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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 37 - The Torturous Twins

September 1952

I washed off the pancake makeup in my bathroom and reapplied the healing creams and salves to my bruises and wounds. I had pulled on a blue satin nightdress and was heading for my bed when there was a soft knock on my door. Kelly was waiting outside in a pale blue wrap. She held out my black dress on a hanger.

“Room service had it cleaned and pressed today, your underwear as well.”

I took the dress, motioned her inside, and hooked the hanger over a rail in the wardrobe. Kelly stood my bed; her face was pale in the light from my single bedside lamp making her look very young and vulnerable.

“May I sleep here tonight please, Mistress?” her voice was pleading and almost childlike.

I crossed to her and gently kissed her on the lips.

“Of course, but I don’t think that I have the energy for sex.” I did not lie; I only meant that I was still exhausted from sex with Sapphire.

Kelly shrugged off her wrap and revealed a short black lace fringed nightdress underneath. I looked at her bandaged shoulder and then at her face again. Her eyes looked strained and she seemed on the point of tears or collapse. I pulled the covers back and gently assisted her to lie down. I snapped off the light, climbed in beside her and let her cuddle up against me with her head on my chest.

“Are you in pain?” I whispered as I stroked her hair.

“No, I just feel very weak. I think that I lost more blood in the river than I realised and shock has caught up with me as well. I walked back from the Consulate this afternoon and had to stop and sit down for while because I felt faint. Mistress has fixed an appointment for me with the Doktor in the morning to have my dressing changed.”

I realised that what I had taken for Kelly’s shyness during dinner had in fact been due to her not feeling well.

“Thank you Mistress,” she murmured. “I feel so lonely and frightened tonight. I need to be with someone and I was afraid that you were still angry with me.”

“Oh no,” I replied. She was making me feel weepy now as she clutched me tighter.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress.” Her German failed her and she lapsed into English. “I deserved to be punished for the way I treated you. I told you that I was badly let down in love when I was young and misused until Mistress found me. Since then, I have trusted no one and abused the people who tried to help me. I was so jealous of Miss Spiteful’s love for you, your success and your having a husband. The more that I desired your love, the more that I hated you. When you disciplined me, my world collapsed but you treated me kindly later and, when I heard you scream on the telephone, I realised how much I was in love with you.”

She was silently sobbing now and I felt tears run down my own cheeks. Her hand rested on the mound of my genitals beneath the blue silk of my nightdress and we let ourselves drift off to sleep.

The telephone rang and I had to gently lift a semi-comatose Kelly off me before I could reach out to answer it.

“David?” I gasped into the receiver. I could not think of anyone else who would be calling me. It was now four days since we had spoken and we had already left for East Berlin when he had phoned the night before. I had tried to get in touch with him earlier today but the taciturn Glaswegian Corporal in the Guardroom would only tell me that David was not now expected back for several days and his location could not be disclosed.

“No,” I heard Solitaire chuckle. “I’m afraid not. Unbolt the connecting door, Storm; we’ve got something to show you.”

My heart sank. Much as I desired the lovely Solitaire, I did not feel that I could satisfy her sexual demands tonight.

“I’ve got Kelly with me and we’re both weak and exhausted.”

“Even better,” Solitaire persisted. “That’s two tongues and two cocks for us. Don’t worry; we’ll do all the work. You just have to provide the erections.”

“What’s going on?” Kelly asked, yawning and blinking when I switched the main light on.

“We’ve got visitors,” I replied, swinging my legs out of the bed and heading for the locked door to the adjoining bedroom. I opened it and Solitaire, minus her spectacles and grinning broadly, marched through. She was wearing a flimsy basque of black lace and net that stopped at her hips from where long thin suspenders reached down to her black stocking tops. The almost sheer garment was stretched taut across her body and hid nothing, especially as she was not wearing any knickers. A pearl studded black velvet collar and a pair of very high heeled black shoes were the only other things that she wore. In one hand she held some whips, canes, straps and other equipment. In her other hand was a chain which led back into her own room. She gave it a tug and Stiletto followed her in, the other end of the chain being attached to a stiff leather collar around the tall black haired beauty’s neck. Her eyes were twinkling but I couldn’t tell if she was smiling because her mouth was covered by a stiff leather gag. Her arms were pinioned behind her back with leather wrist and bicep cuffs linked by chains. Her outfit was leather as well; a dark red leather corselet that hugged her slim body like a second skin but barely covered the stark white globes of her breasts. Red elastic suspenders held up the black stockings on her legs which were thrust into red leather knee length, high heeled boots. She too was knickerless.

