The Dominafuhrer - MISS SPITEFUL'S GOLD

Episode 40 - We're Going To Wedding

September 1952

Miss Spiteful stood in the Hotel foyer, tapping her booted feet and looking at her wristwatch; her bright red lips a thin line of impatience. She was wearing a long black leather coat, buttoned across at her neck; whose military style looked very familiar.

Nearby, Stiletto and Solitaire, wearing identical knee length, black woollen capes, were discussing the jewellery on display in the glass fronted hotel shop. Sugar, in a long dark brown leather coat, was relaxing in one of the lobby armchairs, her long tan leather booted legs stretched out in front of her. Her pony tailed head was resting on the back of the chair as she blew perfect smoke rings at the revolving fan on the ceiling.

It was a warm September evening and we were already attracting curious glances from other guests passing through the lobby because of our buttoned up heavy coats; stoking Miss Spiteful’s fury.

To escape, I wandered over to my new friend, the Hall Porter. He shook his head sadly when he saw me approach. No telephone call yet from David.

“I am going out now,” I told him. “And do not expect to be back until after midnight. If my husband does call, please tell him that we are leaving for Zurich on Monday and that he must call me tomorrow. I will be around the hotel all day.”         

“Jawohl, Frau McNair!” He stiffened, nodded his head and clicked his heels.           

 I returned to Miss Spiteful, feeling very hot in my long grey raincoat, which I had bought for the rainy season in Hong Kong. Kelly, wearing a long white raincoat, came through the front door looking very puzzled.

“The Taxi Drivers want to confirm the address,” she held out a note with Miss Spiteful’s neat printing on it. “They don’t know of any venue or club on Behmstrasse and say that it’s right on the border with the Soviet sector.”

Miss Spiteful looked at the note and shrugged.

“That’s what Rudi gave me. We’ll go there anyway.” She checked her wristwatch yet again. “Where is that verdammt woman?” she muttered.

“Isn’t that the same coat that you used to wear during the war?” I asked, trying to make pleasant conversation to divert her anger.

“Ja!” she snapped. “And it still fits! I was going to order a new one while I was here but, unlike some, I have not had time to go shopping. Ah! Here she is at last!”

Sapphire was approaching from the direction of the lifts, her loose blue-grey cloak billowing behind her, but she was not alone. Her tennis playing friend was trotting alongside her, trying to keep up. Her ash blonde hair was piled on top of her head. Long sparkling earrings swayed against the red feather boa which was wound round her neck and trailed behind her, and an ankle length, tight blue and silver sequined dress, finished off with red spangled high heeled shoes and a matching handbag sent us all into shock.

“I thought that we were going to make a discreet exit,” Kelly whispered behind me.              

Sapphire’s companion thrust out a bare, muscular arm and seized a stunned Miss Spiteful’s hand, pumping it up and down.

“Hello, I am Natalya. I am Yugoslav, from Slovenia.” Her German was good with an Austrian accent but her voice deep and nasal. “We go to a wedding party, Ja?”    

We all looked accusingly at Sapphire, who had coloured, despite her thick make up.

Miss Spiteful rescued her hand and flexed the fingers to get blood back into them. We all held our breath, waiting for her to explode, but she contented herself with a twitch at the corners of her mouth.

Ja, ja, this is certainly going to be some party.”

Natalya began introducing herself to the rest of our group while Kelly lifted the big canvas bag that Sugar had been guarding. She winced as she slipped the handles over her good shoulder. It contained all of our torture, punishment and bondage implements and equipment so that we would not expose them to public view. I had only put in a whip a cane and a short lash but, with five others adding to it as well, the bag must have been very heavy.

“The taxis are waiting!” Kelly called and we all moved towards the doors.

“Spiteful, Sapphire, Storm! What names you call yourselves!” Natalya trilled loudly. “You must tell me what that is all about.”

Miss Spiteful paused and grasped some of the folds of Sapphire’s cloak, jerking her closer.

“She’s your responsibility,” she hissed in Sapphire’s ear.

Sapphire nodded glumly. “She wanted to know why I couldn’t dine with her tonight and I told her that we were all going to a party in Wedding. She got it wrong and invited herself along.”

Sugar gave a deep chuckle.    

“Memorable? I think that tonight is going to go down in bloody history!”

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