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65 - The BdM Group

Brenda Smith looked carefully at her watch. It was almost exactly 8pm. She, and her two fellow members of the newly formed BdM group were sitting attentively in the front row in the empty classroom which had been designated for the purpose by their illustrious new president Sue Sweet, who also happened to be the school secretary at St Stricktlands. Sue Sweet was also a closet nazi girl – well, reflected Brenda, not totally closet, at least not outside school hours – hence the reason, she supposed, why she had agreed to accept the position. She frowned. Actually the ‘new president’ bit had been Shirley Greene’s – the Greene Goddess’ – idea, and that was because she had asked Brenda’s boyfriend David whether Sue Sweet might not mind her sharing some of his monthly ‘interrogation’ sessions with them. Hence she, The Greene Goddess, and Celia Briony Tew (CBT) had clubbed together to form this highly secret (and slightly suspect) after-hours group for the sole purpose of learning all sorts of fun things about how to deal with balls. Boys’ balls, of course.

The BdM group was well named. It took its cue from the old Bund deutscher Mädel organisation of the nazi era. For their purposes, however, it stood for the Balls domination Militia, which amply summed up the new group’s activities and aims, namely the  subjugation, torture and torment of boys’ balls. Those male parts being the most vulnerable to a girl and thus the most fun for them to go after.

Brenda knew that she had always had a Thing about boys’ balls. She enjoyed, wildly, knackering David and it always made her so damp between her legs when she did it to him. She also knew that Shirley Greene had a Thing about castration. Not - she knew - that Shirley actually wanted to do it, but, as was usually the case with these Things, it was Power game. She’d seen how excited The Greene Goddess had become on April Fools day when David had really thought he might lose his balls in a gelding demonstration, and she'd also noted that The Greene Goddess had recently written a highly entertaining story recently about David fighting for his balls in a Machine programmed to knacker them. Somehow the idea of interweaving all that with the nazi girls seemed so, well, appropriate. The concepts just seemed to melt and merge and meld together.

The three girls sat politely, all wearing their regulation armband, a nazi style epithet. The SS entered, in her very best commander’s outfit, and carrying a large bag in one hand and a regulation nazi-style riding crop in the other, both of which she placed on the teacher’s desk. All three girls rose at once, and stood head bowed. “Mädchen über alles!” (Girls Rule OK) said The SS, and gave the nazi salute whilst holding her left hand against her cunt. All three girls did likewise. Honestly, Brenda thought to herself, if anyone had said to her that she’d ever find herself in a school classroom in a nazi group she’d have sent them packing to the funny farms forthwith. However whatever else the 20th century nazis had got wrong – which was, of course, an awful lot – one small thing they had got right was sheer style. She looked at The SS in quiet wonder. Her uniform was guaranteed to make any mere man wilt at the knees just by looking at it. Peaked cap, tight top and tie, leather belt, boots which seemed to go up forever, partly because of the incredibly short black miniskirt which accompanied them, plus black high heels of impossible proportion. And, of course, the nazi riding crop which looked as if it was crying out to be used on a balls….or (Brenda reflected, with a sudden touch of unexpected sexual longing) a cunt.

“Guten Abend, Fräuleinen!” (good evening, misses) said The SS, in clipped tones. Then she sighed slightly and reverted into English. “We will conduct this evening’s session basically in English, since some of us here……”  at this point she looked accusingly at The Greene Goddess, who blushed furiously and looked down at the ground  “…….are apparently not able to speak fluently in the language of the Motherland.” Shirley Greene raised her hand. “Kommandantin, bitte?” (Please commander?) she said, respectfully, “I am so sorry for my limited abilities. May it please you for me to offer my bottom to you for your crop as you wish?” The SS smiled at her, benignly. Shirley Greene added, ever so quietly, “Or any other part of my body which you think might benefit from some firm treatment with your crop.” Brenda grinned to herself. It was pretty obvious where The Greene Goddess wanted it most……just the same as she herself did, of course. “Ausgezeichnet!” (Excellent) said The SS. “Kommst du hier, Mädchen!” (good, come here, girl). Shirley Greene arose and stood next to The SS, who took her riding crop from her belt and ran it up and down her left and right sides, then up and down her face. All three girls were now in an agony, or ecstasy, of expectation. The SS motioned to Shirley Greene to lower and remove her short black shiny BdM style skirt, which she did. She wasn’t wearing any knickers, naturally. Brenda watched, fascinated. She rather hoped that it might be her turn next. Then The SS motioned her up onto the teacher’s desk, gesturing for her to hold her legs wide apart. Now everyone, including The Greene Goddess, knew what was coming. It was indeed going to be a cunt cropping. Shirley Greene held onto her knees and offered her bare cunt for the crop, with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open in eager anticipation.


“uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” breathed Shirley Greene. Brenda almost felt the stroke herself, it was so erotic.




“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said The Greene Goddess



“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she said, her head arched back.

The SS put the crop down and then very expertly massaged the offered cunt, which was by now obviously quite damp and obviously also highly sensitive. An electric shock of sheer pleasure shook The Greene Goddess’s body at the first touch, and she went rigid. She shivered and moaned.


The SS wanked her for a couple of minutes and then shook her head. Idly, she sniffed her fingers. “Wicked little girl” she said, mildly. “Still, I suppose I was just the same at your age!” Then she grinned. “Mind you, that cunt scent of yours is certainly enough to drive any boy totally out of his senses. Lucky girl! Now, get back to your seat!” Shirley Greene got, with a very happy smile on her face.

The SS then gave a short introduction to the new group. Brenda began to wonder where David was at this point. He knew the meeting was tonight at 8pm, well, in fact, he knew he was going to be the star turn, at least the star exhibit anyway. Brenda frowned. She really must try to concentrate. She realised she’d missed several sentences already. The SS had walked  up to the blackboard and was writing a list thereon.

For female application onto boys’ bare balls:

Hands (knackering)


Hairbrushes with plastic teeth

Spoons and spatulas

Knives and forks

Riding crops

Special instruments e.g. pinwheels


Ball croppers

Gelding irons

“I’m sure all of you here are more than fully familiar with at least two or three of the items on this list?” Nods from all three girls. The SS went on. “Many of them are fairly innocuous….well, unless you’re a boy or man, of course…..however some of them must be treated with EXTREME caution!” She paused for effect.

