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My name is George and I, or perhaps more accurately, my backside is prominently displayed in a couple of galleries and in the videos “Six of the best” and “The Bottom”.

I first met Miss Spiteful a few years ago at first for Japanese Rope Bondage and later for CP and she is well skilled in both.

My last visit was because I had upset and failed the lady and not for the first time. My fate was sealed and I knew the result would be painful for me. Miss Spiteful always says she doesn’t feel a thing. I arrived a minute before my appointment. Too early or being late means extra.

I went to the punishment room, stripped and went over the whipping block and waited for Miss Spiteful to strap my legs and then my hands. I was then helpless.

She said she was not going to inform me of the number of strokes and swished a few canes through the air. The noise of that sends shivers down my spine. At last, satisfied she steps into position. The strokes start to fall and the pain mounts. She rests briefly after each six to see how my backside is faring. Each stroke is hard and I do not have the consolidation of knowing the number to come. Previously I have counted down the number – twelve more to come, eleven to come, etc. After 24, when the video “Bottom” finishes and one cane has broken my backside is well marked and bruised but there are, as it happens, another 24 strokes to come.

I feel every one of them and then she said she was not satisfied with number 47 and it was repeated. 

Afterwards, my backside, bleeding at this stage, is treated and after a chat with Miss Spiteful I leave though I am told I have to return as there is an additional punishment for the cane breaking.

Back home, I have a bath, with salt added, and after 2 weeks the scabs have disappeared and after a further 2 weeks most of the marks have gone as well.

I know I have a further visit and more punishment to come.