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The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine
Obedience Training
Getting Acquainted
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Chapter 3 - Getting Acquainted

When Mistress Stella and her friends left me alone in the cage, she said she was going to leave me there all night. At first I wondered whether she really would. But then I thought about all that had happened since I got that phone call from Ms. McBride, and I was convinced that she could be counted on to do exactly as she said. So I settled down in the cage as comfortably as I could.

I began to think about the events that had occurred. I had never had such intense experiences in my life. Mistress Stella was correct that the use of her wand on the genitals focuses the mind. Then there was the beating my ass had just received. The intensity of that was indescribable. It certainly eliminated all thoughts of other matters from my mind. I had been taken completely by surprise by Stella’s sudden blowing of the whistle and the very rapid arrival of her friends. I could not imagine a more swift, decisive reaction to my little rebellion. I had never had a beating like that before, and, although I screamed and yelled pretty loudly, I felt I had taken it better than I would have expected I could. The thing that surprised me most was the erotic response it had aroused in me. Why did I get an erection? Was it the fact that I was naked and helpless in the presence of four women? Is it possible that I could in some way enjoy having my ass whacked by women? What ever it was, I was certainly experiencing feelings I had never had before and had never expected to have. I wondered just what was coming next. I could not imagine, so I decided to lie down and try to sleep.

I was barely aware that, sometime in the middle of the night, someone was fumbling through the bars of the cage covering me with a light blanket. I don’t know who it was, but I appreciated the thoughtfulness. I must assume that, if it wasn’t Mistress Stella, it must have been done with her approval. Apparently she does have some compassion for me. With the warmth provided by the blanket I fell into a deep sleep and did not awake again until I was shaken gently through the bars. I opened my eyes slightly and saw through the haze of sleep that it was Mistress Stella.

"Good morning, Arch, my little puppy. Are you feeling well this morning?"

I blinked and mumbled, "Very well, Ma’am."

"Is your butt still burning?"

"No, Mistress."

"But you do remember how it felt when I left you last night, don’t you?"

I moved a hand and touched my ass. "Oh yes, Mistress!"

"I hope that memory will assure that there will be no more rebellion like that from you, my little slave. You should know that it is my practice to use a strap on naughty puppies, but I have a nice single-tail whip for naughty slaves."

Surprisingly, the thought of being strapped again was not particularly intimidating. Not when I thought about the erotic feelings it had aroused. However, the idea of a whipping was something else. "No more rebellion, Mistress. I have learned my lesson," I assured her.

"Good boy! For the time being then you are again my slave, not my puppy. Now, I’m sure you need to pee and, perhaps, do something else. And I want you cleaned up. I am going to introduce you to my friends in a little while. Go into the bathroom over there and get yourself prepared. Take a shower and get very clean. And leave the door open. I’ll be checking on you to make sure you’re not up to any funny business. When you’re finished, come back and kneel before me like the good slave I’m sure you are going to turn out to be."

"Yes, Mistress," I responded. I got up and did as I was told.

When I had finished my shower and dried myself, I returned to the couch. Stella was still there, and I knelt in front of her in the manner she had taught me.

"Good boy, Arch. Now, we have a few minutes before my friends arrive, so we have a chance to talk. I’m sure you have many questions. You must be wondering about many things."

"Yes, Ma’am. I most certainly am!"

"Then you are free to ask me anything you wish.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Go ahead, Arch, ask away."

It was like bursting a dam. "Where are we, Mistress? What is this place? Why am I here? What do you intend to do with me? What is that symbol I have seen several times here, that logo? Who are you and the other women here? When will I…"

She interrupted me, laughing, "Slow down, Arch. I didn’t mean for you to ask every question you can think of all at once. Let’s take them one at a time." She laughed again. "Better yet, let me tell you what I think you should know."

I smiled. "Certainly, Ma’am."

