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First Blood

j continues his serial of Norseland

Anticipation of this moment has all but consumed Me ever since I met with him yesterday.  I have some stress and pent-up anxiety that I need to rid Myself of, Demanda.  I haven't been able to do so since I last left Norseland.  I am aching to beat him senseless!  And Yourself, are You up to the task?"

"Yes, I believe some strenuous exercise would do Me a world of good.  I have been restless of late, from jetlag and the constant job-related stress.  It is a relief to have accomplished the initial phase of Our goal here with the test subject, however.  Our further efforts tonight will be appreciated by all parties involved, and serve as Our reward for a job well done."
"Do you mean 'victim'...and 'icing on the cake?' " 
"One in the same, Angela.  And speaking of... is he preparing for Us?"
"I have him undressed and kneeling face down in another room, contemplating his sentence.  I think We should hogtie him and force him to watch as We warmup.  The spectacle will excite him to no end, but will frighten him even moreso.  I have an elegant pair of matching 8-foot bullwhips for Our pleasure this evening.  You will adore the feel of such a precision instrument of expert craftsmanship and beauty in Your hand!" 
"They are quite lethal, though, Demanda.  I want to hurt him very badly to demonstrate Our strength and power, let alone Our superiority and dominance over him. But We must do so without displaying the slightest hint of remorse.  A precursor of what the future holds for him, without actually killing him.  I have perfected an old seaman's technique.  If I so desire, I can whip a male to within one lash of death with the bullwhip and still spare him for more of the same in the future.   I am not convinced that he genuinely comprehends the true essence of hardcore, punishment whipping.  It seems that he imagines 300 lashes to be but a mere spanking." 
"These fabulous whips are all too real, as you well know.  Bullwhips are designed for shredding and tearing, not tickling!  Let's send him an indelible message, to clarify O/our prospective positions here.  Permanent scarring of the entire upper back from the tops of the shoulders down is in order.  Nothing less is acceptable to Me.  Once scar tissue has properly formed, I can then work him relentlessly, even to the bone (if necessary), as I have allowed other select subjects of Mine to experience in Norseland.   Are You comfortable with this, My Dear?"
"But of course, Angela, this is what makes life truly worth living.  I, too, am enamored with the bullwhip.  I long for the day when We are able to rid Our world of the scourge of incorrigible males among Us.  I am perfectly content to whip them to death each and every day. It will be My heartfelt pleasure, as an integral part of My job description and duty to all Women."
"You will play a vital role in the New Order on many levels, Demanda.  Never You worry.  We will all participate in whipping them from the face of the planet!  I hope one day soon to personally be able to whip at least ten to death per week Myself.  We will recruit and train a multitude of Executrices just like Ourselves for this very task.  What a Grande and Glorious Day it will be for Us all!" 
"So what is Our gameplan then tonight for this introductory whipping?"
"I think that I will bind his wrists in leather cuffs and secure them to the overhead ceiling hoist.  I can connect his feet to a spreader bar with ankle cuffs, which in turn will be chained diagonally to two 'D' rings in the floor  He then can be hoisted by his bound wrists until his feet are above the floor several inches.  This will give Us complete access to his naked back, and will also stretch the skin taut, allowing Us to effectively split his soft hide with Our whips.  A shallow pan will then be placed directly beneath him for containment of drawn blood."
"You may need earplugs, Ms. Malicious.  The crack of these bullwhips is earsplitting, let alone the shrieks that We will wrest from him!  In fact, I may just gag him at first, so I can concentrate on the task at hand without undue interruption.  I want to savor the sound of the cracking whips, as well.  I plan to whip him like the animal that he is!"
"Please, Angela!  Do You realize how You are affecting Me?  The long hair on My arms is standing on end in anticipation!  This is much too exciting to delay any longer!"
