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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 11 - Solace For Solitaire

September 1952

At last Kelly sat up between us. "Would anyone like a drink? I could do with one."

"What I really need at the moment is the WC," I replied. "Then I'll have a glass and a cigarette."

"I'll come with you." Solitaire said, swinging her legs off the bed.

We padded along to the bathroom and I waited while Solitaire urinated into the toilet bowl. She had no inhibitions and I found the sight of the golden fountain springing from the hairy lips in her groin and the tinkling as it landed in the water beneath her very erotic. While she used the bidet and dried herself off, I sat down and tried to direct downwards the stream from my stiffening penis. As I cleaned myself, Solitaire was searching the bathroom cabinet.

"We'll take this with us," she said, holding up a tube of lubricant.

When we returned to the bedroom, Kelly had produced two bottles of wine and three glasses and we all huddled on the bed together drinking, kissing, touching and stroking each other sensually while Kelly and I smoked.

When both bottles were empty, Solitaire leapt of the bed and stared down at Kelly and myself. Her face was as flushed and her eyes were glassy as ours and she was swaying slightly on her feet.

"Get a move on you two," she demanded. "I need to be fucked and buggered before I go to sleep and I'm going to encourage you both with the lash."

Kelly stubbed her cigarette out, took her other her off one of my breasts and grinned at me. "It's hard being a slave. But, I need to go the can first."

Solitaire dismissed her with a wave and then pulled me to my feet and gave me a cuddle with her head on my chest.

"Please, don't let me down Ingrid." Her voice was slurred and she was on the point of tears. "If I have got to back to my husband, I need some erotic memories to keep me from going mad. You just don't know what I have to put up with" She clung to me even harder and a sob racked her naked body. I stroked her damp hair and felt my penis stiffen as her warm, soft flesh pressed against mine. I lifted her chin with a finger and pressed her lips to mine, tasting the salt from the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.

"I love you, Elizabeth." I whispered to her, using her real forename for the first time ever between us.

We were still standing there, clutching each other, when Kelly returned from the bathroom and there was a sucking sound as we pulled our sticky bodies apart.

Solitaire lashed Kelly and myself three times each to restore our erections and our adrenaline levels and I did the same to her to get her juices flowing. Then Kelly and I liberally applied the lubricating jelly to our penises while Solitaire tried on Kelly's white, high-heeled shoes. "I'll need these if I'm going to be between you two," she said, checking that our sexual organs were now all at the same height.

Kelly and Solitaire embraced while erect penis was guided into welcoming vagina and, when it was safely docked, I stepped up behind Solitaire. My own glistening shaft pushed between her buttocks and sought her secret opening. Once her sphincter muscles had been coaxed apart, I thrust upwards and Solitaire gasped as she took the whole length of my engorged phallus inside her.

We wrapped our arms around each other, my hands grasping Solitaires breasts. Kelly seized mine while Solitaire clutched at her buttocks, pulling them closer together.

Kelly and I started to thrust our shafts in and out of Solitaire, crushing her between us as we got our rhythm together and making her squeal and groan as the breath was forced out her body. I could feel Kelly's hard phallus pressing against mine through the thin membrane that separated the two passages inside Solitaire's body. I looked over Solitaire's head at Kelly, whose blonde hair was now plastered over her flushed face. Her eyes had rolled upwards, her mouth was open and she was breathing harshly. My body was a jumble of sensations. My hands were full of Solitaires breasts, her stiff nipples pressing against my palms. My own, gripped by Kelly, were rubbing up and down Solitaire’s shoulder blades, my testicles were swinging against her bottom and my sore penis was sending signals of pain and extreme pleasure around my entire nervous system.

Kelly came first. I felt her shaft pulse and swell on the upstroke and then she gasped and moaned, her fingernails digging into my breasts. Solitaire was pushed back against me by Kelly's bucking body and then I exploded inside her as well. My penis was like a howitzer, flinging my semen deep into her rectum.

Solitaire screamed, "Ja! Ja!" She rose up in our arms and the three of us performed a weird tableau as our orgasms racked and jerked our bodies about. Kelly and I pumped our seed into Solitaire, who was buffeted and trapped between us, her feet almost clear of her borrowed shoes, until we had thoroughly expended ourselves. Liquid dripped onto our feet from Solitaires vagina where Kelly's shaft had not been able to stem the flow of her juices.

Kelly and I slowed down our thrusts and then ceased but Solitaire continued to writhe and moan until she suddenly went rigid and then limp, slumping in our arms.

We carried her to the bed, turned down the sheets and laid her, semi-comatose on her side, with her head on a pillow. Kelly and I sat on the edge of the bed, smoking a cigarette each, but unable to speak. The effects of the long flight, the wine and the exertions of the last hours had completely drained me. Finally, having extinguished our cigarettes, I crawled into the centre of the bed and snuggled up behind Solitaire, my right hand cupping her breast and her buttocks against my groin so that, when my penis recovered, it would rise up into the gap between her thighs.

Kelly put the light out and got into bed as well, pulling the covers up over us all. She took the same position behind me as I had with Solitaire and I felt the wet tip of her penis pressing against my sphincter. I purred with pleasure and hoped that Kelly would push to penetrate me in the night.

In the last moments before sleep claimed us all, Solitaire stirred, wriggled closer to me and whispered "Thank you, Ingrid. I love you. I have always loved you."

Kelly muttered in my ear "I still hate you."

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