“There are several things you need, indeed must, I repeat MUST be aware of in any group such as this,” The SS was saying. “The first is that we are dealing with a lot of very grown-up things here some of which MUST only be done in a role-play manner and we do NOT want a victim – Shagger, in this case – to go to bed tonight without his balls intact.” Her mouth twitched slightly. “Sore, perhaps, well, in fact extremely likely, well, nay almost certainly, however still intact for future use!  Now for tonight’s session I am shortly going to tell you several things about knives and forks and their use thereof in sexual torture role-play, and again I stress a lot of this is more fantasy than fact.” She paused and looked at the three girls. Brenda felt her gaze. She nodded slightly to affirm what had been told to her. Well, as David’s boyfriend she certainly didn’t want him castrated by mistake! Sexually tortured, tormented, used and abused, certainly, but no more than that. The SS went on. “Whilst we girls can, and do, all sorts of things to men and boys in hard reality, such as tying, stretching and punishing their balls….. things like knives and ball croppers come strictly into the psychological torture section where we are very happy to threaten the male with them without actually using them per se.” She opened her bag and extracted a number of wicked looking knives from the depths inside. “You will note that these knives are all fully serrated, like bread knives. You must ONLY use knives such as this on a balls. When you place them against a balls, the sharp serrated edges will register a certain fascinating and highly erotic pain and discomfort on the balls but do no actual damage. You may then press deeper on the balls for extra effect, and the psychological effect of doing all this is huge, of course, but you must NEVER slide the knife up and down the balls beyond a maximum of around quarter of an inch or so, which is the amount of “play” in the average testicles – otherwise you run the risk of actually cutting them. OK so far?” All the girls nodded. “By the way, you must NEVER combine ball stretching with knife work, or similar, because when a balls is stretched the skin becomes much thinner and it’s far too easy to damage them.” The SS giggled suddenly. “I’ll tell you later on about the fuck fork!” Brenda frowned. She had thought she knew what a fuck fork was. A fuck fork was when a boy was caught between two girls approaches, both of whom wanted a fuck from him, and whichever one didn’t get  the fuck had promised to knacker his balls in retribution. A no-win situation for the boy, of course. However this fuck fork was clearly something else. Maybe it was a real fork? Brenda hoped she would find out presently.

“Now then, you may have been wondering where our star attraction – Shagger – is this evening?” Nods. Brenda was mildly relieved. At least David was properly accounted for, wherever that was. An evil grin from The SS. “In fact, I left him……shall we say….hanging around in my office!” Giggles from all three girls. Brenda could imagine what this meant, and obviously so could the other two girls. It was fairly obvious that David was literally hung up somewhere, probably on a wall, and most likely by his balls. “I shall now just go and fetch him, and that will take a few minutes, so whilst I’m away you can enjoy some nice pictures, which I stress are NOT real. She fired another stern look at Shirley Greene. “You, in particular, girl, I suspect may enjoy them most. Heil Hitler!” The three BdM girls replied in kind. The SS handed each of the girls a book, obviously a picture book, and minced out of the room. The three girls looked at each other, and then proceeded to open their copies of what was obviously the same book. Brenda gulped slightly. They were all pictures of male genitals in what could best be described as being in culinary mode.

Brenda was mildly appalled, but almost mildly fascinated. She was relieved to know that they were only figments of someone’s clearly vivid imagination, however. Brenda sat, transfixed. It was all too much for her, but at the same time she desperately wanted to see them all. She stole a glance at her two friends. They were both reading with mouths slightly open, once again slightly horrified but also entranced. Brenda noted that Shirley Greene had her hand on her cunt and was slowly wanking herself. Brenda doubted that The Greene Goddess was even aware that she was doing it.

A sound at the door alerted the girls back to reality. The SS led David into the room. Naked, of course, except for a collar and chain around his neck. His hands were cuffed behind him, and his legs were chained together although not tightly enough to prevent walking. The girls looked at him. He looked at Brenda and smiled slightly. She smiled back. The SS clicked her heels, nazi style, and gave the Nazi salute once again. The three girls stood up and did likewise. Brenda saw David’s face, which was a picture of complete horror. She did her best to keep a straight face, since it would have ruined the scene had she burst out laughing at that point.

The SS took her crop and lazily ran it up and down David’s cheeks. Then, without warning, she took her hand and slapped his face, hard, both sides, with the back of her left hand. David gasped. “You will kneel, dog, and await your fate,” she said. David knelt, very quickly. The SS motioned to The Greene Goddess. “You first, girl, come out here and introduce yourself to this prisoner the same as I have just done.” She turned to the other two girls. “You two next, but take those skirts off first, please. I do find that a male needs to have something nice to look at before his torture starts for real.” Brenda and CBT took off their shiny black skirts and stood behind Shirley Greene, who was just finishing slapping David’s face good and hard and with obvious relish and enjoyment. “Only two more girls to go!” murmured The SS. Brenda stepped forward and hissed at David in best Germanic fashion, “Guten Abend, Schweinhund!” (good evening, pig) and slapped his face four times. “The other two slaps are for letching over my cunt at lunchtime!” she said. David gasped and reeled. Brenda knew he’d done no such thing, of course, but the beauty of a session like this was that offences could be manufactured from thin air as required, and needed no grounding in fact. The SS nodded approvingly. CBT then added a final two slaps to his now very red face. The three BdM girls returned to their seats. Brenda promptly slipped a finger inside herself. This was all SO good.

“Wilkommen nach Gruppe BdM!” (Welcome to the group BdM) said The SS, in best clipped tones, which David clearly enjoyed and appreciated, or at least his penis did anyway since it twitched as she spoke. “Nun wollen Sie die Fragen antworten!” (Now you will answer the questions). “Ja, Kommandantin.” (Yes, commander) said David, succinctly. Brenda didn’t think that David was going to put up much sales resistance this evening. He was, after all, severely outgunned on every front. “Enshuldigen Sie mir, Kommandantin, ist diese Gruppe, ‘Bund deutscher Mädel’ bitte?” (Excuse me, commander, is this the Bund deutscher Mädel group) David asked politely, using the original derivation of the group. He was rewarded by a lazy but still stinging slap across the face by The SS. “Eins!” (one) she barked out. “Ich will die Fragen sagen!” (I will say the questions!) “Und zwei, nein! Wir haben heute, auf Englisch, the Balls domination Militia!” (and two, no! it is today, in English, the Balls domination Militia) David bowed his head - to the inevitable, rather than anything else, Brenda thought. “Danke, Kommandantin!” (thank you, commander) said David, faintly, clearly anticipating his fate.

The SS gestured to David to rise to his feet. She did so, of course, by pulling him sharply on his neck chain. He staggered awkwardly to his feet, a job made far more difficult owing to his arms being handcuffed behind his back. Finally he made it. The SS then pulled him roughly to the teachers desk. “Lie down on your back, Shagger, with your head off the one end and your legs off the other.” David looked at her in faint surprise. He was, Brenda supposed, expecting that the whole interrogation session would be in German, as indeed it had been on the previous occasion he had been subjected to this style of ‘interview’ the previous term. The SS smiled faintly “Heute wollen wir manchmal auf Englisch sprechen!” (today we will mostly speak in English). David shrugged and lay down as instructed. His head sagged backwards so that it was almost upside down. On the other hand his prick and balls were raised upwards off the desk because of his arms pinned underneath his back.  Brenda giggled. She’d never seen a boy in such an exposed and totally vulnerable position. However of course that was the whole idea. The SS took out a number of long wide leather straps from her bag and secured David down to the desk, or, more correctly, Brenda supposed, the torture and interrogation table. She removed his leg irons and chain.

“Nun können wir anfangen!” (Now we can begin) she said, and then removed the balls collar and chain from David’s testicles. “Come out here, girls, and observe the prisoner. You can see that he is now tied securely and awaiting his fate at your hands. It will be your pleasure, in a few minutes time, to ask him a variety of….interesting questions….all of which he will be required to answer properly and without holding any information back. To ensure his co-operation, I have a suitable instrument for you here. Wait one moment whilst I show it to the prisoner.” She picked up the serrated vegetable knife from beside her bag and held it a few inches away from David’s eyes. He gasped.

“Neinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” he said, sheer horror in his eyes, Brenda thought. “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” countered The SS, in an imitation of his last statement. “I always feel that a male deserves the proper…..how shall we say…incentive to answer the questions correctly, accurately, and quickly.” She paused, and, handing the knife to Brenda, said,  “Tell me, Shagger, what is the first height of agony for a male? The one relating to the balls? Surely you know that?” Brenda wasn’t sure if he would. It was 3rd form stuff. In other words, the standard jokes which always went around the 3rd form every year, the age, in other words, when sex reared its head and the differences between boys and girls sexual parts first became an issue. She held her breath. David replied, with distinct unease, “A man sliding down a carving knife using his balls as brakes!” he shuddered slightly at the thought of it, as indeed the boys always did, Brenda remembered. She relaxed slightly. The old jokes must be more universal than she had first thought, possibly at all schools. “Quite correct, prisoner. So you must be VERY careful with your answers, mustn’t you!” David shuddered again. The SS turned to Brenda. “There are a total of four principal positions where you can place a knife on the testicles, girls. They are 1. Above the balls 2. On the balls 3. Below the balls and 4. Between the balls, normally known as division or indeed the long division of balls. All these positions are VERY sensitive to a male, of course, and so we will use in one in turn. Brenda, start with position one, please.” Brenda took the knife, and, with The SS’s expert guidance, placed it up against David’s testicles as indicated ‘above the balls’. David flinched at the touch of the cold steel. Brenda noted sourly that his penis also twitched, and that after a few seconds of this, his erection grew. Experimentally, she pressed the knife ever so slightly and was rewarded by a groan from David and another twitch of the penis. “I don’t understand males at all,” commented CBT from the other side of the desk. “Nor me,” added The Greene Goddess. Brenda sighed. “That makes all of us here, I guess. However.” She turned to David and gazed into his eyes, in best Gestapo style, she hoped. “Prisoner, I want some answers. When you first look at a girl, what do you think about?” The Greene Goddess looked at CBT and grinned slightly. CBT winked. Obviously they were now both going to start thinking up highly embarrassing and humiliating questions to ask David along similar lines. David said, with clear reluctance, “I always think about her cunt, ma’am!” Brenda said, “Do you indeed, boy?” as though it was some new revelation to her. In fact, Brenda knew this already for the good reason that David had told her that this was what all boys thought, plus a whole more, however it might be good as a starting point for further revelations. “Anything else you think about first?” David took a deep breath and replied, “How she fucks, ma’am.” CBT said, “I don’t understand, Shagger, what do you mean by that?” David said, sadly, “I mean, ma’am, I imagine that if I were to fuck her cunt whether she’d go ‘ooooooooo’ or ‘ahhhhhhhh’ or ‘yesssssss’ or something else.” Shirley Greene said, “Bastards, the lot of them,” to which all the girls, and also The SS, nodded in agreement. Brenda passed the knife along to The Greene Goddess, who, with suitable guidance, placed it in position two, ‘on the balls’. David gasped. “How often do you think about cunt, Shagger?” she said. David was sweating. He said, quickly, “When I’m frustrated - which is most of the time - then all I can think about is cunt.” The Greene Goddess grimaced and said, “As in ‘men only want one thing’, I suppose.” She  continued smoothly. “Which particular cunts do you think about. Any special cunts?” David said, writhing a little. “Any cunt will do, ma’am, I’m afraid. I fancy a……errrr….lot of ladies, errrr….as you…errrr know, and I think about all of their cunts?” Shirley Greene grinned faintly at this confession of a thoroughly disrespectful, but doubtless completely typical, attitude of males towards ladies. “Mine included, Shagger?” she said. David swallowed. “Yes, ma’am,” he replied, guiltily, Brenda thought. The SS added, “I think we know that all three of your cunts here tonight, plus mine, are on the Shagger self-confessed cunt list, if I have it right, so nobody here need feel left out.” Brenda giggled. Shirley Greene went on. “Do you enjoy looking up girls’ skirts, Shagger?” David writhed in silent humiliation. “Yes, ma’am, whenever I get the chance.” CBT said “Why?” David said, “To see if I can see their cunt, ma’am.” Shirley Greene commented. “I always thought as such. This idea that boys want to see girls’ knickers is so much moonshine. They just want to see cunt.” The Greene Goddess sighed and passed the knife to Celia Briny Tew, who placed it in position three, ‘under the balls’. David flinched again. He was sweating hard now. “Do you enjoy looking at porn, Shagger?” she asked him, innocently. David gritted his teeth. Clearly, Brenda thought, he would really have preferred not to answer that one, but obviously felt he had no choice, which he didn’t, of course. “Yes, ma’am,” he said, with a sort of half-sob. CBT was clearly enthralled at this novel approach to getting straight answers out of boys. “What type of dirty photos of girls do you like looking at best?” she asked, and then said at once. “No, don’t tell me, I can guess. The ones which show off cunt to best effect, I suppose, the ones which show ladies with their legs spread just Asking For It?” David grimaced, “Yes, ma’am. “But preferably the ones of chicks in boots.” Shirley Greene stirred. This was new to her as well. “Chicks in boots?” she said. “Yes, ma’am,” said David, reluctantly, “pictures of strict whip-wielding ladies with bare cunts and wearing black boots.” CBT said curiously, “Why that combination, Shagger?” The SS put in. “I know, of course, but I think we should hear it from Shagger as an interesting insight into the male psyche.” David said, “The cunt represents what the man wants, and will do almost anything to get. The boots represent the punishment or pain he has to endure to get it, or not get it.” Then he added, “Please ma’am, have mercy on my balls!” Brenda glanced down. It was obvious that Celia Briony Tew was getting a little carried away. She withdrew the knife and passed it to The SS. “Is this what you were thinking of, boy?” said Sue Sweet, sweetly. The girls all turned to look at her. So did David, with difficulty. She had removed her black Commandant microskirt whilst David was talking, and now all but fitted the bill to David’s exact specifications of a strict disciplinarian lady showing off her bare cunt but dealing in pain via the patent leather black boots.  She took the knife and placed it in position four, the ‘long division of balls’ David gasped again and flinched. She SS said, lazily, “And what kind of…punishments should men expect from such ladies’ boots if they want cunt?” she asked. David said, at once. “The toe kicks and grinds the balls, the high heel pokes the balls, and the knee is used to, well, knee the balls.” The SS said to the three girls, “I think that’s a pretty fair assessment, “except there’s one more thing we can add to that list.” She picked up the long black riding crop, which had only recently been used to such good effect on Shirley Green’s bare cunt, which she flexed in front of David’s eyes. “You know, boy, just what this means, don’t you?” David tried to nod, and failed. “Yes, ma’am,” he said. Brenda noted that his penis was now rock solid with the painfully obviously  eager anticipation of an obviously painful balls beating. The SS stood behind David so that her cunt was up against his face. “Watch carefully, girls, how you administer the crop to a balls whilst allowing an ecstasy of cunt scent to keep the erection out of harm’s way.” She wiggled her cunt up against David’s nose and then proceeded to whap his bare balls, slowly but firmly. David’s whole body shook and quivered at each stroke. He got six whaps. “Much more and I’m afraid he’ll cum,” commented The SS. CBT said immediately, “Can he?” she asked, “I mean, can a boy cum without being wanked? I never heard of that before.” The SS grinned. “Oh yes, some boys can, and Shagger is one of them. Nurse Russia mentioned it to me a while back. You can indeed thrash the spunk out of them if you’re good enough.” She gave David another firm whap on the balls. “Touch the end of his penis and his tummy and you’ll see an accumulation of pre-cum already.” Celia Briony Tew did that. Then she rubbed her fingers together and sniffed. “Precum indeed, ma’am! Who’d have thought it!”

