The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 2 - Storm Takes A Bow

September 1952

It was just after noon of the following day when I awoke in the little bedroom on the second floor that Sugar had directed me to. I could hear noises coming up from the café, so I had a cold wash and shave and put on a dab of makeup before I dressed and ventured downstairs.

I was surprised to find the café full of customers with tables and chairs, set outside the front door, all occupied as well. Little oil lamps on the tables and two big lanterns hanging over the bar provided lighting, although it was still gloomy away from the windows. The previously empty shelves behind the bar were now stocked with bottles and packs of cigarettes and the counter itself was piled with dirty glasses, cups, plates and cutlery.

“About bloody time too!” Sugar’s voice came from the little kitchen behind the bar. She was tending a frying pan on a gas cooker that was connected to a big canister. I could smell bread, sausages and, above all, coffee! A big percolator was bubbling on one of the gas rings and I made straight for it.

“Not so fast, Sleeping Beauty!” Sugar waved a carving knife under my nose. “I need all that washing up done first. There’s a tub of hot water in the sink over there. Then there’s an apron hanging up behind the door and a pad on the counter. All the prices are chalked up on the board. It might be your money that bought all this stock but, right now, I do not need a sleeping partner!”

“Oh please, Sugar,” I whined. “Just some coffee first.”

Sugar flipped a sausage from the pan onto some freshly sliced bread and handed me the plate. “Table two in the far corner. I’ll have a cup waiting for you.”

That cup of coffee was sheer bliss but the fresh milk and sugar made it heaven on earth. I was also allowed a couple of puffs on an American cigarette before I was prodded out into the café by a kitchen fork.

I had worked as a waiter in Hamburg when I was still at school and before I joined the SS so none of the work was new to me. Custom slackened off in the late afternoon and, before the evening bar trade began, I had time to eat something myself before I slipped upstairs to wash, shave and change. Coming down again, I was almost at the bottom of the stairs before one of the male customers noticed me and whistled. Then, as the others looked up, there was an appreciative roar and a scattering of applause. Sugar had been leaning on the bar and, at first; she frowned but then smiled and clapped as well.

I paused on the bottom step and, in my French maid’s outfit, curtsied to the customers giving them a good view of my cleavage.

“Guten arben, mein herren. May I take your orders, please?”

It was still light when we closed so that everyone could observe the curfew, laxly enforced as it was, but once Sugar and I had brought in the folding chairs and tables from outside we sat down ourselves for a drink and a cigarette before cleaning up.

Sugar poured us a glass of brandy each and then turned the bottle round to gaze at the label.

“Honey, you will never know how close I was yesterday to selling my body just to get some money. I had that half bottle left and, after I had had a drink I was going to go out and try my luck on the street. But, I said the Word and you walked in. It’s the first time that I have ever tried and it worked.”

I told Sugar of how the Word had brought Miss Spiteful to my rescue and then we spent a pleasant few minutes adding up the contents of the cash drawer.

“Well,” Sugar sat back and took another sip from her glass. “We haven’t got back what I spent on the Black Market this morning but that’s more money than I’ve seen in the drawer since I got here. I’ve made a big hole in your cash but I haven’t touched the diamonds yet. That will come later.”

She looked around. “There’s a lot more that we must buy and we’ll need equipment and clothes for the dungeon.”

Sugar had shown me her dungeon on the first floor which had a whipping frame fixed to a wall, a padded saw horse and a few whips that had survived the allied bombs. I had brought a few items with me but the room looked very bare.

“We’ll make a list later,” Sugar looked thoughtful. “Not all of the Gestapo equipment was destroyed or taken as souvenirs. If it’s still around, I know the people who can lay their hand on it for us. We could both do with some new outfits as well. Nice touch with the maid’s uniform, by the way. That will give us a bit of notoriety. I’ll put the word out that Sugar and Storm will soon be back in business.”

“Can you get us some rope?” I asked. “I’ve had some lessons in Japanese bondage. It can get very erotic.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sugar stretched and yawned. “I’ve had enough. We can get up early in the morning and clean up.”

“There’s one more thing that I need.” I showed her my last bottle of female hormones that I injected myself with. Sugar looked at it and nodded.

“I’ll ask around. There can’t be much call for it at the moment. Everyone wants the new drugs like Penicillin. I did hear that these hormones were being done in tablets. Would that be all right?”

I thanked her and lit another cigarette. “Do you think that we will get any Americans in here?”

Sugar gave me a shrewd look, her left eye flicking from side to side.

“Well there are the non fraternisation rules but, providing that you can prove that you were never a Nazi, the Yanks are more relaxed about them than the British. The docks are just down the road and they will certainly come in here if we can keep stocked up and get a good reputation in our other trade. The only ones that I wouldn’t want to see are their Military Police. I might need to pay them off then. I'm not worried about the new Civilian Police. They are a joke because all of the old force were dismissed for being Nazis. But I don’t want anyone getting nosy about where our stock comes from or what our other business is. Why do you want to know?”

When I told her that I wanted to meet an American serviceman who would take me back to the United States with him, she laughed.

“So Miss Spiteful sold you her dream, did she? That’s all she used to talk about when we younger. She got there once and I’m sure that she has made it back there again. Listen, Honey.” She took one of my hands in hers. “It’s all right to have a dream but, for the present, you have to survive. Don’t let yourself be taken in. You’re a Mistress now!”

I nodded, feeling a lump in my throat and my eyes water. I changed the subject to hide my emotions.

“Sugar, how did you manage to…? You being a…?” My voice trailed off as glint came into her good eye.

“What you would like to know is how a Schwarzer survived under the Nazis. Miss Spiteful said that you never stopped asking questions.” Then she laughed again. “I don’t mind telling you. First of all, I’m Dutch. My father was a Seaman and my mother came from Curacao. Second, Miss Spiteful, who got me into Germany in the first place, put the word out that I was under her protection and finally, you would be surprised how many Nazis enjoyed being whipped and dominated by a coloured woman. They even wanted me to work for them but I refused. Is that enough questions for tonight? I can’t keep my eyes open much longer.”

I stretched my stockinged legs out in front of me. “Do you think that we can boil up enough hot water so that I can shave my legs?”

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