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The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine
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Chapter 6 - Good Grooming

I was tired, and I slept well. The next morning I was awakened by Mistress as she was unlocking the chain from my collar. “Head for the bathroom, Arch. Use the toilet, wash up, and be sure to shave. Then join me in the living room. Be quick about it. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I did as I was told as quickly as possible, and headed for the living room.

Immediately upon seeing me, she walked toward me, smiling brightly. She looked me up and down, then said, "You look so nice, Arch. Very lovely." She pressed her breasts against my chest and her cheek against mine. "And such a nice, smooth shave." As she said this, I felt her hand fondling my balls—which I had shaved the day before on her instructions. "Such a good boy." She put her hand behind my head and kissed me hard on the lips. As she did this, she squeezed my balls until I gasped from pain. Immediately, she released me, snapped a leash on my collar, and said, "Come with me, Arch."

As we walked toward the door, she picked up a small purse and her trusty strap. Then, she tugged on my leash and we proceeded out the front door. As we stepped out, I noticed a male in the front yard. He was mowing the lawn, and he was dressed only in a black leather collar, a black thong and black sandals. I assumed he must be a slave like Charlie—and like me.

Mistress led me to the parking area where the electric carts were parked. She directed me to get aboard one of them; then she got behind the steering wheel and began to drive. We pulled out onto a street from the long, palm-lined driveway. There were many other electric carts, some being driven by women and a few driven by men. The women were all dressed in attractive tropical attire, similar to Mistress Stella, but all of the men were wearing leather collars and little else.

I was embarrassed by my nakedness, but my confusion and curiosity were paramount at the moment. "Mistress, may I ask a question now?" I asked pleadingly.

"Yes, Arch. What is it you are so anxious to ask me?"

"Where am I, Mistress? Where are we? I’ve never seen this place before."

Mistress laughed. "Arch, you are in the place of the Sacred Goddess. You are very fortunate to have been selected to be trained to serve Her."

Now I was thoroughly confused. "But, Mistress, who is the Sacred Goddess? Who selected me? Where is this place? How long will I be here?"

Mistress pulled the cart to the side of the road and stopped. She turned in the seat to face me, smiled, and said, "Arch, you are in the place of the Devine Feminine. I told you about it before. Our symbol is the golden pentacle in the golden circle. It is gold because it represents the brightness, the cheerfulness, the pleasantness you see here. The golden pentacle is the symbol of the Sacred Goddess, and the golden circle is the symbol of the close-knit feminine society in which we are living—me, you, and all the others you see here. The Sacred Goddess is all the women in our society; all the women you are going to be privileged to serve. The place is an island known only to those whom we deem worthy to know of it. We call it Solaris. You will see our symbol on its flag and many other places here. When you see that symbol, remember that you should be honored to have been selected to serve this society of the Devine Feminine. Don’t be concerned with why or by whom you were selected. You will be here as long as we consider you worthy to serve us. Now, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said humbly. I wasn’t sure I completely understood—at least not the implications of all that she said—but I was sure it was of no use to question her further about it. I did ask one more question. "Mistress, why did you bring the strap with you?"

"Don’t ask stupid questions, Arch," was all the answer I got. She pulled the cart away from the side of the street, and we continued on our way to where ever we were going.

As we drove along, I noticed that there were no forms of transportation other than electric carts like the one on which we were riding. No automobiles, no trucks. There was one exception. A few people were riding bicycles. Those appeared all to be women and children. The traffic was getting heavier. Eventually, I saw ahead of us a huge building or series of buildings, surrounded by a very large parking lot. Many electric carts were parked there. It didn’t take too much effort for me to realize that this was a shopping mall. My god! She was taking me to a shopping mall stark naked! I was horrified.

It was not long before Mistress pulled the cart into a parking space and stepped to the ground. "Come along, Arch." she said in a casual tone, holding the leash loosely.

I did not move. "But, Mistress…," I sputtered.

She moved close to me and grabbed my ear with the hand holding the leash. She pulled so hard I had no choice but to step off the cart. When I did, she smacked my ass with the strap. WHACK.

"AAAHHH," I cried out and began to move toward the mall entrance. Now, in addition to being naked, I had a bright red stripe across my ass.