The SS sighed and move off David’s face. Your turns, girls. Three strokes each. Shagger, you know what to do during your cropping don’t you?” David croaked, “Yes, ma’am!” The SS turned to Brenda “You first,” and handed her the crop.


“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said David. Brenda started suddenly at a sudden unexpected erotic feeling of sheer sex between her legs. She looked down. David was licking her cunt as she punished his balls. Oh joy, she thought, and oh heaven!


“ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said David

“yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” said Brenda



“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” said Brenda. She was quivering slightly as she handed the crop to CBT. The process was repeated for each of the three girls, with similar results each time. “One oooooooooo, one ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and one yessssssssssss” commented The SS, with a slight grin, at the end of it. “I think Shagger was spot on, there.”

“Now then,” said the SS, “I think it’s high time I showed you the other half of the knife and fork set……the fork, of course.” With that, she rummaged around inside her bag and extracted a rather wicked looking carving fork with two long prongs. She waved it in front of David’s upturned face. David flinched and gasped again. “Oh, I see he likes it!” commented Shirley Greene idly, to which Brenda and CBT nodded gravely at her in agreement. The SS took the fork and placed it hard up against David’s bare balls. David writhed in pain. “The positions for the fuck fork are essentially the same as for the knife, of course. I’ve placed it for now ‘below the balls’ and you can dig it into the balls reasonably firmly over the space of a few minutes. Be sure, of course, when using a new fork to try it out first on your own fingers. If the finger bleeds, or any such thing, then obviously the fork’s much too sharp to be used for real on a balls. Now, girls, let me show you something interesting!” With that, she jabbed the fork harder into David’s balls.

“AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” said David. Then, almost immediately, by

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.” The girls all laughed out loud. “Now we all know why it’s called a fuck fork, ma’am!” said Brenda. CBT giggled.  “Because when it’s applied to a balls, the boy says Fuck!” Shirley Greene said, “Can I try it, ma’am?” David said “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, please, mercy, ma’am!” to which Brenda said “Oh, David, don’t be such a spoilsport!” The SS passed her the fork. “Use the division position, Shirley,” she said. “That’s VERY sensitive with a fuck fork.” The Greene Goddess applied the fork to David’s balls with obvious relish and enthusiasm.

“AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” yelled David, whilst the other girls looked on admiringly. Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. Brenda looked around, half knowing already what had happened. She was correct. Sileas Crabbe was standing behind David, having sneaked into the classroom completely unnoticed, and had taken a picture lengthways of David with his head in the camera foreground - with his face, presumably, arched back in severe sexual pain and agony - plus a smiling Shirley Greene at the far end holding a fuck fork to his testicles, and with the other two girls, well, possibly CBT but certainly herself, she thought with some slight guilt, fingering themselves dubiously where they enjoyed it most. “Sileas!” said The SS, “excellent timing, as usual! Perhaps you’d just like to get a posed shot now of us all holding various instruments?” Sileas Crabbe nodded. Brenda and CBT held knives, Shirley Greene the fuck fork and The SS with the riding crop bent meaningfully between her hands. As all four of them sported bare cunts, Brenda suspected this one would be a classic for the camera club archives. Sileas Crabbe turned to go. He turned back and added, hesitantly, “If you…errr….are ever in need of a mature male to try this on, Sue, you know where to ask.” The SS grinned and said “Why Sileas, honey, of course I’ll be delighted to bear that in mind.” He left.

The SS briskly untied the stout leather straps that bound him to the desk. Brenda noted that she didn’t remove the handcuffs. “Sit up, boy!” she commanded imperiously. David groaned and very slowly sat up. Clearly he was quite dizzy with the physical exertion of having his head bent back for all that time, plus, of course, all the various ministrations to his testicles. Also, he had to do it without the use of his hands, which made it that much more difficult. Finally he succeeded. “Now then, prisoner,” she said, “comes your punishment!” David’s jaw dropped. “Punishment, ma’am?” he asked, in obvious but resigned horror. Brenda wondered if he’d ask why, which she knew would certainly be a very silly thing to do. He didn’t. The SS gave them the reason anyway. She sighed and smiled at the three girls. “The punishment is of course for the crime of enjoying all the torture, which you can see he is clearly doing.” She gestured to David’s obvious erection. “On your knees, dog, and apologise for your misdeeds to each lady in turn. You know how to do it! The Greene Goddess first!” David sighed with obvious resignation. He dropped to his knees in front of her. The SS handed Shirley Greene a long flogger, very similar, Brenda thought, to the ones which had been used by the girl prefects on the chain gang on the recent D-day, or Ditch day, a while back. It had eight or nine black tails, each of which were wide black leather or similar. Excellent for a boy’s back, bottom or both, Brenda thought.

“Please, ma’am,” David croaked, looking up at her, in total submission. “I’m SO sorry for thinking disrespectfully about your…” he paused to rephrase his words to avoid digging himself deeper in a hole. Clearly he had been about to say ‘your cunt’, Brenda thought. “…….about you,” he said. “Please whip me soundly for your pleasure!” With that, he moved his head up to her cunt and began to lick it. The Greene Goddess was clearly slightly startled by this, but equally clearly enthusiastic too. “Dirty little boys who think about cunt need whipping, don’t they?” she waited for no reply, which David was in no position to provide anyway, and commenced whipping his back. The SS and the other two girls looked on enthralled. A couple of flashes made Brenda blink. She turned and saw that The SS also had a camera with which she was taking some very interesting, if highly incriminating, shots. It didn’t take very long for The Greene Goddess to cum. By now she’d started to flog him longer and lower, so that the blows were reaching down and around to his bottom as well. “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” she said, writhing slightly in obvious ecstasy as David’s busy tongue found its mark. David stopped and lowered his head respectfully. Shirley Greene sighed and, without warning, struck David’s face hard three times with the outstretched palm of her hand. “THAT,” she said, “was for enjoying it! Bastard!”

The Greene Goddess handed Brenda the flogger “Your turn,” she said, and giggled. David repeated his apology to Brenda, this time getting it right. Brenda herself was so near the edge that it only took her a couple of minutes to reach orgasm.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she said, her cunt cream running all down David’s face. “Wicked little boy!” she said, and kicked him smartly in the balls, not too hard, but just as she knew he really enjoyed. David couldn’t, of course, move to protect himself form the blow, still being handcuffed, but of course he bent forward sharply in acute sexual pain. Brenda passed the flogger to CBT, who moved into place and pulled David’s head up by his hair. She sniffed “Well, boy, I understand you’ve been harbouring impure fantasies about me as well. Now say sorry!” David did so. Then he licked and tongued her to her orgasm as well. When CBT’s orgasm had subsided, she held David’s neck and pushed him backwards sharply so he fell onto his back. Then, smiling maliciously, CBT took one step forward and with great deliberation, ground his balls with the sole of her boot.

“AAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” yelled David, to the flash of yet another classic photograph for the camera club.

“Now it’s my turn,” said the SS. Nimbly she sat astride David and face-sat him. She also held her riding crop which she promptly used to whap his balls rhythmically.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said David and then added “arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, when the cropping started in earnest. She face-sat him for a minutes and then raised her bottom for a few seconds to allow him a breath.


