Chapter 9 - When the Bell Rings

I was awakened by someone bending over me and touching my neck. At first I was startled, then I realized she was unlocking the chain attached to my collar. It wasn’t Mistress Stella. Who was it? Not yet fully awake, I couldn’t think straight. Did I know her? I couldn’t remember. She looked familiar, but…

“Good morning, Arch,” she said, smiling pleasantly. “Do you remember me?”

“G…G…Good morning,” I stammered. “I…I…I think I might know you, but…”

“But you’re too sleepy to think right now,” she said, laughing.

“Yes. I…I…I mean yes, Ma’am…”

“Just ‘yes’ will do, Arch. I’m a subbie, not a domme. I’m Alexis. I helped give you a shave yesterday. Do you remember now?”

I blinked my eyes. I was beginning to gain my senses. “Oh yes. Now I remember. Hello, Alexis. What are you doing here?”

“Waking you up,” she said, laughing again.

I laughed too. “I’m aware of that. I’m not sure I want to be waked up, but I’m aware of it. But why? Why you? Do you work here too?”

“No, Arch, I live next door and I’m a friend of Stella’s. I help her sometimes…particularly with jobs she is not accustomed to doing…like waking up slaves. She’s still in bed. She’s your mistress, and she wants her coffee. If you don’t want your day to start off badly, I suggest you get it for her very soon.”

“May I go to the toilet first?” I asked.

“If you hurry,” she replied, with a soft laugh. “Then get dressed, get to the kitchen, and make Stella’s coffee. She likes it served while she is still in bed.”

“But I don’t know how she likes it,” I protested.

“I’ll be here to show you that. But, now, I think you should get moving…if you know what’s good for you.”

“Thanks, Alexis.” I hustled into the bathroom, peed quickly, washed my hands, and hurried back to the peg where my harness and thong were hung. Alexis was gone. I put on my clothes—if that’s what one should call a thong and harness—and hurried to the kitchen. I fumbled a bit finding the coffee and figuring out how the coffeemaker worked, but I got some coffee made in a reasonably short time. Just as I was looking for a cup and saucer and a tray on which to serve it, Alexis reappeared. “You’re just in time, Alexis. Does Mistress like cream and sugar in her coffee?”

“Yes she does. One spoon of sugar and juat a little cream. As soon as you’ve got it ready, I’ll take you to her room.”

I picked up the serving tray with Mistress’s coffee and followed Alexis through the parlor and down the long corridor to the master bedroom—or should it be called the mistress bedroom here?. She indicated that I should enter and she followed behind me. Mistress was sitting up in bed, a sheet pulled up to just below her bare breasts. “Good morning, Mistress,” I said, looking at them.

“Good morning, my slave,” she said, cordially. Then, laughing, she said, “Please look me in the eye when you greet me, Arch.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I responded, with a sheepish smile.

“Good morning, Alexis. Thank you for getting my new slave started on his morning duties. If I had had to do it myself, it might have made me grumpy,” Mistress said, smiling, as she sipped her coffee.

“I was glad to do it, Stella. Since I have to get up earlier than you do, I’ll be glad to do it every day, so long as you feel you need to chain him to the bed at night.”

“Thank you, Alexis. He got a bit rebellious the other day, and I’m not sure that is completely over with, so I think the chain at night will be needed for a while.”

I said nothing. In the back of my mind I wasn’t completely sure, either. Besides, Alexis was so pleasant I wouldn’t mind at all being awakened by her every morning…for a while at least.

Mistress turned to me. “Good coffee, Arch.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Then Mistress looked directly at my crotch. “Take off that silly thong, slave,” she said, smiling slyly.

“Yes, Mistress.” I slid the thong down and stepped out of it.

“Look at that, Arch. My cock is hanging there so soft and limp. I like to see it hard. Come stand here next to the bed, close to me,” she ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I stepped closer.

“Now, put your hands behind your back. I’m going to train my cock to stand up for me whenever I want it to.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Then Mistress opened the drawer of her night stand and found a small bell. She held it up in front of me and rang it gently. I made a pleasant tinkling sound. “Whenever you hear that sound, my slave, you shall stop whatever you are doing and come stand perfectly still in front of me just as you are now. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She rang the little bell again, then she lifted my cock and placed it in her mouth. Immediately, I felt her tongue circling the head then caressing the underside of the shaft. It responded instantly, slowly swelling and lengthening. In less than thirty seconds I had a rigid erection. The sensation of her hot mouth was delightful. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and moaned softly. Instantly, Mistress released my rigid member and sat back against her pillow. “Lovely…lovely,” she said, smiling and staring at the erection she had created. “Now, I’ll be up in a few minutes. Go back to the kitchen and fix me some breakfast. I’ll be along shortly.”

