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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominfuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 35 - Surgery En Suite

September 1952

I woke to find myself alone in the bed. I stretched and gasped from the pain in my stiffened muscles. I ached, my insides hurt and my face felt numb but I was alive. I saw from the bedside clock that the time was nearly noon and slowly eased myself out of the bed, taking my time to find my balance before attempting to walk to the bathroom. I will not dwell on the painful experience that followed but I hoped afterwards that no one was using the facilities in the suite next door to hear my blood curdling screams and cursing of Seraph, Hoeller and my absent friends. Having completed my business, I used the bidet and noted with relief how little fresh blood was washed away. Then came the biggest test when I hauled myself up to the hand basin and examined my face in the mirror.

It was not as bad as I had feared. My nose, which I had never thought much of, was even flatter than usual and an ugly purple colour. A Racoon would have been proud of the brown bruising around my eyes and there were purple lumps on my chin and forehead. My lips were split and puffy and there were scrape marks on my cheeks. How was I going to explain these, my backside and my internal injuries to David?

I gingerly washed my face and hands and shuffled back to Miss Spiteful’s bed, checking that the trunks were no longer beneath it. I was no sooner back between the blood smeared sheets when the door opened and the other six came in, followed by the room service porter pushing a laden lunch trolley. They had all been to the hairdresser and were looking more refreshed than me, even Sapphire with her own facial damage. Lunch was devoured amongst a lot of high spirited and inconsequential chatter, none of which was related to our adventures of the night before.

There was a knock on the door and the CIA Doctor announced himself and entered. He was German, middle aged, balding and carrying a large black suitcase, the contents of which combined an operating theatre and a pharmacist’s dispensary. He was a pleasant man with a world weary air and was not at all put out than none of those not requiring his treatment left the room but stayed to admire and comment on his patients’ wounds.

He looked at Sapphire first. The swelling on her face had subsided but the colours around her eye and the wound on her cheek were still vivid.

“There is no need for stitches,” the Doctor observed. “The cut is not deep and your eye is not damaged. When the bruising fades, you will have a thin white scar but I think that Derma blend have an effective remedy. The lump on the back of your head will also go down. If you feel light headed at any time, please lie down, as you might still have a mild concussion. Here is a natural cream for the bruising; I find it more effective than those from the pharmaceutical industry.”

Sapphire immediately picked up a hand mirror to check the veracity of his diagnosis while the Doctor unwrapped the bandage on Kelly’s shoulder. I must admit to leaning forward myself to peer at the ragged furrow of raw flesh that was exposed when the Doctor lifted off the blood soaked cotton wool wadding. He picked out the stray strands with a pair of forceps, humming Mozart to himself, and then swabbed the wound clean.

“I am of the school that believes that this will heal itself faster if left open but I’m sure that neither you nor Berlin is ready for that and I understand that hospital is not an option. I will bind it up again but I am afraid that there will be a scar. You mare care to consider plastic surgery some time in the future if you find it unsightly.”

We realised that we were in the presence of a showman when he ripped the plaster off Kelly’s forehead to ‘Cosi fan Tutte’, taking a clump of her blonde hair with it. Kelly squealed and gave him a look of pure hate. The Doctor poked at the reddish lump on her hairline and gave a satisfied murmur.

“Here’s a tube of cream for you as well. Now I will you another injection to combat any diseases that you might have swallowed in the Spree.”

Kelly hopefully held out her arm but the Doctor was not to be diverted.

“Same place as last night, Fraulein.”

Kelly sighed, lifted her skirt, dropped her knickers and bent over. The needle was administered to her left buttock to the strains of ‘Don Giovanni’, a round of applause and some appreciative whistles from the spectators. Kelly readjusted her clothing and rubbed her bottom ruefully.

The Doctor had already seen Kelly’s testicles and did not blink when I threw back the bedclothes and sat naked on the edge of the bed. He started at my face, whistling the Piano Concerto 21 in C Major as he examined my eyes and then grasped the stub of my nose, twisting it. I howled with pain but he merely smiled and indicated that I should rise.

I stood up so that my breasts, ribs and testicles could be examined, to the accompaniment of the Horn concerto. Finally I turned round and bent over the bed with my back side in the air. Instead of music, I heard him suck his teeth as he fingered the wounds on my buttocks and parted the cheeks to look at the torn muscles of the rectum. He snapped a pair of rubber gloves onto his hands, dipped some of the fingers in a jar of petroleum jelly and then picked up a long black instrument that resembled a piccolo without the keys. I felt cold jelly being smeared in my anus and then, to appreciative ‘Ooohs’ and ‘The Magic Flute’, the instrument was inserted and pushed into my colon.