"Let’s start with the symbol you asked about, the gold five-pointed star in the circle. What is commonly called a star today is correctly called a pentagram or a pentacle. The pentacle is one of the oldest symbols used by humans. It was actually used by cave men. We don’t know what significance it had foe them, but we do know what is signified for pagan societies. They used it to symbolize their goddess. She was a goddess of love, of friendship, of kindness and of beauty. Her name was Kore or Cara, and, later, as Ceres and Venus. Did you know that the planet, Venus, was named after the goddess of love and beauty because every four years the planet traces a pentacle in the sky? Kore was—or to us, is—the divine goddess, and her attributes are those of the divine or sacred feminine. Originally she was the supreme goddess and ruled over the entire universe. Unfortunately, her rule was corrupted and replaced by male gods. Gods like Thor, Jupiter, Mars, and many others, all male and all more interested in war than in peace, in violence than in love. You are now amongst a group of women who intend to change that. We intend to return to the supremacy of the sacred feminine.

"Do you hate men because they deposed your female goddess?" I asked.

"No, we do not hate men. And Kore is not just our goddess. She is yours, also. She loves men, and so do we. Men are as absolutely necessary to human life as are women. It’s just that we will all be better off when men are submissive and subservient to women. In our view, submissive men are a great joy, and we love to live and play with them. Consider yourself lucky that you are about to become one of those delightful men."

"Is your name Mistress Stella because that name refers to the star, the pentacle?"

"You are absolutely correct, Arch, and most of us have names that refer to the pentacle, the divine goddess, or the heavens where Venus traces her symbol. Our symbol is the pentacle in the circle because we are a circle of the divine feminine in which we and men can find joy, peace, and contentment…so long as those men recognize and are submissive to the supremacy of the sacred feminine.

"Now, Arch, you are still in the first phase of your training, the Obedience Phase, and my friends are about to arrive to meet you. Therefore, you are again my puppy. Hopefully, my obedient puppy."

"Yes, Mistress," I replied and, with a feeling of some reluctance, I leaned forward in my kneeling position, placing my hands, palms down, on the floor.

"Good puppy," Mistress smiled. "Now, before my friends arrive, I want to jog your memory about something."

"With the wand again, Mistress?" I asked, somewhat startled by her statement.

Mistress laughed. "I hope that won’t be necessary! Let me put it a better way. I want to ask you to recall something."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, breathing a sigh of relief. "What is it you want me to remember?"

"I want you to remember yesterday, when you were on the leash and beside me in the yard, and I was talking to Mistress Angela."

"I remember, Mistress."

"And do you remember how her dog checked you out, how it got acquainted with you?"

"Yes, Mistress. It sniffed my ass and my genitals. It even licked them. Why do you want me to remember THAT, Mistress?"

"Because, puppy, you are going to do the same as that little doggie. You are going to get acquainted with me the same way." She sat forward on the edge of the couch and spread her legs, showing me her bare, shaved pussy.

"You want me to get acquainted with you like THAT, Mistress?"

"Yes, puppy, and I want you to do it right now!"

I hesitated only for a second, then I crawled forward and put my face between her thighs. I sniffed at the inside of each thigh and approached her pussy with my nose. I could detect its musky and not unpleasant odor.

Suddenly, Mistress said, "Don’t be shy, puppy!" and, spreading her legs further, pushed my head into her crotch and my nose deep between her pussy lips. "That’s a good puppy…now, lick it!" She held my head so tight against her crotch I thought I might suffocate.

Because I had no choice, I extended my tongue and inserted it into her hot, wet pussy. I raised my head slightly, running my tongue up the slit and allowing myself to get a breath.

She was, obviously, enjoying what I was doing, because she made no move to stop me. Rather, she moaned slightly and stroked my head. However, after a minute or two she grasped my ears, pushed my head back, and, smiling at me, said, "Good puppy! Now, remember my smell and taste. It will be to your advantage to remember that later." She pushed my head away from her crotch and said, "Sit, puppy."

"Yes, Mistress."

