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The Dominafuhrer
Miss Spiteful's War

The New Recruit

The Dominafuhrer 1952
Miss Spiteful's Gold

Give My Regards To Bremen
Storm Takes A Bow
Two Long Winters
Bonnie Ingrid Of The Argylls
A Soldier's Wife For Me
What Became Of The Lively Ladies?
Walter's Warning
Castanelli Meets The Order
Kelly From Calgary
Three On The Bed
Solace For Solitaire
The Early Morning Tease Maid
The Chevvy With The Fritz On Top
J Edgar Hoovering
Signals From The Past
Gold In The Grave
Morning In Manhattan
Six Hatch A Plan
Back To Berlin
Two Little Girls From School Are We
Spoiling Miss Spiteful
The Taming Of The Slave
Kaffee At KaDeWe
Sugar's Stroll In The Park
The Checkpoint Chorus
The GDR People's Silvery Moon
Into The Tomb
The Festival Is Over
The Stasi At Night
Seraph Revealed
Old Photographs Never Lie
A Fair Exchange For Freedom
The Night Porter
Kelly's Heroines
Surgery En Suite
A Stiffie For Sapphire
The Torturous Twins
A Stilletto Up The Back
News From The East
We're Going To Wedding
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Down In The Dungeon
Nappies, Knots and Needles
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Black Marcius For Miss Spiteful
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The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine

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The Convict


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Ball Shackle Story
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The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 7 - Walter's Warning

Kelly had laid out a buffet on the table in the diner and, when we had finished eating, she cleared away the plates and served drinks. After that she took a seat next to me, lit a cigarette and pulled the ashtray away from me, the only other smoker. I dragged it back halfway between us and then we ignored each other. I saw Miss Spiteful watching us with a smile on her face before she rapped the table to get attention and silence the female chatter.

“Sisters! Thank you all for travelling to New York. This is the first time that we have all been together since April, Nineteen Forty Five and, to mark the occasion, I have arranged a special treat. But first, I have to talk to you all about something very serious.”

She put a handwritten letter on the table and opened it flat.

“You might have all read in the newspapers that that rogue, Walter Schellenberg, died a couple of months ago. He was sentenced to six years in prison but served less than two before he was released with bad health and went to live in Italy.”

She looked across at me. “Storm, you remember the Contessa D’Orghese?”

I nodded and she continued.

“Well, she never went back to her husband but took up nursing and Walter recognised her when he was dying in hospital. She told him the truth and promised to pass a letter on to me, because we still kept in touch. I received it shortly before Walter died and I will read some of it to you.”

And so, you clever bitch, you tricked me once again, but I should be grateful. If I had been made Head of Reich Security, it would have been me sentenced to hang at Nuremburg and not Kaltenbrunner. Also, the Swedes told me that you knew about my peace negotiations on Himmler’s behalf but did not betray me. So, you saved my life twice and, although I haven’t got long left now, I will try to do something for you in return.

I wish that I could have warned you that that little shit, Von Kreps had been ordered to kill you all but I was treading on thin ice myself. I assume that you were able to deal with him as he disappeared on the same day as you and your friends vanished from Berlin.

Himmler was most upset as Von Kreps was on some special mission for him and was supposed to send a signal confirming that he had been successful. If the Ivans had not arrived, Himmler was ready to tear Berlin apart to look for Von Kreps. I don’t know what was going on but it must have been very important.

Anyway, since the war ended, all of your names have been mentioned by those who still work for the old order. I was questioned several times but could quite honestly say that I had no idea of your whereabouts or if you were still alive.

Be warned! I have heard that your trails have been picked up again and that they are not the only ones that were looking for you. I know no more other than that you are all in grave danger! Please take care.

Italy is nice in the summer but I would rather be spending my last days in the Rhineland. It’s too late now and I envy you. You had a chance to start again but I cannot go back and change anything that I have done.

See you in hell

Affectionately yours


Miss Spiteful had smirked as she had read out the first paragraph but her face had grown more serious by the time that she had finished. There was silence until Solitaire spoke up.

"What does he mean? Those who follow the old order."

"Our late employers, the Nazis, I take it." Miss Spiteful replied grimly. "But he also said that they were not the only ones looking for us. That could mean the Allies, the Ivans or even the Israelis. We didn't exactly make ourselves popular."

"I can't understand why Himmler was so upset at Von Kreps's disappearance." Sapphire shook her head. "We can't have been that important that the Reichsfuhrer needed to know that we were dead."

"Walter's warning explains some of the things that have been happening recently. Storm, you should hear this." Miss Spiteful nodded to Sapphire who took a sip from her glass before speaking.

"Just after the New Year, a man sat next to me on the tram in Zurich. He said that he knew who I was and that, if I wanted to be left alone, I should co-operate with him. When I poked him in the eye and screamed that he had touched my leg, he jumped off the tram and ran away. A week later, my home was broken into and ransacked but nothing was taken."

Sapphire looked as if she was about to burst into tears but Miss Spiteful patted her hand and signalled to Stiletto.

"Well, two Germans came to my house, forced their way in and wanted me to tell them what had happened to Von Kreps. Antonio, my husband came home just then and shot them both."

