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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 21 - Spoiling Miss Spiteful

September 1952

The connecting door to the next bedroom slammed open and a shaft of light spilled in.

“Kelly! Have you got any lubricant for my Godemiche? If I don’t work this anger off, I swear that I am going to kill someone!”

We both froze again and, without letting Kelly’s penis slip from between my lips, I raised my head slightly to look over her thigh.

Miss Spiteful was silhouetted in the doorway, stark naked and holding out her favourite large dildo.

Were we never going to have our orgasms, I wondered as I realised that Kelly had raised her right arm and was flapping it in the general direction of the dressing table.

“Ach!” Miss Spiteful realised that her slave was not alone on the bed in the darkened room. “Sorry Girls.”

She retreated into her own room, leaving the door open while Kelly and I remained in our state of suspended animation. Only our pounding hearts and throbbing shafts were moving as we wondered what was going to happen next.

I heard Miss Spiteful return, cross the room to the dressing table and then the clink of glass as she placed some objects on the top. A moment or two later, I realised that she was standing over me at the foot of the bed. I looked up and saw that she was holding her long black dildo by the handgrip and that the shaft was glistening with liberally applied jelly.

"Carry on, Girls," she instructed and then sighed. "I don't know what's wrong with me but it seems that I'm the only one who hasn't be getting any sex lately."

Both mine and Kelly's penises had begun to soften during the interruption but we still dared not continue our oral ministrations. I felt a tug on my shaft as Kelly raised to her head to see what was happening down my end of the bed.

Miss Spiteful put her free hand on the ginger curls of her vaginal mound, lifted her clitoris with one finger and parted the lips of her labia with two others. She then slowly inserted the tip of her dildo into her vagina, gasping as the phallus slid in and arching her back when the rubber column disappeared up to the handle.

This spectacle brought an immediate response from Kelly and myself as our penises stiffened again and we resumed our mutual fellatio. Miss Spiteful climbed onto the bed so that her knees were either side of Kelly's stockinged feet and her groin was just above my head. There was a squelch as she pulled and pushed at the handgrip, massaging her clitoris at the same time with her other hand. Kelly and I were soon back at the point in our ecstasy where we had paused before and ejaculation was only moments away.

Suddenly, I felt Miss Spiteful's fingernails raking my body and I bounced on the bed in shock and pain. Seconds later, Kelly did the same as the treatment was applied to her. We received alternate strokes on our backs and spines as well as our sides but, by now, Kelly's penis was jerking in my mouth and her warm creamy semen was flooding down my throat. I had to clamp my lips firmly around her shaft to stop any of the delicious liquid escaping down my chin.

My own penis was now pulsing and spurting seed and Kelly had to clamp a hand on my buttocks to keep me in place as my hips recoiled away from her face. Blood pounded in my ears, joy, ecstasy and pain swept over my body as we pumped our into each other's bodies and even when we had ceased doing that there was still the salty taste in our mouths to savour before we swallowed.

I realised that Miss Spiteful's body was still above my head and that the dildo was moving in and out of her vagina like a piston. Her breasts were rising and falling as her chest heaved and she grunted at each upward thrust.

I let Kelly's shaft slip from my lips and gently pulled my hips back so that she would know to release mine. I kept going back until I slid off the bed onto my stockinged feet and then leant forward to whisper in Kelly's ear.

"I want to help her. Go and get the massage oil, now."

As Kelly went to do my bidding I padded round the bed until I stood behind Miss Spiteful's shuddering body. With her eyes closed, she seemed quite oblivious of my proximity.

Kelly returned with the bottle and poured some of the scented oil into my cupped hands, which I then smeared over Miss Spiteful's shoulders. She jumped at my touch and the shock of the cold liquid on her skin and then relaxed as I felt for and then kneaded her taut neck and shoulder muscles. I smoothed and worked the oil into her shoulder blades, stroking my finger tips across her back, up and down her spine and beneath her armpits. She shuddered again and the pumping of her dildo quickened in tempo.

Kelly watched intently, tipping more oil into my palms when I held them out and noting the parts of her Mistress's body that reacted to my administrations.

I returned to Miss Spiteful's shoulder blades, giving her back and sides some final smoothing strokes before starting work on the small of her back and her buttocks. By now her grunts were interspersed with purrs, gasps or groans, depending on where I touched her or whether I was using my palms, my fingers or my fingernails.

When I delved into the gap between her buttocks, her back arched and she yelped, as if in pain.

I knelt on the bed in front of her, accepted some oil from Kelly into my cupped hands and then placed them on the hollows of Miss Spiteful's throat. From there, my hands swept up her neck, out along her shoulders and then down to her jiggling breasts with their erect nipples. When I tweaked at the oily, pink buds, her eyes opened in surprise. She smiled briefly before closing them again and her right hand pumped even faster at the dildo in her vagina.

The next time that Kelly filled my hands, I indicated that she should take some and repeat my previous strokes on Miss Spiteful's back while I finished off her breasts and moved on down her torso, as far as her vibrating right arm would allow me.

Miss Spiteful was now breathing harshly and when both of us began to work on her, she shivered, howled and then screamed at the ceiling, "Ja! Ja! Mehr! Viel mehr! Wieder!"

Her body spasmed and jerked from side to side, flicking her copper coloured locks around her head. She stopped pumping with her hand but her body continued to shudder as Kelly and I raked our fingernails up and down her skin. Finally, she slumped forward onto me and I called to Kelly for help. Together, we lifted Miss Spiteful further up the bed and turned her onto her back so that her head could rest on the pillows. After a few minutes her chest stopped heaving, her breathing returned to normal and she opened her eyes.

"Thank you, Girls," she murmured. "I really enjoyed that but who said that you could stop massaging?"

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