"Rest assured, I am in the same state, as You, see?  We should tease him with Our gorgeous arms as We warmup!  But let Me finish first, please.  I will apply the first 200 strokes, then remove his gag.  By then, he should be in a sorry state, and cut up quite nicely.  If he remains conscious, and isn't blubbering and begging for his very life, then he will be soon enough, when We both go to work on him for the final 100.  Please don't go too lightly on him, Demanda.  It would be a disservice to U/us all.  He must be fully scarred for Me to proceed with My more advanced training methods on him.  I will prevent Us from killing him, so please don't concern Yourself with such.  Perhaps within a few short months from now, You can help Me administer his first 1,000 stroke bullwhipping!"
"Oh, God , Angela!  Just look at My arms now!!  I am sopping, too!"
"But honestly, Your worries are foundless, Ms. Spiteful.  I need this as much as You do.  I plan to savor every second of it.  Let's get to it.  What We do here is for the good of all Womankind!" 
"Boy, the time is nearly at hand for your long-awaited punishment.  Are you looking forward to it?  I sincerely hope that you have not been amusing yourself in My absence.  Any future infraction is punishable with 100 lashes minimum in addition to your formal training.  I have already begun keeping tally of you.  In the short period of time that remains in your pitiful existence, you will have attained the distinct honor of becoming the most-whipped American male that has ever lived!  I would surely whip you 1,000 strokes per day if I but only thought that you could bear it!  I certainly hope that you are appreciative and grateful for the generous treatment You receive from Me and My associates." 
"Yes, Miss Spiteful.  Thank You so much!  i am ready for what awaits me."
"Rubbish!  I surmise that you are ready to cry and beg and plead and bleed, that is all!  Follow me into the chamber at once, on your knees."
james did as instructed, and was soon once more in the presence of the two Goddesses that dominated his every thought.  They both towered over him in Their exotic attire, with Their sleeves half-rolled. he was already in a quandry as their gorgeous arms glistened from the ceiling lamps overhead in the well-lit room.
"boy, Ms. Malicious and I need to warmup for the task ahead.  Consider yourself fortunate to be permitted to watch as We loosen Our arms up and shake out the whips which will cut your back to bloody shreds momentarily."
"To hold your attention and to assure that you won't you get into any mischief, I will bind you securely in place. From your vantage point, you will have the best seat in the house!"
"Stand and place your arms behind your back."
"Ms. Malicious, please help Me with these armbinders, if You will be so kind."
"But of course, Ms. Spiteful!"
james obeyed, as directed, as his arms were extended severely behind his back and forced into the restrictive armbinders.  The binders were fastened together by adjoining metal rings at the elbows.  he was then overpowered and forced to his knees by both Dominant Norsewomen.  While Ms. Malicious held him in position with Her knee in the small of his back, Miss Spiteful applied leather cuffs to each ankle, and joined them together in similar fashion, as were the armbinders.
"Get up here on the whipping bench with your head facing this direction.  On your stomach!"
Miss Spiteful threaded a length of rope through a small ring at the trailing end of each binder and passed the rope-ends through two larger rings at the back of the ankle cuffs.  With a loose end in each hand, She gave a healthy YANK!, painfully pulling the boy's wrists and ankles together above his lower back.  In an instant, the rope was securely knotted and james found himself inescapably hogtied.
"One last touch to prevent your little mind from wandering and to keep your focus and perspective steadfastly on Us."
A ball gag was produced and unceremoniously forced into the boy's mouth.  A long cord was attached to the head strap, and in turn, to the cuff rings.  WIth another tug, his head was forced back and positioned as desired, with his vision directed unwaveringly upward and straight ahead. 
"There now, all set!  Comfy, I hope?  On with the show!" 
Miss Spiteful turned and walked towards one of the many implement racks situated throughout the chamber.  She beckoned Ms. Malicious to join Her.  There, coiled like sleeping serpents on pegs in the rack before them, was row upon row of the Headmistress' most beloved possessions, Her arsenal of deadly bullwhips.
