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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 18 - Six Hatch A Plan

September 1952

When everyone had come back to the apartment and eaten, Miss Spiteful reconvened our meeting in the diner and asked for reports on our assignments.

Stiletto and Solitaire had established that none of us would need a visa for entering West Germany, providing that we were not intending to work or take up residence. Berlin was in the unusual position of not being regarded as part of the Federal Republic and there were no restrictions on entry. They had booked flight tickets for us all, leaving New York for Frankfurt that evening, with a connecting flight to Berlin in the morning.

Sapphire had full details on the various weights, dimensions and markings of gold bars that had been used by the Reichsbank, plus names and contact details for people in Berlin and Zurich who would handle and sell bullion on our behalf with the minimum of questions. She then showed us some rough drawings that she had made of Jorgen Bosch's tomb and it's location within the cemetery and the park.

Miss Spiteful, who had yet to reveal the full details of the strategy that she had devised, told us that she had arranged for funds to be put at Sugar's disposal in Berlin and for us to draw on when we arrived. She also had the names of some Berliners who might be of assistance to us and had spoken to J Edgar Hoover, from whom she had obtained a contact in Berlin.

"Storm," she turned to me. "How did you get on with your researches?"

"First of all," I replied. "You wanted to know about the two centimetre ammunition boxes. The trouble is that Von Kreps did not specify if they were for carrying the magazines or loose ammunition. The magazine containers are the more likely as they were metal and look like big petrol cans. The loose shells came in flat wooden boxes with rope handles although, at the end of the war, I did see flak units getting their ammunition in pressed paper boxes. I don't think that they would survive seven years underground."

I flipped over the notes that I had made in the library.

"As Stiletto and Solitaire reported, there are no restrictions on entry into West Berlin and, theoretically, East Berlin as well. In practice, since May of this year, the East Germans have imposed severe restrictions on travel between the Federal and Democratic Republics to stop their population haemorrhaging to the west. They cannot do the same in Berlin because the city is still supposedly under Four Power military control but, what they have done is to make crossing the border between their zone and those of the western powers more difficult. The number of approved vehicle crossing points has been reduced from twenty-seven to eight and, although you can still walk across the border merely by crossing the road, there are frequent foot patrols that make spot checks on identity papers. Public transport still goes backwards and forwards across the border but the embarkation points for the trains, trams and buses are all watched. The Communists have not stopped travel into their side of Berlin from East Germany so all refugees have to do is buy a ticket to the west. There have been complaints from the Allied Powers about harassment of travellers at the crossing points. The only vehicles and personnel that enjoy free and unrestricted entry into any zone are those of the Military Powers and that includes Russians going into the west. I have made a list of all the crossing points and put them on your map of Berlin."

"Thank you, Storm." Miss Spiteful said. "That was very precise and helpful. What did you bring back, Kelly?"

Her slave lifted up a paper carrier bag and tipped the contents out onto the dining table. We all took some documents from the pile that had emerged and began sorting and reading. Maps, hotel and travel information was passed to Miss Spiteful's end of the table while Sapphire took all the newspapers and magazines. Kelly and I were given everything on history and political propaganda and Stiletto and Solitaire sorted through the brochures advertising forthcoming sporting and cultural events in the eastern part of the city.

We were well into a second pot of coffee and Kelly had helped me finish my pack of cigarettes when Stiletto spoke up.

"What about this? There's a three day 'International Workers Festival of Folk Song and Dance' being held in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. It starts today and finishes on Thursday night."

"There's more here in one of the newspapers," Sapphire said. "It's quite a big event. East Berlin is trying to rival the Berliner Festwocken in the West. Competitors and Artists are coming from all over the world. It closes with a concert and the prize giving, followed by a firework display on the big bunker. Apparently, in addition to the main competition, there are continuous side shows with performances by singers and dancers in their national costumes."

"Excellent," Miss Spiteful made some notes on her pad. "That sounds like a perfect cover story for getting in and out of East Berlin. The East Germans are so anxious for international recognition that they will welcome anyone from overseas with open arms. When Sugar calls me back later, I'll tell her to get us all invitations and hire some costumes."

We all looked at Miss Spiteful in horror until Sapphire summoned up the courage to challenge her.

"But none of us here are musical and you certainly cannot sing or dance. Sugar is the only professional singer." ('I didn't know that,' I thought.)

"We will not be performing," Miss Spiteful dismissed Sapphire's objection. "All we need is a legitimate excuse and a disguise to enter East Berlin and be in the Volkspark. Everyone will be watching the concert and we will be behind the hedge that you say surrounds the cemetery. When the crowds leave after the fireworks we will go with them. If this is as big as they claim then I am sure that there will be plenty of people, in or out of costume, crossing the border at the same time as us. With everything that is going on in the East and the West, Berlin is going to be packed with visitors, which is good for us. There's not enough suitable accommodation in East Berlin for them all and The East Germans Border Guards will not want to cause an upset by holding up their international guests at the check points. We shall blend in with them"

We were all still very dubious but Miss Spiteful had made her decision.

"As I said, I'll speak to Sugar later. She will need to rent a vehicle for us as well as a truck for the gold. I'll add them to the list of things for her to do or get for us."

She looked at Stiletto and Solitaire. "You had both better call your husbands now. Storm has spoken to hers. Girls," she announced, "start packing. We are going home!"

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