As we approached the mall, I noted a large pentacle and circle over the door. I was walking slightly behind Mistress Stella. She was holding my leash, and I was feeling extremely self-conscious. Mistress Stella stopped at the door and just stood there. I didn’t know why, so I stopped just behind her. After a long pause, she barked at me, "Get you ass up here and open the door for your mistress, Arch!"

"Yes, Ma’am," I quickly responded and jumped to open the door and hold it for her.

Looking straight ahead, she marched through, saying, "Come!"

I followed obediently. When we were inside and walking down one of the wide corridors between the many shops, I was surprised at what I saw. It was not what I had expected. There were many women shopping, all dressed very casually in clothing like Mistress had on. Some wore shorts and colorful tops; some, very short skirts and tight tops; some, knee-length skirts; and some were in pants to the middle of their calves. All were quite colorful and tropical looking. That did not surprise me. What I had not expected was the fact that a man wearing a slave collar accompanied almost every woman. Some were on leashes, but many were not. Some of them wore nothing more than a thong and sandals. Others had on, in addition, leather harnesses with various patterns of straps and silver studs. A few wore lightweight leather vests, which were decorated with shiny studs in unique patterns. Several of the vests bore the pentacle and circle symbol. A few men were barefooted. One or two were naked, wearing only a collar and wrist and ankle straps, like me. The one constant feature was the slave collar. Every man had one. As I thought about what I was seeing, my anxiety began to dissipate. "Mistress," I asked, "may I ask another question?"

"Yes, Arch," she said pleasantly as she continued walking.

"Are all men here slaves, Mistress? And are all women goddesses?"

"Yes, Arch, all men are slaves here in Solaris. But not all of the women are goddesses. Some of the women are submissives. That is, they are submissive and subservient to the women who are goddesses. However, none of the women are slaves. You will see that none of them wear collars like yours. A few do wear collars, but those appear more like jewelry than like slave collars, and they signify a state of voluntary submission. We refer to them as subs, not slaves. Like you, they do the bidding of goddesses. Some of them aspire to be goddesses and will be some day. Others are quite content to be and to remain subs. What you must remember, Arch, is that you are a slave. That means that you are subservient to every woman here, whether she be goddess or sub. You need not consider yourself a slave to the subs, and you may address them less formally than you are required to address goddesses. You may even become friendly with some of them. However, you must treat them with respect, because their status is above yours. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, Mistress, I understand. Thank you, Mistress." I was feeling less conspicuous, although the experience of being led naked and on a leash through a shopping mall was still unnerving. Obviously, to have peace of mind, I was going to have to mentally turn my life over completely to Mistress Stella. What will be, will be.

As she led me through the mall, she stopped in front of first one shop and then another. She was window-shopping, but I was taking in every detail I could. I noticed that most shops had males—slaves—serving customers, but the managers were always women. A few shops had females attending customers, but they were dressed significantly differently from the female managers. They were wearing a very simple, one-piece, white garments—short togas of sorts—that covered them from just above their breasts to about half way down their thighs. Each toga was tied in a single loose knot over one shoulder—in a few cases it was also tied with a light cord around the waist—and it was made of very light weight, sheer fabric. It left no doubt that it was the only garment the wearer had on. It was obvious that, with a quick pull on the knot at the shoulder, the toga would drop away and the wearer would quickly be left completely naked. Also, a few of the toga-wearers each had a shiny silver or gold ring or band around the neck. This must be the sub’s collar that Mistress described.

Many of the shops were quite similar to those I had been accustomed to seeing in shopping malls, but there were differences. In the clothing shops women were trying on clothing, but they had no hesitancy to disrobe in full view of other shoppers to try on a garment they were considering. Like women everywhere, they tried on first this then that and discussed each article with their shopping companions, and is some cases, with other shoppers. I saw one woman quickly untie the toga on a sales clerk, letting it drop to the floor, then hand the now naked clerk a colorful sundress to model for her. This was all done with much smiling and good cheer. When the shopper was finished looking over the dress, she thanked the clerk and left her to return the sundress to the rack and put her toga on again. I was amazed at how casually this all took place.

Another shop had a very elaborate window display that would not have been permitted in any shopping mall I had ever visited. The merchandise being displayed was every kind of sex device one could imagine. There were vibrators, dildos, floggers, canes, straps, chains, etc. Nothing was left to the imagination. Still another shop was devoted to leather goods for slaves. It had harnesses, thongs, leggings, vests, shoes, leashes, wrist and ankle restraints, and other things I couldn’t identify.