When I sat back, puppy fashion, she leaned down and looked between my knees. She smiled when she saw that my cock was getting hard again.

Just then a man entered the room. He was, obviously, a slave like me, except he was not totally naked. He was wearing a shiny gold collar, a black leather vest with the pentacle emblem on the back, and a black leather thong. He was barefooted and he did not have on wrist or ankle straps. He spoke to Mistress, saying, "Good morning, Mistress Stella. The other ladies are beginning to arrive."

"Good morning. Thank you, Charlie. Please show them in as they arrive. And, Charlie, please serve us some coffee as soon as it is ready."

"Yes, Mistress," he replied and quietly left the room.

"Alright, puppy, move over here and sit quietly beside my chair. Don’t move until you are told to."

"Yes, Ma’am," I said as I moved to my assigned position.

I had no more than seated myself again, puppy fashion, than Charlie returned escorting two women. As they entered the room, Mistress greeted them warmly, "Good morning Cara, Celeste. Come in and have a seat. The others will be here soon. Charlie, is the coffee ready?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Then please serve the mistresses…and I would like a cup, also."

"Certainly, Mistress," Charlie replied with a nod of his head.

The three mistresses engaged in small talk for only a few moments before Charlie returned. This time he was carrying a large tray with coffee service and a steaming pot of coffee. Three more women were following him. He stepped aside when he reached the door to let them pass through first.

The mistresses already in the room stood and greeted the new arrivals enthusiastically. There were hugs all around. Among these new three women was Mistress Angela, who I immediately recognized. Next, there was a flaming redhead. I quickly learned from the greetings she received that her name was Aurora. Obviously, ‘Mistress Aurora’ to me and Charlie. I assumed her name reflected the fact that her red hair would likely light up the sky at night. The last was a very small and quiet lady. Her name was Mistress Luna.

When all the ladies were seated, Charlie served coffee to all. He addressed each by name as he served, and it was obvious that they all knew and liked him. When all were served, he turned and said, "Is there anything else this boy can get you, Mistress Stella?"

"No, thank you, Charlie. That will be all for now," was the reply.

"Yes, Mistress," Charlie said, and left the room.

There was a bit more small talk while the mistresses sipped their coffee, then Mistress Stella said, with a bit of excitement in her voice, "I’m so glad you all could come, because I want to introduce you to my new little puppy. His name is Arch, and he just began his training yesterday." She stood, my leash in her hand, and said quietly, "Follow me, Arch."

"Yes, Ma’am," I responded as she began to lead me across the room toward Mistress Luna.

"Luna, this is Arch," Mistress said cheerily.

Mistress Luna patted me on the head and said, "Hello Arch." Her greeting was not particularly enthusiastic.

With each of the other mistresses it was different. They all seemed very glad to greet me. Of course, Mistress Angela had met me before…under quite different circumstances…as had Mistress Cara. She was one of the women who had responded so forcefully to subdue me, yesterday. She smiled cheerfully, grasped my ears, and, pulling my face close to hers, said, "I see you are being a good puppy today, Arch."

I looked up at Mistress Stella, then back at Mistress Cara, smiled and said sheepishly, "Yes, Ma’am."

While Mistress Aurora and Mistress Celeste greeted me, patting my head and scratching the back of my neck, Mistress Cara described to them my rebellion and the consequences that followed so swiftly. They all laughed and congratulated Mistress Stella on her decisive action.

When all had greeted me, Mistress Stella led me to the center of the room and said to me, "Now, puppy, I want you to acquaint yourself with each of these ladies."

I sat facing the ladies, puppy fashion, smiled and said, "Good morning, Mistress Luna, Mistress Cara, Mistress Angela, Mistress Aurora, and Mistress Celeste. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance."

Mistress Stella cleared her throat loudly. When I did not respond, she said authoritatively, "Arch, you’re my puppy, remember. I want you to acquaint yourself with these ladies like a good puppy, just like you did with me a while ago."

"You want me to acquaint myself with them THAT way, Mistress?"