"Aren't they simply superb, My Dear!  Thirty-six works of art, each an individual masterpiece in it's own right! They range from 6 to 14 feet in length, not including falls and crackers, of course!  I do have a keepsake whip that is very sacred to me, that I keep in a separate location for safekeeping, though.  It was a gift from a dear friend.  It is 18 feet long and very heavy.  I once used it in a contest to kill a very powerful Norseslave with.  Twenty-two strokes is all that it took!""
"Magnificent, Angela!  Which is the lucky pair?"
"Here are the two 8-footers I told You of.  One for You and One for Me.!"
"Go ahead, remove the tie and uncoil it. Tell Me what You think..." 
Each of the Norsewomen unwound their midnight black whips, allowing the sinewy tails to fall loosely to the floor.  They took stock of them, lightly shaking them out and snaking them to and fro on the floor, getting acquainted (or reacquainted) with the weight and the feel of the grip in their gloved hands. 
"It feels good in My hand, Angela.  Not too heavy and well-balanced.  Actually quite delicate." 
"You will appreciate the elegant feel of it even more as You throw it and hear it's resounding crack.  But most especially will You be enamored by it's powerful stroke and precision slice, and the effect it has on living flesh."
"Let's tease him a bit with Our hairy arms and whips before We warmup, Angela," winked Ms. Malicious. 
"It is getting quite warm in here, Miss Spiteful," She proclaimed as She deliberately moved into james direct line of vision.
"This long-sleeved blouse has got to go!" 
With that, Ms. Malicious, unbuttoned Her white blouse and flung it away from Her, into the air, and in the direction of the hogtied figure.  The discarded garment sailed several feet and came to rest, enshrouding james' head and covering his face. 
"How clumsy of Me.  Oh, dear, I didn't put your eye out, did I?  You couldn't tell Me anyway, now could you?" She giggled.
She stepped over and retrieved Her blouse from the gagged male's head, and in doing so, allowed Her right arm to brush his cheek and glide across his face.  Thousands of soft, long, jet-black hairs stroked his face from one side to the other, briefly lingering at his nose, before continuing across to the other cheek.  The wide-eyed boy was dumbfounded as one of Her exotic, incredibly hairy arms that he was utterly obsessed with, passed in and out of his line of sight.  As She strode away a few steps, james noticed that Her voluptuous figure was held at bay now by a black leather bra, which the blouse had earlier concealed. 
"I adore having my natural arms free to the open air, with unrestricted ease of movement." 
She caressed Her arms as She spoke, allowing Her fingers to pass through and gently tug on the lengths of exotic hair that Her arms were adorned with.  james could only look on in helpless awe and perplexed amazement as She continued to intentionally tease him.
In the meantime, Miss Spiteful had, too, removed Her satin white blouse, revealing Her breathtaking figure encased in a brandywine-colored leather bra.  She caressed Her gorgeous arms, as well, which were covered in long,thick blonde hair that every bit as much rivaled those of Ms. Malicious. 
"We Norsewomen have the most gorgeous natural arms in the world, don't You agree, Ms. Malicious?  They are Our heritage and a sign of Our strength, virility, and femine sexual prowess.  I am constantly receiving compliments from drooling men and women alike here.  It is unfortunate that American women are so artificial, vain and pretentious. They could easily control Their men if they would remain more natural.  They all resemble sterile, anemic mannequins with their depilated, hairless arms."
"Absolutely, Angela.  Our arms are 'to die for!'  I would love to caress Yours after both of Mine have whipped every inch of skin from his bare back.  I am ambidexterous with whips, You know." 
"As am I, Demanda.  james, what do you think?  Do You find Our natural Norsewomen's arms attractive?  Whose arms are the most exotic, Mine or Hers?  Oh, that's right, you aren't at liberty to speak yet, are you?" 
Miss Spiteful placed Her re-coiled bullwhip painfully under james chin, to gain his undivided attention.