Eventually we reached a shop that advertised itself as a ‘Grooming Salon’. Mistress led me inside. At first it appeared to be like any other ladies’ beauty salon I had seen before. There were several women having their hair washed, cut, and set; some by female beauticians and some by male operators. The female operators appeared to be subs, as in other shops, and the males were clearly slaves. I assumed that Mistress was going to have her hair done. Then I noticed a sign on the wall that said ‘We Specialize in Slave Grooming’. No sooner had I noticed this, than Mistress Stella began talking with the woman at the reception desk. "Good morning, Ariel."

The receptionist looked up. "Good morning, indeed, Stella," she replied. She stood up and gave Mistress Stella a hug. "So nice to see you. What can we do for you today?"

"Well, I have a new slave here that I’m afraid needs some work.

"What did you have in mind?"

His hair needs cutting, and I think that balding area on top of his head should be shaved…to get rid of that wispy hair there, you know? Also, his pubic hair could stand a little trimming. He hasn’t learned yet how to do that properly. And I don’t like hairy armpits. I think they should be shaved."

The receptionist—obviously, Mistress Ariel—looked me over from head to toe. When she was finished, she looked at Mistress Stella and said, "We certainly can do those things, but may I make a suggestion?"

"Certainly. What do you suggest?" Mistress Stella replied.

"I think you might be pleased with the result, if we gave him a complete shave," was the response.

"You mean shave his head completely?" Mistress Stella asked.

"Yes, that…and the rest of his body as well."

After a thoughtful pause, Mistress Stella responded, "Interesting! I hadn’t thought of that. Ah, but it would be such a loss, if he didn’t have the moustache."

Mistress Ariel grinned broadly. "You mean you like the pussy tickler? Ha! Ha! We can leave that!"

They both laughed.

Finally, Mistress Stella said, "Fine! Go ahead. I can’t wait to see the result. Oh!…and one other thing. I want you to put a nice steel cock and ball ring on him. Can you do that?"

I swallowed hard. I had a feeling I wanted to get the hell out of there. But where would I go, even if I could get away. And I suspected such an attempt would be dealt with the same way my previous attempt at rebellion was, if not worse.

Mistress Ariel responded cheerfully, "We most certainly can!" Then she asked, "Do you want to stay an watch, or will you return for him later?"

Mistress Stella answered, "I think I’ll stay." She slapped her strap lightly against her own leg and said, "To make sure there are no problems."

"You’re quite welcome to stay, but, rest assured, we’re quite able to deal with problem slaves," Mistress Ariel said with a smile. Having said this, she took the leash from Mistress Stella. "What’s his name?" she asked.

"Arch," Mistress Stella told her.

"Come with me, slave Arch," she ordered me, pulling lightly on the leash.

"Yes, Ma’am," I replied resignedly.

She led me to a room at the back of the shop. Mistress Stella, following behind, patted me gently on the ass. I wondered what she was thinking. As we passed through the door, I saw immediately that the equipment here was quite different from that in the front of the shop. It had a wash basin, similar to that in front, and shelves with bottles of lotions and creams, but it had no mirror behind the wash basin. At one side of the room it had a large shower stall which was equipped with metal rings in the wall and a horizontal metal bar hanging from the ceiling by a chain. Near the center of the room was a padded table about six feet long and three feet wide. It had a horizontal rail just above the floor that had metal rings attached to it. Also near the center of the room was a strange-looking device that could be described as a stool with narrow, padded top rails—the seat—that formed a wide, adjustable ‘V’ shape. It was mounted on a base that appeared to make it possible for the seat to be raised and lowered, swiveled, tilted, and pivoted in any and all directions.

In the room were two women who were both dressed in sheer togas such as I had seen on subs in other shops. They greeted the Mistresses by name. "Good morning, Mistress Ariel, Mistress Stella."

"Good morning, Alexis, Shula," the Mistresses said in unison. Then Mistress Ariel said, "We have some work for you. This is slave Arch. He wants a complete shave and a cock and ball ring. Leave the moustache, however. Stella has a use for that."

