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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 20 - Two Little Girls From School Are We

September 1952

Back in my bedroom, and just out of curiosity, I opened the cardboard box from Sugar and burrowed down into the tissue paper. I gasped with joy when I uncovered an English Schoolgirls outfit. I quickly stripped down to my underwear so that I could try it on.

I was soon admiring myself in the full-length mirror on the wall. I was very excited. German schoolgirls had never worn anything like this. There was a straw boater for my head, a crisp white blouse with a striped tie and a dark blue, box pleated gym-slip, belted round my waist, with a short hem that ended halfway up my thighs.

My erection bulged in my knickers but this was too good a feeling to waste on a solitary masturbation. I needed to share this with someone else.

I slipped my feet into a pair of black high-heeled shoes, picked up my room key and went out into the corridor. I had intended to try Solitaire's room but the peals of laughter from behind the door told me that she and Stiletto were already discovering the contents of their boxes together. Instead, I crossed the passage and softly knocked on the door of Kelly's room.

When she opened the door, I saw that I had caught her in the middle of dressing in her own outfit. Her blouse was open at the front, revealing her black brassiere, knickers and garter belt, the suspenders dangling against her bare legs. Her gym-slip was still folded over her arm.

"I was hoping that you would call," she whispered as she let me in and closed the door behind me. "You can help me finish. I'd undressed before I opened the box."

Her blue eyes were shining as she looked me up and down and I could see that her erection had also risen. We didn't need to say anything else. We recognised the desire in each other, which needed to be satisfied.

Kelly unbuckled her slave collar, tossed it onto her dressing table and began buttoning up her blouse over the swell of her breasts. When she had finished, I stood behind her to knot her tie around her neck.

Her buttocks were pressed back against me and I had to close my eyes to control the throbbing in my groin.

Kelly stepped into her gym-slip, settled the straps over her shoulders, smoothed the garment down and then fastened the belt around her waist. She sat on her bed and I knelt in front of her, her black nylon stockings in my hands. I slipped them on over her feet and slowly drew them up her legs until the welts were taut around her thighs. I had to slide her suspenders underneath her knickers before attaching them to her stocking tops. Just the touch of my fingers on her flesh made her groan and I had to swallow several times. My trembling fingers could not get one clip to fit over the tiny button and the elastic suspender snapped back against her leg When I had finished, she stood up, stepped into her own high heeled shoes and put her straw boater on her blonde hair.

We stood side by side and gazed at our reflections in the wardrobe mirror. Despite the ten-year difference in our ages, we could easily have been taken for sisters. We were both flushed and breathing heavily, our chests rising and falling beneath our blouses and the stiff material of the gym-slips. I could not remember how long since I had been so excited by an outfit.

Kelly took my hand and her fingernails dug into my palms. Then we were in each others arms, our tongues fencing as they sought space in each others mouths and our hands grasping the mounds of our buttocks. Her knee came up between my thighs and our nyloned legs rasped together.

Suddenly, there was enormous crash nearby. We froze, our hearts beating fast, as we wondered what was happening. Then we heard pounding on a door and Miss Spiteful’s raised voice in the corridor.

“Open this Verdammt door, Sugar! I know that you’re in there, you one eyed black bitch! I’m going to flay you alive and hang your black hide from the Siegessaule! If this is some sort of a joke, then it’s not funny!”

The pounding and shouting went on for some minutes until there was a pause, a door slammed again and then there was silence.

“I think that Mistress has just opened her box,” Kelly whispered in my ear and we both giggled.

“Shush! She’s in the room next door. If we make too much noise, she will whip both of us with the mood that she is in.”

The urgency had gone out of our passion and our next kiss was a gentle one as our hands slowly roved over each others bodies.

“We had better get out of these uniforms,” I murmured reluctantly. “We must not mess them up for tomorrow.”

Kelly agreed and we stepped out of our shoes, stripped back down our underwear and hung the uniforms up on the wardrobe.

“I tell you,” Kelly said. “As soon as we get our money that is the first thing I am going to buy.”

I nodded in agreement, having already considered the effect that my wearing one of those outfits would have on David’s lovemaking.

“Shall we sixty-nine?” Kelly asked. “We’ll have to get out of our bras and knickers and I’ll put the light out.”

Moments later, we were lying together on the bed, wearing only our suspender belts and stockings, and searching in the dark for the others erect penis. I grasped Kelly’s shaft and pulled back hard on the foreskin to expose the swollen helmet. I put my tongue to the tip and tasted the oil that had already oozed out. Kelly began by nibbling at my testicles, sending painful tingles through my body, before taking my glans into her mouth. I pushed with my hips and she allowed my shaft to penetrate to the top of her throat. I felt her finger probe at my rectum and my buttocks quivered. In retaliation, I scraped my nail along the underside of her penis and, as it twitched, I slid my glossy lips down the swollen pink shaft. We both sucked and licked until; once again, we were approaching a climax.

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