"Yes, Arch…puppy!"

All the mistresses giggled, apparently knowing exactly what was to come.

I let out a big sigh. "Yes, Mistress." The truth was I found the prospect more than a little exciting and I wondered how long it would be before I had a hard-on. I did not know where to start, so I decided to proceed in the order that I had been presented to them a few minutes ago.

As I crawled toward Mistress Luna, she smiled, spread her knees, and pulled the front of her loose skirt up to her lap. She had a tight-lipped, completely shaved, pink pussy. I smiled up at her, then pushed my face gently between her thighs. As my nose lightly touched her lips, I felt the very gentle touch of her hand on the back of my head. She did not push, but her touch let me know she was in no hurry for me to back away. She smelled very clean, and her fragrance was light and rather pleasant. I licked her pussy lips without parting them.

With Mistress Angela it was a bit different. Her pussy was also shaved, but just above it was a neatly-trimmed tuft of curly black fur. The lips were not tight, like Mistress Luna’s, and her clit just peaked out at the top. She spread her legs wide and giggled as I ran the tip of my nose up and down, getting it wet with pussy juice in the process. She scratched the back of my head and said, softly, "I’m glad you were available to…work…for us when I called, Arch." In reply, I licked her pussy firmly, making sure I made solid contact with her clit. She moaned, laughed, and pushed my head away.

As I crawled toward Mistress Cara, I realized that my cock was responding enthusiastically to the smells and tastes I was experiencing. It was rigid. As I placed my head between Mistress Cara’s knees, she said, "Hello again, puppy. I see you are in the same condition you were when I last saw you, except your ass is not bright red." She and Mistress Stella laughed heartily at this.

Mistress Cara’s pussy was cleanly shaven, soft, wet, and inviting; just like I remembered Mistress Stella’s. It had a similar musky but pleasant…meaning sexy…odor. When my nose approached it, she did exactly what Mistress Stella had done earlier. She pushed my nose so deep into her hot, wet cunt I couldn’t breathe. She worked her hips back and forth like she was fucking my nose. I extended my tongue and ran it up between the folds of her pussy in self defense.

"Don’t get carried away, Cara," Mistress Stella said, sounding only half in jest. "He’s mine, you know. Get your pleasure with you own slave puppy."

Mistress Cara let go of my head and, laughing, said, "He’s a VERY good puppy, Stella."

Mistress Aurora was next. When she spread her legs, I could see that her pussy is covered by a great mass of flaming red hair. I wondered whether she had more in her crotch than on her head. I could see nothing of her pussy lips…only that fiery red bush. She spread her legs wide, locked her fingers behind her head, and, leaning back, said for all to hear, "Sniff around in the bushes, Puppy. You’ll find what you’re looking for." Everyone laughed hilariously.

All I could find was a mouth full of hair. Her odor was a powerfully erotic stimulant, and the tip of my cock became wet with precum.

Finally, there was Mistress Celeste. She welcomed me with open thighs, like all the rest. Her pussy was damp and inviting. It was obvious she shaves it, but it must have been a few days since her last shave. There was a slight stubble that was a little scratchy to my nose and tongue. However, her pussy juice tasted sweet, and her odor was pleasant and erotic.

When I had acquainted myself with all the mistresses, Mistress Stella said, "Good puppy, Arch. Quite well and properly done."

Everyone applauded.

"Now, I want slave Arch to kneel in the center of the room facing all of us," Mistress Stella instructed.

"Yes, Ma’am," I responded as I moved to the center of the room. I knelt slave style, as I had been taught…my knees spread, my hands, palms up on my knees, my back straight, and my head erect with my eyes cast down. The only unusual feature was my cock. It was standing at attention and pointing straight at the assembled mistresses. They did not fail to notice, as indicated by some giggles and winks at each other.

Mistress Stella said to me, "Now, slave Arch, since you have gotten so well acquainted with all of us, could you tell us apart in the dark?

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