I was frustrated, but I tried not to show it. “Yes, Mistress. What would you like me to make for you?”

She smiled. “Surprise me,” she said.

In the kitchen I found some eggs, some bacon, and some bread. I didn’t know how to do anything fancy with these, so I fried the bacon until it was nice and krisp, toasted some bread, and scrambled a couple eggs.

Just as I was finishing Mistress came through the door carrying her coffee cup. She sat down at the table and, before I could greet her, she rang her little bell.

Remembering my instructions, I went immediately to her side and stood with my hands behind my back.

She lifted my cock with her fingers and said, “Limp again, Arch? You know how much I like my cock to stand at attention for me.” Again, she rang the bell. She put her tongue under the head and ran it all around the rim, squeezing and relaxing her fingers on the shaft as she did so. The disired response came quickly. Within a half minute it was hard again. This achieved, she stood, walked over to the stove, and asked, “What have your for me this morning?” She looked at what I was cooking and, without waiting for an answer from me, said, “Well, not a big surprise, but it looks good enough to eat. Do you have some more coffee for me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She sat down at the table and I served her the breakfast I had prepared. “Come sit with me while I eat,” she said, pleasantly.

I sat across the table from her. “I hope your breakfast is acceptable, Mistress.”

“Quite acceptable, Arch. I think you may turn out to be a very useful slave.”

I wasn’t sure whether I was glad to hear that or not, but I replied dutifully, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

While she was eating she asked me what I thought of the people I had met so far. I was not sure how frank I should be, so I replied that I thought Alexis was a very pleasant person, very friendly. With regard to Mistress Aurora, I said she is very gregarious, but that I thought it would take a while to figure her out completely.

Mistress Stella chuckled at that. “There is not a lot to figure out about Aurora,” she said. “She is just what you see…a fun-loving, boisterous domme who is a bit rough around the edges. The only side of her you haven’t seen is her temper. She is a redhead and has a temper as fiery as her hair.”

“I don’t feel a need to see that side of her,” I commented.

“What about the others?” Mistress asked.

“I smiled. “I really don’t know much about the others, Mistress. While my experience with them was very…personal… I didn’t get much impression of their personalities.”

Mistress chuckled at that. “What about Mistress Luna?” she asked. “What did you think of her?”

“Well…she is quite small…and she seemed rather delicate. She was so quiet I couldn’t even guess what she thought of our…meeting. She seemed quite shy to me when I first met her…But the second time I saw her I was startled,” was my reply.

“Startled? Why, Arch?”

“She was the pilot of the airplane! That’s why, Mistress!”

“Why should that be startling, Arch? We all have to make a living some way. That’s her profession. Quiet and delicate? Not really. I think she just does that on purpose the first time she meets a new slave,” Mistress said.

“Why does she do that, Mistress?” I asked.

“Probably because it keeps you slaves guessing about her,” Mistress commented. Then she changed the subject. “And what about Mistress Cara, Arch? What was your impression of her?”

“Well, Mistress, I thought she seems much like you. Pleasant and kind—I was trying as hard to flatter Mistress Stella as I was attempting to describe Mistress Cara, since I hadn’t really thought about my impression of Cara on the two occasions I had met her—but strict and probably a bit demanding.” Then, just in case I had not perceived something that Mistress Stella had expected me to, I added, “But I would really need to spend more time with her to get an accurate impression.”

“You’re doing quite well, Arch. And there is no need for you to be apprehensive or cautions with your answers. I’m not making judgments about you when I ask your opinion like this. You may be my slave, but we need to be frank and honest with each other. We will be spending a lot of time together.” Then Mistress put down her fork, stood up and, looking down at me, said, “Get the kitchen cleaned up, Arch. We have a lot to do today.” With that, she walked out of the room.

I had just finished in the kitchen when I heard Mistress ring her little bell again. I went to the living room and found her sitting in a comfortable chair. “Yes, Mistress?” I inquired.

“You know what you are required to do,” she said, smiling and pointing to a place on the floor directly in front of her.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied as I walked to the place she had indicated and stood with my hands behind my back.