Kelly and I gasped with surprise together as we spotted that both of our friends had totally hairless pudenda. My eyes bulged as I sat back down on the bed beside Kelly. The impertinent slave handed me one of my own cigarettes as I slipped between the sheets and lit both hers and mine. She had plumped up the pillows so that we could sit up in bed and placed an ashtray on the covers between us. I was still fascinated by the sight before us, the brown lips of Solitaire’s labia, already dark and swollen, were standing proud of her shaven mound, while Stiletto’s,  pink and wet, bulged from the slit between her legs.

Miss Spiteful had always insisted on her slaves having hairless bodies, while she herself shaved her legs and her armpits and neatly trimmed her pubic hair. The other mistresses had followed her lead, none of them sharing the European Male’s enthusiasm for hairy women, but this was the first time that I had seen any of them with completely bald vulvas. 

They were both aware of our interest in their groins, although feigning not to notice, as Solitaire put her implements on my dressing table and kicked Stiletto’s booted legs wide apart. My penis stiffened and my free hand under the bedclothes sought Kelly’s hip.

She jumped at my touch but did not move away as my fingers closed over her erect shaft. Moments later, her hand grasped my phallus and peeled back the foreskin.

“No masturbating, you two!” Solitaire called out. “You’ll need all of your cum for when we finish our show.”

“No please,” I pleaded. “Neither Kelly nor I are up to this.”

“There can’t be much wrong with you if you were able to climb on top of Sapphire and fuck her this afternoon,” Solitaire laughed.

“How did you know that?” I gasped, feeling my cheeks flush with embarrassment and Kelly’s grip tighten on my penis.

“Oh, come on,” Solitaire replied. “We’ve known Sapphire longer than you. Didn’t you notice at dinner that she was as smug as a cat that had got at the cream; bouncing about like a teenager and she barely drank any alcohol. She got fucked today and you were alone with her this afternoon. Sapphire isn’t the type to let herself get laid by the bellhop so it had to be you. We all guessed, but don’t worry; that’s the happiest that any of us have seen her for years. We just want our share!”

Stiletto nodded, gurgled behind her gag and half turned to wiggle her bare buttocks at me. I sank back against the pillows and Kelly snuggled up against me.

“Good for you,” she whispered. “Even if you did lie to me.”

Solitaire saved me from having to justify myself by tugging at Stiletto’s chain until she was bent over in the punishment position.

“You may not know that before Miss Spiteful recruited us for the unit, Stiletto and I worked together. Lots of clients like being punished by two women at once and are willing to pay extra for it, especially when they are as beautiful and as ingeniously cruel as we were. We also performed in clubs, torturing slaves and each other and throwing in some lesbian sex acts as well. We wanted to call ourselves ‘the Sadistic Sisters’, but Sapphire christened us ‘the Torturous Twins’ and that was the name that stuck. Sometimes we found a couple of rich, handsome and virile men in the audience and we would have a great orgy after the show.” She sighed at the memories and then picked up a cane.

“Anyway, if things work out right for us, Stiletto and I might go into partnership again in Cape Town and we thought we would give you a quick preview of our act.”             

Kelly and I grinned at each other, ground out our cigarettes in the ashtray and settled back to watch the show, all thought of sleep banished.

Solitaire gave her lover six cuts across the bottom with the cane, making Stiletto stagger forward, squirm and gurgle, but she did not try to avoid the strokes. Solitaire bent her own head so that she could run her tongue along the red wheals on Stiletto’s rear whilst fingering her victim’s genitals. Stiletto groaned and stiffened at being touched in painful and sensitive places at the same time and was then hauled upright with a jerk on the chain.

“I can see that you both appreciate our shaven pussies,” Solitaire stood at the end of the bed to give us a better view of her swollen vulva. “It was one of our trademarks so we decided tonight to readopt it. Besides, it’s great fun when we do it for each other.”

I knew what she meant. Since we had married, David had insisted on performing this service for me, applying a soapy shaving brush and then a sharp open razor. Despite his jokes, his hand had rarely slipped and the session always ended with a mutual hand or blow job.

“The best thing though is that we can do this.” Solitaire turned to face Stiletto, who obligingly spread her legs wider apart so that the vulvas of the two friends were at the same height. Solitaire stepped closer, pressed her groin against Stiletto’s and revolved her hips so that the lips of their labia were brushing directly against each other. Within seconds, both were groaning and gasping for breath, which was particularly difficult for Stiletto with her gag and stance.

Kelly and I were both affected as well, our hands working harder at each other’s erections.

Solitaire shuddered, screamed and stepped back, her chest heaving as she fought to regain control of her senses.

“Whoosh!” she blew out her cheeks. “I don’t want to come too soon, but that was close. Now, pack it in you two.” She pointed her cane at the vibrating tents in the bed cover over our midriffs. “We won’t be much longer.”

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