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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 24 - Sugar's Stroll In The Park

September 1952

We were the last to arrive in Miss Spiteful's bedroom where another lunch had been laid out. Miss Spiteful still seemed in a foul temper but Sapphire had a smug smile on her face. Sugar and Kelly had changed back out the American Army Military Policewomen uniforms that they had worn for their reconnaissance of East Berlin but both still had their hair combed flat and tied back. Their faces were devoid of make up except for a pale lipstick on Kelly's. Her eyes avoided mine as she handed round the plates of sandwiches and other refreshments before taking the seat furthest away from me.

Sugar, blithely ignoring the glowering looks from Miss Spiteful, opened up a large map of Berlin and traced their route with one of her long brown fingers.

"Right, getting in and out of Berlin was no problem. As soon as the guards at the checkpoints saw our vehicle, they raised the pole and waved us through. We made sure that entered and left via the British Zone though. We didn't want to risk being stopped for a chat by a real American MP. When we got to the Volkspark, we drove once around the outside. As you can see from the map the park is roughly oblong in shape with an angle at the top where Am Friedrichshain meets Kniprodestrasse. Danziegerstrasse is the eastern boundary, Landsberger Allee runs across the bottom and Friedenstrasse is down the western edge. A new swimming stadium has been built at the eastern end, on the far side of the old Hospital. Directly to the north of the hospital is the Kleiner Bunkerberg on top of the old control tower. Just south of the centre of the park is the open-air stage where the main festival concert will take place. North west of that is the Grosser Bunkerberg, over the main flak tower, and top left-hand corner is some structure with fountains, grottoes and lots of statues."

"Oh, the Marchenbrunnen!" Sapphire exclaimed. "It is so beautiful. All the statues are of fairy tale characters. I loved it as a child."

Sugar smiled and moved her finger back a patch of green shaped like an exclamation mark at the left-hand side of the hospital.

"This is what we are interested in, the Eighteen Forty Eight Cemetery on Landsberger Allee. As Sapphire told us, it is closed for reconstruction but all they have done is put metal gates across the main entrance at the bottom. A park road bisects the cemetery half way up and the gaps in the hedge at either end have been closed off with wire and sheets of corrugated iron. The hedge itself is ragged in places and, if we can't open one of the entrances we could still push our way through. There is a gated compound just inside the main entrance with a couple of locked huts for the workmen's tools and stores. We couldn't see a night watchman's hut so, hopefully, it is unguarded. An access road from Landsberger Allee comes up the left-hand side to a small platz at the top and then continues into the hospital grounds. Down the right side, there's a park road between the cemetery hedge and the hospital boundary fence. The public car park on Friedenstrasse was full so we parked on the roadside and then wandered around the park, asking questions in bad German. We found out that the workmen go home at six. We had a stroll through the Festival, which is in full swing and packed with spectators and performers. I can assure you that our costumes will not look out of place there. It was like being on the film set of 'The Wizard of Oz'. If we had looked closer we would probably have found some Munchkins."

She paused and looked up Miss Spiteful who did not seem amused so Sugar shrugged and continued her report.

"As I said, there are performances on the big stage but it is surrounded by lots of marquees and tents for the side events, changing rooms and refreshments. There are also sausage, sauerkraut and beer stalls all over the park. The Grosser Bunkerberg is fenced off because of the firework display at ten tonight, after the last performance and prize giving. Miss Spiteful is right. That's the time we should do the deed when everyone is watching the stage and the fireworks and then leave with the crowds."

"Did you have any trouble?" Sapphire asked.

"After a while, a couple of East Berlin Polizie didn't like the look of us. I just pointed to our American uniforms and reminded them in my worst German, with a deep south accent, that, as one of the occupying powers, we had the right to go anywhere in East Berlin without hindrance." She grinned broadly, showing her white teeth. “We were followed back to our truck but they didn't bother us again. One thing, I couldn't see was if the park closed after the concert."

"Oh, no!" Sapphire interjected again. "It is open all night."

"Just like your legs," Miss Spiteful snapped and Sapphire gave her an injured look in return.

“What about the hospital?” Solitaire asked. “Could anyone see us in the cemetery from the windows?”

“It’s unlikely,” Sugar replied. “The trees and bushes in the cemetery have regrown and look quite thick. Besides, as I said, there’s a wooden fence on the hospital side of the path and the nearest building is a low one that looks like a clinic or laboratories. It shouldn't be occupied in the evening. Our advice is that you park in the hospital grounds and get into the cemetery from that side. If we are quick loading up, I can also bring the truck round there and get out again before anyone gets too curious. Finally,” she added. "We picked the castings up from Erich on the way back. They are stored in the garage now and look great."

“Very well done to both of you.” Miss Spiteful took charge of the meeting again. “We go tonight then. Dusk is at seven and the final performance begins at seven thirty. If we go in with the crowds we should not be noticed. We’ll just have to hope that no sex mad teenagers want to break into the cemetery tonight as well. We have until ten to dig up the boxes and wait for Sugar to turn up with her truck. We load her up and return to West Berlin with all the others leaving the festival. Any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads except Solitaire. “How do we know that they haven’t already opened the tomb and found the gold during the reconstruction work?”

Miss Spiteful frowned, “We don’t but the Nazis wouldn’t still be looking for it if someone had found it. Things like that don't remain secrets for long. Just to let you know, Sapphire and I met all our contacts and agreed prices for services to be rendered.” She looked at her watch, “We’ll leave here at six-thirty so, everyone go and get ready. Good luck to us all.”

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