It wasn’t what I wanted, I thought. It’s what Mistress Stella wants. I have no choice in the matter—and what the hell is a ‘cock and ball ring’?

Both the subs giggled, then answered, "We’ll get started right away." Alexis took the leash from Mistress Ariel, and Mistress Stella took a seat at the side of the room. Alexis led me to the table. "Nice to meet you, Arch. Is this your first grooming experience," she asked me in a pleasant voice."

"Yes, Ma’am," I replied.

"No need to call me ‘Ma’am’," she said soothingly. "My name is Alexis, and I am a sub. You know what that is?"

"Yes. Mistress Stella explained it to me," I replied.

"Good. Then just call me Alexis. Now, lie down on the table for me, Arch. On your back, please."

I did as she asked me.

"Now, you’ll lie very still for me, won’t you? So I don’t have to strap you down." As Alexis said this, she opened a drawer and brought out a straight razor, which she began to sharpen on a leather strop.

Eying the razor, I swallowed hard and said, "Oh, yes! I’ll lie quite still!"

Alexis laid the razor on my belly and began gently unbuckling the wrist strap on my left arm. When this was done, she poured some fragrant lotion on her hands, and, lifting my arm, she spread it from my shoulder to the back of my hand. This done, she picked up the razor and began shaving my arm. The girl called Shula did the same on my right arm. "This isn’t so bad, is it, Arch?" Alexis asked in a soothing tone, as she expertly removed all traces of hair from my armpit.

"So far it’s very pleasant," I said, smiling at her. In any case, I wasn’t going to argue with a woman who had a straight razor against my skin.

.When Alexis and Shula finished with my arms, they shaved my legs in the same manner. As soon as that was done, Alexis spread the lubricating lotion on my chest and belly, and both girls began to shave my chest and abdomen. I held my breath as they shaved around my nipples, pinching each one gently and pulling on it as they traced around it with the razor. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sound. I opened my eyes just in time to see Alexis plunged an electric clipper into my pubic bush. The hair fell away like the wool from a sheep being shorn. When that was finished, she applied more lubricating cream and shaved me with the straight razor right down to the base of my cock. It was a great relief when I realized she was not going to shave my balls that way.

"Alright, Arch, turn over on your belly for me, please," Alexis said sweetly.

"Gladly," I said with a smile, happy that that straight razor had not been used between my legs.

Very quickly, Alexis and Shula made sure there was not a single hair left standing on my back, my butt, and the backs of my legs. When they were finished, they replaced my wrist and ankle straps. Then Alexis said, "Alright, Arch, now for the finishing touches. Please get up and come over to our special barber chair with me." I rolled off the table and she led me to the strange-looking stool device just a few feet away. "Sit down, please, Arch," Alexis said with a sweet smile.

I sat as best I could on the narrow, padded, ‘V’-shaped ‘seat’. The padded rails were only about three inches wide, and only the backs of my thighs and a bit of my butt made contact with them. As soon as I was seated, Alexis and Shula strapped my thighs to the narrow rails and my ankles to the vertical bars on either side. Then they attached cords to my wrist straps and tied my hands straight down at my sides. Finally, Alexis raised a vertical bar on either side of me and wrapped a wide cloth band around my chest, my back, and the two vertical bars. I was now firmly bound in a sitting position with my lower legs bent straight down and my thighs spread wide apart. I couldn’t move anything but my head. Shula stepped on a foot switch and my seat began to rise. It continued upward until my knees were at the level of her chest. She pressed another foot switch and I tilted backward until my back was at about a forty-five degree angle. Then, with the pressing of another switch, my legs were spread apart even wider than they had been. When I was positioned exactly as she wanted me, Shula lifted my balls and my cock and moved them from side to side. "I see you tried to shave here," she observed in a casual tone. "It’s really difficult to do yourself, isn’t it, Arch?"

"Yes, it is," I had to agree.

She smiled at me and said, "Well, we’ll get it all neat and tidy for you. "She picked up her straight razor, applied some lubricating lotion, and pulled my balls to one side. Obviously, my crotch was not going to be spare the razor after all.

I closed my eyes and held my breath, dreading the contact of the razor.

Shula laughed. "No need to hold your breath, Arch. We have lots of practice doing this, and we haven’t cut off anybody’s balls…yet." I heard both Mistress Stella and Alexis laugh.