Her head arched backwards as clearly David’s tongue was having the desired effect on her.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she said, “yessssssssssssssssssssss”

The three girls watched as The SS writhed and moaned. Somehow Brenda found it highly erotic to watch an adult lady cumming in such fashion. Suddenly David came as well. He spunked hard all the way up his chest, some drops landing on the riding crop itself. The SS opened her eyes and looked down at the sight. She looked up at the girls with a kind of ‘I told you so’ expression. “Nurse Russia was right, you see, girls” she said mildly. Then she shrugged her shoulders and stood up. “All good things must cum to an end, I suppose,” she said, with a slight yawn. Then she looked at her watch. “My, time flies when you’re having fun. It’s nearly 9 o’clock. You’d best be going. This concludes the inaugural, and, I think, extremely successful, meeting of the BdM group.” She clicked her heels and said, “Mädchen über alles!” The three girls responded in kind. The SS packed away her various playthings. “That was so much fun, I think the same time next week?” to which the three girls all nodded delightedly. “And,” she continued, you may want to see if there are any other prospective members for the group, as well, as….shall we say….willing volunteers for the male prisoner role.” Brenda nodded again. They’d discussed it over lunch, as to whether anyone would be interested. Well, at least they now had a good sales line to offer.

The SS said “I’ll leave you the neck collar and chain, and also a balls collar  and chain. That may…assist you in ensuring Shagger’s complete compliance back to the dorm. Not that I think he needs it too much.” She handed Brenda a small chain with a key on it. Clearly it was the key to the handcuffs. “Get this back to me sometime,” she said, and winked. “Gute nacht!” (goodnight). She left, whistling, clearly a very happy bunny herself. The three girls reaffixed the chain onto David’s leather collar. David  didn’t resist – well, Brenda thought, he was outnumbered by three to one and handcuffed anyway, so what could he do about it – and then reattached the balls collar and chain. They stood him up – with some difficulty, as he was rather shaky on his feet for some reason - and then proceeded to haul him out of the classroom.

It was quite a way back to the dorm wing. On occasion, two of the three girls had to help him along by holding him between them with a hand under his shoulders. The third girl, of course, held his neck and balls chains and pulled them firmly so that he didn’t dawdle on purpose.

Brenda, CBT and The Greene Goddess then frog-marched a stumbling, naked David into dorm 6w. The other five boys in the dorm were all in various stages of preparation for bed when they caught sight of the incomers. All noise and movement stopped dead whilst the boys contemplated the situation with open mouths. Brenda knew perfectly well how impressive all three girls looked. In addition to their nazi style uniform plus swastika armband, they had all plaited their hair in best Germanic single pigtail style. Casually, with almost contempt, Brenda hauled David by his neck collar and chain to his bed, with CBT assisting likewise by pulling firmly on his balls chain. The Greene Goddess then administered a stinging slap to his face, which sent him reeling down onto the bed. Brenda quickly slipped the catch-lock at the end of her chain onto the top bed rail, whilst CBT did the same with the base rail. David was now lying face-up, resting on his handcuffed hands, but totally immobile owing to his neck being tied to one end of the bed and his balls to the other.  “You will not trouble us again, boy!” said Brenda, “with your puny attempts to avoid telling us exactly what we want to know!” Not that there had been any attempts puny or otherwise, but as before that made no difference. All three girls looked around the dorm, meaningfully. The effect wasn’t lost on the other boys. Brenda could see that. Since three of the boys were in the middle of getting changed, she could see perfectly well that they were sporting pretty firm erections. It was a pretty sure-fire bet that the remaining two – who still had Knackerpants on – were in a similar condition. Brenda sighed.

“This was the inaugural meeting of Die Gruppe BdM, the BdM group, or in English, the Balls domination Militia. We, together with our new president Fräulein Susan Sweet…….” gasps from various of the boys. Brenda thought she heard someone say ‘oh, FUCK!’ whilst another snippet was quite definitely ‘….they’ve got The SS!…..’ she grinned to herself. The SS’s reputation was well known throughout the school, although not many knew exactly how her nazi fantasies were met, “………. have been asking this…….” she gestured towards a squirming David on the bed “……….prisoner a number of most interesting questions regarding his disgracefully incorrect attitude towards respectable ladies in general and towards us in particular. He has been, and indeed will continue to be, punished for all his many misdeeds. We have learned a lot from him this evening and will learn more in the future. Now…….” At this point she paused meaningfully. Would there would be any ‘call’ among the boys for the position of male prisoner at future meetings. “…….is there anyone here who, shall we say, feels themselves in need of a similar fate at our hands, and heels, for our meeting this time next week?” Pause. “On your knees, and beg, if you do!”

It was Brian Macey who broke the reverie. Looking closely at CBT – hardly surprising, Brenda thought, for she was his girlfriend – he knelt at her feet and bowed down to the floor. Then he murmured, “May it please you, ma’am, to…errr…. interrogate me as you wish in…errrr…..in way that you deem necessary.” Celia Briony Tew giggled at this and said, firmly, “Kiss my boots, dog, and I might consider your unworthy request!” Messy promptly did as instructed. The Greene Goddess sighed and said brightly, “Well, that’s next week sorted. Anyone else?”  Brenda was only slightly shocked to see all the remaining four members of dorm 6w quickly lower themselves to their knees and then bow down to the floor facing the three girls.

“Please, ma’am!” said Rick the Prick

“Choose me, ma’am!” said Randy Andy

“Be HARD with my balls, ma’am!” said Penis Envy

“I need it where it hurts most, ma’am!” muttered Iron Will, unexpectedly. Brenda had never marked him down as a candidate for sex torture.

The girls looked at each other, delightedly. “We’ll let you know!” said The Greene Goddess, with obvious pleasure in her voice. Then all three girls clicked their shiny black heels together in best nazi fashion. “Mädchen über alles!” they said, in unison, giving the nazi salute, and leaving all the boys – except David, who was of course lying on his bed unable to move – prostrate on the floor. They stalked out of the dorm together. Brenda turned back at the door. “David, you can stay right where you are until midnight! I’ll ask the evening curfew monitor to unlock you. Until then you can contemplate your obvious guilt, and your punishment! Sweet dreams!” She closed the dorm door.

The girls walked down the dark corridor and shook hands with each other. Then they hugged each other. Brenda said, “It’s so EASY controlling the male, isn’t it?” to which CBT and The Greene Goddess nodded sagely. CBT said, “I know I  once thought you were nuts, Bren, when you first said to me about, well, boys and balls torture, but……OMG, how right you are.” Shirley Greene said, “It makes me so WET slapping boys around and generally abusing their balls. I’ve got my own fagmistress Randy Mandy to thank for that last term, well, and Shagger too of course, but now I KNOW a lot more of what I want from boys, and it’s so GOOD!”