"I have a treat for you, boy.  you have only but once briefly glimpsed this whip up close before, have you not?  Take a good, hard look while you can.  It's a magnificent looking instrument of punishment and torture, even tightly coiled in My hand, as you see it here now.  Quite a sight, don't you think, along with My gorgeous, powerful arm that can skin you alive with it in short order!" 
"It is woven with 16 strands (or plaits, as they are so named) of tough, but pliable kangaroo-hide whip leather.  Uncoiled, the leather lash is 8 feet long from the butt of the handle to the intricate knot at the end, as you see here.  The fall is a solid length of Redhide approximately 2 feet long, attached at the end of the lash.  The frayed cracker that whips your back so severely is tied just before the end of the fall.  When the whip cracks, the popper is accelerated at a violent speed along the length of the whip, slicing into anything in it's wake.  An ingenious, fiendish creation to unleash immeasurable agony and legendary suffering with, don't you agree, boy?"      
"Alright, Demanda, let's loosen Our arms up and break these whips in now.  We have a job ahead of Us!" 
"Angela, is there another matched pair of whips in Your collection?  If so, may We wamup doublehanded?"
"Of course We may, Demanda!  I would enjoy it Myself.  Here, be My guest!  Work with both of these 8-footers, while I break in a pair of 10-foot whips.  I may prefer to whip him with the longer version, afterall!"
Ms. Malicious allowed Herself some separation from Miss Spiteful, and began shaking out both 8-foot whips in earnest.  Her skill was soon quite evident, as each whip was repeatedly thrown and cracked overhead in unison and separately, an inspiring audio-visual performance and oft-rehearsed routine on Her part that filled the chamber with resounding whistles, pops, and cracks. 
Miss Spiteful joined in with Her pair of 10-foot bullwhips, looping both whips overhead, forward and back, and laterally side to side, making them sing and crack with precison expertise and fierce determination. She continued with Her routine of multiple whip cracks for several more minutes non-stop, before re-directing Her energy elsewhere.  An imaginary target was selected in the near distance, and towards this were focused Her attentions.  Both whips were drawn back and unleashed forward, in tandem, and when extended in the midst of the 'target', emitted thunderous cracks with mere flicks of each gloved wrist.
"Stereo!"  acknowledged Ms. Malicious gleefully. 
Nineteen more double lashes of searing intensity were simultaneously administered by Miss Spiteful, followed by 40 alternate single strokes of equal severity, first right, then left, again and again, repeatedly.  It was then that She paused and took a brief respite.  Demanda followed suit and ceased Her warmup, awaiting further direction from the Headmistress. 
Glancing over Her shoulder, towards Her hogtied, mute victim, She announced, "I am warmed up now, but I want the boy to witness beforehand a demonstration of the fierce strokes he is about to actually receive from Our very hands.  Let's show him how viciously We plan to whip him full force with deliberate, powerful, merciless whipstrokes."
"You had better cover your ears while the terror sets in, boy!  Oh, that's right.  You can't, can you?!" 
The two Norsewomen positioned Themselves directly in front of the bound victim, less than 20 feet away.  Again, They separated Themselves, about 10 feet apart this time, with Ms. Malicious to the left of the Headmistress.  Each had set aside one of Their lethal whips while clutching the other in Their gloved hands, respectively.  Miss Spiteful gripped the 10-foot bull in Her right hand, as Ms. Malicious did the same in Her left hand with the 8-foot whip.
"Let's throw about ten each full-cracking strokes in his direction, to whet his appetite and scare the living daylights out of him at the same time.  These whips are powerful and will do the work on their own with a minimal amount of direction and effort on Our part.  Simply grip the handle rather loosely and let the whip fly overhead, similar to fly casting.  As it is about to fully extend, deftly flick Your wrist and it will crack like a rifle and cut like a knife!"
"You are preaching to the choir, Angela.  he is in for it!  Let's get the free preliminaries over with and then make him pay dearly!" 
"Ok, boy.  Pay close attention.  This is to help you visualize your upcoming predicament more clearly within a very few moments, as you panic and beg for your very life under the whip!"