The Doctor bent down so that he could view my internal organ through the eyepiece, rotating the instrument, and ignoring the entreaties from my so-called friends to let them have a look as well. At last, it was withdrawn with a plop and a huge sigh of relief from me.

Entschuldigung,” he said as he headed off to Miss Spiteful’s bathroom, returning a few minutes later, minus his rubber globes and carrying a sealed bag which he dropped into his suitcase.

“I’m pleased to say that none of your injuries are serious or permanent. You are very lucky. I have been a Doctor in Berlin for thirty years and I seen enough of the handiwork of the establishment on Genslerstrasse to recognise it, even when it was under the previous management. From your old internal and external scars I can see that this is not first time that you have suffered these assaults.”

He took my wrists and turned them over to reveal the raw patches from my shackles. I knew what he was really looking for and I saw his eyebrows rise slightly when he found the scar issue that signified a removed SS blood group tattoo under my armpit instead of a prison number on my forearm. He gave my SS brand another look and then shrugged. He must also have felt the eyes of my friends boring into his back willing him to change the subject. Only Kelly, who had not been told the full story of our last encounter with Von Kreps looked up expectantly and I shook my head at her.

“Very well,” the Doctor began searching through his suitcase. “I really think that you at least should be in Hospital but I will do what I can for you here. Bend over again please.” It was Kelly’s turn to have a broad smile on her face when I stood up again after receiving a tetanus injection in my buttocks and I scowled at her.

Rechte, here some supplies for you but I do urge you and your two friends to seek medical treatment again soon and to receive another tetanus injection in four weeks time.” He turned to Miss Spiteful, recognising who was in charge here, and she nodded agreement.

“Here is a jar of the cream for your bruises. Use it on your face and body and they will fade to nothing in a week. This jar is for the cuts on your gesassbackes. It will protect the skin while the wounds heal. Use one of these enema kits once a day until the pack is finished and the same with these suppositories. I am most concerned about infection in that area and I must urge you to refrain from penetration for at least four weeks.”

I wondered how I could tell David that I had had an accident and then explain the state of my bottom and the fact that we could not have intercourse. The Doctor saw my troubled expression and touched me reassuringly on the cheek.

“I assure your, mein liebe that it is for the best. The quicker that you heal the sooner everything will be back to normal. There may also be some blood in your urine and sperm for a few weeks and I would recommend that you use these for any other activities.”

He laid a packet of condoms on the bed beside my other medical supplies and began to pack everything else away in his case.

“What about my nose?” I wailed. “Is it broken?”

Ach nein,” he replied. “I thought so but it is only squashed. As with the lady here, there are excellent make-ups on the market to cover your bruises in public.”

Miss Spiteful stopped him as he lifted his case and turned for the door.

“Vielen dank, Herr Doktor. How much do we owe you?”

Nichts!” he put up his hand. “The American Government pays me for my services and my silence. It was also an unusual pleasure to have such an appreciate audience. I wish some of my students were as attentive. Please use your previous contact should you have further need of me.”

He was barely out of the door, to the sound of ‘Gran Partita’, before I had seized the mirror from Sapphire to examine my nose in close up.

“You’ve always had a flat nose, Storm.” Sugar hooted with laughter. “It’s just gone black and spread out a bit more. My ancestors would have been proud of one like that.”

Miss Spiteful sat down and clapped her hands for silence before I could think of a suitable riposte.

“The entertainment is over Girls, let’s get down to work. Just to put Storm’s mind at rest, Sugar, Stiletto and Solitaire put the two trunks in the vaults of a Safe Deposit company while your were still asleep this morning, so that’s off our hands for the moment.” Sugar passed over a key and a paper receipt to Miss Spiteful who dropped them into her handbag.

“Sapphire, Sugar and I have to go and meet our contacts this afternoon to see how quickly we can get the gold out of the country to Switzerland. Berlin is no place to keep a secret and it will soon be not only the Stasi and the Nazis who will want to take it away from us. Kelly has to go to the Canadian Consulate to replace her passport and then tell the care hire company the bad news that their limousine has been on the bed of the Spree. We will just have to use Sugar’s truck or taxis from now on.”

Kelly held up the misshapen and pulped passport from her handbag and then replaced it with a resigned smile at me.

“And these two,” Miss Spiteful nodded at Stiletto and Solitaire, “have already borrowed money from me so that they can shopping this afternoon.”

The two women looked shy and giggled together as if they were concealing a big secret.

“But first,” Miss Spiteful concluded. “We have to get Storm dressed and presentable for her appointment with the hotel hairdresser. We’ll all dine together in the hotel restaurant tonight. After that, I intend to have another early night. I hate missing my beauty sleep.” 

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