They all walked back arm-in-arm to CBT’s dorm, which was 6v, and standing unofficially for the six virgins. Her immediate bed neighbour Marjorie Daw was sitting up in bed, reading. She looked up, gasped slightly, looked at all three of them more carefully this time, gasped again, and then put her book down. “What the…………” she said, and stopped. CBT said, smoothly. “Inaugural meeting of the BdM group, standing for Balls domination Militia, next meeting 8pm tonight next week. The SS is president and lectures include a live male volunteer prisoner taken from the lower 6th form. Anyone interested in membership? Brenda looked around the room. All five other members of dorm 6v had their hands up. Brenda thought that was pretty good. If 6v – the dorm most likely to be least likely, so to speak, (since the dorm unofficially stood for the six virgins) - had turned in a 100% application rate, it was nay certain the group was onto a winner. They left CBT to tell the dorm some further outline details of what they had been doing for the past hour. Next it was Brenda’s own dorm 6k. Her bed neighbours were the two Belles of St Stricktlands, Isobelle Hunt and Isobelle Tucker. Known as Hunt The Cunt and Tucker The Fucker on an individual basis. The Greene Goddess gave a similar brief resume of what the BdM group was all about. Tucker the Fucker said, with a completely deadpan expression, “Are you telling me that you just gave Shagger a whole hour of balls torture?” Shirley Greene nodded gravely. The two Belles looked at each other. Brenda knew what they were thinking. David had given them each, a while  ago, a really sound thrashing in his caning class, and thus far they hadn’t been able to work out any way of paying him back. Now, perhaps, they would have a chance. “PLEASE may we join?” said Hunt The Cunt, imploringly. Brenda sighed. The three other girls in the dorm had now raised their hands.  “Yes, Bren, PLEASE?” said Tucker The Fucker, with slight desperation. Brenda giggled. “You’re telling me you want to join the group in so that you can try to extract some revenge off my boyfriend  for getting caned rather a lot  during his caning class, and  to try and torture the balls off him. Is that it?” The two Belles looked down, guiltily. Clearly that was what they were indeed thinking. Equally clearly they didn’t think Brenda would agree. Brenda sighed “OK, guys,” she said, brightly. “David needs a lot of it, you know, and enjoys getting it from different girls. We’ll make the final membership selections in a few days, but you’re in with a good chance. I know how much David hates you, of course, and that means he’d really enjoy being tortured sexually at your hands.” The two girls looked at her with what was obviously slight shock. Probably a mixture of the surprise at not being rejected out of hand coupled with the upside down logic that applied to the male psyche when it came to girls, sex torture and punishment. Brenda turned to Shirley Greene “Best get going, honey,” she said, “it’s getting close to 9.30pm curfew time, unless of course you don’t mind getting thrashed for being out of dorm.” Shirley Greene nodded, with, Brenda thought, a somewhat distant expression. “I’ll see what interest we have for the group in my own dorm in few minutes,” she said. Brenda nodded back. It would be interesting. Dorm 6t – standing unofficially for the six teasers – wasn’t especially renowned for sex torture. However they would have to see, and judging by past performance over the preceding few minutes, they might well have a class of 18 next week just from three girls’ dorms. Heavens, they might even have to start up another group. Well, that might certainly please The SS, anyway.

Shirley Greene left the dorm, whistling. Brenda could tell she was a very very happy bunny. Actually, Brenda was a very happy bunny herself. Carefully she eased off her shiny black boots and put the other nazi style regalia into her bedside drawers. Isobelle Tucker remarked, with renewed respect, “I really didn’t know you had it in you,” she said. Brenda giggled. “I haven’t had it in me!” she replied. “The group doesn’t involve sex. You get the Big One for that, as I know to my cost. That’s the penalty if two lower 6th formers have sex together. You know that.” Isobelle Hunt said, with a pained expression. “You know what we mean, Bren. It’s just that we……we  never thought you were, well, into dealing with boys like this.”

“You know, the hard way.” said Tucker The Fucker

“The really hard way.” said Hunt The Cunt

“The proper way.” said Tucker The Fucker

“The right way.” said Hunt The Cunt

“The way it should always be done.” said Tucker The Fucker

“On the bare balls!” said Hunt The Cunt, meaningfully, and rubbing her cunt without quite realising it.

Brenda undid the pigtail in her hair and tossed it back, shaking her head  to undo the plaits. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said, with pleasure in her voice. “It sorted of just happened that way, somehow. The more I got to thinking about balls, the more I just…knew…they need to be dealt with soundly, severely, and mercilessly. If you know what I mean?” The two Belles nodded, vigorously. “We know JUST what you mean!” they said, together. Brenda finished undressing and climbed into bed.

After half an hour Brenda found she couldn’t sleep. The problem was she was still on a sexual high after all that lovely testicular torture and having had David lick and tongue her out like that had left her ragged. She turned over and tried again to sleep. Not a chance. Finally she admitted to herself that what she really needed was a beating. A really good hard caning. The cane on the bare bottom, in fact. She remembered what The Greene Goddess had told her about the recent time that she had been caned by the curfew monitor after a very memorable time in the gymnasium with David and the prefect Jennifer Torcher. Shirley Greene had said that she was on such a sexual high that she had almost begged for more thrashing when it came to the point. Now Brenda understood exactly what Shirley had meant. OMG she NEEDED that cane. Then she remembered that she’d forgotten to go down and ask the curfew monitor to release David at midnight. Oh dear! On present form, the poor bastard was stuck there until morning. Well, that made the decision anyhow. Sighing, she got up and padded quietly out of the dorm in her nightie.

Brenda walked through the dorm corridors until she came to the main staircase. Idly she wondered who the curfew monitor was that evening. Frankly she couldn’t have cared less, just so long as whoever it was could wield a cane. At St Stricktlands School, of course, there was no problem with that assurance. With a slight shrug she walked down the several flights of stairs until she finally reached the curfew monitor’s desk at ground floor level. The evening curfew monitor was Katherine New, normally abbreviated to Kay New, or, rather, Cane You. She looked at Brenda’s approach without sympathy. “You are out of dorm, girl. You know what this means, unless you have a VERY good excuse?” Brenda wasn’t bothered with excuses at that moment. She just wanted the feel of the cane on her bottom. Brenda sighed. “Please, ma’am, I know I’m a naughty little girl. Please beat me good and hard.” Cane You was slightly surprised by this frank admission of guilt. Possibly, reflected Brenda, she had expected some series of extenuating circumstances rather than a direct request to administer a thrashing. Katherine New sighed and picked up the cane off her desk. “Very well, girl, standard out of dorm punishment it is, nightie up, turn around and bend over, nice and tight! Three strokes!” Brenda thought to herself ‘yesssssss’, flipped up her nightie and assumed the position.


“uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said Brenda, feeling incredibly randy and horny


“ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” said Brenda, trying not to moan with sheer pleasure


“ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” said Brenda, now desperately attempting not to finger herself

“Thank you, ma’am,” said Brenda, wondering how she could get Cane You to give her at least another three whacks. Then she remembered David. “By the way, ma’am, one favour of you, I wonder, when you finish your shift this evening, I couldn’t trouble with the small job of releasing Shagger in dorm 6w. He’s a little…errr…tied up at present.” Kay New dropped the cane onto the desk, walked around to Brenda’s front and looked down at her sternly. “Tied up, you say, girl? What have you been doing to the poor boy?” Brenda grinned slightly. “Inaugural meeting of the BdM group. He’s chained to the bed, neck and balls, and also there’s Sue Sweet’s handcuffs that need to get back to her, if you wouldn’t mind, ma’am.” She took the key on its thin chain from around her neck and passed it up to Cane You, who fingered it and swung it around her fingers. “I repeat, what have you been doing to the poor boy?” she asked, a trifle impatiently, this time. “An hour’s session of sex torture, ma’am,” said Brenda, with a touch of pride in her voice. “And where have you been torturing him, girl?” Brenda thought she now had the chance to act dim and so get beaten again. “In room 61c, ma’am!” she said, with deliberate misunderstanding. “Don’t play clever with me, Smith!” frowned Cane You, “What have you been torturing him on?” she snapped. Brenda smiled silently. “The teacher’s desk ma’am!” she said. Now Cane You was finally outraged. “Smith, that’s deliberate obstruction. Three whacks for each obstruction. I’m going to give you another six of the best for being a really stupid little girl!” She minced back around to Brenda’s backside and picked up the cane again. ‘yesssss’ thought Brenda. Oh, she might even manage an orgasm before the caning finished.




