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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 22 - The Taming Of The Slave

September 1952

I laughed and got onto the bed with my knees straddling her hips and the tip of my damp penis trailing on her stomach. I leant forward and was massaging her neck and shoulders when she reached up and pulled me down onto her. Her lips and tongue sought mine, our breasts were crushed together, her fingernails raked my back, her bare legs were wrapped around my stockinged limbs and the handle of her dildo was between the tops of my thighs, poking at my prostate and sphincter.

Miss Spiteful writhed beneath me, in the most passionate embrace that we had ever shared and I responded eagerly, my penis hardening quickly.

"I'm going to the can," Kelly announced, her voice a hard and angry snarl.

As soon the bathroom door slammed shut, Miss Spiteful stopped moving, released my legs and gently pushed me up and off of her body. I lay beside her, panting in frustration but her mood had changed entirely. She sat up on the pillows and drew her knees up to her chest.

"I've been waiting for this moment," she said. Her face, outlined in the light coming from the doorway to her bedroom, was set and solemn.

"You will have noticed that I have been exceptionally indulgent to Kelly's insolence over the last few days. This is not a weakness on my part but because I want you to take a hand in her education and complete yours as well."

I pushed myself up on my elbow and frowned at her in puzzlement.

"Kelly is as emotionally vulnerable as you were and has also suffered some disappointments in her relationships. Whereas you retreated into your usual timidity and self-doubt, Kelly uses defiance and arrogance as a front. I had hoped that she would learn from your success but, because you have embarked on a relationship with her, she is using her beauty and your desire for her to take advantage of you. She is as jealous of you as you are of her. You are both in love with me and I am equally fond of both of you but you are the Mistress and she is a slave. Anyone watching you two would think that it is the other way around. I never denied either you the chance to have relationships but you know the rules and, unless you enforce them now and discipline her, you will both suffer. Kelly will dominate you and she will never respect you"

I was stunned by what she was telling me. I shook my head in denial. How could I spoil the love and friendship between Kelly and myself by turning on her?

Miss Spiteful put her hand on mine and squeezed it.

"You still lack confidence in yourself, Ingrid. I could have taken you with me to the Swedish safe house in Berlin to wait until the Americans arrived but you needed to stand on your own two feet. Whatever you went through, you gained from the experience. Would you have married David or would you have run away when he asked you? When he was wounded, it was you who had the strength to nurse him back to health. You are a Mistress now, so act like one. Sugar put Kelly in her place with a few words and now Kelly worships her. I could beat obedience into Kelly but you are the one that she is manipulating. My whip is over on the dressing table. Take it and use it. When you've done that and, if there is anything else that you want, don't ask, demand and take it!"

Now I was horrified but I knew that she was right. My desire for Kelly had allowed her to make a fool of me. I nodded and, with a heavy heart, swung my legs off the bed and walked over to the dressing table. I switched on the table lamp and saw that, as well as the whip, there was a tube of lubricant, a bottle of wine and three glasses and Kelly’s slave collar and belt. I smeared the lubricant on my rising penis, picked up the whip and waited by the bathroom door.

I heard the WC flush and then Kelly sauntered out, stopped and looked at us both, sensing the change in the mood.

“Hi! What’s up?” she asked. Then she saw the whip in my hand, her eyes widened with fear, and she turned to flee back into the bathroom. I grabbed her by her shoulder length, blonde hair and she screamed as I swung her face down onto the bed. She tried to raise herself up but, despite her being stronger than me, I had her pinned down with my left knee on her back. I lashed her bare bottom with the whip as she screamed, sobbed, struggled and scrabbled at the bedcover with her fingernails. I kept going until her buttocks were criss-crossed with ugly purple and red stroke marks and I had a throbbing erection.

Kelly was still writhing and sobbing with pain as I lifted my knee off her back and pulled at her legs until her quivering bottom was hanging over the edge of the bed. I got behind her, my legs kicking hers apart, and then thrust my penis forward into her sphincter. She realised too late that a fresh assault was upon her and yelped as I penetrated her. Her body stiffened and she kicked out with her legs but I lashed her across her shoulders.

“Stay still!” I commanded in a voice that I barely recognised myself. I looked up at Miss Spiteful, who was watching us intently, her face expressionless, as she resumed masturbating herself with her dildo.

I grasped Kelly’s hips, raising them to a comfortable height for myself and then pushed forward with my own until the full length of my shaft had slid inside of her. She did not resist as I pumped my hips against her bruised and tender buttocks although she groaned and flinched with pain.

I came very quickly, my penis swelling and jerking as I ejaculated my semen into her colon. When my spasms had finished, I withdrew my dripping shaft, stood up and pulled Kelly to her feet by her hair.

