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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 12 - The Early Morning Tease Maid

September 1952

“Aw, shucks! Look at the time!” Kelly shouted in my ear.

I gasped as she tried to sit up in bed while her penis was still inside me and her hands were round my breasts. I was in a similar position with Solitaire but managed to withdraw without hurting her.

Kelly had leapt from the bed and was hopping from one stockinged foot to the other in agitation.

“Mistress will be awake in twenty minutes and will expect her shower running, her breakfast on the table and her clothes laid out. She’ll take a cane to my butt if I'm not ready for her!”

There was a snigger from Solitaire as she burrowed down deeper under the bedclothes leaving only some strands of black hair visible on the pillow.

I slipped out of the bed and put a hand on Kelly’s arm.

“Calm down. I can delay her for you. Where’s the massage oil?”

“In the bathroom,” Kelly wailed. “But I’ve got to shave, shower and get into my maid’s outfit first. There’s just not enough time.”

“Yes there is,” I assured her. “Come on.”

As we left the bedroom, Solitaire’s muffled voice called out. “I haven’t finished with you, Storm. Don’t take too long!”

Kelly and I had the same priority in the bathroom and, out of necessity; we broke one of Miss Spiteful’s golden rules by stehpinkeln into the toilet bowl from a standing position and with the seat up. As we both pumped our foreskins to discharge the last drops, we grinned at each other and Kelly said, “Boys! Disgusting creatures!”

Kelly then stripped off her suspender belt and stockings. “I’m going to need a wet shave before I shower but you can use the electric razor in the cupboard and then wash your face and hands. If you can just delay her for another half an hour, I’ll owe you a big one of whatever you like.”

I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her on the lips as I removed my velvet collar. “I’ll hold you to that. Now, where’s that razor?”

I entered Miss Spiteful’s bedroom, still naked, but washed and shaved and carrying a bath towel and a bottle of massage oil, minutes before her alarm clock was about to go off.

I stood beside the bed, listening to the gentle snores from the mound of copper coloured curls peeping out of the bedclothes.

“Mistress! I have a surprise for you!”

Nothing happened for a moment or two after I called out. Then a naked arm appeared to sweep her hair off her face and her thickly kohled eyelids opened.

“You’re seven years late!” was all the thanks that I got as she threw the rest of the bedclothes off to reveal her naked body.

“Ein moment!” she commanded and, setting her face, slowly extracted a large, sticky dildo from her pudenda. “Just put that on one side, Storm. Then I am ready for you. “

I spread the towel flat alongside her and she rolled over onto it to lie on her stomach.

At thirty nine, she still had a magnificent body, the blue tattoos standing out on her silky, cream skin, a firm, well rounded bottom and long shapely and unblemished legs.

I knelt on the bed as I applied the oil to her legs, moving up from her feet and ankles to her calves and knees before working on the muscles on the inside of her thighs. I then placed my knees on either side of her hips so that I could knead and stroke her back and bottom. Leaning forward to probe her shoulder blades with my fingers, the tip of my penis trailed along the crack between her buttocks and she purred with pleasure.

She reluctantly turned onto her back when I asked her to so that I could start again at her feet. She jerked and giggled when I worked the oil into the tendons and touched her toes. She purred again when I massaged the tops of her thighs and her waist and my fingers trailed across the curly mound of ginger pubic hair. When I was rolling her breasts, my throbbing shaft was resting on her lower stomach and I was gritting my teeth to keep control.

She opened her eyes and grasped my phallus with one hand.

“As a slave, you would now be permitted to masturbate but, now that you are a mistress, you could be invited to a further stage of gratitude.” She smiled and released her grip. My penis jerked and bounced on her skin.

“However, I think that Solitaire has a greater need of you. She and Stiletto are both having difficulties with their marriages; they miss their domination and each other. Both husbands are cheating on their wives but Solitaire’s, in particular, is also uncaring of her needs. Be a good friend to her. What you have there that will help her to forget her troubles for a little while."

Miss Spiteful pushed me off the bed and then stood up herself.

"Thank you for the massage, Storm. You've delayed me long enough for Kelly to catch up after sleeping in. I'm going for my shower and then my breakfast. I'll tell Kelly to dress Castanelli and then toss him out into the back alley. I'll see you later for shopping."

Back in Kelly's bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bedroom and smoked a cigarette, wondering why Miss Spiteful's omniscience still amazed me. I had no sooner stubbed out the cigarette when two hands grasped me by the shoulders and pulled me flat onto my back. A laughing Solitaire rolled herself on top of me, her lips and tongue seeking mine. Our breasts were crushed against each other's and my penis was trapped between our stomachs. Her hand came down and stroked the throbbing member.

"Oh good, Ingrid. You are big and hard for me. Please, I need you to fuck me."

She pushed herself up until her knees were either side of my waist and then lowered her hips towards mine. The first touch of my penis against her genitals made us both flinch and gasp, so swollen and sensitive were our sexual organs. She must have been masturbating as she waited for me because her love juices were flowing already and my enlarged penis slipped easily between the wet lips of her labia. She threw her head back and opened her mouth as I lifted my hips to ensure that the entire length of my shaft went in. Her vaginal muscles took grip and she leant forward to grasp my breasts. I screamed as her fingernails dug into my nipples.

Solitaire rocked forwards and backwards tugging at my penis, her breasts swaying like pendulums above my face with the nipples just out of reach of my lips. I was moaning now as waves of ecstasy rolled over my body and then Solitaire shuddered and screamed. Moments later, my penis pulsed and flung my semen up inside her but she continued her rocking motion, squeezing the last drops from my shaft.

Finally she stopped moving and we remained immobile for a few minutes except for the heaving of our chests. Eventually she sat up, disengaged our genitals and turned on her knees. She bent her face down to my sticky phallus and licked the mixture of semen and juice that coated it. She lowered her body so that her damp pubic bush was over my face and I only had to raise my head slightly to explore her clitoris and labia with my tongue.

Her smell filled my nostrils and I got semen and oil on my face as well as in my mouth but I was too overwhelmed to care. When we had both satiated ourselves, Solitaire rolled off me and turned her body yet again so that she could cuddle up against me. Her head was on my shoulder, one of her breasts was in my armpit and a hand was rolling the nipples of my left breast.

"Thank you, Ingrid," she whispered. Her voice was husky and I felt tears on my shoulder as they dripped off her cheek. "That meant so much to me. I love you as a friend and I don't feel that I have betrayed my family. I know that my husband fucks the girls on our farm and then comes back home and lies to me that I am the only woman in his life. I hate him now. If it were not for my children, I would be off and start up as a Dom again. But I am tied."

We lay together, not speaking until Stiletto put her head around the bedroom door. "Before you start again, the bathroom is free, breakfast is on the table and then we would all like to go shopping. Today, if possible."

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