Without delay, both Women threw Their whips overhead, in authentic punishment form, cracking them violently and everso closely in front of the onlooking gagged boys face.  he shuddered and moaned at each whipstroke, and felt the wind of the snapping, frayed cracker brush his very face as it was propelled a hairsbreadth before him at deadly, supersonic speeds.  This exhibition continued in rapid-fire succession and ended as abruptly as it had began.  The boy found himself overwhelmed with contrasting sensations.  Both anticipation and intrepidation simultaneously washed over him in equal quantities. 
"Enough!  The time is at hand to suffer for Us and finally realize your dream of being bullwhipped to shreds as punishment by two beautiful, brutal Norsewomen with gorgeous natural arms!" 
Angela and Demanda bound james wrists to the overhead hoist and his ankles to the spreader bar precisely as prescribed earlier.  The ballgag remained in his mouth throughout, as the shallow pan was positioned directly below him for the inevitable spillage to follow.
"Alright, boy.  Prepare yourself for the first 200 of your sentence.  I have a special treat for you on this occassion.  You will taste the 10-foot bullwhip across your entire bare back.  There will be no respite.  If you 'chicken out' and faint, you will be immediately revived , so as not to deprive you of even the slightest morsel that is due you."
Without further ado, Miss Spiteful stepped back some six paces to the rear and slightly to the right of the target.  She drew Her right arm backwards and upward, flourishing the long lash in a circular motion above and about Her head.  After several revolutions, the whip arced and flew towards the hapless, inescapably bound victim in it's trajected path.  A whirring noise accompanied the leather lash as it sailed inexorably through the air, followed by a hissing whistle and a fierce, resounding crack as it struck home with full force.  The cracker impacted directly in the 'sweet spot' between the shoulder blades on previously unblemished flesh at the flick of Her gloved wrist. 
"One!", declared Ms. Malicious.  "That was great!  You have broken the skin already!" 
"My intention, Demanda!  Only 199 more of the same before You join me."
"Save some for Me, please!" 
The Headmistress continued with 30 rapid, powerful strokes that caught james off guard, and quickly elevated his pain level beyond unbearable.  Yet another nineteen vicious whiplashes immediately followed suit.   The crack of the whip and the subsequent lightning bolts that struck him were indescribable.  Since escape was out of the question, survival was his only option.  The eroticism of the scene he had dreamt about had engulfed him, but was all but offset by the intensity of rapid-fire lashes of the lethal bullwhip that sliced to the very core of his being.  his naked back was soon crisscrossed by long, thin precison cuts of the whip that weeped small droplets of blood in it's wake.  james was beside himself with pain, but was also delighted that his craving for more of the same had already increased many-fold. 
"I hope that you are sufficiently warmed up, boy.  I intend to school you in the fine art of savage bullwhipping now!  Prepare yourself for 3 sets of 50 whipstrokes per each in succession, as loudly and brutally as I am capable of cracking a bullwhip on living flesh, until Ms. Malicious joins U/us for the finale!  Afterall, you have endured but only 50 total thus far!" 
True to Her word, Miss Spiteful began the deliberate, precision surgical butchering of james' bare back with Her overwhelmingly favorite weapon of choice.  james' mute body convulsed in agony with every stroke now, as the Headmistress fell into rhythm, wielding the venomous, long, snapping whip with merciless,fiendish authority on the helpless, entrapped victim before Her.  Blood now seeped and trickled from a multitude of severe cuts that adorned his sliced back.  The Headmistress was in Her element now as every fiber of Her being was consumed by the onslaught of the whip.  Only Her own self-control would allow the victim to continue desperately clinging to life throughout the remainder of his sentence, inasmuch as She so craved to flay every inch of flesh from his bones.                      
"I didn't realize that a whipping could be such an emotional outlet for the recipient, Angela.  he is crying like a baby!"