Her continuing sobs made it difficult for her to breathe and she was making a whooping noise as her chest heaved. Her tears had made her eye makeup run and wet black trickles coursed down her cheeks. The expression on her face registered shock, surprise and bewilderment as her eyes sought for an explanation of my betrayal of our affections.

"Slave!" I commanded. "Pour Miss Spiteful and myself a drink and then light me a cigarette. Na!"

Kelly's lips trembled before she muttered a reply. "Yes, Mistress."

She shivered and hugged her arms around her body as if trying to keep warm as she stumbled over to the dressing table. I followed her and slashed her once more across her bottom. She screamed as she turned to find out what new humiliation I was inflicting on her.

"Put your slave collar and belt on first and never ever again remove them in the presence of a Mistress without seeking her permission first."

Once again, she mumbled an acknowledgement and picked up the accoutrements of her servitude. She fixed the collar around her neck and then stepped into the harness, groaning as she guided the phallus into her sore rectum. She pulled her genitals through the gap in the front plate, inserting her erect penis into the leather restraint and then buckled the belt around her waist. I left her to finish her tasks while I returned to the bed.

Miss Spiteful, still squatting open legged on the pillows, was just reaching the climax of her second orgasm, her pupils had rolled up to reveal the whites of her eyes and her open mouth was issuing a long howl of ecstasy. I waited until she had finished shuddering and fallen back against the headboard before joining her on the bed.

I lifted her fingers off the hand-grip of her dildo and gently extracted the long black rubber shaft from her vagina, which came out with a sucking sound. I passed it to Kelly with the instruction, “Clean it!” Then I eased Miss Spiteful down off the pillows so that they were now supporting the small of her back and stretched her legs out in front of her. She turned her head and focused her eyes on mine.

"Thank you, Storm," she croaked. "That was very entertaining."

I leaned forward and kissed her wet lips, flicking my tongue against hers and felt a definite response. Nevertheless, I pulled away and settled myself alongside of her.

"Slave," I beckoned to Kelly, who was standing at the foot of the bed with a full wineglass in each hand. Miss Spiteful and I took our drinks while Kelly passed me a cigarette and lit it for me. She then knelt on my side of the bed, holding up the ashtray for me.

Despite having released my semen inside Kelly, I was still flushed and trembling with excitement and Miss Spiteful appeared to be in the same state. While we sipped from our glasses and I smoked, her free hand stroked my stockinged thigh and my penis stiffened. When Miss Spiteful grasped my member, I ground out my cigarette in the ashtray and we put our drinks down on the side tables. Moments later we were kissing and writhing together again on the bed and my hands were exploring her wet vagina and her breasts. We were working each other up to another mutual orgasm and, when my penis began to pulse in Miss Spiteful's hand, I broke contact and moved down the bed so that I could apply my lips to those of Miss Spiteful's labia. I twisted my body, opened my legs in a scissors movement and motioned to Kelly to come and take my shaft in her mouth. As she bent over the bed to do my bidding I nibbled the bud of Miss Spiteful's clitoris, tasting the jelly of the lubricant still adhering to her flesh. She groaned and her hips rose as she arched her back on the bed pressing her damp pubic hair against my face. Then my semen was pumping into Kelly’s throat, which she dutifully, if unenthusiastically, swallowed whilst I lapped up Miss Spiteful’s love juices. Our bodies bucked on the bed until we had expended all our fluids and our spasms had finished, Kelly took her mouth off my shaft and I crawled back up the bed so that I could collapse on the pillows alongside Miss Spiteful. I took her hand in my mine and we lay there together until our chests stopped heaving.

Kelly resumed her kneeling position with her head hung down until I ordered her to refill our glasses.

At last Miss Spiteful put down her empty glass and swung her legs off the bed.

“Thank you again, Storm,” she said, as she stood up, her face still pink from her exertions. “I feel a lot better and I think that you have benefited from the experience. If I could strangle Sugar, I would be really happy but, for now, I’m off to bed. Good night.”

She leant back over the bed, kissed me on the lips and went back to her own room closing the connecting door behind her.

“Another cigarette, Slave,” I ordered and accepted it from the snivelling Kelly. When I had finished smoking I got up off the bed myself and stubbed it out in the ashtray that Kelly was holding. I stood over her and reached down to lift up her chin. She was weeping again and the sight of her face tugged at my heartstrings but I resisted the urge to take her in my arms and beg her forgiveness.

“Kelly,” I told her. “My feelings for you have not changed but you needed to be reminded of your position. I am a Mistress and you are a Slave and you must show me the respect that I deserve. We both love Miss Spiteful but I have not come back to replace you. There is no need to be jealous of me. I will see you in the morning.”

I collected my discarded shoes and underwear, lifted the hanger with my schoolgirl uniform and picked up my room key. As I closed the bedroom door behind me, I saw that Kelly had flung herself face down on the bed, her bruised bottom quivering, and was sobbing again.

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