“Harder, ma’am, please beat me HARDER, Brenda found herself saying.





“Thank you ma’am, I really did need that,” she sighed with what was the literal truth, although not what was normally intended when the phrase was spoken.  “Now, Smith,” said Kay New with a shrug, “on what part of Shagger’s anatomy has this sex torture been administered? Is that a tight enough question for you not to misunderstand, I think on purpose?” Brenda grinned. “The bare balls, ma’am. The SS was showing us how to arrange for role-play interrogations with knife and fork work.” Cane You sighed again, distantly. “Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it.” Then she said. “All right girl, you can get up, now, and get back to bed. And don’t worry, I’ll sort Shagger out for you at midnight.” She veiled her eyes, suddenly. “Tell me, Smith, is he…errrr…spunked out right now?” Brenda smiled as she stood up. “The SS spunked him without wanking as a demonstration to us how it could be done simply by balls torture, however David can usually manage two spunks in an evening, so I guess he would be…..err…still…available on demand. Although I would make the humble request that if it was your intention to, well, make use of him in the way which we girls all enjoy with men when they’re tied up, you take him out of the dorm first. It’s his dorm mates, you see, they do get kind of, well, highly annoyed if he gets sex and they don’t.” Katherine New grinned widely. “I know the problem, girl. Kirstin Eis mentioned it to me. However the solution was simple for her, as indeed it’s simple for me. I can give the guys in 6w a gang bang, same as the Ice Queen did a few weeks ago. That should keep them happy.” Brenda agreed with that. “VERY happy, ma’am!”  She started to walk upstairs. “Smith!” said Katherine New, now once again sitting at her desk. “If you ever get to the screaming stage again like you so obviously are - on a sexual high, I mean - and you just want a good beating, you only need to ask. Do bear in mind I also have been in the lower 6th form you know, and I know only too well what it’s like!” Brenda flushed. Of course, she should have remembered that prefects of this year were lower 6th formers like her last year. “Thank you, ma’am,” she said, and started the long walk upstairs to her own dorm.

Half way up the stairs she met Shirley Greene and Celia Briony Tew walking downstairs. All three girls looked at each other. Brenda smiled at them. “Couldn’t sleep, I suppose?” she said, with mild sarcasm in her voice. The Greene Goddess said, equally knowingly, “Nor you, I suppose, Bren?” Brenda sighed and said. “I got Cane You to give me nine strokes. OMG I NEEDED that thrashing. Now I think I understand a little of what it must feel like to be a boy. However, don’t be shy about Asking For it. Just explain that you also were at the BdM group meeting, and just say how many strokes you want. She understands our needs.” CBT looked at her dubiously. “I guess she’s been there and done that, after all!” to which The Greene Goddess nodded. Gently, Shirley Greene reached around and lifted Brenda’s nightie, revealing her caned bottom. Even more gently, Celia Tew ran her hand up and down Brenda’s weals. Brenda gasped at the touch. “It’s such a SHAME,” she said, that we can’t simply go into 6w right now and fuck ourselves senseless on Shagger’s prick!” CBT sighed “I know, Bren, it’s so, well, FRUSTRATING to know there’s an erection tied and waiting for us.” The Greene Goddess said, “Except that we all get the Big One as punishment if we do that. Oh, roll on next term!” Brenda said, with feeling. “Cane You’s going to gang bang the whole of 6w when she finishes her shift at midnight! She as good as told me five minutes ago.” CBT and the Greene Goddess looked impressed. “The horny little bitch!” she said. “I wonder how many of the six members of 6w she expects to spunk up her cunt?” A voice sounded from behind them. “All six, I expect, girl!” It was, of course, none other than the curfew monitor Katherine New who had sneaked up the single flight of stairs to find out what the not-so muffled conversation had all been about. All three girls respectfully lowered their heads. Kay New looked at them all. “I suppose,” she said, deliberately, “that all three of you were at this…meeting this evening?” Nods from all three girls. Cane You sighed. “And that you’re all feeling, well, shall we say, a little frisky?” More nods. “Very well, girls, step right this way, if you please.” She indicated the way downstairs. “The official punishment is of course three whacks for being out of dorm after curfew, but just say if you want six, if you need six, that is, or of course even more, and I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Except you, Smith, of course, you’ve had yours. However Greene and Tew, Just Ask For It. Then you’ll have been officially thrashed for being out of dorm, and that’ll take care of when you get back later, just in case that’s after midnight when I expect to be…errr….otherwise occupied!” She grinned at that point and rubbed her cunt, meaningfully. Brenda said, not quite understanding “But ma’am, where will we have been?” Cane You shook her head. “After I’ve finished with you, then you can go, all three of you, and pop along to see Big Dick. He’s very understanding at times like this.” Big Dick was the eminent teacher Mr Richard Merryweather. “He’ll be very pleased to see you all, I’m sure, especially as Lisa is away at the moment.” The Greene Goddess  blinked. “That’s Lisa as in McFee-Sven-Sless? As in Mrs Merryweather, ma’am?” she said, David having told her about Fuck Me Senseless’s unadvertised marital status some while back. Cane You grinned. “You know, then,” she said, and grinned again. CBT, however, didn’t know. “Hang on, guys,” she said, “I don’t know this at all. Are you saying Big Dick’s married? Can someone explain…….?” Cane You sighed and said, “One of you can explain it to her later. Meantime follow me back downstairs.”

The three BdM girls plus the prefect Kay New walked back downstairs. Cane You picked up the long whippy punishment cane she had so recently used on Brenda’s bare bottom and flexed it between her hands. “Well, girls?” she said, mildly, “Who’s first?” Brenda always thought it was so horribly demeaning for a girl only a year older than them to wield so much power over them such that they had to call her ‘ma’am’, and themselves be called ‘girl’, but that was the system and anyway next term it would be their turn to be the prefects. With a slight sigh and a slight smirk, The Greene Goddess stepped forward, flipped up her nightie, bent down tightly and said, “Me, please, ma’am. Six of the best, please, ma’am. Good and hard, ma’am!” Katherine New duly obliged. Shirley Greene stood up and rubbed her bottom ruefully. She was smiling, however. Kay New looked at CBT, who said. “Eight for me, please, ma’am.” Kay New applied the whacks with a flourish. “Enough?” said Cane You, even more mildly. “Another three, please, ma’am,” said The Greene Goddess. Three more whacks were applied to her bum. Kay New sighed. “Have you little terrors ever thought about having a caning contest? To see who can take the most whacks, I mean?” The three BdM girls looked at her. No, Brenda thought, they hadn’t. Caning contests were a thing which were often talked about, usually in dorm in the dead of night, but she didn't know of anyone ever doing one. Then she thought that a caning contest was probably linked with serious sexual stimulation and that required a certain age and maturity before it was possible. Like, she reflected, probably now. This was the first time in her life that she had really desperately wanted a good beating simply because she wanted it sexually. But now she could see, well, feel, between her legs how erotic a caning contest might be. Brenda looked at CBT and The Greene Goddess. It was obvious from their expressions that they were considering it too for much the same reasons. “We hadn’t ma’am, but I think we might well do now.” She thought a minute and said, curiously, “Have you ever taken part in a caning contest, ma’am?” Kay New flushed slightly and said, “Yes, I have, girl. Many times. I still do, too, every couple of weeks or so. They’re…rather fun, you know. In fact, I won the last one.  Ouch ouch ouch, of course. I couldn’t possibly tell you who else is involved, of course, though you may care to speculate.” She added quietly, “I’ll be very happy to arrange one for you if you care to Ask For it.” She paused. “I think it’s time you popped across to see Big Dick, now. Don’t forget to ask him for an out-of-dorm pass before you’re finished with him.” She winked and returned to her desk. They turned and left in the direction of the teachers study wing.

