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The Sacred Feminine

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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 44 - Walkies With Albert

September 1952

I grimaced and turned to my slave who was standing next to me, naked except for a leather collar and a pair leather cuffs holding his arms behind his back.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“My name ith Alfred, Mithtreth and I am tho pleathed that you chothe me ath your thlave,” he lisped in an effeminate voice. I choked and then laughed. My SS poster man was a Schwule!

“Break it up, you two!” Sugar called out from the microphone. “There’s plenty of time for that later.”

Stiletto and Solitaire reluctantly disengaged and, taking further bows, retired to two more chairs that had been placed opposite those of Sapphire and Natalya. The stagehands pushed Gertha and her frame and the stake, with the still gibbering Bruno, to the back of the stage and placed a solitary wooden armchair in the middle.

“Now,” Sugar began again. “I want to introduce you to a very special young lady. She was a novice here for three years, but you had to be very unlucky to meet her. She worked with me in Bremen for another three years and made a name for herself there until she ran off and married a Scottish Soldier.”

That produced a cheer from some of the audience when she repeated it in English and my heart sank when I remembered seeing soldiers from the Royal Scots Fusiliers in the queue upstairs. (David had made me memorise the uniforms and badges of all the Scottish regiments.) I just hoped that, in the future, I never met any of the ones that were here tonight.

“So, give a big welcome back to Miss Storm and her slave Alfred!”

I gulped and put my foot on the first step. Miss Spiteful, who had managed to get her glass refilled, raised it to me in salute and Kelly squeezed my arm before giving me a wet kiss.  I smiled nervously, clipped a chain onto Alfred’s collar, and climbed the rest of the steps as the band launched into the ‘Thunder and Lightning Polka’.

The spotlight dazzled me and I walked blindly past the other Girls and Natalya as they applauded, tugging Alfred behind me, and hoping that I didn’t march off the end of the stage.

Sugar gave me an encouraging pat as she retired past me and I decided to stop there until my eyesight cleared. I was surprised at the amount of applause that I was receiving and waved my whip in acknowledgement.

Desperately trying to remember the programme that I had worked out with Miss Spiteful and Sugar, I started by giving Alfred six of the best on his bare bottom and then sat down in the armchair. Alfred crouched in front of me and, when I raised my booted right leg, began licking it from the toe upwards, to the strains of ‘Stormy Weather’.

While he did that and then moved on to the left leg, I took the opportunity to look out over the room. The farther reaches now seemed deserted, apart from the queues for the bars and the toilets and more people were coming down the staircases to join the closely packed masses around the stage.

Fighting back my stage fright, I gave Alfred another six strokes before tossing the whip to the far end of the stage. My slave scampered after it on all fours and returned it to me in his mouth to laughter from the audience. I played with him for a few minutes, lifting his chin and his genitals with the tip of my whip, and then viciously kicking him with my boot and sending him sprawling.  I stood over Alfred, giving him some more kicks and strokes of the whip, and then hauled him to his feet by the chain. I was surprised to see that he was grinning broadly and had an enormous erection and decided to change the end of my programme.

Forcing Alfred, back to his knees, I gave him another kicking and beating and then took him for ‘walkies’ around the edge of the stage. When we came to the potty that Manfred had used earlier, I kicked it gently into the middle of the stage and enough splashed out for the audience to realise that it had not been emptied. I pulled Alfred up to it and then, with the sole of my boot on the back of his head, pressed downwards until his face was touching the surface of the yellow liquid.

“Auflecken!” I commanded and Alfred’s tongue lapped obediently at the urine. After the initial groans of disgust, the audience started to laugh and then applaud and I waved my whip to them again. Alfred was still happily drinking when I used my boot again to push his face below the surface, displacing Manfred’s piss over the sides of bowl, and I made him suck up all the liquid before driving him off the stage with my whip.

The applause was generous but I scarcely noticed it and collapsed, feeling very light headed, into my armchair when it had been moved to alongside Sapphire.

She leaned over and touched me on the knee. “Nice touch with the nachttopf. No matter how much something disgusts people, they are still fascinated by it.”

The stagehands were assembling a huge, solid looking Whipping frame and Sugar was standing by the microphone, looking anxiously at the dense crowd pressing against the side of the stage. The sea of faces stretched back, well into the darkness, and security guards were trying to direct the flow of people still coming down the staircases to where there was less of a crush.

“This is the moment you have been waiting for,” Sugar began as the stagehands departed. “Watch and tremble and have a wichsen as well if you need one and have got the room to do it down there. She’s bad! She’s beautiful! She was the biggest bitch in Berlin and now she’s back! Your Dominafuhrer has returned! Here she is; Miss Spiteful and her personal slave Kelly!”

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