Looking directly at my crotch, she rang the bell again. Immediately, I could feel a warm sensation in my cock. Mistress took it gently in the fingers of one hand and began rubbing its head with one finger of the other. She stroked the little opening at its tip, then ran her finger around the rim. It began to swell and stiffen. She smiled. “Good boy,” she said, and began to slide her hand back and forth on the shaft. I wasn’t sure whether she was talking to me or ‘her’ cock. Whichever, it was less than a minute before she had it stiff as a rod. She rang the little bell again, then she kissed the head lightly and released it. Looking up at me and smiling, she said, “Now we have work to do, Arch. It’s going to be a busy day.”

We were, indeed, busy all day. Mistress introduced me to a seemingly endless series of tasks. I made her bed, washed some dirty clothes, did some ironing, vacuumed the floor, cleaned toilets, swept the porches, and emptied any trash I found in the house. What she had told me the day before was correct. I didn’t like some of the services I was—am—expected to perform. After each task was completed Mistress would ring her little bell and I would, dutifully, present myself in front of her. As soon as I was standing with my hands behind me, she would ring it again and, in one way or another, bring ‘her’ cock to an erection. By the time she had done this three or four more times, it would begin to get hard the moment I was standing before her and she rang the bell. Eventually, she did not need to touch it at all. As soon as I stood in position and she rang the bell, my cock would swell and stiffen, pointing directly at her. She was delighted. “You are so trainable, Arch,” she said, chuckling. “You are giving me a great deal of enjoyment.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” I replied, frustrated but trying not to show it.

By mid-afternoon I was tired and hoping I would get a chance to rest. But then Mistress instructed me, “Get your sandals and thong on, Arch. We’re going grocery shopping.”

When I returned wearing my sandals and thong, Mistress snapped a leash on my collar and led me to the motor cart. “You drive,” she ordered as she sat in the passenger seat. “I’ll tell you where to go.”

It was only about two miles to the supermarket, so it did not take us long to get there. I did not feel nearly as self-conscious this time, because I was wearing as much or more than any other slave I saw. This time I remembered to step ahead of my mistress and open the door for her. “Thank you, Arch,” she said politely as she stepped through, holding my leash loosely. Mistress told me we were having a couple of her friends for dinner, so we needed to get enough for four people. We selected some fresh fish fillets, some fresh green vegetables, a box of rice–the kind that can be cooked in about five minutes–and a nice bottle of white wine. I assured Mistress that I could prepare a good meal with these items. After also selecting some butter, some fresh herbs that would go well with the fish, and a few items for breakfasts the next few days, we headed for home.

That evening I prepared dinner for four. Twice while I was cooking Mistress rand her little bell. Each time, I presented myself to her as she had instructed and she rang it again, and each time, ‘her’ cock immediately stood at attention for her. It was obvious that this delighted her immensely.

The friends Mistress was entertaining were Mistress Luna and sub Alexis. They sat in the living room while I cooked, but when I served dinner I was included at the dinner table. As usual Alexis was very pleasant. She chatted pleasantly with me, and both she and Mistress Stella complemented me on my dinner. As I was afraid would be the case, Mistress Stella could not resist demonstrating to the ladies the training she had achieved with her little bell. As soon as I had cleared the plates from the table and served coffee, she rang her little bell again. I was embarrassed, but I dutifully presented myself in front of her. This time, when she rang the bell again, not only did ‘her’ cock rise to attention, but I felt a sensation of warmth over my entire body. Obviously, I was blushing. The ladies laughed hysterically.

During dinner Mistress Luna had completely ignored me. She chatted some with Mistress Stella and even a bit with Alexis, but, for the most part she was quiet and reserved. She did not stay long when the meal was finished, and, as she got up to leave the table, she took me by surprise. She approached me, looked directly at me, and, with a pleasant but sly expression on her face, said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, slave.” She left immediately. I had no idea why she would expect to see me the next day, so I inquired, “May I ask a question, Mistress?”

The reply was emphatic. “No, Arch.” Obviously, she could guess what I was going to ask and she wasn’t about to answer me. “Alexis and I are going to the other room,” she said, changing the subject. “I know you must be tired from all your work today, so, when you have finished cleaning up the kitchen, you may go to bed. Get a good night’s sleep. You may need it tomorrow.”

“But, Mistress…”

“Be careful, Arch,” was her stern response as she and Alexis left the room.

Mistress was correct, I was tired, and I was glad to get to bed. I had no more than lay down than Mistress appeared. She came over to my bed and sat beside me. “Good boy,” she said as she stroked my bald head. “You did very well today.” Then she picked up the chain attached to the head of the bed and locked it to my collar. She bent down and kissed me on the head, then she left the room. I fell asleep almost immediately.

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