The girls walked quietly towards the teachers’ study block. Brenda, at least, knew what they were in for. She had already had the considerable privilege of receiving a certain amount of ‘personal’ tuition from Richard Merryweather during the previous Autumn term. This had involved – amongst other things – learning the art of caning which she and David and used to considerably good effect in the intervening time, culminating in both of them being allowed to run caning classes in the present summer term. Neither of them had gone out of their way to tell anyone who’d taught them, of course. She smiled inwardly. Of course Big Dick has also helped her out some months previously when she’d got to the sexually frustrated screaming stage once before. She doubted the other two girls had had such good fortune. Silly, in particular, was almost certainly still a virgin. She knew that Shirley Greene wasn’t, only by virtue of her having told David so. She said to the others, “Big Dick’s a real Gentleman, guys. If you want it gentle, he’ll do gentle. If you want rough trade, then rough is what you get.” CBT turned to look at her strangely. Brenda could almost hear the thought ‘How does SHE know?’

They turned down the corridor which led to Big Dick’s study. A girl was just emerging. It was Amanda Holdall, looking, Brenda thought, considerably the worse for wear. She had indeed obviously wanted it rough. She stopped at looked at them as they approached. “Hi, guys,” said Randy Mandy, with a broad grin. “I assume you’re here for Richard, and I also assume you’ve already been thrashed for being out of dorm?” Brenda grinned back. “Yes and yes, ma’am,” she said. Randy Mandy was a really likeable sort. A voice came from inside. “Who is it, Mandy?” Amanda Holdall turned and said into the depths. “A party of three lower 6th form girls for you, Richard. Smith, Greene, and Tew.” Big Dick’s pleasant baritone voice sounded. “I had sort of wondered whether I’d see them this evening after I spoke to Sue Sweet.” Randy Mandy said, “I guess you’re sort of expected, then. Have fun!” She strode off, whistling. Brenda thought she had had ‘had it’ stamped all across her features.

“Come inside, ladies,” said Big Dick, somewhat huskily and looking distinctly bedraggled. “I’ll be with you in a minute. The girls went inside. Clearly the session with Randy Mandy had been an intense one. Richard Merryweather emerged from his bathroom a minute later. To CBT and The Greene Goddess’s surprise – though not Brenda’s – he had transformed himself back into a halfway respectable gentlemen. Brenda giggled. Only halfway, because he was wearing a black silky butler’s waistcoat and nothing else. The contrast was striking. The other two girls had eyes only for his penis, of course, which was advertised as being a full 8” when erect. It currently wasn’t….. having just fucked Randy Mandy, of course. Richard Merryweather handed each of the three girls a red rose. The gesture was startling, at least to the other two. “Thank you, Richard,” murmured Brenda, “ever the gentleman.” Big Dick smiled. “I do my humble best,” he said, with a slight bow. “Now I do fear that although I’m able and nay delighted, as always, to help you ladies out of your frustrations, I have only sufficient spunk left for one of you. Anyone in special need?” Brenda looked at Shirley Greene, who smiled slightly and hung her head. CBT said, quietly, “Sir, I’m a virgin. Can I have it, please, Sir?” Big Dick smiled. “Richard, if you please. And of course you may. Celia, isn’t it? Doesn’t young Messy call you Silly?” CBT nodded. Big Dick’s intelligence was spot on. “Well that’s settled, then. Now if you three lovely ladies would care to take off those naughty nighties and bend down across the bed for me, face down and bottoms up, I’ll give you a taster.” The three girls did so, CBT in the centre. Big Dick examined their bums. Then he said, “You’ve obviously just had a good caning, I suspect out of desire. StricktCream, is good in such cases. It’ll make your bums terribly sensitive and you’ll feel your thrashing even more intensely.” He rummaged inside a drawer, and located a tube of the offending material. First he liberally applied the cream. Brenda could feel instantly how right he was. It STUNG. She felt her pulse rise and her cunt start to cry out again. Big Dick then slowly and lovingly ran his left and right hands all over Shirley and Brenda’s bare bottoms, rubbing in the cream, teasing them wildly, whilst likewise licking and rubbing Celia Tew's bum crease with his nose and lips. It was all intensely erotic. Big Dick was an expert at dealing with the ladies. He had them back onto a sexual high in seconds.

“Now,” he said, “turn over, won’t you please, and lie down legs apart and in the air for me.” The three girls shuffled over. Brenda could see that Big Dick’s erection was now once again the full 8”. Richard Merryweather dropped down to his knees, and, smiling, moved towards the three offered cunts. Brenda and Shirley Greene he proceeded to wank, one cunt with each hand, slowly at first and then, after he’d got one cum from each of them, rather faster and with one finger inside. CBT he licked and tongued to orgasm. Brenda was almost unbearably satisfied. She’d counted five cums of hers, and lost count of how many the others had managed. She couldn’t take any more. Sighing, she closed her legs and stood up, shakily, whilst Big Dick gave each of the other two girls another cum. Shirley Greene stood up. CBT lay where she was, a blissful expression on her face. Big Dick arose. Gently he kissed Brenda and Shirley, and handed them back their roses. “Err, and an out-of-dorm pass each, Richard, if you wouldn’t mind, please?” Smiling, Big Dick reached into a drawer and handed them a piece of paper each. “I’ll see you both again, if you wish, of course, ladies.” he said. Brenda and Shirley Greene replaced their nighties and walked out quietly. Brenda heard Celia Tew whisper to him, “Please be GENTLE with me, Sir, as it’s my first time and I don’t know what to do?” She also heard his reply, “But of course, my dear, whatever you wish, and very soon you will know JUST what to do!” to which The Greene Goddess commented darkly a second later, “If only I’d had someone like that to fuck me for the first time!” Brenda squeezed her hand, sisterly. They walked silently along the dark corridors. Then Shirley Greene said suddenly, “Doesn’t Big Dick deserve a sex thrashing for giving Celia what she wants?” Brenda nodded. “He does, and he’ll get it, too. Silly will thrash him soundly afterwards.” She added, in her very best ‘taught ‘em all I know’ voice, “She knows how.” Silently they walked back to their respective dorms, leaving CBT to what was normally billed as being a fate worse than death, expect that in her case it certainly wasn’t likely to be any such thing. Brenda thought that she’d enjoy the experience immensely and that it would improve her relationship with Brian Macey immeasurably as a result. Time would tell.

She slipped back into her own dorm and then into her own bed. This time, she did sleep a very satisfied sleep.


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