I began to breathe again, but I kept my eyes closed as Shula worked delicately all around my scrotum. She spread the cheeks of my ass and shaved carefully around my butt-hole. As she worked, I heard the sound of the electric clippers again. Immediately I felt Alexis begin to remove the hair from my head. I breathed a deep sigh. When Alexis shut off the clippers, Shula asked, "Alexis, would you help me here, please?"

"Certainly," Alexis replied and came around to where Shula was working. Obviously, she knew exactly what Shula wanted, because, without anything else being said, Alexis grasped the skin of my scrotum and stretched it. Shula gently pulled the razor across the stretched skin. After each stroke of the razor, Alexis moved her fingers and stretched a different area for Shula to shave.

During this process I kept my eyes closed and again held my breath. At one point I tightened my jaws and moaned slightly as I felt the razor nick the delicate skin of my scrotum.

"Oops," Shula said. "Sorry, Arch." Suddenly I felt the sting of a styptic pencil. Obviously, she had drawn blood. I hoped this process would be over quickly. When it was Shula said sweetly, "Alright, Arch, you can breathe again." Having laid down the razor, Shula picked up a tweezers and began plucking some hairs she had missed. Although I could feel each hair being pulled out, it was not particularly painful, and I preferred this to the use of the razor on my male parts.

While Shula was plucking, Alexis returned to my head and applied lotion to it. Then she shaved every last trace of hair from it. When she was finished, she kissed my smooth, bald head and said cheerfully, "All done shaving, Arch." She did not, however, lower my perch to the floor and release me. The next thing I knew, she was standing between my wide-spread thighs tying a cord tightly around the base of my cock and under my balls.

"What are you doing now, Alexis? I asked.

"Getting ready to put on your nice, shiny cock and ball ring," was the answer. "First I tie this cord so those balls can’t crawl up into your abdomen and hide from me." She held up a steel ring that appeared to be about and inch and a half in diameter. Next, she laid it over one of my balls and pulled some loose skin through; then she squeezed that ball and pressed it through the center of the ring. I was surprised how easily and painlessly it slipped through. Now she made sure my one ball and as much of my scrotum as possible was through the ring, then she pressed my other ball toward the center of the ring and began to squeeze it through. This hurt a bit, but was not excruciating. It quickly slid through. Finally, she tucked my soft cock under the top of the ring and pulled it through. When all my male parts were through the ring, she untied the cord and removed it. Then she spoke to Mistress Stella, saying, "Would you like to check this out, Mistress?"

"I certainly would," Mistress said. She stood up and, smiling broadly, stepped between my wide-spread thighs. She stroked my smoothly shaved belly, then let her hand drift down to my hairless crotch. She cupped my balls in her palm and lifted them to examine the ring that made them stand out so prominently. Then she squeezed my balls until I gasped and said, "Lovely! I can hardly wait to get this one home."

I wondered what she had in mind for when we got home.

"If you are satisfied, Mistress Stella, we will get him completely cleaned up and you can be on your way," Alexis said. As she spoke she raised me to an upright position, lowered the chair, and released my bindings. As soon as I stood up she grasped my cock and balls, and pulling gently said, playfully, "Come with me, Arch." She led me to the shower. As I stepped in, she and Shula untied the shoulder knots on their togas, letting them drop to the floor. They stepped nude into the shower with me and turned on the water. When it was adjusted to their satisfaction, Alexis said to me, "Grasp that bar over your head, Arch." As soon as I did so, she fastened my wrist straps to eyes at either end of the bar and said, "Now, spread your legs." When I was positioned exactly as she wanted, she and Shula began to lather my body with scented soap and scrub me from head to foot. When I was completely clean, Alexis moved very close in front of me and began to softly stroke my cock and balls. My reaction was predictable. It took only a moment for my cock to swell and become rigid, projecting prominently in front of me. The steel ring accentuated the effect. With me in this condition, Alexis unshackled my wrists. As she did, she let her bare breasts brush lightly against my chest, and she whispered seductively in my ear, "Come back again soon, Arch." Then she snapped a leash on my collar and led me to my mistress. "Here is your clean-shaven slave, Mistress," she said.

"Thank you so much, my dear." Mistress replied as she led me out, now devoid of all hair except my moustache and with my cock rigid as a stick.

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