"What happened after that?" I gasped.

"Oh, the Police accepted that they were thieves," Stiletto said casually. "But Antonio has friends in the Government and they said that someone amongst the Nazis and Fascists living in Argentina had been making enquiries about us."

"What happened to you, Solitaire?" Miss Spiteful asked.

"A note was put through our farmhouse door threatening to harm my children if I did not place an advert in the Die Beeld newspaper agreeing to meet them. Hendrick went mad but, when he had calmed down, he went to the Broderbund.” Solitaire looked very distressed as she spoke and Stiletto put her arm around her friend’s shoulders. “It was the same as Stiletto. Someone had been asking questions. ‘Did we have lots of money?’ ‘How many visitors did we have?’ Things like that. If anyone comes near my children, I will kill them but, who are they and what do they want?” Her voice rose to a wail as she finished and my heart went out to her.

“As for me,” Miss Spiteful concluded. “Two men tried to break in one evening, a couple of weeks ago. They came up the fire escape to the lobby on this floor and picked the lock on my front door. Kelly chased them both off. One fell to his death from the fire escape but the other got away. A pity, because I would have like to question at least one of them to find out what is going on.”

We all turned to look at Kelly in amazement but she shrugged, stubbed her cigarette out in the ashtray and spoke haltingly in German. “I do judo. I just didn’t give them a chance to get their guns out and the dead one didn’t fall, he jumped.” She was full of surprises. Her voice was deeper than I expected but like me she had developed a husky whisper although she did have the advantage of a softer Canadian accent over my harsher German one.

“What about you, Storm?” Miss Spiteful asked. “You told me on the telephone that you had not been bothered. Has that changed at all?”

“No,” I replied. “But I have changed my name three times and I have been in Hong Kong for three years so they probably haven’t picked my trail up yet. However, before I left Berlin the Russians came looking for me and probably all of you as well.” I explained what had happened and they pondered on that for a while.

Miss Spiteful drummed her fingernails on the tabletop. “I said it then and I’m still convinced that there was someone on the inside in Berlin who knew us all and was passing information onto the Russians. There were also more details in Von Kreps’s files than he could have found in our official records. I don’t think that either the Nazi’s or whoever else would be going to all this trouble just to get revenge or bring us to justice after seven years. There is a connection with Von Kreps but I don’t know what. We’ll go over it all again another time but, right now, I have a treat for us all.”

Miss Spiteful sat back and smiled at me. “Seven years ago, we welcomed a new member into our sisterhood. The initiation ceremony was completed but we missed out on the celebrations afterwards. Now, I have a very good friend who is a member of the New York Police Department.” Kelly gave a subdued snort as Miss Spiteful carried on speaking. “He looks out for my interests and I do some favours for him. He is after a drug dealer whom it has been impossible to get into court because he gets someone else to do his dirty work for him and he also has very good lawyers. This particular piece of slime specialises in supplying drugs to school kids and, when they are hooked, forcing them into prostitution to pay for their fixes. As the law cannot touch him, my friend would appreciate it if we could discourage this evil little man from continuing with his nasty practices. He is coming here this evening under the impression that he will be mistreating me in a free session. It would be a perfect way for us to start our own celebration if we could all take part in torturing him and then, afterwards, we can let ourselves go in the time honoured manner. Just to let you know that this apartment only has three beds but they are big ones and, if your fancies take you, will sleep three quite easily.”

I felt a stirring in my penis at the anticipation of the orgy that I had missed out on in Berlin.

“As for tomorrow,” Miss Spiteful continued. “I propose that we have a traditional sisterhood outing. I went through Storm’s suitcase and things must be bad in Britain from the state of her wardrobe. She would benefit from a shopping trip down Fifth Avenue and I’m sure that we can all find a few things for ourselves as well.”

There were shrieks of delight and some hand clapping at this announcement. I didn’t mind at all that Miss Spiteful had looked in my suitcase and disparaged the contents.

“Lunch out would also be nice. What have I got on tomorrow, Kelly?”

Kelly went to get a black book and opened it.

“Monday morning is clear but Mary the Maid is flying up from Washington for the afternoon. Mr Kennedy from Boston would also like a late afternoon session.

“Father or son?” Miss Spiteful frowned.

“The younger one. He wants relief from his election campaign for the Senate.”

“Very well. You can confirm but remind him of my conditions. I will not peroxide my hair but I will wear a blonde wig. I will not have sex with him and I will not sing for him while he jerks off.”

Kelly made a note and continued reading.

“Mr Scott is in town and wants to bring that young actor with him again. They are here for a couple of days and can be flexible over the timing.”

“That’s an easy one.” Miss Spiteful stood up. “I will be Jane Russell and you can be Dale Evans. Those two just need a little bondage and beating as encouragement and then we can leave them alone together while they have sex” She shook her copper coloured locks. “Who dreams up their names in Hollywood? I’ve never seen a man’s penis less like a rock than his. Put them down for the following morning. Now Ladies, our visitor will be here in less than an hour. There’s just time for everyone to have a shower, do your makeup and get into your sisterhood uniforms. I trust that you all brought yours with you?”

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