"Perhaps a more appropriate explanation might very well be that he is getting the living hell whipped out of him, hmmmm?  Don't stray too far, My Dear. You'll soon be up to bat!" 
"God, I want to kill him so bad now, Angela!  Please just let me whip him to death!  I will settle up with the Consulate afterwards." 
"I am overcome with the same urges, Demanda, but let's keep Our wits about Us.  I am about to turn You loose on him, but keep in mind that I will happily allow You to injure him beyond repair and all human endurance with the whip, but only within a hairsbreadth of death.  We must wait until I snatch him off to Norseland with Me, where I can legally kill him with the most brutal whipping that I will have ever administered there!" 
"There, that should about finish My initial contribution here.  Are You ready to double up on him now, Demanda?"
"You are such a tease, Angela!  Let's remove his gag, I want to hear him beg Me for it!" 
The Headmistress acquiesced, and released the ball gag from the sobbing, panting subject before Her.  James was beside himself with pain and exhaustion, but his verbal reaction caught his hardened Tormentresses by surprise.
"What is he saying??"
James' garbled attempts at verbalization grew more aubible and discernible solely through repetition.
"More!  Please Mistress, whip me more, i beg You!" 
"I never would have believed it if I hadn't heard it with My own ears!  No boy begs for more of My whip without living to regret it!" 
"Remember when I told you to not push Me, boy?  Very well then, the ante is upped to 500. Let's see how brave, or stupid, you really are, then!" 
"Alright, Demanda, it's hell to pay for him now!  To the bone, until I stop You!"  
Both Goddesses assumed their punishment positions and the attack resumed.  Each possessed an insatiable desire to bullwhip the boy to death here and now.  It would take a monumental effort on both their parts to control such urges even as they threw savage double-handed whipstrokes at the defenseless writhing target in their midst.  The shrieking and pleading could only be neutralized by the vicious earsplitting cracks of the four bullwhips that split and sliced the unprotected flesh of the bared back to shreds. 
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Please!!  Oh, God!  Oh, God you are killing me!!" 
"There, that's more like it now!!  Don't stop, Demanda!  Whip him!  Whip him harder and faster!  You can try to kill him.  I will stop Us just before he dies!"  
Demanda took the words to heart and unleashed a barrage of whiplashes with the sole intent to whip the very life from the worthless, bloody mass of flayed flesh before Her.  Both arms churned up and down, to and fro, as the lethal whips snapped deep gouges into what remained of a virtually unrecognizable human bare back.  The long black hairs on each of Her irresistible arms stood inches on end from the sheer thrill and brutality of the beating She administered. 
In the meantime, Miss Spiteful kept the pace with both of Her 10-foot serpents delivering terrible, permanent damage to the accompaniment of deafening whipcracks.  The forest of blonde hair on Her forearms rivaled that of Her accomplice and assumed the same erect state. 
"I can't decide which is hotter, the aspect of whipping him dead, or caressing Your incredible arms and making love to You for hours on end afterwards!" 
"The indecision is mutual..." 
james writhed uncontrollably under the assault of quadruple whips, wailing with bone-chilling shrieks and tossing his head from side to side in a futile effort to exorcise the demons from his butchered bare back.  Suddenly, the epileptic flailing slowed and ceased altogether.  The head nodded and slumped to his chest.  The pan below his feet was a brimming testament of inhuman brutality, the purist form of evil, as prescribed by the pair of fiendish, sadistic Female captors.  
"That's it, Demanda!  Stop at once!" 
The Headmistress approached Her victim, uplifting its head in Her gloved hand.  She inspected the pale, unresponsive face, and with a thumb, lifted each eyelid.  As per Her inclination, both eyes were rolled back in their sockets. 
Congratulations, Demanda!  We have administered the perfect whipping....  It is just as I foretold.  This snotty-nosed, fledgling male has been dropped at Hell's very doorstep.  We have successfully whipped him to within one lash of death! 
"Allow Me to do the honors, Angela... PLEEEEASE!! 

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