves for a year or so and then just faded away."

"There was going to be thousands of them," Miss Spiteful interjected. "The SS had a whole department turning out false identities. That's where I stole all of ours from. But," she looked at me. "We know that Von Kreps was planning his own escape. I don't think that he would tell Himmler where he had really hidden the gold if he was intending to make off with it as well. What does the other message say?"

Miss Spiteful was too shrewd and had spoilt my game. I sighed and picked up the second sheet of paper.

"This has good news and bad news. Again, there is no time of origin but, more surprisingly, there is no addressee. Von Kreps had probably enciphered them both himself and was going to fill in the destination when he got to the signal office. It is in the same code however, so the recipient had to have had access to an SS enigma machine."

I looked at Kelly and this time she quickly refilled my wine glass which I sipped from before reading out aloud.

'The bitch and her friends are dead Stop We are both avenged stop Have signalled Himmler that his boxes are stored in Friedrichshain flak tower but have substituted iron bars and sand stop Will give fake boxes to his watchers and let them fight their way out of Berlin stop Decided not to use Alexanderplatz for storage stop Am being watched and questions have been asked about my interest in Bahnhof stop Remembered what you told me about JB and real boxes are safe with him stop All witnesses have been eliminated stop Will now disappear stop Meet at rendezvous as arranged stop'

"That's it,” I concluded, tossing the papers onto the coffee table. "Von Kreps stole Himmler's gold but now he's dead. Whoever JB is, he's a very rich man."

Miss Spiteful pulled a face, recognising that our quest had come to an end. It seemed that Von Kreps's secret had died with him.

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