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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 10 - Three On The Bed

September 1952

Kelly was lying on her bed, naked except for her collar, suspender belt and stockings, smoking a cigarette and rubbing at her penis.

"You guys took your time," she scolded us. "I was going to start without you."

"Just you wait!" Solitaire instructed, throwing the lash onto the bed. "We've got to get these off first." After we had helped each other out the tight thigh length boots, Solitaire removed her spectacles, put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer so that we could kiss.

"Hello!" Kelly called out. "I'm still here." Solitaire broke our embrace and reached over to finger Kelly's erection.

"I don't think that this is hard enough yet, Storm"

I would have been happy to take it in my mouth or my rectum in its current state but played along.

"Oh, it definitely needs some encouragement."

Solitaire retrieved the lash and ordered Kelly to turn over on to bed. I licked my lips at the sight of the rosebud nestling between her perfect pink buttocks, which turned red as Solitaire applied her three strokes. She passed the whip to me for my three, after which Kelly stood up ruefully rubbing her backside, her phallus now hard and swollen.

Solitaire grasped Kelly's penis in one hand and mine in the other, giving them both a tug. Just her touch made me screw my eyes up and Kelly looked in a similar state.

"Oh dear," Solitaire said. "I don't think that either of you two can last much longer. Let it out now and then we can play all the longer afterwards."

We needed no further encouragement. Kelly and I clambered onto the bed with our feet and heads at opposite ends. We lay on our sides with our faces against the others genitals. I opened my mouth and took Kelly's long smooth penis between my lips and jerked as she did the same to me. Her glans was already exposed and I nipped it gently with my teeth before applying my tongue to the rim of the helmet. I licked up the lubricant that dribbled out and then pressed my thumb hard against the base of her shaft as its throbbing increased. There was a sharp pain in my prostate when Kelly used the same technique, which continued until we both released the pressure simultaneously.

Kelly's penis swelled as her warm and creamy semen rose up the shaft and then spurted on to my tongue and palette, flooding my throat and cheeks. My own hips bucked and Kelly made sucking and gurgling noises as I ejaculated into her mouth.

My free hand was searching for Kelly's sphincter when it was seized and placed onto to damp curly hair surrounding warm wet and yielding flesh. Working blindly, I gently rubbed the outer lips of Solitaire's labia and then probed between them, my passage eased by the usual copious flow of her lubrication and my wrist resting on one of the suspendered thighs. I heard her grunt with satisfaction over the noises that Kelly and I were making and then jumped as her fingernails raked the bare skin beneath my armpit and on my hip. Kelly's body writhed and shuddered against mine as she received the same treatment. It had the effect of prolonging our orgasms and a further spurt of pearly come was ejected down my throat.

We spent some pleasant but all too brief minutes licking up the last drops of seed and savouring the salty taste in our mouths when my hand was ejected from its place in paradise and we were forcibly rolled apart and onto our backs. Within seconds, Solitaire was squatting on my chest, with her feet either side of my head and her hairs of her pubic mound tickling my chin.

"Use your tongue Storm! Now!" She commanded, her voice rasping with desire. "Slave! Get up behind me!"

As I felt Kelly's knees settle themselves on either side of my corseted chest, Solitaire lowered her wet bush onto my face. My nostrils filled with her female smell, making my head reel and my wilting penis jerk. My lips and tongue found the prominent clitoris, engorged with blood and she screamed as I licked and gently chewed at it. Her body jerked upwards and I saw that Kelly's hands were encircling her breasts. Solitaire quickly came down on me again and my tongue flicked against the hairs guarding her vaginal entrance. She shuddered again but I had managed to seize her hips with my hands and she stayed firmly in place as her lubricant was hosed over my eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Both Kelly and I had to hold on to her as her body was flung about by involuntary spasms. My mouth and nostrils were flooded with her love oil and I had to keep swallowing to avoid choking on the sweet liquid.

At last, the torrent turned to a trickle and I was able to lick the last drops clinging to her lips and the ends of her pubic curls. Solitaire raised her hips and then leant forward to place her hands on the bed above my head. She gasped for breath, her chest heaved and sweat dripped from the rouged umbra and nipples of her dangling breasts and her long, dark brown hair hanging forward over her head.

Kelly had fallen over backwards, her knees drawn up and she was also panting.

"Wow!" she gasped. "That was really something. I'm shattered already"

Solitaire straightened upright, moved from over me and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"You had better recover quickly, Slave." She warned Kelly. "I'm going to suck you dry and Storm wants to fuck you. Then, I want you both inside me at the same time. You can rest after that. If you're not up to it, I know how to encourage you."

The thought of what was to come made my nipples and penis tingle as Kelly rolled of the bed and knelt at Solitaire's feet.

"Thank you Mistress. I look forward to all that but Miss Storm and I will need a cigarette break first. Do I have your permission?"

"Very well." Solitaire acknowledged but before Kelly could pass me a lighted cigarette, Solitaire bent over me and crushed our lips together, her tongue seeking out any remaining body fluids in my mouth. She released me and I sat up taking the paper tube from Kelly and drawing the cool smoke down into my lungs.

"I don't know about you Storm, but I'm going to get out of this corset. It's very erotic to have it so tight but my ribs are sore and I can't breathe." Solitaire unclipped the suspenders from her stockings and I released the hooks and eyes down the back of the restrictive garment. After that, she helped me out of my mine and we could both discard our stockings. We were now naked except for our black velvet collars.

When Kelly and I had finished our cigarettes, Solitaire made us both stand while she knelt before each of us in turn and took our penises between her lips, pushing back the foreskins with her teeth and licking at the glans with her tongue. Satisfied that we had recovered sufficiently, she stood and wiped her hand between her legs until the palm was soaking wet, which she then smeared over my shaft until the glans gleamed.

"You needed some lubricant there," she whispered to me.

Solitaire had taken charge of the proceedings now and ushered Kelly onto the bed with her so that they lay on their sides in the classic 69 position that Kelly and I had been in earlier. While their mouths made contact with the genitals facing them, I lay down on my side behind Kelly and ran my hands over her buttocks, delighting in the feel of their peach-like fuzz. I gently parted them as I moved my hips forward and searched for the rosebud that nestled in the gap. I encountered Solitaire's fingers, already probing at Kelly's prostate and scratching at the puckered muscles that I sought myself. She withdrew at my touch and I positioned the wet tip of my penis at the point of entry.

Grasping Kelly's left hip, I pushed, met resistance and pushed again. Kelly winced as the muscles eased apart and I slid my member up into her tight back passage. It was a long time since I had done this as all of my sexual encounters since I had left Berlin had been with male lovers, except for Sugar, who had entered me or had taken my penis in their mouths. Kelly's sphincter muscles gripped the base of my shaft and I gasped at the thrill that it sent through my prostate and up my spine.

I put my left arm over her body and took one of her small firm breasts in my hand, fingering the nipple and stroking the silky slopes. My own breasts were squashed against Kelly's back. Now I could move my own hips back and forward, driving my swollen phallus in and out of Kelly's rectum. Her blonde head was bobbing up and down in front of my face as her tongue delved between the lips of Solitaire's labia. Kelly's body jerked back against mine as Solitaire drew the slave's penis deep into her throat.

All the three of us were now writhing in ecstasy on the bed and, far too soon for me, I felt my shaft pulse as the semen rose to the tip and splashed into Kelly's colon. Moments later, she herself came in Solitaire's mouth and the little mistress half screamed, half gurgled as her own orgasm swept over her body. I had to keep a firm grip on Kelly's hip so that I could stay inside her as she recoiled from her ejaculations. Nevertheless, I continued to pump into Kelly, my semen lubricating my efforts and she lifted her head to groan as my shaft penetrated her to its full extent.

Gradually, apart from our heaving chests, we ceased to move, laying together, exhausted by our efforts and drained once more of our body fluids. Solitaire's left hand found mine on Kelly's hip and our fingers entwined. Kelly was still trying to lick up and swallow the flood of female lubrication that Solitaire had released over her face and Solitaire's hand twitched each time a sensitive part of her mons vagina was touched.

We all rolled onto our backs and lay side by side while our chests stopped heaving and breathing returned to normal, gently fingering the wet genitals of the person next to us and then applying the digits to our own mouths to savour the taste of the sticky fluid.

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